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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Fun Fizzy Healthy Drink!



1 Packet of Effer-C Elderberry Packet
1 TB of Lemon-Raspberry Magnesium
Mineral water
lemon slice...optional


Empty a packet of Effer-C in a glass, with 1 TB of Magnesium.  Add about 2-3 ounces of regular water.  Mix together.  It will foam up and bubble.  So let it settle a bit in between bubbling.  Once the bubbling and foaming has settled add ice and mineral water.  Squeeze lemon slice if desire.

***This for me is a wonderful refreshing little drink that not only replenishes my minerals and essential vitamins but also meets that sweet bubbly drink fix!

Did you know most of us are deficient in essential minerals?
Vitamin C is great for replenishing hydration, recovery after a workout, and so much more!

***Please remember...this is all my opinion....this is my life I am sharing...I am not a professional...seek a physician, a professional for any health advice, concerns, etc.....

Have a great TASTY TUESDAY!!!! :)

Hugs and blessings,
~K :)

Friday, July 25, 2014


Over the course of almost 20 years of marriage I have really enjoyed experimenting with food!  I have not been afraid to do weird things, concoctions, for the sake of "let's try it!"

Not all have been huge hits.  Heck my dad was pretty convinced I would kill my husband in our first year of marriage of malnourishment.

I will be the first to admit not all my concoctions are great.  Some are down right weird, and need to be chucked or something.   But the stubborn side of me won't give up on trying to create tasty treats for my family.  And the thrifty side in me won't just throw something away just because it didn't turn out exactly the way I would like it to be.  The handy thing is lots of recipes that are flops do have the potential of becoming something else if we can just think outside of the box!  At the very least...compost!

In my pursuit to nourish my wonderful Frick family in the way I have been learning over the last 4 years: whole, real, hunter-gatherer kind of eating... it has been fun, frustrating, interesting, challenging....and JOYOUS!

Do I get my feelings hurt when they don't like something: yes!  But, I imagine all great chefs have critics and they didn't just make the great souffle in one time.  It took experimentation, trial and error, persistence, and a thick skin!  Joseph didn't let being thrown into the pit keep him down!

Persistence....I have lots of.  I actually don't have much of a choice.  You see, especially when it comes to baking, I have never been good at following the instructions, directions.  Hence why quite a bit of my stuff has flopped.  But as I have learned more and more about herbs, seasonings, spices, real food, flavors....foods of cultures....and SUPER FOOD benefits.....I am actually understanding and loving the science behind why, for example, with baking, things need to be a particular way!

Once I was able to grasp the true science, chemical reaction and why, behind baking, then I was able to truly start tweaking and experimenting.  And have many more hits versus misses!

My largest challenge of recent is wanting my wonderful family to receive all the great benefits of some of the superfoods and nutrient dense things that I know they won't just eat like I eat.

I have found and tweaked recipes to ensure they get more coconut oil, by making them "fudge bites".   Using bone broth when I cook up their eggs.  Actually any recipe that asks for water, instead I use bone broth; baked goods I use coconut water or milk instead of plain water.

Food should be something we celebrate with as a family not fight about!  It should be something that nourishes us: mind, body, and soul!  And that I truly believe.

Thus the pursuit and birth of TASTY TUESDAYS!

I desire to share with anyone who is interested....a few recipes, food thoughts, nutritional tidbits a couple times a month on Tuesdays!  Heck I might even be able to build myself up to doing it every week :)!

I will leave you with my first treat that was a huge hit in my home.  Some may not agree with my ingredient choices.  But again I have to compromise and creating something that will create love and harmony in the home rather than friction and division!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: Fun with Food Pamphlet!


I have given you 2 of the recipes from the pamphlet link from above over the last 2 weeks!

I wanted to share with you my thoughts...my reasoning to make things simple....to keep things real!  Thus I thought I should give you exactly what I created to share with a friend and with anyone who wants to just learn different ways to add flavor and fun to their food!

It has lots of great ways to add flavor, satiation, fun, and simplicity!

Hope you enjoy this pamphlet....and all the recipes I will continue to post!

Hugs and prayers to you all always!
~K :)

Friday, July 18, 2014


I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts during the holidays....months and months ago...

 I absolutely loved what Jason said about challenges....whether it is a paleo challenge or any other type of challenge.

The question we should all ask ourselves is why are we doing a challenge?  Is it to get healthy?  Is it to lose some weight?  Is it to lose body fat?  Is it just to see if we can do it?

Having been on this lifestyle journey of living real, eating real, being real started about 4-5 years ago.  I never thought it would truly change my life but it has.   What is great is I have learned something new each week, each month, each year, and each day!

So for me what may have started as a spiritual journey of a Daniel Fast and pray.....brought me to where I am today with my mind, body, soul, well being of living Paleo.

Thus what really spoke to me about the 69th podcast of theirs, that took place on Christmas Eve, is that I too see friends and family who have a scale goal....or say they are going do something with their eating/diet/exercise for a specific designated time frame.  But then what?  Do they go back to sloppy eating and then get frustrated because they put back on all that weight and then some?

What breaks my heart is how they have now broken their metabolism.  They have to work even harder the next time.  They have broken their spirit; now they are disappointed or frustrated with themselves.

I've been there in the past.  Living Paleo has changed that so much for me.  Have I hit some rough spots during this journey?  Of course.  Just because we learn a healthier way of living doesn't mean that life just becomes easy.  It doesn't mean temptations aren't there.  It doesn't mean I don't have a meal, or a day, or even a week where I make choices that I may not be so happy about the outcome the next day or next week.


So whether I choose to have a piece of cake at a wedding to celebrate that couples union, or I have too many drinks over the holidays.....I knowingly make a choice that I may not feel so great in my mind and gut the next day.....thus I have to decide if I am willing to wait out it clearing through my system to get my hormones, my mind, my body back into balance.

There is not stop and start...on and off.....challenge or no challenge for me.....it is Paleo Power all the way for me!

Now for me a challenge is more of a: do I want to try to train to be stronger for a couple of months, or do I want to increase my speed on a run.   Heck I have been even pulling more away from running so much and really adapting what is talked about on Marks Daily Apple.

I know it is not easy for any of us who have struggled with weight due to genetics, poor eating habits, or hormones.....but it is possible to abandon the "sad" (standard american diet) way of living....and truly live 100% authentic!

Thus my CHALLENGE to every friend, family member, EVERYONE....is to quit yo-yo-ing.....and start eating, exercising, praying for life....forever!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TASTY TUESDAY: "Hummus & Chips"


For the chips...


Slice the veggies into round chips.


layer of avocado
layer of favorite chunky salsa or pico-de-gallo
layer of cilantro
layer of pine nuts
layer of greek yogurt (optional)
layer of green onions
squeeze lemon and lime all over
salt to taste

1 cup of steamed cauliflower
1/2 cup of tahini butter
1/4 cup of olive oil
1/2 -1 squeezed lemon 
salt to taste
***any of your favorite hummus seasonings and add ons:  spicy, roasted peppers, olives, pine nuts...etc.

***another variation I do this recipe is considered more my "ranch dip hummus".

Instead of olive oil I use coconut cream
instead of lemon about 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt (but this is totally not necessary)
The seasoning is an organic greek blend.

Mix together the cauliflower, tahini butter, olive oil and lemon juice in a food processor until very smooth.
Add seasonings you like in your traditional hummus, pulse again until fully blended.  Transfer it into the dish you are wanting to serve it in.  Garnish the top with the other items you want.  Let it set and chill for 2-4 hours.  I have found that really brings out the flavors and lets them rest and blend into each other very well.

****My pre-paleo days I loved gatherings with the chips and dips.  I realized it wasn't the chips so much that I missed as the dips.  I really loved the full flavor of these two types of dips.  The mexican layer dip was easy for me to modify because I love the texture of the nuts versus the beans and the tanginess of the greek yogurt instead of the cheese and the sour cream.  

When I first turned to whole food eating I was still partaking in beans from time to time.  It was during this time I had fallen in love with hummus.  But the more I learned about legumes and what they do to our digestive system and inflammations with our body I realized it made sense why I had some troubles still.

Thus I found some faux recipes that I pretty much just looked at and then created my own.

Then the chips were easy!  That was fun because I realized we all get use to seeing veggies in sticks but what if we cut them the width of the veggie to create a better space to scoop!  Thus, I started showing up to parties with my veggies cut into rounds and a dip to go along!  For me it guaranteed I had something fun to eat too! ;)

***disclaimer:  These are my thoughts, my opinion, my creations...consult a professional for any real health advice!

Now get cooking and have a family game night with some new ways to snack!

hugs and blessings always,
~K :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Faithful Fitness on Friday

The world is my gym!

On days that are cold I set up my mini trampoline in my kitchen/dining room.  I will add a stepper or weights, a mat and I bounce away.

I don't want to have a gym membership.

There are many reasons:

1.  Been there done that.
2.  Latte Factor:  I don't want to spend the money on it when I know everything I do can be done at home.
3.  The continual unspoken competition.  (Yes this can be healthy but often it is not, from what I see!)
4.  The observation of silently comparing.

A gym is not peaceful for me.  In order for me to stay connected to my faith through my fitness I must do it my way.
The way I know is most natural for me.
The way I will stick to it.
The way it will remain a constant in my life.
The way I connect to God and keep focused and keep my perspective about my physical fitness.

 My way is the way I keep my eye on the TRUE prize for any challenge or goal:  GOD!

This may not be the right way for some, or for many, but it is for me.



1.  My front drive and street.
2.  My kitchen/dining room area.
3.  My living room.
4.  My bedroom.
5.  The church hallways and gymnasium.
6.  The grocery store.
7.  Parks.


1.  ME....MY BODY!
2.  My broom, mop, duster.
3.  My mini trampoline/rebounder.
4.  Medicine Ball
5.  Small dumbbells
6.  Elastic bands.
7.  Large Heavy things in my driveway, backyard, anywhere.
8.  Pull-up bar in the doorway going from the kitchen to the laundry room.
9.  A yoga ball.

What do I do while I work out?

I pray my rosary....I listen to devotionals...I watch something inspirations...

How long do I work out?

I have learned a great deal about the science of how our bodies respond and function to stress (exercise is stress to the body).....I have learned LESS TRULY IS MORE!

I limit myself to  20-30 minutes of hitting it really hard to obtain a great sweat 2-3 times a week.  These workouts are all about my strength.  Whether I am just rotating through different lifts and movements, or if I am doing interval kind of stuff....they are the ones that make me really huff and puff.  These workouts can sometimes be only 12 minutes!  Especially if I am doing sprints.

My longer days of 30-35 minutes are usually going for a walk and adding burpees every 2 blocks.  Or "walk/jogging" on the mini trampoline while I watch something.

Most days I average 23 minutes of a designated workout time.


I wake.  Roll out of bed onto my floor.  I do a nice back arching stretch.  Then, I reach out in front of me.  The whole time saying: GOOD MORNING LORD...THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER MORNING!

Then, I do about 30-40 push-ups as fast as possible and about 30 donkey kicks for each leg.  All the while saying:  LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH TODAY TO CONQUER ANYTHING THAT COMES MY WAY.  This helps remind me that my strength comes from HIM not me.

I proceed to the kitchen, start a kettle of water for my tea.  I drink down 2 glasses of water, stretch reaching high, feeling alive and looking upward to my wonderful Lord.


I assess if there are dishes to put away, laundry to fold, dusting to be done.  Therefore while I am praying my rosary I sweep/mop floors, prepare my hubby's breakfast and lunch for the day, start a load of laundry, fold the load from the night before, put up any dishes, etc.   ALL of these chores allow me to receive great stretching.

Sweeping/mopping:  rotation stretching
Putting away dishes:  reaching up and down
Folding and starting laundry: bending, movement

My tea by now has been steeping.

I love doing my rosary prayers during these chores and stretching because it reminds me to thank Mary for the sacrifice she made to bring us our amazing Saviour.  It helps remind me to always find joy in my housework.  It gives me the opportunity to ask her to whisper in God's ear for me about any concerns I may have.  Mother's tend to have that special way of talking to fathers about their children's wants, needs, desires.  Why shouldn't this be any different!

After my rosary, I usually assess if I have time to hit my actual workout before my hubby wakes or if I wait until he heads out the door.

If I wait, I usually take that time to sit with my cup of tea and write, reflect, journal, work on schedules, bills, lesson planning, clear out emails....etc.

If not...then I hit it!

or reversed....I hit it once hubby has left for work!

I usually do something with my mini trampoline either in my kitchen, front yard, or back yard.

I love burpees.
I love step ups.
I love jumping jacks.
I love deep squats.
I love push ups.
I love sprints.

I am getting better at pull ups.
I am constantly learning and adapting different movements, stretches, strengths.

I love to work out either to my rosary, whether another one, or Joyce Meyer, a TED talk, a YOUTube video, a documentary or something that is going to help my mind and spirit learn and grow!

The rest of my day is about stretching through things.  Stopping to do a few jumps or push ups or stretches.

OR....even just shutting my eyes for about 10-15 minutes in a meditative and restful state!

At night before I enter into bed as I am reflecting in my mind about my day and blessings; doing my examination of conscience I stretch one last time.  Sometimes I throw in some push ups or planks, some arch stretches, and hip bridges.

I stand reach high....breath and slip into bed.  I write in my journal for a few minutes, thanking God for my day.  Writing down all I had evaluated in my thoughts then turn out the lights with reminding myself I must get rest to do what HE needs me to do.

Thus I strive for 7-8 hours of sleep.  I would prefer 8-9 but I am learning, baby steps!  I need to make sure I don't stress even about not getting the extra hour of sleep I would like to have.  Therefore I make sure and tap into a nap from time to time....but that is for another day, another post!

Thus....there is my day!

This is how I keep my fitness focused on my faith....
On honoring God....
On health...
On true living...

And not on...
not on...
not on...

I hope this gives you all some ideas on how to make fitness fun and faithful!

Would love to hear any of your ideas and thoughts!

Blessings and hugs always,
~K :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014



1 cup coconut oil
1 cup nut butter (almond, cashew, tahini)
1 TB cocoa
Pinch sea salt
1 tsp to 1 TB honey or pure maple syrup

*modifications are welcome!  Add bits of nuts, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, cayenne, etc.  for texture if you would like!

Melt half of the coconut oil, nut butter, and honey together.

In a food processor blend all ingredients until smooth.  It should appear slightly oily. 

Oil a glass 9x9 pan with coconut oil or olive oil. 

Pour mixture into pan and press/spread into place.  It will be kind of stiff feeling because of the protein. 

If you are wanting texture/chunks at this point then fold the other items in at this point before fully spreading it out.

Once all spread out, place into refrigerator for about 2 hours to firm up.  Then cut into squares for a delightful nutritious packed treat with no guilt!!!

*** Protein Powder: Add a ½-1 scoop to any “treat” to bump the protein ratio for a more satisfying and balanced treat with less likely of insulin surges!

I live a very whole food, real food, life.  But I do find the benefits to a great, quality protein powder.  It is a way to bolster the protein level in some treats I create occasionally.  It is a handy source of protein when on the go or traveling.  And by creating this "treat" for my family they are not reaching for some artificially created protien bar full of gunk!

It is a great compromise for a family that I am dragging along on my wonderful adventure of life with food in a whole, real, paleo, primal sort of way!!!

Why do I use some of the ingredients I use?

nut butters: SATISFYING (not peanut butter...not a nut!)
Protein powder:  for me regulates insulin, for daughter ensures she is getting protein into a treat!
honey or maple syrup: NATURAL

***remember the disclaimer:  This is only my opinion and my life I am sharing about food, recipes, etc.....consult a professional for any real advice!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday's Freedom Fast!

4 Years ago I embarked on a spiritual journey that has forever changed my life.

My husband was debating over some career choices.  He was struggling with what he should or shouldn't do.  I had at the same time just finished a book on the deep spiritual connection a person can experience through a fast.  but what I learned through this book was more than that.

I learned about the different types, levels, lengths, etc...of a spiritual fast.  I read about fasting in a way I had never heard of.  It changed my heart and mind forever about what fasting really was.  Thus, I decided this was what I wanted to do for my husband.  I wanted to do a fast and novena as a sacrifice for him to feel a spiritual guidance from God through the decisions he was trying to make.

As I had read in one of the books, I made a contract with God. I stated what I was going to abstain/fast from and for what length of time.

Little did I know that this was going to not only be for him but it would forever shift my life...

Spiritually:  It taught me to truly and fully lean on God through anything and everything.  When I am in a fast I must remember there will be temptations, so the question is what is more important to me, the fleshly desire for that one item, or is my desire for Christ going to be greater?

Mind:  I feel an amazing clarity in my mind when I fast.  No matter the type or duration.  Even though I have found for me a fast that is at least 9 days long are where I experience the greatest clarity.  But my one day absolutes can also be profound!

Body:  I had no idea that 4 years ago this simple decision would began my journey of truly embracing a whole foods living approach.  A journey of giving up all food that truly do not nourish my body properly.

I had no idea that the foods I was fasting from had a name: PALEO!

I find it fitting and beautiful that 4th of July is on a Friday this year because 4 years ago it was after a 4th of July celebration weekend with friends that I started the spiritual fast for my husband.

What did I fast from and how long, that forever changed my life?

I knew I wanted the fast to be at least 21 days.  But started it with a novena for my husband with a friend, which is 9 days long.

It was simple:  I would fast/abstain from all foods I really loved and desired....and I wanted to keep it simple!

I gave up:
all sugars
snacking in between meals

My days were written out like this:
Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: soup (no meat) with nuts
Dinner: big salad or grilled veggies with a good portion of meat.

It was that simple.  AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!

At 21 days I noticed a shift in my body.  And for the first time in my life I didn't have excruciating pain when my period came.  I had suffered with PCOS for 20 years.  It was entering into the fall season, thus seasonal allergies....yet I wasn't watery eyed, sneezy, and miserable.  I realized there was something to this spiritual journey; it was changing my spirit, my soul, but it was also changing my mind, my mental health, and my body, my physical health!

I started to read and research about dairy, grains, sugars, and so much more.  How all these have effects on our body.  I started to feel even more alive.  And I am a pretty energetic happy person to begin with!


I have experienced so much in my last 4 years:  good, bad, sorrowful, challenging, etc. Yet, through it all I have felt so alive, so amazing.  I know with my entire being it is because of this spiritual journey God took me on 4 years ago.  It has deepen my faith, deepen my life, and opened up a doorway for my mind, body, and soul for and to HIM!

That can be described in only one way:  TRUE FREEDOM!

***Quick note:  That fast was exactly that a fast.  It had a beginning and an end.  But it did lead me to how I eat today.  Which is whole real food.  No grains, no legumes, minimal grass fed dairy from time to time, NO SUGAR.....

But lots and lots of:


I eat and try more types of veggies than I ever did before.  I try even the main stays in ways I never would have fathomed!  I enjoy some fruits, mostly berries, but because they truly are just too sweet for me any more!

Thus on this glorious 4th of July....I celebrate not only our country's INDEPENDENCE.....but my INDEPENDENCE as well!

INDEPENDENCE from the bondage of bad food choices!
INDEPENDENCE to eat amazing full flavored REAL food!
INDEPENDENCE to live a full life:  MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Happy Independence day to you all!
My love and prayers always,
~K :)

***Don't forget to check out the links I have highlighted above!  Would love to hear any feedback, comments, input!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I have been wanting to have a day designated for some of the crazy things I come up with for food for quite sometime!

I have had some really great successes and some really great flops!  But I don't give up because I love creating stuff everywhere.  Especially in the kitchen.

I see food as a great gateway to many things:

Great Health and Nutrition
Fellowship with Friends
Family Festivities
Faith Growth


What better way to start something new but at the beginning of a month!

Therefore, I am hoping that every Tuesday I will post a recipe I have created and/or adapted/modified from someone else.

I will share with you the inspiration behind the recipe as well as tons of links to some of the foods/ingredients about how that particular item has great benefits for your health and nutrition! (or the opposite why I substitute something because of what it can do to our health).

Which brings me to, I guess, I need to do that whole disclaimer thing that I see so many other bloggers have to post about......I AM NOT A MEDICAL PERSON, I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST,  I HAVE NO CERTIFICATIONS.....PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS INFORMATION IS MY OPINION AND MY LIFE THAT I AM SHARING!!!  Soooooo, consult a profession for any health and medical advice.....blah blah blah.....   I find it sad that we even have to do this.  But I guess it is the world we live in today!

Sneak peak of the recipes I am going to share over the next couple of weeks:


I hope everyone enjoys some of my crazy concoctions as well as my short and sweet Tuesday postings.  ***I know some of you believe I can't keep it short but I promise I am going to work really hard at keeping Tuesday's short just for you :)!!!

Hugs and blessings always!
~K :)