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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Energy! Peace! Health!

 We all have to do what is right for our own bodies!

I have been reading bits and pieces from another great Paleo book:  Your Personal Paleo Code!

I love it!

I love being Paleo!

I love living Paleo!

I love life!

BUT.....I do understand and respect that Paleo is not for everyone.  I would love to convince everyone to go down this road and they won't regret it.  Yet, human nature has it where there are some who just will argue...some who are not committed...some who think it is limiting.....some who just don't get it.  That's okay.

I am not here to force anyone....heck I can't force anyone....but I can hopefully help others learn more about their health: mind, body, and soul.....to make good choices that are right for them!

That is why I love supporting those who strive to live a healthier life.

There are arguments in the paleo community whether a person should use any supplements or not.

There are some who say we can get all we need from our foods....and others who say we need just a few.....and others who argue that today's food just isn't giving us what all we need so we must supplement some vitamins and minerals.

ALL OF THESE ARGUMENTS ARE CORRECT!  Depending on your lifestyle....your busy-ness, your willingness to make certain food choices, etc.

For example, for me, I try to not supplement for the most part, but I do know I need the vitamin B's for energy a bit more from time to time.

If I am out and about, or traveling, and if I am not going to have access to a good quality grass fed beef, I will make a protein shake;  if I am in the middle of an intense spiritual fast I will take a whole foods multi-vitamin....and during winter I need a bit more antioxidant super fruits to ensure I keep my immune system up and running as I am running about......

Therefore, if a person is going to use stuff to help them with their health, and making healthy choices outside of their food sources, we really want to make sure it is quality.

I look at it as I am not going to willingly buy a hormone injected meat, or a soy laden dressing, or gunky oils to inflame my system.....

The same is with our vitamins, supplements, protein.....

I have always been willing to pay more for quality and know that it is GOOD IN GOOD OUT!
I want to live the longest, healthiest, fullest life that GOD has in store for me!


With that HUGE intro....I want to share with everyone, and anyone who will read, and listen.....

I have a wonderful friend who approaches life the same way I do....wanting to help others live their fullest and healthiest life possible!

She is having this great event coming up in February.... (check out this link!!!)

So the question is:
Do you need help just trying to eat more whole food?
Do you want more energy?  Quality B vitamins?
Do you want a great way to baby step into a Paleo/Primal lifestyle?
Do you want to win some free stuff!?

Check it out!  It's worth even just hanging out and meeting some great people who have the same goals in mind:  TO BE THE BEST YOU GOD INTENDED YOU TO BE!!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today is the annual stand for LIFE....

There are people marching.....praying....

And there are others....marching....arguing....fighting....

Please MARCH WITH ME for LIFE!  It doesn't matter if you are not in DC  you can still  "march" through your support, watching what is going on, spreading the news.....PRAYING!!!!

We can all follow the MARCH FOR LIFE live with EWTN!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Power of Peace

I feel  passionate about how amazing life is...and wonder why we, simple, silly humans try to complicate it!

I was reflecting earlier today as I was thinking about how excited I get for friends who have accomplished amazing goals.  It doesn't matter whether they are career, health, spiritual....any goal...any achievement is worth celebrating!

It then further had me pondering on how some may view a failure as a goal not accomplished, not finished, or not pursued.  I view it different.

Some great examples for me in my life are:

I pursued becoming a fertility practitioner over 10 years ago.  I studied through Creighton, became certified, and even had clients.  I did that for about 2 years.  I know with my whole heart and soul the reason God led me on that path was so I could better understand my own broken fertility.  So I could learn how to better take care of my fertility, to have a greater respect and appreciation for my fertility.  Thus, for me it was not time wasted.  It was time well invested.  

I worked for our state child protective services for the shortest 6 months.  I really thought it was a career path I wanted to take.  After all I had waited years to work even remotely in my field of study.  I could have stayed with it.  I could have been willing to sacrifice many other dreams, wants, desires.  Instead I realized:  no, I am not going to stay with this because for me it would mean sacrificing raising a family.  A family that I realized, because of that job, was more important than any career could ever mean to me. 

 I realized I desired to be a stay at home wife and mother more.  I learned through working with all those families in that short period of time how very important it is to be there for your family, your children.  They need us to make sacrifices.

In the most recent few years, I even thought I would pursue sales of a really great supplement that is multi-faceted.  I am not a sales person.  Have never felt compelled to be one.  And it takes quite a bit for me to be won over to want to sell something. I felt drawn and impressed with this product.  In the end, I realized God led me on that path to actually have me grow further in my knowledge about my health as I pursue and live my paleo life!

 I learned and realized I have a different role.  And I love my role.  I can help those who do sell. I am great at research....continual learning and growing about health.  Thus, being able to share with my friends who either do sell or who just want to live healthier lives, I can be a resource to help them grow in their knowledge of health with or without supplements, with or without certain foods. Sharing the benefits of all, some or nothing.   As well as help others know when and if they should take certain things.  

He taught me how to really look at everything I put into my body.  Because after all I am a temple that HE has trusted me to take care of.

I walked away from 2 years of campus ministry because I knew God was telling me it was time to pull away, again, from ministry; that, I had fulfilled His purpose for my being there for 2 years.  If I stayed it would be for me not HIM!

There have been so many similar examples through out the years.  Times that I started something....feeling beyond passionate about it.  Convinced in my heart that I should pursue something, then feeling a tap on my shoulder from above pulling me back.  Reminding me HE is in charge.  Reminding me that just because HE had me pursue something, or learn something, doesn't mean it was for the direction I thought I was suppose to take it but rather to follow HIS lead!

Peace....true beautiful peace.   That is what I have learned through all these pursuits that may be viewed as a "failure" or "incomplete" or "unaccomplished" or "flaky"...

Instead I feel great accomplishments....
I see growth...
I obtained wisdom....
I grew in knowledge...
I live in the beautiful power of PEACE!

Peace that HE has a plan for every and all pursuits and goals.  We just have to trust that what we may view as a set back or failure.....could very well be a WIN in HIS court! :)

Blessings to all of you!
~K :)