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Friday, October 24, 2014


I have often wondered what mass would be like in latin?!

What would mass have been like Pre-Vatican II?

There are some Catholics who don't have fond memories of Pre-Vatican II; and even the Latin Mass.

But, my question is: Does it have to do with the Mass or is it more about how our faith has been taught and learned from years of past?!

Once upon a time, when questions were asked about our faith the common response was, "because that is how it has always been."  I have pondered on why so many Catholics were given this answer and I have come to the conclusion that many of the answers were not known or understood by many adult Catholics themselves.  Thus adults being adults don't want to look uneducated or unknowledgeable especially to their children or grandchildren or even those being catechists to children.

Our parents and grandparents didn't necessarily understand the rich beauty of our Catholic Faith yet, they were faithful to the Church.  Why?

I think it is because they may not have understood our faith in a historical or theological knowledge but they understood it emotionally...spiritually.

Something deep down inside of them stirred to keep them going to Mass...to keep them, us, on this journey of faith.

Today, we have access to learn all about our faith through many avenues, sources....internet searches, learning/study videos provided by some excellent Catholic Resources, and many many many more!

Which brings me back to the LATIN MASS!!!!

Shouldn't all Catholics be able to experience their faith to it's fullest?!

To experience their faith in a way that they feel fulfills them the best?!

Shouldn't all Catholics be able to have a chance to participate in a Latin Mass if that is how they would feel fulfilled?  What about all the Catholics who have never had the opportunity to experience a Latin mass?


Learn more about how our Diocese can 
support a Latin Mass Community!

Sunday....October 26th at 6pm is a pre-meeting.  A time to gather and pray and learn more about how to support a Latin Mass. Message me on facebook or email me through this posting to find out more about the location and who to contact!

OCTOBER 28TH, 2014...
7 PM 

***This meeting is an opportunity to show support for a Latin Mass....and/or to at the very least showing support to fellow Catholics who would really like to have a Latin Mass Community!

Learn more about the Tridentine Catholic Latin Mass here.

Catholic means universal...united...

Stand up and be a universal, united Church together!

Blessings and hugs always,
~K :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Refreshing thoughts on Thursday!

Sarah Fragoso is probably my hero in the paleo world....with the balanced bites ladies coming in on a very close runner up!  That's for the powerful paleo gals!  

As for the guys....well...Sarah's podcast partner and friend, Jason Seib is probably my hero with Mark Sisson right after him!
It speaks to the heart of what these two stand for with the Paleo lifestyle.  And it speaks to what I try to not only live but to express to so many!

I don't think they can talk enough about people (especially women) being metabolically broken.  My thoughts are that when a person is metabolically broken they are also mentally and possibly spiritually broken.

After all how do we get to be metabolically broken?  We get there because we are feeling desperate.  A person isn't liking what they see in the mirror and how they feel.  They get desperate and go to extremes.  

My thoughts on getting desperate is great if a person chooses to kick themselves in the butt and really hit their nutrition hardcore, thus in return having them lose a bunch of weight real fast....but then stick with it!
Have that quick start be the turning point to make real life changing choices for the longevity, for the journey of life. 

Thirst to be more!
Be thankful for ALL that God is.   
Thankful He is always present!
Thirst to know Him better. 
Thirst to serve Him better.  

As you are thankful and thirsty for Him you are able to learn some amazing ways to be thrifty! 

Teresa had to have thirsted for our Lord! She had to have thanked him for all He is!

Thrifty tip for the day:

Use coconut oil for your face and hand cream.  You'll save sooooo much and actually reap health benefits.   Plus the added bonus of not having to wash the lotion off when you cook!

I would imagine if I designated just one jar for my hand and face lotion it would last me the entire year for $10!!!!

I use to spend $35 on face cream every 3 months and $10 on body lotion every 2-3 months. 

Go forward today thirsting for God...
Thanking Him....
And honoring Him by being thrifty!

Hugs and prayers,
K :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WOW on Wednesday!

Empower yourself to learn some amazing ways to take care of yourself as a woman.....and it is free!!!

I don't know if it is too late to register since it has already started but check try to check out anything you can about the FOR WOMEN ONLY CONFERENCE HERE!!!

I think St. Teresa had to know how important it was to take care of herself in order to do all she did for God.

I have found the better I take care of my physical body, the more I can do for God....and I like that!

So check it out....and also checkout
GIRLS GONE STRONG!  These ladies rock.

I know it's short today...but I wanted to share some of the great stuff I have been checking out the last couple days and don't want anyone to miss out on it!

And remember...

Women...you are wonderfully made....you ARE A WARRIOR!

Blessings and hugs!
~K :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Tasty Personal Template

My personal template for a good old fashioned hot dog:

1. great uncured, no gunk, organic hot dog
2. two leaves of romaine lettuce
3.  mustard, and any toppings you usually love...onions, sauerkraut....hot peppers....anything!

What I have learned about making this life for me...

I loved a quote I heard awhile back in a  podcast I listened to from PaleoHacks!  Their guest on their #17 podcast was John Durant. (Yes This was a long time ago but it was worth relistening to and sharing with all of you!)

John Durant talks about his book: The Paleo Manifesto (I received it as a Christmas gift last year...LOVE IT)  and some of the cool things he discusses in his book!

It was awesome!  If you have the time you really should click the link above and listen to the podcast.  It is approximately an hour but worth it.

I loved how he addresses how we need to fine tune what works for us and our bodies and our lifestyles.  basically once a person really understands what a Paleo "diet" (really I prefer lifestyle) is all about and have taken to it...then tweak it to work for you!

For example, some people's bodies have no complications with their digestive systems when they take in a little bit of grains, legumes, or dairy...even gluten...from time to time.

BUT....then there are others that it creates havoc either physically, mentally, or both.

And here is my take on this....

The only way we can possibly know what works well with our bodies and what doesn't is a person must be willing to clean out their system for 30 days of all gunk...sugars....breads....grains....legumes....dairy....
Getting back to basics: MEAT, VEGGIES, FRUITS!

And then a person can play with a few things, reintroduce items one at a time.

Plus, this will allow you to know what is right for your body not only physically but mentally and spiritually.  What is going to help you lead a fulfilling and peaceful healthy lifestyle?

After all if you are obsessed on getting it "perfect", well that is going to create stress.  That is going to increase cortisol and stress levels, which in return isn't going to help your mental health.  Instead when we approach life (mind, body, soul) holistically we are able to see we have different needs with our food, fitness, and faith at different times and seasons of our life!

Once, I was really mentally free from the gunk of sugar I was able to start playing with exactly what works for me and what doesn't.  What I love is every time I learn something new from research or a podcast or continued education....I determine if it is something that could work for me or if it is something I even want to try just to experiment.

What I love about being A REAL FOOD pursuer...(Paleo) is the openness to always grow and learn what is best for my mind, body, and soul!

For example, I have learned over the last 5 years by being my own test/lab rat in this is....

.1.  Bread (includes pasta)....won't touch it...don't miss it....not tempted...won't waste the space in my belly when I can fill up with lots of great meat and greens and be much more satisfied! (plus no more insulin spikes to effect my PCOS).

2.  Grains...every time I think I can have a little popcorn here or there....it explodes in my belly and oh my goodness gracious I am beyond uncomfortable...sooo not worth it anymore!   As for rice and beans, I really could careless....the only reason I have taken bites of them is to make sure I made it right for my husband and daughter who are not ready to give up their beans and rice :)...But too many of "testing/tasting" over too many days....I can feel it in my ankles and knees....thus....not worth it anymore!

3.  Dairy....I will have heavy cream from time to time....but I have fallen in love with coconut milk that it's not even an issue....  I do miss my cheese from time to time...but I have found a sprinkling of a good aged Parmesan does the trick for me....but this is a "treat"  for me otherwise I can easily find myself turning to cheese...and in return retain lots of water in my joint area, acne, and congestion.  Yuck!

4.  NO SUGAR....EVERY TIME I think oh I will just have one cookie with my little one, or just a bite of cake....it messes with my hormones and my mental health....it is sooooo not worth it!   ***The only exception to this is a full fat really creamy, real sugar cane, ice cream.  The dairy proteins and fat balance out the sugar....thus I can do a bit of it.  But then I have to really be mindful of how I am feeling and my emotions for a few days to make sure I don't start leaning on Paleo treats....because all they will do is continue that spike...because after all a treat is a treat....some yes are better than others...but a treat is still a treat!

***You might ask why am I willing to have this treat....because it brings  a smile to my daughter...her love language is time and gifts and for her, the fact that I am willing to give her this gift of my sacrifice and truly enjoy that time together means more to her than all the stuffed animals in the world!

This is my personal template!

What is your personal template?

St. Teresa had a template!  She lived boldly for God.  She sacrificed without hesitation because she knew it was right for her life.  She listened to her mind, body, and soul!

Many blessings,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Challenge of a lifetime: Motivation through Movement

I started a new workout program today.  I can't wait to share more about it once I've gotten through at least the first phase.  But until then, think about what kind of challenges have you given yourself recently physically? Mentally? Spiritually?

I was thinking about challenges and how I came to this journey of living Paleo.  I realized in a way my Daniel Fast, even though it was for spiritual reasons, was a challenge I made for myself; but it was a commitment I had made to God.

Through that Daniel Fast I discovered my health, not only spiritually but physically.  When I had reintroduced meat, slowly, I was able to see how strong I was able to become.  It allowed me to how much protein I needed or didn't need on a day to day basis.

Now, when I do a Daniel Fast it truly is a sacrifice, because I do love my meat!

It is possible for a Paleo to do a Daniel Fast and still stay healthy and even come out stronger for it.

I guess my point behind this, is it had me to thinking, how with a spiritual fast of any sort (a day, a week, a month, etc) (Daniel, absolute, skipped meals, etc).....they all do have a beginning and an end.

BUT....a spiritual fast is usually sought for the prayer power aspect.   Yes, there are great health benefits that go along with it.  After all everyone's liver and kidneys need a break from time to time from having to work so hard.

Yet, for me a fast now consists of me giving up stuff that is within my Paleo Plate.   And that is a sacrifice.....cause I love meat, I love coffee, I love some nuts, I love honey, I love wine :).....but I know God will honor my sacrifice.

So, even if any of those items above are something I only have a couple times a week, by making that conscience decision to abstain from it for a period of time.....I am saying to God, "I am here, I am listening to you!  I have so much to ask of you, yet I want to also listen to your will!"

I wonder if that is how St. Teresa of Avila felt?

Did she realize making personal sacrifices are actually rewarding because of the amazing moments and clarity you receive?

What motivates you to move?
What drives you to get up in the morning to exercise?
What type of exercise/movement gives you enjoyment?

Write up an exercise/movement plan today!  Move in a way that motivates you!

blessings and prayers always!
~K :)


Does your choice provide life or nurture death?

Thus I ponder on how this is relevant in ALL things in life...even food...nutrition....exercise!

Let's take food and drink as an example.

What is your treat: chocolate, pie, wine, bread?

Why do you partake in any of those items?

Do you partake to celebrate something (thus nurture life)?

Or do you partake because you are angry, hurt, not loving yourself (thus nurturing death!)?

We all have that one or two things that we may "crave"....so it comes to choices....to balance!

Balance needs to be obtained in so many ways!

How did St. Teresa create balance in all she was called to do?  How did she ensure her choices were life giving and not life taking? 

I imagine she turned to God during her times of craving....really, always!

Take these thoughts and questions for your week and reflect on them.  Journal about them.  Strive to crave God more than any physical or optional wants.  

Have a blessed week!
Hugs and prayers!
K :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

September 13, 2014 Women's Conference Sum Up!

I waited a bit longer than I had intended to share with everyone this amazing day of reflection, prayer, and personal growth that I experienced a month ago.  

(Read previous post here to learn about the lead up to this Women's Conference I attended in September!)

My one huge thing for all women who didn't get to go:  YOU MUST GO NEXT YEAR!

Now I am a huge Joyce Meyer fan.  I would love to go to one of her conferences one of these years....but let me tell you the speaker: ROSE SWEET, was top notch! Check out her website here! 

She provided a beautiful, hip, loving environment that blows all those old thoughts that a CATHOLIC conference is stuffy, too serious, or too outdated.  

I remember going to a learning session once years and years ago to learn some things about my faith.  The speaker was well intended, she had fantastic material and message to share but the stuff she used wasn't catchy, wasn't with the times, and she didn't really engage her group.  Maybe I was naive, a newbie, and a little bit out of my league....but it just was dull for me.

BUT...this was nothing like that.....

This was empowering...

This was amazing....


The first part of the day was learning about the 4 levels of happiness.  That basically we MUST strive to be in level four:  an amazing beautiful relationship with GOD!  

To understand just how much to TRULY LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT!!!  It is at this level that we will find true, full happiness.
Levels one, two, and three (things, self, others) are intended to point us to God, level 4!!!  Thus, we must reorder our lives and put GOD at the top of our pyramid, instead of any of the other levels.

How do we achieve this?



Be quiet...listen to HIM!

Get away from everyone to BE with HIM.

Read HIS words....GROW in HIS word.

When you fall in love with God, you get to KNOW HIM on a level that is hard to explain and others may not understand.


Yet when you TRULY love HIM you are able to know HIM and SERVE HIM without feeling ME, ME, ME; without feeling like you must impress others, or worry about stuff, or all the other reasons that may hold you back from truly LOVING AND RECEIVING GOD AS YOUR FIRST MAN!!!!

The second half of the day was about the 7 stages of Romance.
Big take home: these stages lead us to THE TRUE ROMANCE WITH GOD.
Our goal is to know God so intimately that we become so full with HIM that we don't desire other imitations.

Be willing to say to HIM: TAKE ME LORD!  

My summary doesn't possibly give that day full justice....but I hope it gives many of you something to think about.  I pray you all mark your calendars for next fall to NOT miss this amazing conference.

St. Teresa challenged herself to continually learn, grow, and move in her faith....this is exactly what this conference with do for you!!!

Blessings and love always,
~K :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fabulous Gifts and Talents on Friday

What if we all looked exactly the same?

What if we could all do the same things?

What if we each had the same goals, ambitions, and desires?

Wow...we would be boring.  WE would probably drive each other crazy!

Isn't that what coveting is all about?  When we see someone taller than us and think: I wish I was taller than them.  Or...."I wish I could play the guitar?  Or..."I wish I could bake all day long"...

It means we are focusing too much on what we don't have and not spending near enough time appreciating and marveling on what we do have.

Years ago I went to a conference that was geared for musicians, those who teach music to others.  I was excited to go, but I was also naive in what to expect from this conference.  In the very first session I realized I was truly a fish out of it's water.

I began to think, "What am I doing here?  How am I ever going to be like these musicians?"  Then I went to a workshop that changed my life...my mindset on comparing oneself to others...for forever!

I DIDN'T HAVE TO CHANGE!  I have talents...I have gifts, that ARE NEEDED!!!  But just in a different way!

I may not be able to play an instrument, but musicians need people behind the scenes.  they need people willing and wanting to hear...to appreciate what they do.  Sometimes our gift and talent can be an ear!  Being available!

Now, as I go through life I don't compare or "wish for" anymore because its fruitless.  It solves nothing and it doesn't honor God...it doesn't acknowledge He created us all unique, AND IN HIS

***Lean on St. Teresa of Avila to teach you how to overcome EVERY obstacle!  How to to walk like her and lean on the words from St. Paul, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"....be bold and confident like she was with these words!

Hugs and prayers always,
~K :)

PS....Monday will carry on with this theme about loving oneself...through our movement...through our motivations....and marveling on our own personal amazing strengths and abilities!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday with Saint Teresa and my HAIR!

Several years back my family and I embarked on an adventure to Italy with our church choir group.  It was an experience of a lifetime cherished by my whole family.

We had to start saving for it many years before it.  We had many ideas and goals on how to accomplish this.  At the same time we were taking care of some medical debt and a gas line debt.  I thought my husband had lost his mind when he was pretty persistent about us saving for this trip.

Thus, I started to get creative in cutting costs, and figure out some of our LATTE FACTOR (check out this link about the LATTE FACTOR).   Having read this book years and years ago (probably close to 15 years)...I knew the art of tweaking our budget on a pretty regular basis.

Which brings me to my hair.

My hair has truly always been my vanity.  I can leave the house in ratty clothes, no make up, but my hair has always had to be done.  Even if it is a crazy "messy" look that I have purposely coiffed.  Point being:  hair was, is my thing!

Years before my daughter, I would enjoy a Tony and Guy hair cut about every 3-4 months and spend anywhere from $50-75 on a cut, depending on the stylist.  That's not even counting the times I would highlight it.

Then had our precious daughter and I really didn't have the time to go to a stylist, so I would trim here and there, streak my hair from time to time....and basically experiment in a very minimal way so as to not create too much of an issue with my look or hair if I was to really "screw up".

Over the years I have had many stylists who have actually helped me learn even more about hair cutting and coloring.  I was still averaging about $30-35 every 6 weeks to 2-3 months.  It just depended on the cut, which would determine how soon I felt I needed to get back to the salon.

Back to the LATTE FACTOR.....do the math and hair cuts can add up.  Thus I thought....I can cut this cost by using the skills I had been learning.  I took the plunge.   For over 2 years I trimmed my hair.  And gained confidence enough to even start adding layers, and texture.  Every time I would get a compliment about the "cute hair cut" I had just gotten....or a comment of "wow you got your hair cut, it looks great".....well it made me bolder and stronger to know that I can do this!

For me it was a leap worth taking because even my best and favorite stylist would still not know exactly what I was thinking in my head for my hair....and even when they got it absolutely right....well my hair doesn't grow even, or it would lay one way on one side and not the other.....so I have crazy hair anyways.....I couldn't possibly go wrong :).....

Thus my secret is out....I have been cutting my own hair now for almost 4 years....with only one trim done 2 years ago by a stylist right before my grandmothers funeral.

What does this have to do with St. Teresa?

She was a nun.  She sacrificed her LATTE FACTOR all the time.  She had to wear a habit to veil her hair.  She had to die to any and all vanities.

I did the math for those 2 years of saving for the Italy trip (and that was just one way I cut costs)....I saved close to $500!!!  It was so worth it, in so many ways!

What can you do to cut costs today that will not only put more money in your pocket but give you a boost of confidence that will help you strengthen yourself: mind, body, and soul!!!

Drop me a line and let me know!

hugs and prayers always,
~K :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonderful Warrior Woman: Saint Teresa of Avila

Today is the Feast Day of St. Teresa of Avila (click on name). 

 I have always leaned more on 

Yet, the more I read about, Saint Teresa, I can see how we as women have much to learn from her.  She was an amazingly strong woman full of spunk, yet femininity.

What's really cool is the Church will begin a year long celebration of her 500th birthday (click here), starting today!  Giving us as women an entire year to strengthen ourselves through a great woman of faith!

To start this adventure of learning even more about this saint, I am going to start a Novena to her....(Click Here).  During these 9 days I am going to post something prayerful for us to grow from and weaves my themes of each day. 

Hope you are able to grow and strengthen yourself: mind, body, and soul...right along with me.  

Sneak peek of what's to come during these nine days:

Day 1;
Today.....read the picture poster board and reflect on how as a woman we must be true to our vocation and calling first and foremost.

Day 2:
Thursday, Oct. 16...

Day 3:
Friday, Oct. 17

Day 4:
Saturday, Oct. 18

Day 5:
Sunday, Oct. 19

Day 6:
Monday, Oct. 20

Day 7:
Tuesday, Oct. 21

Day 8:
Wednesday, Oct. 22

Day 9:
Thursday, Oct. 23