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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mommy Moment on Monday

 I felt a tapping on my forehead.
What time am I in?
What planet? Where?
Am I late for something?


"Mommy, my knee hurts."

I pull myself out of the deep recesses of my sleep to tend to my warrior.  At the very moment she is not ready for battle, she needs triage.

I grab my robe...get to the kitchen...find her a remedy...walk back to her room with her to help her relax back to sleep.

This is last Thursday...April 24, 2014...

It is 4 AM and I am wide awake.  I lay there back in my own bed thinking about  all my day has in store for me...

6 AM...up...rosary...swish floors...laundry...journal...hubby meals...
7 AM...look over lessons...look over day....bills?....husband out door...
7:30 AM...movement....what am I going to do today for loving exercise while watching Joyce Meyer or listening to a podcast?
8 AM...get Warrior going...finish getting ready for day...
8:45...Leave for Adoration...
9-10 AM...adoration...
3-5 PM...crafting projects with friends...
7ish-9ish PM...Revelations study...
9:30-10:30 PM...assess next days schedule...
10:30-11ish....ASLEEP!? I hope...I pray!!!

I realize and know there will not be an opportunity for me to squeeze in a nap on this day, thus I really should try to get back to sleep BUT my mind wonders to our craft that is planned from 3-5pm.

This is not just any craft scheduled. This is a project with a purpose...

I am wide awake, not with irritation or ugh...but with joy...with gratefulness...with THANK YOU GOD!!!

Thank you for my warrior who is safely tucked away in her bed, in her room, under our roof, across the hall. Thank you for bringing my husband home safe to me each night.
Thank you for all the things I know I take for granted.

Then I reflect back to...thank you for the security and knowledge of where my warrior is at!

An amazing woman, friend, of mine is traveling soon to Thailand to bring God's love and action in a visual, active way, to children who see, experience, and live only with darkness.

Children who don't have a mommy to go to when their knee hurts.

Children who don't have a room down the hall from mommy knowing she will slay any dragon who dares to even breath within a mile radius of them.

Children who see, experience, and/or are touched by great darkness each day.

These children have been part of a life so dark and suffocating they need love...they must feel loved...they must be saved!  They must be shown Gods light.

They are apart of a world of human trafficking.

We can get so caught up in our own personal woes:
*  My child isn't learning xyz...
*  My child needs to have this trip to experience abc...
*  Why can't I get my child to pick up after herself?
***The list can go on...and on...and on...

Instead we must say THANK YOU!!!  Thank you GOD!

~  Thank you God for the room full of crazy toys and the creative adventure planned for today with legos!
~  Thank you God for these spelling words we need to work on.
~  Thank you God for the opportunities to even consider trips and traveling.
~  Thank you God that she is safely within my arms reach.

The craft we have done for the last 2 weeks on Thursdays have been love cards for these precious, beautiful children.  These children need, must be able, to feel Gods love.  They have been so burdened down that just talking about God is probably not enough.  By having something to hold in their hands shows them just how beautiful and precious and deserving they are of Gods love...whether they realize it or not.

My hope...my desire...my prayer is, as I, with my amazing husband,nurture in our daughter a love for God...a respect for self....a desire to do for others...to be aware that our actions, our love, our prayers can and will make a difference.  even if we never see it.  We can't stop doing, loving, praying because God sees it.  Those children will feel it. Our daughters armor will be that much stronger because of it.

Check out my friend's amazing project on facebook 

Abolitionist -- Human Trafficking/Modern day Slavery

to see how you can help! 

***This is an easy search if you have a facebook account....
or message me here and I can get you in contact with her
or use the link above with project with a purpose....that will take you to projects she is involved with locally and you can find her through there as well!

We hear about these types of projects and programs all the time through other sources.  Here we have the opportunity to actually make a difference with someone locally...to know and be light with another!

To me this is just another amazing confirmation of how everything is connected.

As I have been writing about femininity, dignity of dress and self; I have come to the conclusion that our societies lack of self respect, lack of awareness of the beauty in our femininity, has slowly been broken down for over 50 years.  It has brought us to this ugly world of not only are many individuals struggling with self love and self worth in one form or another but a lack of respect, love, and morality toward others has been created.

A lacking that has brought us to this world of treating children as objects.

my mind, my heart, my soul cries out for them.

Please cry with me....
Pray with me...
Take action with me...

With God: glory, light, and love can and will prevail one spark at a time!

A ripple at a time can go farther than we can imagine...stomp out the darkness with me to make lasting ripples!

Blessings and prayers always....
~K :)

Friday, April 25, 2014


Awhile back I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts.  One of the topics was on self-image.  It seems to be a topic that has actually been covered on many of my favorite podcasts recently!

It was mentioned how in the past, going to the gym, meant in baggy sweats and a t-shirt.  The purpose was to sweat not to look fashionable.

The dawn of great engineering to make materials lightweight, breathable, and keep the sweat away from our skin has been wonderful but it has a price.  the material is tight, form fitting, and leaves nothing to the imagination.
 This has me pondering...could our attire be contributing to a lack of self-worth?  Self image issues? Lack of respect for our own beauty?  Our incessant need to compare ourselves?

    I have always been pretty modest.   For as long as I can remember, I have never really liked summer attire, especially swimming gear!  Maybe as a teen and young adult it had to do with what I saw in the mirror, and poor self-image.  But I am physically and mentally the healthiest I have ever been as I have entered 40's door.  And personally I don't care what others think of me anymore.  

I have learned how destructive self loathing, self criticism, and comparing can truly be.  It is not productive!  It is not from God!

What I have learned over the years is it doesn't matter how confident I am in my self-image:  I do not like swim suites!  I do not like clothing that plunges too much!  I do not like skirts that reveal too much leg!  

Take the bathing suit as an example.   There is something fundamentally wrong with walking around in something that might cover the essential spots to maintain privacy, "modesty", but really how much more of a leap does it take for the mind to "uncover" the rest.

The moment I had a little girl I knew I wanted to instill in her a dignity in dress; a strength and pride in her sexuality; a beautiful respect and love for the body God gifted her with.

We have entered the pre-teen years with her; I noticed a shift in some of her outfit choices last year.  She is still very modest and aware of covering herself.  Yet she was becoming more comfortable with walking out the house in leggings, with skirts shorter than she wore in the past rather than longer, and sleeves falling off the shoulders.

It had me reflecting on where her fashion influences were coming from.  There were some TV shows she watched that definitely covered all these attire issues I was having.  There is definitely an influence from stores, media, everywhere....

But I also needed to reflect on my clothing.  I am a large influence in her life.  After all, our first examples for anything in life is from our parents.  So, I had to ponder: was I possibly doing or wearing something that could be creating a mixed message?

I was still covering myself from head to toe.  I don't like plunging necklines.  I don't make it a habit to allow shoulders to show in church.   I wear leggings under skirts but never by themselves.  The list goes on.  

I am not a prude....I am not patting myself on the back..I am just stating the facts!

Point is:  I am very aware of how, we as women, have a responsibility in our attire.  I am aware of how we can lead a man into the near occasion of sin through our attire and our actions. 

 I am very aware of, whether we as women like it or not, must dress with dignity, with modesty, with respect....not just to help the mind and soul of the opposite sex, but to also protect our own self-worth and dignity!

Thus, I started to reflect on my own attire. I realized many cloths are becoming easier to wash and not iron, not becoming worn out as much because of the awesome materials, they are made of.  They are becoming easier to wear, due to stretchy material to lend to all body types.  BUT, this comes with a price.

I realized even though I may work out in leggings and tank tops at home..I wouldn't want to leave out in public that way.  That is walking around naked.  

But...I have other cloths that maybe aren't far removed from that same look.  

Take my yoga pants for example.  They may flare at the bottom but they are form fitting from the waist to knee.  they are great to workout in, comfy to throw on for quick errands, and many more reasons to wear them! 

BUT....am I being modest enough to just go out in them?  Maybe a way I can make a more conscience effort is if I do go out in yoga pants I layer them with a cute little wrap skirt, or tennis skirt.  I can even use this same layering concept with the workout leggings if I am in a hurry to run an errand real quick!  

Maybe I can use one of the extra long yoga shirts that cover and hang to about mid thigh or longer?  Maybe with some of my dresses I can make sure they are layered  with a light sweater, if they are more form fitting?

 I can show and teach my daughter that we can be feminine and fashionable, have fun with our style, without revealing or sacrificing our true sexuality, self worth, dignity.

***Just think of jeggings!  What are their purpose?  In reality they are leaving NO imagination!  they may cover but they still "reveal" all!

I've been reading and learning more in this topic because it is near and dear to me.  I believe it has a huge impact and backing behind so many of the immorality issues  in our society today.  In addition to all the self-worth issues!

Through some of the books and and things I have been reading it has given me the opportunity to dig deeper and examine my own attire.  Just because I may be "modest" doesn't mean I can't continually learn, improve, and grow!  Every topic, issue, situation in life needs continual growth, and layering of learning! Think of an onion!!!

This topic is probably more important to me than so many more....I think it is more important than most people give it credit or time!

I think it is an area we can ALL continually learn and grow from.

We all want to look and feel attractive.  But what are we willing to sacrifice.  And at what cost!?

It reminds me of a story a friend shared with me.

A man told her once that he enjoys attending mass at a particular parish because during communion time he is able to watch all the "little" girls go up for communion with their little skirts showing all sorts of things.


If a man is willing to "undress" our daughters during mass, during the most profound moment of the sacrifice of our Mass, what is he willing to do outside of Mass?

What can we do better, as women to lead men toward Christ?

What can we do better to show we truly love ourselves as Christ wants us to?

To trust God...to believe we are worth more than we are giving, than we are settling for!

Empower yourself...empower your daughter...empower another young girl in your life by constantly striving to love yourself through your thoughts and your actions and your prayer!!! 

Empower yourself...by respecting your beautifully made body!

Faith is love...
love is lasting...

It is true power in faith and love!


As always....I would love your feedback, your engaging conversation....comments!

And remember to checkout all the above links.  I always add links throughout the blog to share with you some of my favorite places and/or resources!  

Learning is living...
living is loving...
loving is learning...

Blessings always,
~K :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's Forgiveness: Broken...Mirrors...Shattered...Image...

My miscarriage three years ago...

Was the beginning of God doing  amazing work on me as a woman.  He was peeling the next level of my onion to grow deeper and more in love with Him.

It hasn't been easy. The road has been rough. I have learned much and have gained great amazing strength and even greater joy and love for it...that I can't help but say...

I am able to see how the last three years He has worked in my life.  Having me heal through other past pains.  the biggest thing He taught me from this is to forgive.  Not just others and  situations, but... MYSELF.

I've talked and shared how we need to love ourselves but sometimes the reason we're not loving ourselves is it because we haven't forgiven ourselves for something.  There are times the forgiveness is legit but sometimes it is us being too hard on ourselves or holding ourselves to a standard or unrealistic expectation.  And sometimes it is because we have many things and messages telling us we are not worthy or not measuring up. These messages are all jumbled up in our minds and souls.

FORGIVENESS...it is beautiful.  FREEING....and painful!  It means I have to admit I am not perfect.

forgiveness to me means realizing it is not my fault I have experienced dark circumstances in my life.
forgiveness means it is not my fault I had a miscarriage.
forgiveness means it is not my fault I have had infertility issues and hormonal problems for over 20 years.
forgiveness means it is not my fault all my health and infertility issues lead me to my hysterectomy 2 years ago.
forgiveness means my lack of fertility or inability to bear any more children does not mean I am any less of a woman.
Forgiveness means I can realize I am still feminine.

Forgiveness means realizing if Christ sacrificed on the cross for me and my sins who am I to be so arrogant to not forgive myself.

Thus I reflect, repent, release.

It is interesting because I recently realized last summers obsession with running and challenging myself physically was probably related to my still mourning the loss of my fertility.  The feeling I am less of a woman because of the hysterectomy.

Thus by breaking down my body and pushing it to extremes was some sort of unconscious punishment and or avoidance of my feelings.

But now....and reflecting on this beautiful GOOD FRIDAY...

 I say:  GOODBYE to any and all unforgiveness!
And HELLO to my Redeemer and all the experiences and the growth I gain.

Why is all of this important!?

I firmly believe our feelings, femininity, fashion, and faith are all intertwined and the more we as women are able to acknowledge and grow in our faith....the more we are able to respect our femininity; which leads us to be aware of fashion/modesty.  Thus respecting and loving ourselves even more.

Forgiving ourselves allows us to remember we are a child of God.
we are valuable!
we are NOT an object to be oogled over.

Again I ask...
Why is all this important?  Even relevant or related?

Because the more we are willing to always grow...learn...love....the greater example we can be to our daughters....the women in our lives...the women who see us from afar!

I love the 2 most recent interviews I've listened to on some podcasts.  The host on one was giving great advice and mentioned how he shares what he does not just for the listeners to learn but for himself.  Because life is continual learning.  That just because we may know something doesn't mean we don't still fall victim to some of what we may struggle with from time to time.

And in another interview this woman gives some great advice about loving oneself for who we are right now.  And how she even still struggles with it from time to time especially when she puts stresses on herself.

Thus that sums up my glorious journey  (most recently anyways!)

When I lost Sam 3 years ago something got broken inside of me.
I didn't give up on God.
I didn't stop loving Him.
I didn't blame Him.
Instead I transfered all that to myself.

The previous year I had learned new amazing things about my health and was feeling my best through whole food eating.  And years before that I had learned to love myself no matter what!   My mental state of mind was in excellent shape! Thus when my physical health became even better it was just icing on the cake to me.

Then I lose Sam.  I felt like the last 18 years of spiritual, mental, and physical growth in confidence, in love was shattered.
I blamed myself.
I felt unlovable.
And my self-worth felt shot.
I wanted to say the heck with all this hard work of having a healthy love of self: mind, body, and soul.

Instead, I found the last 3 years made me grow even more in love with God.

Year one was about my faith.  Truly finding joy in all circumstances.  Faith to grow with others and share my life in an open book way; a way I have never really been comfortable to do in the past.

Year two was about hope.  My hope to do right by God as the decision was made to have the hysterectomy.  Hope to not feel like a failure.  Hope to heal.

Year three was about LOVE.
Rediscovering a true and even deeper love of self through and for God. A deeper love for life. A deeper love for my God.
Love so full...
so encompassing...
so passionate...
so surrounding...
that it is intoxicating...
It is complete...
 it is...
 love: agape.

Ah....GOOD FRIDAY....today when I hear the Dela Rosa....when I walk up the aisle to kiss the cross, I will FEEL....I will know this is the kind of love Jesus was asking of from Peter when he questioned him three times.  This is a full kind of love...a full, encompassing kind of love!

I not only feel his forgiveness, I believe it, I live it!

I pray you, too, can walk to the cross with head held high, full of forgiveness and love for self.



My love and prayers for each and everyone of you....known, unknown!

You are ALL beautiful, amazing creatures made in the likeness and image of HIM!

~K :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts: Easter...Heaven is for Real...Columbine...

I was reflecting the other day as I was watching this amazing eye opening movie about the education system.  It dawned on me: Easter this year is 15 years of the Columbine massacre.  The pain, the sorrow, these parents must have felt and probably still feel.  Yet, maybe just maybe some of them can see the hope, the joy, past their pain of having the anniversary on Easter.  Another way, opportunity to continue to heal, to seek out God; to know God is always there for us.

I don't say this as contrite, or light, I don't say this passively...I say this from experience.

God has lined up dates and numbers for me, my whole life.  I think He does this for everyone, but not every one see the correlation, or remembers things the same way I do.

I remember reading HEAVEN IS FOR REAL a little over 3 years ago.  It was right before I discovered I was pregnant: a miracle...no really for us it was!  It had been 7 years since our daughter's birth.  A miscarriage when she was about 18 months and at 4 years of age finding peace that we would nurture our one egg in the basket and love every moment we have with her.

Thus, once the shock had worn off we discovered: WOW!

Twelve weeks later I lay in a doctors office watching a nurse becoming uncomfortable.  She fidgeted and tried to say the equipment must not be working.  She sends me to the sono-tech.  As I lay on that table even more vulnerable the tech looks at the monitor.  She looks at me.  There was a pause.  The only sounds we hear in the room are the scratching sounds of the machine as she moves and presses the gadget against my belly desperately trying to hear something.  Nothing.

She simply asks me how far along I was.  I respond 12 weeks.  She proceeds to show me the measurement of my beautiful baby Sam.  She points out the size.  This baby is only the size of 10 weeks.  And the silence is understood.  No whomp whomp whomp because, there was no heart beat.  She struggled to tell me what I already knew in my heart.  Something I had already known in my heart for sometime but kept it inside.

We walk back to the exam room for me to wait for the doctor.  In the midst of all the silence, numbness, I hear, "Maybe we will hear the heart beat next appointment."   I look over and smile and hold my beautiful amazing little girl and simply say, "No sweet girl, the heart beat is now with God."

The following day was my D&C.  I remember sitting in the waiting room thinking, "Lord I trust you, I love you, but why this date.  Why April fools!  I will never be able to find laughter, joy on this day again."

I felt I would never be able to experience the fun of this day with as much zeal as past. Yet, I knew and  I have learned from past experiences that I can find great joy in any and all circumstances, just as Joseph did from the old testament.  Joy of circumstances I have taken to heart, but I also understand the difference between joy and happiness.   Happiness is a feeling, joy is a state of being, an attitude.  I wasn't sure I could ever feel anything on April 1st ever again.


The 1st anniversary was Palm Sunday!  Wow!  Talk about powerful and healing.  I cried my heart out.  I FELT EVERYTHING! The Passion...the Gospel...the death...the upcoming RESURRECTION!  

I felt free!

The 2nd anniversary was Easter weekend.  We became god-parents to some wonderful family friends for their 2 beautiful children.  Thus, out of darkness there was great light!

I have many more stories just like this one.  Of dates lining up.  Of great light...great hope...great renewal...amazing redemption of a date that once upon a time stood in darkness.  

Darkness turned to light:  my daughters birth!
Darkness turned to light: her baptism date!
Darkness turned to light: my baby Sam's death!
Darkness turned to light: the list goes on and on and on....

I find it amazing and beautiful that God inspired me to read "heaven is for Real" before my loss.  It was like a foreshadowing that created a calm, a peace within.


Now, this amazing book has been put into film, I rejoice in getting to experience it and further heal, reflect and grow from my loss of Sam.

Therefore, as I reflected on the fact that Columbine's anniversary is Easter, my prayer has been for all these parents who are still deeply, darkly in pain and sorrow.....May this Easter be a Resurrection for them.  May their darkness of that day of evil be brought into the amazing light of Christs Resurrection.

May they resurrect the memory of a date full of darkness into a date now full of blinding, amazing light of....


I have found sharing my life with anyone who wants to hear, read, is about sharing my love...
remembering ripples can be ripping or radiant!  

My prayer is to spread radiant ripples through my love of life....love for all of you!

My thoughts and prayers to all of you out there always!
~K :)

***sneak peek...tomorrow's post...Forgiveness on Friday: Broken...mirrors...shattered...images...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Take 2 on Tuesday!

Two minutes is literally all I have...lol.   I am about to run out the door to take my wonderful warrior to gymnastics.  But I had two minutes that I wanted to ponder and ask all of you out there your thoughts!

As I have felt myself being called more and more to share my life, my journey through all my wonderful "F" words:


You name it :).....and shame on you if you thought I would cuss!

Okay back on track cause I am down to one minute!

As I have felt drawn more and more to share, thus help with the whole new evangelizing movement I have pondered if I should keep limping along with EXAMINER.com?!

I don't like the ads that surround my articles.  But I know it is another way for me to share the beautiful message of CHRIST.  Of living my faith!!!  Of all of us living our faith for Christ, with the Holy Spirits help, to honor GOD!!!


Should I keep up with Examiner?  Should I put my efforts elsewhere, or just with this blog?!

I am not suppose to really have an individual or personal voice with examiner but that is okay.  I can share my deep dark secrets here.....lol!

BUT....again my big thing is:  should I put effort into something that is surrounded by poo-ey material?!

SPEAK UP!!!  Give me your voice!

Have a glorious Tuesday and week :).

Hugs and blessings always!
~K :)

PS...the picture above is from the Joyce Meyer book, Confident Moms...great read!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Holy Week! 2014: WOW!

As I was preparing my mind last night for Holy Week, as well as my schedule, I was trying to not get overwhelmed with all the "to do's" and all the "want to accomplish".  I realized I needed to break down each day of the week to make sure I am truly building myself up to the glorious day that is coming in a short 7 days.  I need to not get caught up with the "we need to be at the church this day, this time, do this, do that...."  You all know what I am talking about.

All the services scheduled are good and important to attend.  They help our souls really become in touch with what is taking place.

But sometimes, us crazy minded people (those who live life with too much on our schedules....oh that's right...that's all of us these days....lol) get caught up with where, when, how....rather than BE!

I realized I needed to BREATH!  I needed to remember to not rob myself from truly experiencing and living HOLY WEEK!

I came up with this idea of how I am going to make sure HOLY WEEK is exactly that:  HOLY!


I am going to take a moment this afternoon, with a cup of tea (my bullet proof tea of course:) )....and reflect upon that Christ really and truly did die for ME!   He loves me so much that HE was willing to die on that cross.   And Mary....his mother....she endured a pain and agony no mother should have to witness.  Yet, she did it with grace, dignity, faith!


This day I will reflect on all the tasty things I want to create for Sunday's celebration.  I will make my list based on wonderful sales, wonderful in season produce, wonderful foods to enjoy and nourish my body, mind and soul!


There are many ways I can reflect on this thought.  I love actually praying the rosary or doing a divine mercy chaplet to really help me reflect upon who Jesus was.  I think it is hard for us humans to really comprehend why God would be willing to put Himself in flesh form.  Feel all we feel.  Make sacrifices most of us can't fathom making.  And loving in a way that is foreign to most!  Thus today, I will really reflect on WHO the man of God was.


As I participate in the Last Supper Mass/Service I will imagine myself as one of the 12 thirsting to hear more from Christ.  Thirsting to learn more from Him.  Thirsting to be with Him more and more.


Today I will not hold back my emotions.  I will allow myself the full impact of the love Christ showed for us, for me, as he suffers the most brutal death.   I will not ignore the scourging like Gospels do.   Have you ever noticed the Gospels do not go into great detail of the scourging.  Is it because it was so horrific that to put it into words would make it real in the writers mind, thus in the readers mind as well.  And maybe it was just too much to comprehend.  Thus today I will not ignore the blood, the massive amount of blood that was shed for me and my sins.


Rather than fearing the silence, or becoming uncomfortable I will embrace it.  I will reflect.  This silence will give me strength.  This silence is preparing me for singing and rejoicing!

I hope and pray you enjoy me sharing this. It may help us all to take a moment this week to reflect. And live in the moment of Holy Week.

Would love to hear what you did for holy week to prepare for the coming of the LORD!!! :)

Many blessings and prayers always,
~K :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion on Friday

I finished reading this fabulous book that has truly convicted me about fashion...attire...clothing for women...for girls...for even men and boys!

This is my conclusion:  I thought I knew and understood DRESSING WITH DIGNITY but this book convicted me to take it up a notch.

I discovered some amazing things about how the fashion industry has been influenced over the years.  I learned the true evil that is underlined with intent to strip us women from our dignity....our true femininity.  You may find my use of evil as strong but when I read things like:

"Religion does not fear the daggers point; but it can vanish under corruption.  Let us not grow tired of corruption; we may use a pretext, such as sport, hygiene, health resorts. It is necessary to corrupt, that our boys and girls practice nudism in dress.  To avoid too much reaction, one would have to progress in a methodical manner:  first undress up to the elbow; then up to the knees; then arms and legs completely uncovered; later, the upper part of the chest, the shoulders, etc. etc."

This was taken from a Freemason publication!  I'm not lying! Colleen Hammond has it quoted and referenced in her book. 

When I read this in DRESSING WITH DIGNITY, by Colleen Hammond, it had me really thinking and reflecting on everything.  How so many things are entwined, related, connected....

Things we may not even think about....

And it further convicted me to continue to battle for my dynamic daughters virtue....her morality....

I will continue to build her armor.  I will continue to help and guide her toward Godly choices, even if it may feel like she is swimming against the stream.

God calls us to live in this world but to not be of this world.

I have so much I have been writing down about this topic recently that I look forward to sharing even more with you all over the next couple of months.

So as I head into holy week I will live this thought I posted on Facebook from a private group I am apart of called Fitness~Food~Faith:

"Unsettle ME!"
I love this simple prayer from day one of the Made to Crave devotional! 
This prayer is about more than food! It is about asking God to help you make changes in any and all areas of your life that need tweaking!
You know what is even greater?! 
The Joyce Meyer devotional: TRUSTING GOD....today's specific bible reflection is:
Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong, courageous, and firm,
Fear not nor be in terror before them,
for it is the Lord, you God who goes with you;
HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU OR FORSAKE YOU!!! (ok I took liberty with the bold  )
....but isn't that perfect....when we are asking God to help us make changes...to help us be strong or bold....to do something that may be uncomfortable or even foreign to us.....HE is not saying we have to do it alone....HE IS SAYING TRUST HIM! HE IS THERE WITH US!
Let's enter into Holy Week with boldness....with conviction....with change!
...change of heart,
...change of mind,
....change of spirit!

Please share with me your thoughts!  I love to hear other points of views, insights, encouragement.

We are all in this big world together....as a tribe...as a family...and we need to help each other grow in our faith...whether it is growth in:
five minutes...


Okay so I enjoy using words that start with F....I can't help it....FrickWrites is full of fun play on words!

Have a glorious day!

Blessings always,
~K :)