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Sunday, August 31, 2014


At last....here are my themes starting for SIMPLE SEPTEMBER:

This will be all about how to move our bodies.  How to stay motivated.  How to have fun being physical.

I will continue to post recipes I create or food that has become a favorite for me or in our home.  I am going to start sharing pros and cons about a food from time to time, mostly directing anyone who is interested to some of my favorite links that can explain things even better.

This is going to be all about us women!  How to feel empowered, strong, amazing, feminine.  How we must love ourselves...nurture ourselves...respect ourselves...in order to be the wonderful women we are and spread that good ripple to the young girls for generations to come.

I have wanted to do this posting for so long.  I have wanted to share all the quirky and crazy things I do to cut costs.  The ways I have cut out LATTE factors so that we as a family can truly enjoy the simple life.  So we as a family can be thankful for what we have.  So we as a family can enjoy the things that matter the most to us rather than collecting stuff.

Fridays will truly be about what is near and dear to me.  My faith, my family, and how we have fun with it all...

On Saturdays I will sum up either my postings for the week...the month...or I may give a list of what I read that week that resounded and impacted me...or something I listened to .....or a review, a summary, of a book or movie...or something!

Which brings me to my favorite day of the week...SUNDAY!!!

Our parish priest shares such profound messages in his homily each week.  There are some weeks I want to shout his message at the mountain top. This blog is my mountain top!  My desire is to share the Gospel...to share what I took home from his message, from mass...or even how am I going to be respectful of the day of rest.

Therefore, even though I may not post each day atleast a person can anticipate a theme...a knowledge that if Crazy Kelly posts on a Wednesday it's going to be about Women.  Or..."I wonder how Kelly cut costs with her groceries"...then all a person has to do is search: thrifty or Thursday...and so on...

By the end of each month there may be 2 or 3 posts in each week, who knows...I never know where the spirit may lead me or should I say my pencil....

All I do know is I love sharing...
I love writing...
I love life...
I love being quirky...

So here is my quirkiness in word form...themes!

Enjoy making your September...

and so much more....like...


I hope you enjoy this new theme thought as much as I enjoy putting it together.

I would love to hear back from any of you (all five of you!) your thoughts of my theme days...
Throw me your 2 cents now...next week...at the end of the month....whenever....

As always...
blessings and hugs...
~K :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014


My plan is to reflect and make SEPTEMBER even more about...


Like I mentioned, I have been really pursuing the simplicity and stillness life.
 (Go here for part one of this post)

The silence...I have always been comfortable with.
Sustainability has been a fantastic journey the last 5 years with my physical health...and I have been challenging myself with the mental health...

But most of this year I have sought out living even more simply.  I have sought out greater, longer moments of silence to listen to God's words (God's whispers) and I have sought out creating a lifestyle for my family that is sustainable and balanced.  Whether it is how we approach our faith, our fitness, our food, or our fun.  It must be something we are always striving to work on, to improve on, to build on, to live in!

Thus, creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and not a yoyo, but more like a rubberband, allowing us to stretch ourselves, sometimes retreat to regroup but then stretch out again and this time a bit further.

With that I have been wanting to give each day of the week a theme, a topic I am passionate about.  Topics I love sharing about.  Now, before I share the list of topics don't worry I have NO intention of posting each day of the week.  That is not going to be conducive to me living a SIMPLE SEPTEMBER.  Actually starting the first week in September I will post something once a week or more, of what I may have written...jotted down....read....listened to....followed....etc.  Therefore anyone who cares to know can know....I know there is at least 5 of you who read or follow...lol!

Therefore if you don't want to miss out on any of the postings on your own please do take the moment to subscribe to this blog so you can receive reminders and you don't have to rely on me to send you a reminder of my posting on FB or Pinterest.  Because, sometimes I just run out of time to do that! :)

Thus starting in September I may post on Monday and Tuesday, or just Tuesday and Saturday, or Tuesday only....who knows....

 My goal is to actually with these themes to be able to keep them short snippets as well as easy to find exactly what a person might be looking for.

It will be easy to maneuver looking for something that is related to a topic by using the search engine within the blog.  Thus if looking for recipes...search Tasty or Tuesday or Recipes....therefore you will only have all the postings related to food...

I am really excited to organize my days and weeks of the week related to my thoughts and passions.  Plus it allows me to have my fun with spinning words...as you all know by now that I love a play on words and letters.

Thus with further ado....here are the themes and thoughts behind them!

(to be continued....)


Friday, August 29, 2014



Embracing the silence...
the stillness...

What is it about today's time, generation, that feels we have to be going going going?

Few people seem to be willing to just sit still for even 5 or 10 minutes without having to be "entertained" or doing something.

How many of us feel we must have the next best thing to accomplish "xyz"?

And how many of us chase the next "best" product, supplement, diet, toy, vacation...to achieve our goals of "satisfaction"?

I challenge all of us to truly think...reflect...pray...during the month of September...on...WHAT DOES OUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL TRULY NEED!?!

How can an individual truly be content in the silence?
...to feel PEACE?
...to gather STRENGTH?

How can someone truly approach each day with simplicity?

A simplicity that still allows us to be responsible...
...yet shed away ALL unnecessary gunk, distractions, of over scheduling...
technology overload...
therefore sitting down with family or friends for tea, coffee, a bite to eat, or even a nice glass of wine!

And how can we sustain new habits? Whether in our spiritual life...our physical life....healthy lifestyles and choices...our mental life....our ambitions...goals..purpose....?

I've been pursuing these traits...these goals of simplicity, stillness, sustainability, with great pursuit these last couple of years.  I have found it challenging at times, yet also very rewarding.

As I prepare to enter into September, I want to share some ways I have learned to simplify my life. 


blessings and hugs...
~K :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

Bacon omelet:

2 eggs
2 tbsp bone broth
2 tbsp full fat coconut milk
Salt to taste

Whisk together

Coconut oil in pan. 

Pour egg mix into medium heat pan 

Sprinkle cooked bacon on eggs right away. 

Once you see the edges starting to fill up then you can fold over and let it cook all the way. 

These do warm up nicely even the next day.  Trust me my sweet little one is very picky about left overs and she will eat these re-warmed!

Eggs are a great way to start your day!  They can be on the go!  

I make up these great little bacon egg omelets for my little one so she can warm one up any time.   

And if your little one has to eat on the run, well then tuck it into a cabbage leaf or a spelt tortilla.  

Great fat and protein are great  to fuel their brain and body; much better than cereal and toast and even too much fruit.  

Hugs and blessings always!
K :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Back to School!

Create your own "lunchable"!

Please please please, don't send your children to school with an overly processed, full of sugar and junk, wrapped in a cute handy package touting a healthy choice!

Instead create your own:

Chunks of ham from the deli. 
Slices of Boars Head pepperoni.  
Chunks of chicken from a roasted chicken.  (Then use the bones for bone broth!)

Slices of veggies: celery, cucumbers, snap peas,  steamed broccoli, carrots, apple, grapes, sunshine tomatoes...

Fat source:
Chunk of cheese, hand full of nuts, scoop of nut butter....

If you must have a grain:
some rice chips or GMO free corn chips. 

Almond milk, coconut water, bottle of water with effer-c....

There you have lots of options to create your own LUNCHABLE that will nourish them better than any boxed, overpriced, over processed item!

Lots of hugs,
-K :-)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Feast Day: The Assumption of Mary

No I am not confused!  I know the picture of our Lady being Assumed into heaven...well is of her being lifted up to heaven.  But think about it, without the Fiat we wouldn't have the amazing gift of WHO she brought to us in HER womb!

Today is extra special for me because it is not only the day we celebrate as Catholics, a holy day of obligation.  It is also the anniversary of our daughters baptismal day.  I was exceptionally pleased to see the priest who baptized her was the one celebrating the mass we attended.

This day is special in another way as well.  When my wonderful hubby and I chose our daughters baptismal date many years ago, it was because I wanted to honor our Lady by having it on this day, my sweet hubby just wanted a hormonal wife and new mommy to be happy, so he smiled and said whatever you want dear...lol!

We discovered (well I discovered, and my sweet hubby was reminded) that it was the birthday of his mother who had passed away when he was very young.  Thus this day has become even more special for us.

Which brings me back to think about how Jesus came here to die for us.  We couldn't have had the resurrection without the cross.  And in return we wouldn't have the most perfect mother to lean on and to go to as we struggle without her having had to endure ALL she did as a mother.

Thus holding her beautiful baby boy, bloody and dead in her arms, makes her ASSUMPTION that more glorious.  

I loved what the priest said in his homily, this day can be looked at as a sort of 2nd Easter....or the Easter Sequel.  Mary's Assumption is the final conclusion of all that Christ sacrificed for us.  And all she endured as a human mother.

Thus I lean on Mary every single day because I know with my entire heart and soul that my crosses in life cannot possibly ever measure up to the cross she carried watching her son die for each of us.

Have a glorious weekend!

And remember:  Family is precious.  DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!
Stop and spend time together each and everyday.  Put down the electronics and truly engage with each other.  

hugs and prayers always,
~K :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Tea Time!


My 3 favorite tea "concoctions" I create:


1/4 cup full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup of water
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp ginger
1/8 tsp turmeric
1/8 tsp vanilla
pinch of cayenne 

***mix all together in a small pot, bring to a low boil, simmer. Stir one more time if need be.  This allows all the spices to really blend well together.

**optional:  if you need a bit more sweetness than a tsp of honey does the trick for me.  If a person uses stevia the best thing to use is full leaf or to use an organic drop.  But I have found that honey or even some pure maple keeps to the fullness of the flavor.  Stevia sometimes gives it a harsh aftertaste.


1 bag of your favorite chai tea  
mix together some of your own spices...the ones above with some nutmeg are a great chia blend for me.

1 bag of a great chicory root tea (Teecino, Carmel Nut is the only one I get from them because it has no barley thus  it has no gluten)
get some of your own chicory root from a whole foods/natural grocers store and put about a teaspoon in a tea bag or tea ball.

1 tsp of coconut oil
1 tsp of ghee butter

**Optional: coconut milk and honey (use these together or separate just depending if you want a bit of sweet and or creamy)

What to do:
I boil my water in my tea pot.  Then I have my chai tea or mix, and my chicory root in the cup, pour boiling water over it, let it sit for about 2-5 minutes.  I pull out all the tea bags, or tea strainer, then mix in the coconut oil and ghee butter.  I stir it pretty vigorously with a fork to get it looking kind of frothy on the top not just oily.

Then sip and enjoy...and feel the amazing energy you will receive from this!


1 bag of a green tea
1 bag of ANY TEA!

***steep together, pull the green tea bag out within 2 minutes, let the other tea bag still steep for another 2-3, for a total of 5 minutes.

Sip and enjoy all the great antioxidants and health benefits of combining green with spices.

Some of my favorite combos are:

GREEN TEA with:  chia, licorice, peppermint, ginger lemon.

The reasons I have gone more to tea rather than coffee are....

I love coffee but it has not been lovin' me more and more this last couple of years.  And after last year of knocking on adrenal fatigues door....well coffee and me just are not the greatest of mix.  I have coffee from time to time, but I really monitor how much I drink and what might be going on in my schedule ensure I don't have too many "stressors" to add to my adrenal system.

But back to tea!

I have been experimenting with tea even more so for about 2-3 years now.  I have become in love with this amazing beverage that I have taken to mixing bags together to see what flavors might compliment another. 

 Or how can I receive the amazing health benefits of green tea without tasting the bitter taste (one huge tip: don't oversteep!)?  Tea has (herbal or traditional leaves: black, green, white) has some amazing properties that each can have some great benefits for a persons body.  So click on all the highlighted words to find some of the links that I have found helpful in learning how amazing herbs and teas are for our systems.  

What I have been learning recently though is not all tea companies are treated the same.  Not all are as dedicated in making sure we receive quality products.  If our tea bag is coated with gunk, our herbs are sprayed with chemicals, then how on earth is our body going to reap the benefits of the tea and herbs so definitely check out FOOD BABES info that I linked here!

And remember....this is all my opinion....my thoughts....my journey....so please please please consult a doctor if you have any medical stuff that should be addressed....I am here to share my life, to spread great ripples of love and life giving thoughts....not to create havoc! :)

blessings and hugs always,
~K :)

Friday, August 8, 2014


Today is about simplicity!

Look out your window, all around you.
What do you see?

I see a sandbox that provides hours or creativity for my daughter.

I see my punching bag...that I really need to incorporate into some of my workouts!

I see a bench I love to sit on, read a book, sit my tea or a glass of wine!

I see trees that shade my yard, that provide amazing life to my yard!

I see a hammock that I often see my hubby napping on!

AND....I see GOD!  All around each of those items....I see how God provides us opportunities all the time to have fun with our family; to experience our faith as a family.


Thus, this week I truly keep it short and sweet because I am going to have fun with my family as we live out our faith in all that we do!

How do you keep your family life simple?  
How do you keep your faith all around your family and your fun?
How do you ensure they are all encompassing and simple?

Blessings and hugs always,
~K :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: curly carrots

Here is an easy and thrifty way to save and not waste :-)!!!!

Everytime I peel carrots I come up with a new way to use the peelings rather than throwing them or even just composting them!

This dish is the peelings of carrots sautéed in a pan with coconut oil on medium to high heat with salt, pepper, World Market Thai seasoning mix. 

I make sure the oil is pretty hot then throw the peelings in. I like getting them where they are seared on the edges then toss and flip the peelings.  

They are tasty to snack on, toss onto a salad, roll into a chicken lettuce wrap. You are limited only by your imagination!

So go peel some carrots and have some fun with your seasonings, good fats, and lots of imagination!

K :-)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Food, Fitness, and Faith on Friday

Really what I should say is:  FAITH...then food...then fitness...:)

I recently was listening and reading about how our food, our nutrition, is 80% of what we see in the mirror and our fitness is only 20%.  What does that mean?  It means  we truly are what we eat!  If a person has aesthetic goals than spinning their wheels on the treadmill for hours and hours at a time each day is not going to accomplish the physical look and goal they are trying to obtain.  A person MUST evaluate how they eat, why they eat, and what they eat.

The 20% of fitness truly can be just 3-4 hours a week or even less when a person focuses on strength as their primary goal rather than aesthetics.  Then, the looks just fall into place if that is a person's goal.  A routine as simple as walking for 20-30 minutes each day, lifting weights 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes, and one sprint or metcon kind of workout a week is truly all that is needed.  This is basically what I do.  My walking may be outside or on my mini trampoline but it is nothing that makes me huff and puff to get my cortisol dumping bad hormones into my body and creating havoc on my insulin and thus adrenals....etc.

BUT I challenge us to look at our food and fitness outside of the box.

What if we put FAITH FIRST. Revolve our every day, our every thought, every action, and our every craving on our FAITH?

What if we gave our FAITH 100%?

Wouldn't the food of 80% and fitness of 20% become easier?  Less of a chore? More balanced? A better perspective?

I remember once hearing how a marriage isn't a 50/50 relationship.  That each spouse MUST give 100%  in order to truly experience the beauty and blessings of a marriage.

Thus, I challenge that our relationship with our FAITH, FOOD, AND FITNESS is the the same, in that we must give GOD 100% in order for us to understand and balance the 80% Food and 20% Fitness!

This doesn't mean we don't work on what needs to be done to be healthy.  Instead it gives us a better focus on why to be healthy.

A focus on living a longer and healthier life to go out and do amazing works for HIM!!!

Now that is better than any visual in the mirror in my book!

***But....you also won't be disappointed with what you see in the mirror when GOD/FAITH is the first 100%.....TRUST ME ON THIS!!! :)

Blessings and hugs,
~K :)