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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I ponder on the thought...if we do not love fully, like God intended for us to love, do we open up a door to allow evil or sin to darken, to inhabit our hearts?

Purpose...why...how...what if...

I have not been able to put into words the evil that took place on Friday.  How could I.  Though it seemed I really didn't need to, after all everyone else was giving a voice and an opinion. 

It has given me the chance to truly reflect and realize there are no words that can be expressed properly.  What I have found is it has convicted me even greater to truly put aside these last nine days before Christmas to fast and pray.

I had been contemplation this thought.  I wanted to enter into a deep communion with God to prepare my heart properly for the upcoming birth of Christ and to reflect on the New Year ahead.  I wanted to pray about reestablishing boundaries in life. I think we all have a tendency of getting overwhelmed with life's commitments and burdens. There are times we don't help, we add to them.   I felt I needed to pray how to ensure I protected the integrity of my families schedule, to ensure our family was getting the proper care and connection.  As children get older we must stay connect with them in the warm embrace of Christ; obeying God's will ; and turning to the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Friday Slapped me in the face with these realities.

Friday brought these concerns to the forefront: up, close, and way too personal.

Friday reminded me it is never convenient to fast and make sacrifices but when we are called to it we must obey.

Thus I became even more convicted that I would put aside these last 9 days of advent to fast and pray for Gods guidance and voice in how I need to live my 2013 in greater communion with Him.

How can I live and breath His love?

How can I make sure that just because I am capable to do something, doesn't mean I should; just because it looks good doesn't mean it's right; and just because I may want to do something doesn't mean I should.

What are you going to do this last 9 days before Christmas?
What are you going to reflect upon?
How are you going to prepare your heart for the true light of this world?

How are you going to spread HIS love?  Be His LOVE!

When we focus on our relationship with God, nurturing our families, our proper scheduling to community and commitments we are able to be that Love...
...and when we are love....
...there is no room for evil...

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We can all use a little "slap" of cold water in the face from time to time.  

How I view my marriage and the relationship with my husband probably needed serious ice thrown on me!  

I would like to think I have been a good wife: attentive, compassionate, and supportive!  YET...there is always room for growth.  

I picked up a book just randomly about a month ago.  When I saw it at a thrift shop, my thought was it was worth just taking a look at it, skimming it, for a few coins out of my wallet.  

I figured as I was reading it, I would feel confirmed I am a good wife.  The last couple of years I have become more aware of being an attentive, respectful and obedient wife (yes...obedient...it IS important!).   I have learned  to continually reflect on our relationship and how to approach things, topics and situations with love, compassion and mercy.

Yes, I have found some really great confirming information, but I have also found some really convicting stuff as well.  Things I realized I do need to work on.  Things I realized that being a proper helpmate to my husband needs continual attention in order to not get caught up in how today's society views on how we as women/wife's should act with and/or treat our husbands.

Thus far (as I'm about halfway through the book) this is what I have really felt was important to focus on: 

1.    Being grateful for the man he is.

2.    Thanking God for him and remembering specific qualities. 
3.    Be a blessing to him not a a burden.
4.    Look for ways to understand him.
5.    Be pleasing. 
6.    Be aware of hormonal changes.  Do not give into those emotions.  Keep my mouth shut during those times. 
7.   Don't allow tv, books, and/or magazines to be a bad influence and effect my attitude toward my husband. 
8.   Don't over commit myself and then gripe at him for not being able to help me out.
9.   Have positive friends who are a good influence when it comes to how we treat our husbands. 
10. Remember what my ultimate calling and job is as a wife and helpmate. 

Finally, as I was reflecting this morning:  I LOVE BEING A WIFE!  

Why do so many of us spend so much time and energy grumbling about it?

Why do we feel we have to gripe, complain, and stir a pot of murkiness into our lives?
Do we want to hold a stone or putty in our hands?  

As a wife, we have a great amount of power.  We need to respect it. nurture it, and enjoy every minute of being a WIFE!!!