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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I ponder on the thought...if we do not love fully, like God intended for us to love, do we open up a door to allow evil or sin to darken, to inhabit our hearts?

Purpose...why...how...what if...

I have not been able to put into words the evil that took place on Friday.  How could I.  Though it seemed I really didn't need to, after all everyone else was giving a voice and an opinion. 

It has given me the chance to truly reflect and realize there are no words that can be expressed properly.  What I have found is it has convicted me even greater to truly put aside these last nine days before Christmas to fast and pray.

I had been contemplation this thought.  I wanted to enter into a deep communion with God to prepare my heart properly for the upcoming birth of Christ and to reflect on the New Year ahead.  I wanted to pray about reestablishing boundaries in life. I think we all have a tendency of getting overwhelmed with life's commitments and burdens. There are times we don't help, we add to them.   I felt I needed to pray how to ensure I protected the integrity of my families schedule, to ensure our family was getting the proper care and connection.  As children get older we must stay connect with them in the warm embrace of Christ; obeying God's will ; and turning to the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Friday Slapped me in the face with these realities.

Friday brought these concerns to the forefront: up, close, and way too personal.

Friday reminded me it is never convenient to fast and make sacrifices but when we are called to it we must obey.

Thus I became even more convicted that I would put aside these last 9 days of advent to fast and pray for Gods guidance and voice in how I need to live my 2013 in greater communion with Him.

How can I live and breath His love?

How can I make sure that just because I am capable to do something, doesn't mean I should; just because it looks good doesn't mean it's right; and just because I may want to do something doesn't mean I should.

What are you going to do this last 9 days before Christmas?
What are you going to reflect upon?
How are you going to prepare your heart for the true light of this world?

How are you going to spread HIS love?  Be His LOVE!

When we focus on our relationship with God, nurturing our families, our proper scheduling to community and commitments we are able to be that Love...
...and when we are love....
...there is no room for evil...

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We can all use a little "slap" of cold water in the face from time to time.  

How I view my marriage and the relationship with my husband probably needed serious ice thrown on me!  

I would like to think I have been a good wife: attentive, compassionate, and supportive!  YET...there is always room for growth.  

I picked up a book just randomly about a month ago.  When I saw it at a thrift shop, my thought was it was worth just taking a look at it, skimming it, for a few coins out of my wallet.  

I figured as I was reading it, I would feel confirmed I am a good wife.  The last couple of years I have become more aware of being an attentive, respectful and obedient wife (yes...obedient...it IS important!).   I have learned  to continually reflect on our relationship and how to approach things, topics and situations with love, compassion and mercy.

Yes, I have found some really great confirming information, but I have also found some really convicting stuff as well.  Things I realized I do need to work on.  Things I realized that being a proper helpmate to my husband needs continual attention in order to not get caught up in how today's society views on how we as women/wife's should act with and/or treat our husbands.

Thus far (as I'm about halfway through the book) this is what I have really felt was important to focus on: 

1.    Being grateful for the man he is.

2.    Thanking God for him and remembering specific qualities. 
3.    Be a blessing to him not a a burden.
4.    Look for ways to understand him.
5.    Be pleasing. 
6.    Be aware of hormonal changes.  Do not give into those emotions.  Keep my mouth shut during those times. 
7.   Don't allow tv, books, and/or magazines to be a bad influence and effect my attitude toward my husband. 
8.   Don't over commit myself and then gripe at him for not being able to help me out.
9.   Have positive friends who are a good influence when it comes to how we treat our husbands. 
10. Remember what my ultimate calling and job is as a wife and helpmate. 

Finally, as I was reflecting this morning:  I LOVE BEING A WIFE!  

Why do so many of us spend so much time and energy grumbling about it?

Why do we feel we have to gripe, complain, and stir a pot of murkiness into our lives?
Do we want to hold a stone or putty in our hands?  

As a wife, we have a great amount of power.  We need to respect it. nurture it, and enjoy every minute of being a WIFE!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


    When the holidays come many of us throw in the towel with how we eat.  We tell ourselves Thanksgiving only comes once a year, therefore I have to have the turkey and the mash potatoes AND the stuffing AND the roll AND the pie!

    Days later we have "buyers" remorse   After a few more days of self flogging we start thinking of Christmas.  There are a vast amount of goodies and parties to enjoy.  We must bake.  We must party!  We must eat all the goodies and try all the the different appetizers at the party.  After all it would be rude as a guest to not try everything on the table.  And Christmas fruit cake only comes around once a year.  And we will NEVER taste it again!

    Why do we strive to live our faith, to be 100% Catholic, 100% Christian, in our prayer life but not with our health...our diet.

    Are we not what we eat?

    A person can get caught up with health...diet...body image for the wrong reasons.  Yet the same can be said that a person can be prayerful and do ministry for the wrong reasons.

    The question is are we not all temples of God?  Didn't He lend us this physical body to go out to do His work?  Do we respect it?  Do we treat it well?  Do we feed it properly?

    Food and exercise shouldn't be about "what can I get away with" before it's too much.  It should be about "How can I respect what God has given me!"

    Can I not only practice, but put into action the discipline of self-control, of denial, of sacrifice.

    Can I sit down at Christmas dinner and enjoy the fellowship of the family and friends around me without over indulging physically?

    Can I remember during the Advent Season it should be about preparation for the coming of Christ not how many parties I can attend?

    Can I align my life with realizing all I do should be for the glory of God with HIM in mind!?

    I, we, need to be 100% Catholic, 100% Christian, in all actions:  prayer, diet, exercise, life...mentally, physically, spiritually.

   Let us not be sloppy about our faith.  And let us not be sloppy about our health.  Honor God by doing and being ALL He needs us to be!

Monday, November 12, 2012



I think we all kind of cringe when we hear someone say 'that' word.

We view it as something we have to give up, something we have to work for, something we have to DO!

Yet think of all the wonderful graces we will receive when we practice and put into action this beautiful discipline (pun absolutely intended!).

And right now is the perfect time.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Christmas around the next, and New Years follows.

The temptation to spend too much, to eat too much, to drink too much is tantalizing.  After all EVERYONE else is doing it!

BUT, what if we viewed it this way instead:

When I practice discipline in my spending I am showing God I am trust worthy of the gifts He bestows upon me.  Thus giving Him the chance to want to trust me with more.

When I practice discipline in what I eat, I am respecting the body, the 'temple' He has lent me to go forth and do the works He asks of me.

When I practice discipline in self-control in all other areas whether it is drinking, television, internet, etc...I am ensuring Him that I can be obedient to His word.  I can be trusted to know there is a time and a place.  I can be trusted to create balance in my life.

We have nine days before Thanksgiving.  What a perfect time, a perfect way to start practicing our discipline, our self-control before the holidays.  Pray a novena God will give you the courage, the strength to truly live the life He intended for you, for us!

Maybe this year as Thanksgiving rolls around you can resist that extra helping of pie?
Maybe this year the frenzy of shopping on black Friday won't be so tempting/
Maybe this year a board game will be more exciting than the TV?

And maybe this year as the holidays roll through you will feel the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit working in you as you continue on this beautiful journey of Discipline and Self-Control!


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Do you feel sucker-punched?

Having been apart of a group of amazing prayer warriors over the last 11 months, I have pondered over the last 24 hours on how they may feel?  On how  many of us may feel about the results of this election.

There is an obvious elation on those who are President Obama fans.  But what about those of us who are very concerned about the outcomes of a large amount of Religious topics?

Do you feel abandoned?  Do you feel God didn't hear your prayer? Your cry? Or do you feel God didn't listen?

This is my thought:  God did hear!  He also knows what we need.  We MUST trust that truth.

What if this outcome is to test us in continuing to fight and not give up about the topics and issues we hold dear?

What if this is an opportunity for us as Christians, as Catholics, to dig deep within ourselves and determine if we are going to "fight or flight"?

What if we kick up our prayer to an intensity that lets God know we ARE NOT walking away from Him?

And we WILL stay on our knees praying!

I like to see this not so much as a defeat but more as a challenge.  A challenge to continue to build up my armor for Christ.  A challenge to continue to spread the most excellent news of our Lord.  A challenge to stay in the fight for our freedom to faith...no matter the cost!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Fruits of the Spirit Novena...

...for our country...for our election!

We are just days away from voting.  Many of us are feeling the edginess of the unknown...the what if!?

This has had me, even more so, praying intently.  Which brought me to this thought:  a novena!

As we draw closer and closer there is a greater need to kick up our prayers...to intensify our sacrifice.

I've been reflecting on the Fruits of the Spirit a great deal the last couple of months.  It hit me: a novena is nine days of intense specific prayer...there are nine fruits of the spirit!  Wow!  That's perfect, that's simple, yet powerful.

Thus the creation...the birth of: THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT NOVENA, for our upcoming election day!

The simplicity of it is as such:

The nine days before the election, including that Tuesday, thus count back 9 days from Tuesday, I will reflect upon one Fruit each day.  With that fruit I will pray how to feel that fruit with our government, to pray our government  our leaders, can also embrace these fruits.  I will then say a Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, and a Glory Be.  

Day 1:    Love, Lord I will truly love our Leaders.
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 2:   Joy, Lord I will find the Joy in the circumstances, the condition of our country, of our Leaders.
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 3:    Peace, Lord I will find peace with this election.
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 4:  Patience, Lord I will demonstrate patience with our Leaders, our country, my fellow citizens.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 5:    Kindness, Lord I will speak kind things about our Leaders.
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 6:    Goodness, Lord I will find the good in our Leaders.
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 7:    Faithfulness, Lord I will be faithful to You and know You will conquer all.
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 8:  Gentleness, Lord I will gently (humbly) respect the office of our leaders, knowing that I am honoring You.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Day 9:  Self-Control, Lord with out Self-Control I can not act upon any of the other fruits.  I WILL be disciplined in my thoughts, words, and actions.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Prayer can be intensified by adding a fast.
Some great fast suggestions are:
a Daniel Fast
no meat and /or alcohol
one main meal a day, with only juices and broths otherwise
give up flavored beverages, drink only water
turning off technology: TV, Computer, devices, etc...
unplugging from social media

May we all join together in great intense prayer as the days draw nearer.

May our LOVE for the Lord shine so intensely we cant help but be enthusiastic to make any additional sacrifices in these count down days!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So as I entered into transitions....changes...revelations...etc...over the last month, I realized a few things:
1.  God doesn't always let you off the hook as easily as you would like.
2.  Faith growth isn't suppose to be easy.
3.  And...I'm being called to write...to share in my faith walk...
Therefore, even if what I post here is an absolute duplicate or a partial repeat of what I post on Examiner, that I'm suppose to share.  After all those of you who read this may not read at Examiner, and so forth.  
So what does this mean for me...I am going to write!  I will be true to my faith, to my beliefs, to what my sharing!  And you can read it here or there or anywhere else you may see my name ;)...but I will write!
I may not like some of the advertisement or gunk we see on the internet; stuff that pops up in the middle of my Examiner articles, or things that scroll on the side as we check mail, but I also can't ignore the fact that I can be a light...a word or encouragement...in the middle of all that gunk!
And I also can write as I would write here on my blog!  I can be real...and if other entities don't like it well they don't have to publish what I write for them!  But I won't stop writing.  Writing is in my blood.  I think mostly cause I want to share!  I want to be able to express to each of you just how much I grow and learn each day.  I want to share my Faith. Maybe through my writing and sharing I can help others just as others have helped me!
Below is my most recent posting on Examiner.com  OR you can go there through the link:
Either way I pray you enjoy what you read...and I pray you have an excellent day!
Pope Benedict XVI has designated from October 11, 2012 through November 24, 2013, as the Year of Faith.
I find this absolutely fitting in the light of all going on at this very moment with our faith, with our lives, as Christians.
We are in the middle of a heated election. This election appears to hold a weight of determining Christian liberties and rights.
We are in the middle of bringing awareness to life issues as the yearly campaign, 40 Days for Life is "marching on".
We are in the middle of a month that screams for attention: Breast Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Our Lady's month, and who can't forget Halloween (All Hallows-Eve).
Thus, in the middle of all going on, shouldn't we as Catholics, as Christians, really take a moment to really try and understand our faith on a deeper, a greater level?
Shouldn't we stop to reflect on why we pray the prayers we pray?
Shouldn't we stop to study what Jesus intended with His apostles, His disciples?
Shouldn't we stop to strengthen our armor of knowledge for Him?
After all isn't that what we are called to do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

40 Days for Life...

This amazing yearly Life campaign begins once again tomorrow.  It will go through November 4th.  I find it fitting and profound that it coincides with the last 40 days of such an important election.

All elections are important...we as citizens should all see the great importance and responsibility of voting as an American citizen.  Yet, this year we must stand up and take notice.

Therefore I want to challenge each of us to really reflect on the 40 days for Life and combine it with our petition and prayers for our nation.

Can you offer up some sort of extra sacrifice, fast, during this 40 days?

And check out 40 Days for Life's devotional.  http://40daysforlife.com/getinvolved.cfm  It is powerful!

Will you join me in this devotion?  Offer these prayers up for Life...for our Nation...for eyes to be opened.

I plan on adding an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be each morning after the devotional.

Finally join me with a fast during this 40 days.  Remember it just has to be something that would be a sacrifice that allows you to lean more on God and spend time with Him rather than the desire for that activity or food or drink...etc.

May we all feel HIS awesome power through our prayer and fasting for LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! (How fitting if you ask me!)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seasons of Change...

As I approached this new school year I entered into a very specific prayer and fast to ensure I could hear what God wanted from me for raising our wonderful daughter.  I was praying specifically about the intellect aspect of her schooling and the new year but instead I found answers to spiritual importance as well as things I needed to do and focus on.

I realized for how much I have enjoyed writing for Examiner.com it was starting to become a "chore" or a distraction from the important things I needed to be taking care of...ie....engaging with my wonderful child!

What I did learn from my writing for Examiner.com:

1.  I became disciplined in writing consistently everyday; whether for myself or for an article.  I have made it an important part of my day to sit down and write first thing in the morning after my prayer/devotion.
2.  I rediscovered how healing and therapeutic writing is.  I have always loved to write, but I always thought I had to have something profound and lofty in-order to write or be published.
3.  I found we all have something to share with this great big wonderful world.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just spread a love filled ripple for God and His glory.
4.  I discovered a totally different way to pray and connect with God through my writing.
5.  And finally I realized I want this blog to be where I focus my writing, because here is where I can write ANYTHING I want to write about.  I don't have to follow guidelines or trends.

I want to be able to write about anything and everything I am passionate about.  It doesn't matter to me if everyone or no one wants to read it...what does matter is it is written with love and with God always as my focus!

Thus, I am going to start posting regularly and in this stage in my life, exclusively, here at FRICK WRITES!

I've been having fun thinking of things I really want to write about.  I have found it difficult to keep it to one thing.  Then I realized I don't have to, cause for me as long as it always is giving glory and honor to God then it is all great!

Which then led me to figure out some fun themes and/or titles for my blog.  I love doing play on words or letters.  Which got me to thinking about Frick Writes...and my name: Frick....which led me to this thought:


And that pretty much sums up all of who I am and what I am passionate about!

I would love to hear any of your thoughts....

Friday, June 1, 2012


Do you ever wonder when you've done something why it is you can come up with all sorts of explanations on why you did something but the hard thing is to just say...I was wrong...I'm sorry...or I wasn't thinking...I'm sorry!

There have been many times in my life that I have just not thought something through.  As I've gotten older I like to think I am wiser thus I do tend to think things through more.  Yet, there are those moments that I find myself not think something through or I realize I made a mistake.  The mistake may not have been intentional, non-the-less still not a very sound choice.

Recently I "liked" a few things on Facebook that I didn't fully pay attention...I glanced over the information and found what I initially saw as funny but didn't think it through.  I didn't take into consideration  I was viewing it through my phone which I vary rarely do.  I didn't take into consideration I had just taken my pain medicine for having just had surgery thus not going to have sound judgement; and didn't take into consideration....well many details.

There in-lies the problem.  I didn't think...and instead of taking ownership to my not thinking I find myself wanting to make excuses for my poor judgment.

Some of you may be saying, why is she being so hard on herself?  It's not a big deal...we all make mistakes.  Now, yes, that is true.  Yet,  I think we tend to also minimal-ize our actions at times too. There is the tricky slope of balance.  Knowing when to acknowledged a wrong, and then be willing to move on and not dwell.

I like to think of it as how will my actions impact others.  Did I do something that could possible affect how another person may see me.  And does it change how my integrity is viewed?  Will it affect how I may be taken in the future with others?  Will I have lost someones respect?  Or will I give a terrible picture of myself to someone who doesn't really know me and may not be sure they want to get to know me now?

Sometimes in life we get one chance to make a difference...to make an impact with another.  Thus, we must take that to heart and not take it lightly!

Life is meant to be enjoyed. But we must also live it with great pride...the integrity kind of pride.  Then there is the kind of pride that we must be willing to swallow when we know we have done wrong and be willing to just say:

I am sorry.  I was wrong. No if's, and's, or but's...just...please forgive me for my offenses!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I woke up this morning wondering what was possibly in store for me THIS day!  It is the first Friday of Lent...Josephine is on day 7 of the FLU...and I feel behind on everything and anything.  Then, as I'm working out I find myself feeling drawn to watch TBN.

The message:  What would you do if you had only 30 days to live?

The speaker, Kerry Shook, was profound and amazing in his message.  He reminds us to live our life intentionally.

Am I living my life intentionally?  Are you living your life intentionally?

He draws on Psalm 9:12...check it out :)...

Then he mentions how we were created by God to love completely...John 13:1.   It doesn't matter what we make, where we live, how we dress, but we are to LOVE with intention.  We are to love without fear.  When we suffer pain and have problems we lean on God.  This is what we were intended for: to lean on God.  If we had no worries, no pain, no struggles...then what would we need God for?

My challenge I give you...I give myself...

There are still over 30 days left during this Lenten season.  What would you do if you had only 30 days to live?  What changes would you make to ensure you are living out Christ's message?  What changes would you make to ensure your relationship with God and your family are well tended to?

What would I do?

I need another cup of coffee for that one!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Soul of our Nation

During Advent I found myself feeling compelled to commit to a fast at the beginning of the new year.  As I prayed and reflected upon it I realized what was being pressed upon my heart: the up coming election.   Yet, I found myself feeling selfish in not wanting to make the sacrifice especially right after Christmas or even on the New Year day itself...then I realized I would continue to pray and reflect.

Epiphany: the resounding answer.  What a better way than to truly have given the Christmas season it's respect and celebration yet then began the new year with a commitment to God.  Thus, to start a fast and prayer on the day after Epiphany.

I started a 30 day prayer and fast the day after Epiphany for the soul of our nation and election year.  I decided I would take my prayers and reflections from a wonderful little 30 day devotional I found late last year:  THE SOUL OF A NATION by James Robison.  This amazing prayer book really hits on all the major issues we all hold near and dear to our hearts as Christians.  My fast was to be from meat and alcohol.

Now a persons personal fast and sacrifice should be just that: private; to share with others when the occasion is appropriate but not to be bragged upon or focused on.  I take this very serious.  But, as my fast and devotions have unfolded each day I find my heart being pressed upon that the only way to fight a war is to have an army.

Well aren't we at war?  Isn't this a war for the soul of our nation?  A nation that is falling farther and farther away from it's foundation as each day unfolds?  And the only way to fight for it is to have as many of us fighting this fight together?

Let's "fight" together!  This is what has pressed dearly on my heart this last week; that I needed to share this with all of you so we could all join united in prayer.  I am on day 15 of my fast, thus the midpoint.  Join me either through a devotional prayer each day for the next 15 days.  And if you really want to stretch your faith muscles join me in my fast.  It doesn't have to be meat and/or alcohol.  It can be even your morning coffee or the sugar you put in that coffee?!

But join me!  Let's fight for the soul of our country.  This amazing country has so much to offer and has offered us so much.

 A simple prayer idea can be:

Every morning a Lords Prayer for wise moral leadership 
and a Hail Mary for our leaders to remember His will.

I have found during this 15 days another pressing on my heart that the fight will need to continue even after the 30 days.  That I needed to continue to do something to really bend God's ear.  I realized our faith instilled  many years ago a wonderful way for us to reflect on Christ's sacrifice by fasting/abstaining on Friday's.  Many of us have forgotten this.  And many us only abstain on Friday's during lent.  I realized I really wanted to give back that respect in a greater way this year.

As a family we have been abstaining from meat on Friday's throughout the year for a few years now, but as reflecting on different writings of St. Francis I realized I really needed to fast/abstain with only juices/broths and one meal on Fridays: for the soul of our Nation and for eyes to be opened to the respect and dignity of life.

The greater our Nation respects the dignity of Life then the greater chance is for the moral compass of our nation will become re-balanced.

  Maybe this might be more doable for you, once a week, rather than many days in a row.  What ever you choose please do choose to make some sort of commitment and stand with me for the SOUL OF OUR NATION...for the soul of humanity...for the soul of life and love!