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Friday, June 27, 2014




Once upon a time a young lady lived in a land full of beautiful hills and amazing peace.  

She was in love; or so she believed.  She and this boy came from such different back grounds, different lifestyles, and different beliefs.  Yet, this did not stop her from loving him.  Wanting to please him, and be there for him.

She was heartbroken when he had to leave the peaceful land for a noisier place.  She vowed to visit him soon.  She kept to her promise.  She ventured to the noisy, darker land to see her love.  That is when things went very wrong.  Her love, during that visit, was abused.  Her trust was broken.  Her innocence was stolen.  She came home to the beauty of her land: confused, hurt, and deeply scarred.  Her land didn’t seem beautiful anymore.

She began to doubt simple truths in life.  She began to doubt even herself.  Her ability to understand dark from light, good from bad, right from wrong.  After all, she pondered, if she could allow such darkness to take over, surely she mustn't be all that bright of a light.

You see, when darkness took place that fateful day, it wasn't the obvious, insidious kind of evil we all know to stay away from.  IT was the kind that lures us.  The kind that slowly boils and you never realize it has taken hold of you until at the moment you see it and you are so confused.  

She knew and knows this young man was not evil; he did not intend evil, but he allowed his wants to overtake him and evil to influence his mind, to take what was not his.  To steal a gift that wasn't his to take.  

Over the years the young woman has reflected and realized maybe, just maybe, (at least in her case, her situation) she wasn't so clear.  Maybe just maybe her no wasn't loud enough, wasn't out loud, wasn't strong, wasn't there.  What if....

BUT...NONE OF THAT MATTERS....that is the true gift she has learned.  It truly doesn't matter.  She may not be clear of the events of that day but it will not be her prison.  It will not be her darkness.  The past is the past and she will not let darkness cloud her love for life.  She knows in her heart, that boy, a man now, never intended to hurt her so deeply, to rip her spirit.  He was motivated by a selfish, fleshly want, and allowed himself to not be led by the Holy Spirit.  And she was motivated by pleasing and fear of rejection.

This young lady took years to unravel the web of darkness; to shed light on this darkness; to feel worthy of being loved.  In the midst of her unraveling and healing a rogue knight came into her life.  He was rough around the edges but she saw a glimmer of internal light he wasn't even aware of.

He helped her melt away the confusion, the pain, the fear, the hurt, the darkness.  Yet, each year she still felt a cloud engulfing her during a particular time, a particular month, a particular day.

Then one year, on that dark memory of a day, she discovered an amethyst.  Some may find this an ordinary gem, but she knew this gem would shine brighter than any she had ever seen.  God presented this beautiful amazing gift to her to replace the dark cloud of those memories.  He wanted to erase that dark day, those feelings…with light, with a reminder that HE loves her!  That she is beautiful.  From evil and darkness, God CAN conquer!  Purity can arise, can outshine and replace the dark.

That is exactly what this beautiful amethyst did.  Each year that passed by, this precious gem grew, got brighter; the darkness became smaller and less important.

One Year, the amethyst turned colors to a glorious Ruby.  That Ruby lasted about 5 years. It was a deep, passionate reminder how Christ shed His blood for us because he LOVES US.  She IS worthy of love.  She IS amazing.

Then, one year that ruby turned into the most brilliant deep sapphire.  It radiated, glowed, sparkled and shone with such brilliance, there was no room for darkness to reside any more.

It created a space in the woman’s heart to realize she not only forgave that boy of past, but there was room for him in her heart to love him, to pray for him.  She prayed he was having as beautiful and blessed of a life as she was.  She truly loved him.  Loved him for, also, being a child of God.

That sapphire continues to shine even brighter each year.  That sapphire is a reminder of Mary's purity, a reminder of Joseph's silent strength, of Jesus' pure sacrifice and undying love.  And a glorious reminder of God's forever mercy and grace.

This story is truly a story of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE.

LOVE....I do love my life!!!

I adore my knight!  He surrounds me with security, trust, and peace!

My sapphire is the most amazing gem.  I can't help but feel my breath get caught in my throat every time I look at her.

How and why God felt me worthy to be trusted with such a precious gift, I do not know, I do not question.  

I simply say:  THANK YOU, LORD....I LOVE YOU, LORD!

I love, laugh, and live with abundance of joy and light!

I know that shame lives in darkness.  Satan wants us to live in shame, fear, regret, guilt.


We must choose to step away from the darkness into the light.  Because that light is so glorious, so warm, so inviting.  

THE LIGHT wants us to feel nothing but:


Friday, June 20, 2014

Fired up for Life on Friday

My parish priest is an amazing homilist. Well forever ago he did a homily that just resounded in me from the readings and Gospel!  It was themed on how we all have choices.
We can choose life or death!
We can choose to walk our faith or not.
We can choose to be a disciple or not.

This  resonated within me because, that week, I had just written in  my journal at adoration how we have choices with family, with finances, with food, with life.....
Something I like to think about is how Jesus had choices:

He could have disobeyed Mary and Joseph when they went to find him at the temple.  They told him to come home with them.  HE was God made man.  He could have said no....but he said yes I will obey.

He could have given in to all the temptations during his 40 days in the desert.  Yet he chose to become stronger by making sure his yes meant yes and his no meant no!

And finally he could have kept himself from ever having to endure the cross.  Instead he chose LIFE!
He chose LIFE for us....he chose LOVE for us....HE CHOSE US!!!

My challenge to ALL of us is to say YES to....

Loving ourselves...
Loving our neighbor...
Loving our enemies...
Loving our daughters....our sons...
Loving our spouse...
Loving one another!
Truly...AGAPE...kind of love.

We must remember that each choice we make can be for life or death.

What does that mean?

To me it is:

Are my actions, my words, my thoughts life giving or taking?

Am I wounding and harming my relationship with my husband if I snap at him about his shoes in the middle of the room?   Instead can I smile, love him, and think:  I am so grateful his shoes are there because that means he is home and safe with our family.

Am I giving life to my family when I feed them nourishing food and ensure we have great conversation at the dinner table....or are we taking away from our family life when we all go in different directions?

Some of my big life decisions, were they life giving or taking?

I like to think and hope and desire all I do is about life giving.  This is what I strive for.  Because if I am life giving, then I am nurturing my family in a way that will continue to bond us.  I am nurturing in a way that will strengthen my daughter as to encourage her to continue to be the amazing Godly woman she is becoming.  I am nurturing relationships around me to share about our passions and concerns.

Walk with me...
Run with me...
Get FIRED up about life with me...
Let's all make LIFE CHOICES today!  
What a wonderful, glorious day it will be!
blessings and hugs always,

***Remember I would love to hear any thoughts or comments to this post!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day on Friday!

Father's Day is Sunday!!!

I wanted to share how much I have grown to appreciate the role.... husbands, fathers, men....have in our lives.

Whether they realize it or not they are a huge factor in how we as women view ourselves.  How we even treat ourselves.  They can factor into our motivation of wanting to do something or not do something.

Daddies definitely have a HUGE factor in molding how our daughters will view men in their dating future.  How the men in our lives treat our daughters will create a standard for our daughters....for young women.

When a Daddy continually stops to listen to the chatter of their 10 year old daughter instead of fiddling with his phone...it says to her, she is more important than that silly email that just binged!

When a Daddy opens doors, holds her in his lap, and gives her a reassuring hug....it says to her, she is important and deserves to be treated with love and respect.

When a Daddy helps her get back up on the bike, or pushes her to do just one more flip....it says to her to not give up trying even when things are hard.

When a MAN remembers his role in a WOMANS life then it makes it lovely for a WOMAN to remember how beautifully made she is and her role and just how very important that role is!

This Father's day I am going to give the amazing man in my life a gift that doesn't just last for a day.  It is not something he can hold.

I want to give him a novena and fast.

I was thinking about this the other day when I came across a Father's Day Novena.   I thought wow how perfect.  I will start it the day after Father's Day for 9 days!

For me I love adding a type of fast (even if it is abstaining from one or two things) to my prayer life.  For me it takes my prayer life to the next level.  It gives it direction, purpose.  But again that is for me.

I was even having fun with some ideas of how, what to suggest to give up for 9 days to see how it can be intertwined with the prayer.

 For example:

1.  Giving up nuts, almonds, to pray for a father's heart to continue to be strong and endure all the trials of this life.
2.  Giving up alcohol or desserts or treats to remind oneself that the true celebration is knowing we have a special man in our life.
3.  Giving up or limiting tv, computer, electronic time to remember to connect more fully and deeper with that man.
4.  Giving up that one thing that reminds you of a deceased father, grandfather, important male figure in your life!

Take a moment today, this weekend, next week....to reflect and pray for the men in your life!  And if you feel they are not living up to what God has called them to be or do....then pray for them to have the courage to be the men they are designed, created to be!  Pray they continue or start having a strong armor for Christ!
NONE of us can do this alone.

WE ALL can use prayer!

Have a Fantastic Father's Day full of....
and our Heavenly Father!!!

Love, blessings, and prayers always,
~K :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Warrior Women on Wednesday!

This will be brief....but I am WAY excited that Wellness Mama has started a Podcast!

I love reading her blog.  She gives such great information on how to live a whole foods, natural life for EVERYTHING!!!   

Not just food...but cleaning.....health care....being a mama...beauty.....and soooo much more!

I just had to share my excitement with everyone.   After all as we become more intuned with our true femininity as women we realize we are Warriors as true WOMEN!   And that is what I love about this woman....she is a woman....a mom....a wife....and seems to be so proud of it!!!!   And strives to do everything (at least from what I read) to be true to who she is as a woman, a wife, a mother!

Have a glorious night!
Blessings always,

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday's Fantastic Study

Well this posting is going to be short. I am on a wonderful adventure with some amazing young people. And I can only write so much on my phone!  Lol... I will share more later.  But first....

There is a fantastic study coming out specifically about femininity and our teens!  It's a DVD study.  

I  am excited to check it out.  I thought it was fitting to recieve the email about it the day before I usually try to post about true femininity.  

Please check out TRUE BEAUTY at LIght  House Catholic Media!

Have a fantastic Friday!

I look forward to sharing with you next week about the Olympic training center out of Colorado Springs and the amazing thoughts I had for us women!

Blessings and prayers always!
~K :-)