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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What would Jesus do in Walmart!?

This is not meant to be a rant...so please do not misconstrue it as that, nor a judgement, or anything else negative.  It is just a thought...a ponder...

My dear daughter and I are picking up just a few things in Walmart today.  She is wanting to spend some of her money.  She picks out her item.  We proceed to a self-serve check out.  I ask her if she wants to go first or would she like me to do my purchase first so she can see how it is done.

As we are discussing this matter a man comes up from the left of me and states, fairly loudly, "Just so you know we were next in line."

I am taken aback by his boldness as well as his obvious irritation with me.  And his obvious need to let me know that I had done something wrong.

I instantly felt great remorse...I apologized for not realizing he was is line. (He had not been directly in a line.  He had been standing sort of in the middle and what appeared to me random.  Further he had been visiting with someone thus I really didn't register his body language or actions as someone who was seriously in line!)

He proceeded to reiterate what he had just told me from above.

I felt perplexed through this encounter.

I think what bothered me was the fact I do not ever intentionally do anything to be offensive to others.  It also made me examine whether my actions, awareness, was too self focused and not cognitive of others around me.

But lets just put my motives and actions aside for just a moment....what about his reaction to my action!?

It got me to thinking: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?!

I obviously offended him.  Should he have bit his tongue and not said anything to me?  Did he do right by voicing his obvious irritation with me?  By him chastising me what has he accomplished?

Will his chastising make me feel or do:
1.  More aware of not "cutting" some one off in the store?
2.  Think negatively toward others?
3.  Pray for others who are easily offended?
4.  Think I am a terrible rotten person?
5.  Realize we all make mistakes and move on?
6.  Smile and be kind to someone when this happens again?
7.  Or will this create a bitterness of thinking people are just mean to each other?

What would I do if I was in the same situation?

I know the answer to that.  I always say a private prayer for anyone who I think just may not be aware of their surroundings, acting in a hurry, are rude, or any other action that I may that deem "fit" or "proper".....

Because that is another good point in this discussion: PERSPECTIVE.

I don't know what he may have been thinking....I don't know what he thought I was thinking....all I know is I truly wasn't trying to be offensive or rude.....and I truly pray this man has a better day and that my actions don't cause him to be ugly to others or have a negative attitude on life!

Thus the question is always....how do our actions and reactions impact those around us?

What ripples will you create today?

Blessings always,
~K :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summing up September

What did I learn from my September Challenge?

Soooooooooooo many things.  It was a great month of trials and errors...realizations....beauty.....peace!


1.  Unfortunately it is not practical to walk every where because, it truly does eat up even more of that precious time I was trying to protect and ensure was for family.

2.  In the pioneer days they may have gone into town only once a month or so but they also grew all their own produce and raised their own meat!  They were homesteaders!  Well unfortunately I rely on stores for all of that....thus I need to make more frequent stops.

3.  A person can get too legalistic even in non-religious matters....lol....thus I had to step back and realize what was my ultimate goal.....ie: old testament versus new testament.  10 commandments vs. 2 great commandments!   And the verdict....love....peace....family!

4.  Redefined what was really needed in a store....do we really need to go to the store....can we truly do without until next week.....next month!

5.  Plan just certain days for shopping/errands.

6.  Plan shopping/errands along the path already taking.

7.  No spontaneous shopping!

8.  Not feeling the need to even get on the computer every hour to check deals....fb....postings....etc....

9.  Enjoying truly "clocking out" in the evening and saying "it can wait til tomorrow!"

10.  And finally.....not caring if I am weird....if I do things different.....if I am going to experiment/tweak an exercise routine....an eating plan....a supplement....a curriculum......a shopping plan......a whatever....

Those are the top 10 I could think of that really resonated for me during September!

Thus my 10 can be summed up with these two :)....

1.  I love my Lord and my family.....thus I will do anything for them and will sacrifice anything for them to protect our time together.....

2.  I love learning things and discovering/thinking of ideas.....and if it means I am willing to "experiment" on myself to actually experience a thought (ie food, exercise, spiritual, whatever).....I am willing to not just read it but "walk a mile" of that experience in order to truly give an opinion, a thought on  the topic! *Of course it has to be moral and ethical...and not harmful to me physically/mentally/spiritually....that in mind....I'm game! :)

There you have it......

September was sensational....spiritual....super!!!

October brings me nothing great optimism for what life has in store for me!

hugs and prayers always to all of you out there!