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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Super Sunday!

What a glorious morning!

I'm sitting drinking my coffee thinking about the day and all it has in store for me and I thought wow...life is great!

I have a wonderful family and I feel really great!  I feel strong....healthy...balanced....in all aspects of my life: mind, body, and soul!

No it's not perfect....and I AM a woman so my mind does get mucky from time to time but I am able to see those moments clearer.

I was reflecting on my crazy adventure of this simplifying September challenge and it got me to thinking about health and nutrition and supplements and the time, place, season for all that...

I have a wonderful friend who introduced me a little over a year ago to some great supplements/vitamins that do so many things.

I know some people think of supplements and they think: yuck pill popping.  And some may assume that supplements are only for weight loss....

But I was thinking about this and thought....how many people buy an array of vitamins to meet their nutritional needs through all the individual vitamins....especially if they are not eating as well as they should and know they need to supplement for their poor choices.

Or....what if a person is just having a really hectic week and could use the quick protein shake or healthier kind of energy bars versus a candy bar....

What if a person is trying to build strong muscles and is having a difficult time getting enough calories in so a protein shake can help them reach that goal.

What if your just needing a bit of a boost and the B vitamins blended are a great way for natural energy.

What if your insulin levels are out of whack and you could use something to help regulate them.

What if your immune system could use a good jolt of all beneficial berries for your body and brain....and not have to eat bushels and bushels of them :)....

Thus "supplementing" has it's time and place for ALL aspects and walks and seasons of life.  

My thoughts are is if it helps a person lead a healthier lifestyle, then who are we to say "oh we shouldn't be taking this or that...."

I always say we are to do everything in glory for God....and He lent us this body to do His work.  And we must take care of it....and we need to take care of it not abuse it.

An interesting thought along these lines is everything/anything in life can be abused or become addictive....so only the individual knows if they are doing something for the glory of God or for the glory of themselves.

And only each one of us can determine if something we do (tv, food, drink, supplements, shopping...etc.) is becoming addictive or being abused by us.  Therefore, we sometimes need to evaluate why we may be leaning more on something else or "craving" something else rather than God!

So back to my original thought that has me pondering here this morning....;)....

It really comes down to when we make our choices....to supplement or not to supplement....are we making sure we are doing it for the right reasons....are we doing it to be healthy and respectful of this body that God has trusted us with?  Or are we using it as a tool to abuse our bodies and get what we want out of it?

For me....cycling my supplementing helps me keep my mind and body strong....to keep making the good healthy choices with my Paleo lifestyle.....it doesn't take away from me....rather it adds for me a way to keep my eye on the goal in life.....which is to live it in honor and glory to my beautiful most wonderful LORD!!!

blessings and hugs...always...
~K :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simplified September Update!

It is only eleven days into the month and part of me feels like a HUGE failure!

Then I realized....this whole challenge is about simplifying our life and making sure family time is continually being guarded and nurtured even more.  Even when we think we have simplified things in our life, or we have a pretty good schedule, or etc....there is ALWAYS room for improvement and growth!

Thus....here have been some of my humorous adventures and realizations thus far....

Should have paid closer attention to the dog food bag running out in September.....yeah not going to walk over 3 miles away to carry a 40 lb bag home!

Can't always predict the weather!

When you need to shop for someone or something else... that is actually not personal but related to projects or services outside of the home....kinda gotta be willing to hop in the car to take care of those needs/supplies!

Finally....sometimes a way to keep things simple and better managing of time to ensure it is about family... is utilizing when you are out... and you are passing by the store you know you have a list ready to go shopping to....well you stop you get the few things you need so you can get home and get back to family time!

Am I done with my challenge?  No way....

Am I going to continue to fine tune it and see where I can continue to grow and learn from this experience?

Heck ya!

With that....I am actually going to take myself to bed and read a good book and enjoy some peaceful quiet time!

Hugs and prayers to all of you out there!
~K :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Facebook...twitter...Pinterest...Google+...all social media....email...computer searching...blogs...electronics....etc....

It is all about BALANCE!

If there is anything I have learned (again...lol...you would think I could figure some of life's lessons out by now) it is about balance.

I have really enjoyed knowing that FB isn't an option...it is freeing.  Yet, I have missed being able to just touch bases with a few of my friends during the week. I know this is their mode of conversation and I don't want to miss out on saying hello.

I also find myself thinking about a recipe I want to share on my Food~Fitness~Faith private group.  Or I read a great article about daughters and want to share it with the Dynamic Daughters private group.

And an interesting thing I realized even though I was being much more productive with house work in the morning without going to FB and not burning up my reading time or lesson planning in the evening....I was transferring some of the time to trying to figure out Google+ for my blog.  I was using email even more.

Balance...that is what any and all of it is about.
NO different than treats, alcohol...exercise...sleep....work...play....etc.

We can't feast on cake all day.  Just like we can't drink every night (or shouldn't).  We can't work 20 hours a day and think we won't suffer from it.


Thus what I can take from my FB experiment is this:

1.  I will make sure house hold stuff is completed and checked off in the morning before I hop on to FB or any media or search or even writing for my blog or Examiner and before I wake up my daughter.

2.  I will not do any of it during learning and household hours.

3.  I will make sure if I am taking a break from a task that I time myself and respect the timer when it goes off.

4.  I will ensure my media time is productive...making connections...loving....not just random reading....and scrolling for lost minutes on end!

Balance with boundaries...self-control...and discipline...that is what life is truly all about!

I love how life constantly gives us opportunities to always grow and learn!

Blessings and hugs to all!
~K :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Challenge Update!

4 pm on Friday...

It is nice to sit here, feel accomplished, and not feel FRAZZLED with tons of places to go and be and shop...etc.

We have groceries we do need to get, but assessing what is in the frig and freezer, it was agreed we want to wait until the morning when it is cooler to do our shopping.

Sweet daughter is watching one of her favorite shows, MY LITTLE PONY, and decided what I wanted to do for my relaxing time, before I start dinner, is write!

Write and share!!!

This week has been interesting.  I knew we were really good on groceries, that wasn't the problem.  The snafu was when it was Wednesday, we still needed to walk to JoAnn's to finish getting a few things for our sewing project we were doing with some friends on the next day!

I had to make a choice:

1.  Do we still walk...thus burning up the promised play time to my daughter.  She had been very responsible with everything that day....actually all week thus far.  And she had been enthusiastic with ALL her lessons.


2.  Do I keep my promise to her by saving us time by driving to the store, getting the few things we needed, and getting back?

Two to three hours versus less than an hour.

The whole point I had for this challenge was:
1st:  create an awareness to the "weight" of what we buy
2nd:  manage time and days better.  Thinking and planning things out better.
3rd:  (the most important) to slow down and put family first and increase family time rather than getting lost in the "to do's", agenda's, etc...

The 3rd to me is the most important....it is the theme behind all the rest of it....it is my foundation of why I wanted to do this.

You guessed it...I opted to drive.  I kept my promise and had a wonderful evening of crafting, painting, hanging out with the most deserving little girl.

What did I learn:
1.  I really need to manage my time a bit better and think things out a bit more/
2.  Maybe I do expect myself to do too much in one day.
3.  It made me more aware of anticipating and planning out the rest of the month on what do I need to shop for and make sure I don't cut myself short on time.

1.  Walking places yes makes us slow down and smell the "roses" but it can also take away from other valuable time.
2.  It creates conversation time, but so can the car you just have to be willing to "unplug" from all the noise and distractions.

The month has barely begun and here I am already having to break my abstaining from driving to shop.  Yet I look at every challenge as just that....a challenge!  It wouldn't be a challenge if it didn't have bumps and growth.

Besides you can read just about anywhere how it takes 30 days to truly take in something new, to make a change.   Whether your dealing with bad habits, new routines, even food and fitness....it all takes time...discipline...self-control....trial and error!

Thus over all I think this week has been a pretty successful week!  Guess we will see what next week has in store for us!

Hugs, prayers, and blessings to all!
~K ::)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Many Many Many thoughts on Monday!

Okay so my mind is swirling with a million thoughts I want to share with everyone, anyone on this Monday!  Therefore....this journal...blog...thought entry might just be all over the place....so beware!

The discovery of scheduling a posting was quite interesting last night...thus the 8 am posting to see if it really went out when I was writing and researching at midnight last night :)....I know I know I know I should have been asleep but at least I actually respected my need for sleep and didn't get up until 8 am!

I was listening to the podcast of Balanced Bites #102....and I loved the advice given to a post partum woman who was trying to loose her pregnancy weight.  How she was being basically too hard on herself.  One of the ladies quoted another ladies posting on her blog/site about how she strives to work with her body.  And what she eats she makes a conscience decision.  Thus eliminating any emotional baggage.  If she eats a piece of cake she says: I am going to eat this cake and know that it may make me feel not so great...or I know it has no value but I will enjoy this with my child.  But if she thinks she is going to turn to it because of an emotional thought or whatever, then she does not eat it.  She doesn't eat or do anything that is going to create guilt or emotional baggage.

I LOVE THAT!  Mostly because that is how I strive to live....even more so this last 3 years since I have found my wonderful new lifestyle!

Here is a very real in time example....I enjoyed watching a movie yesterday with my wonderful daughter.  She wanted popcorn....I love popcorn.  I have wonderful organic popcorn that I can pop for her fresh and put coconut oil on it...sea salt...and she loves it that way!   BUT it is a grain....I made a conscience decision that I would eat some of it with her....

Did I pay for it?  Oh yes...I within 30-45 minutes felt the gas swell my belly....it hurt soooo bad.....and today my knees are swollen and really really really hurt....but I don't do it often....was it worth it?  Yes and No!  Worth knowing that my daughter felt joy and fellowship...no cause I hurt.....but I also know I will get it out of my system with patience.....BUT it did actually encourage me to search for other Paleo's who may have some alternative suggestions for popcorn lovers!  (This is probably the only grain that I really love and miss!)

I found some really fun recipe ideas with cauliflower....you must do a pintrest search!

I love homeschooling....I love unschooling....I love Charlotte Mason....I love the phases and ideas and concepts behind the Classical style of education....I LOVE LEARNING with my daughter!

We had such a wonderful day of learning!  It got me to thinking....why do we think everything has to be separating?  Subjects?  Life?  It is so funny because it is probably why I lean more toward Charlotte Mason and Unschooling styles because I don't see Math as just 1+1=2.....I see:  if you buy this for this amount and that for that amount then you spend xyz....and that leaves you with "abc"  from your budget....where do we want to put the remainder?  In this fund, that savings, this toy...???   Or what about how did this historical event relate to our faith time line, and how about lets write this bible scripture to then edit...critique and work on our Language Arts!

It all is related....it all works together rather than separate!

Which brings me to...

Why I think it is impossible to separate our FAITH...FOOD...FITNESS....AND EVEN OUR FINANCES...OH AND WHAT ABOUT FUN....oh yeah and FAMILY!!!

It's impossible....because each affect (yes affect...influence) each other....

I love how if I am truly thinking about what God would want me to do than I am going to take care of my body physically and mentally....and that means not going to any extremes.  I will not be lazy with it and allow it to become unhealthy....but on the flip I will not become so obsessive and legalistic that I strive for vanity and appearance....which then in turn becomes about our finances....in how much are we willing to spend to make sure we are healthy (with balance) and thus turning to real food....not quick fixes....or processed gunk!


I have such an interesting life story....mine isn't necessarily any more special or scary or sad or horrific than the next person. But it is mine.  Some of it is worse than someone else's and better than another persons.  BUT it is my story....and it is what formed me....it is how I am who I am today....AND I LOVE IT!

I love being able to see God do amazing things in my life and not get frustrated or angry at Him because of the bumps, challenges, learning lessons!

In the last 3 years I have challenged myself in more ways than I have ever in the past...and even had myself be my own lab rat to see how some things may react in my body and with my mind.

From how can IF (intermittent fasting) fit in with my paleo lifestyle... and to what extent....to supplementation....thus leading me to learn even more about quality of supplements....to if I even need supplements...to training a specific way to see if I can achieve a certain goal...to restricting calories and how does it make me feel....to losing and/or gaining 5 -10 lbs to see how it may or may not affect my run, my sleep, my mental health....

Which has all lead me to....

I love myself!

I love exactly where I am in life!  I love being healthy.  I love being aware and making conscience decisions about my entire health: mind, body and soul!  I love knowing that I am okay with being Paleo...not eating bread, sugar, dairy, gunk....and drinking a glass of wine most nights the week!

I am way ok with having some softness around my hips and legs...I am okay with the wonderful laugh lines between my eyes and around my lips.

I am okay with not worrying about what is suppose to happen next week or even tomorrow.

I am okay with if someone wants to be angry or upset or even frustrated with me.

I was listening to a podcast (again from BalancedBites...hehe...and from Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness)...and I love how they encourage people (especially women) to love themselves!  To quit critiquing those little minuscule flaws that  no one else sees!  To not be afraid of having some body fat....to not be afraid of having curves...to not be afraid of food....real food!  To not put your adrenal glands through the ringer....and to possibly evaluate if you are under eating!

This topic is so dear to me because I see it over and over....throughout the years....

Even at my heaviest with all my health issues I actually really loved myself during that time in my life!  I knew I was a child of God...I knew I probably needed to figure some things out with my health but I knew I was active....and taking care of myself to the best of my ability at that time.  And I have learned so much.....

So no matter what I may be going through in life....whether it is challenging myself physically, mentally, spiritually I know God loves me thus I MUST LOVE MYSELF!

This brings me to my final random thought....

I have enjoyed the discipline of not allowing myself to get on FB during the week last week other than Sunday because I accomplished soo sooo much more in the morning than I probably ever have....

It is so easy to justify that I am posting on one of my private groups...I am helping spread good ripples...plant seeds....learn from others....be informed...stay in touch.....

But it can easily become one of those habits that you think your must post and share cause otherwise how are they going to know....or....what if I don't read that one post then I won't know....or that person will be mad at me if I am not on FB checking to see what they said or sent me.....

Have I missed being on FB?  YES AND NO!   I love the discipline of saying I'm not going there today....but I miss when I have an idea I want to share that I have to keep it to myself....but maybe that is the point?!  Maybe not every thought we have is meant to be broadcast-ed.

SOOO....what is a girl to do who really actually is an introvert at heart....but feels God calling her to share things....to be open...honest...vulnerable....in hopes of helping others who may feel like they are the only one feeling what they are feeling or someone who really needs to hear or know something!?

BALANCE!!!  That is what it is all about!  BALANCE!!!


Keeping it simple!

How absolutely perfect that I read this article from Whole9 and it has the same theme of keeping things simple!

If there is anything I love about living Paleo...it is it appears most Paleo's strive to live an uncomplicated life.  There is an element of keeping things simple.

Remembering to keep food simple and clean.  Get plenty of rest.  Keep stress to a minimal.  Work with your body not against it.  Don't become legalistic with life, food, exercise, etc.

I especially love it when I read about how the Paleo community really tries to help others who may be struggling with weight, or body image issues, or hormonal, or even our own mental hiccups....they all seem to really try to get others to understand and realize we need to work with our bodies not against it.  

The above article is really good.  I think many of you would enjoy it.  Also notice some of my favorite links I added to my blog.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Sunday!

I am beyond excited today!!!

It was extremely hard for me to contain myself to not get up and just start writing/blogging but I practiced some good discipline....lol....after all if I am spending all my time blogging well that sort of defeats my "fasting" from Facebook, right!?

Well today is September 1st!  Thus the beginning of my new chapter...my new challenge...in life.   I had a dear friend last week express how she loves how I am continually challenging myself.  I laughed cause I am sure many people think I am just bonkers.  But I can't help it...it is my nature :)!

So anyone who is new to reading this...I have chosen to "unplug" from many modern conveniences during the month of September.  The point of it is to challenge myself in re-evaluating time management, as well as true necessities in life.

I have many stores that are within a mile of where I live that allows me to truly get everything and anything I could possibly need to manage a month of responsibilities and then more.  I can grocery shop, household needs, clothing, reading, spiritual....you name it I truly have it within arms distance.

Therefore, I cannot drive for any shopping this month.   I decided to add the element of only getting onto Facebook but once a week on Sunday for approximately an hour ( a little in the morning....and any follow ups in the evening).

What's my point....my purpose?  My purpose is to slow down again....to remember there is a time, a place, a season for things.

I thought it was fitting for me since I just recently made some pretty big changes in my life that I will be sharing with you all over the next month.

I wanted to really start my new chapter with a renewed sense of time and needs.

Needs:  about 3 years ago I did this whole purging of stuff from our home and in the process it was a wonderful cleaning of the mind.  But just as prayer is a practice and discipline you must do each day to not get rusty, it is easy to find yourself starting to slip into old habits of holding on to stuff you really don't need and/or buying stuff you really don't need.

Thus, the purpose behind only walking is to examine while I am shopping I have to realize I have only a backpack....and how heavy do I really want to fill it....what in my basket is a true need and what is a want!

Time:  We have become spoiled and taken it for granted that we can just jump into our cars and zip from this place to that place.  And sometimes we get so caught up with going going going that we forget just how long it may take to do something or get somewhere....thus over budgeting our time.  We all suffer from this.  We add stress to our bodies, our minds, our souls.  We take time from our kiddos....our friends.   We become impatient with other people around us....less loving....less compassionate because by golly we have places to go, people to see, things to do!!!!

Thus, by walking it reminds a person: how bad do I really need to go to the store....how much time do I spend in the car zipping from store to store....and possibly not managing my time as well as I thought I was.

Both of these tie into the added element of Facebook.   We all know FB can be a huge time sucker and it really isn't a need....we can survive without it!

Do not get me wrong....I love being able to connect with dear friends, family on FB.  I also enjoying reading about other like minded people with some of the things I follow on FB.  But we can become obsessive and even egotistical when we spend too much time in anything that is that sort of setup of open dialogue.  We can obsessively check who read a post.  We can egotistically think we are the only ones who can offer certain thoughts, or wisdom, or information.  It is always good to give ourselves a check and balance.

I am not sharing something that is foreign to anyone.  I am just willing to be out here, a vulnerable, open book for all to see and read!   NONE of us are perfect....and anyone reading this who may find themselves saying I don't ever get obsessive or egotistical about my FB posting (or anything in life) is lying to themselves because we are all vulnerable to it.  And we all need to check ourselves from time to time!

Okay well.....I think that is enough for now....I have the sweetest little girl who is ready for me to play with her!  And that is one date I do not plan on being late for :)....

Blessings and prayers to each and everyone of you!