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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Blogging Goals!

Over the course of 5 years I have evolved so much through this blog!

It started out me wanting to just share about books I had read...give a review and/or summary.

I transitioned into comparing things going on and in the world and how it relates to faith.

I have written about:


I have always aspired to write each day on the blog.  I have allowed so many things to distract me from writing each day.   

Some of my many excuses:

I don't have much to say.
I don't have time to add links.
I don't have any pictures picked.
I don't have good enough pictures.
I don't have time.
I don't have anything new from what has already been said.
I don't....
I don't....
I don't...

Then I listened to a wonderful webinar talking about the 5 secrets of high achievers.
1.  Believe you can win!   Overcome an invisible barrier, more than likely exists only inside our head.
2.  Get past Failures....use any past failures as a launching pad for what is possible for the future.
3.  Set specific goals...write 5-7 goals that are specific, concrete, and have a deadline.
4.  Know your why....why are you doing what your doing...don't bail when it gets tough.
5.  Get started now....it is important to start....our biggest obstacle:  procrastination...with a big, looming obstacle we tend to make elaborate action plans but never do it....we need to break down our plan fast...and just start digging into it, even if we don't have it perfectly planned out.

And this had me realizing....I want to just write!

I want to take what I have been sharing and learning this last year and just write.  I want to each day...whether it is many times a day....one line...2 pages....whatever....just write.  Share about my dreams, my thoughts, what I am reading, what I am learning, what I am feeling....I want to have 2016 posts to be about "in the moment"...not about too much prepping...too much planning and never doing....too much comparing and thinking someone else has already said that....

I am going to blog similar to how I journal.....I am going to share all my joy....all my love....all my learning about this amazing life I have been gifted with.

So whatever is pressing on my heart that day or thoughts it will be what I share about....
The excitement of a creation I came up with in the kitchen....
A frustration about my faith...
A mommy moment....

I blog because I love to write....I love to learn....I love to share....
I blog because I know it is the service that God has called me to.. just as He called me to home school....
I blog because I have so much love for life...so much life for humanity....so much love for my FAITH, FAMILY, FUTURE....

And I can't help it but shout my joy, excitement, adventures,...all of it...from the roof tops!

So here is to 2016....365 days of 365 posts!

~Kelly :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016: Simple, Skills, Saving

I have been reflecting A LOT this Advent season on what I would like to focus on this upcoming year.   One of the biggies has been wanting to help my family understand on the next level of nutrition and health is how a treat shouldn't be convenient.  It should be something we make from scratch and take the time to do ourselves thus giving us the opportunity to appreciate it even more.  After all a treat should be just that....a TREAT....not a "hey lets just go to the store and get a dairy free ice cream....it's still healthy mom!"

But....this is what I have been really reflecting on this last year.....

The food industry is starting to really pick up on the fact there are real conditions and situations and people need to be avoiding different inflammatory foods.  They have also noticed how it has become fashionable the last several years to avoid gluten....dairy...etc.....   I say fashionable because some are just doing it for vanity or because everyone else they know are doing it (I know total judgement on my part!).....but there are also those who truly understand the health concerns and would like to avoid conditions, illnesses, diseases, compromised immune systems....kudos to them!!


A box is still a box!!  Processed is still processed!

So.....just because it says GLUTEN FREE....DAIRY FREE....NUT FREE....SUGAR FREE....etc......and it comes in a nice little package like:

cake mix
snack bars
ice cream

IT IS STILL PROCESSED!  There is still the tendency to over indulge in an item that shouldn't even be thought of but OCCASIONALLY......

And I am guilty too of giving into some of these ready made, boxed, processed "healthier" choices.  I have a sweet daughter who gives me this "life isn't fair" look.....or I am having a really bad brain fog, low energy thyroid week, and I just don't feel like doing something from scratch.

But I get frustrated at myself because I know if I am not willing to eat these processed "healthier" choices why am I willing to feed them to my family.

Thus I had this BRILLIANT idea for 2016!


I even thought....ah-ha I am going to even start getting back to being consistent about making my own laundry soap....etc.

I started to game plan and make a list of all the foods and things that must be made by scratch this upcoming year:
ice cream
snack bars

Then I started to think about what is a treat to me that I should be probably making instead of buying:


I then started thinking even more about ALL the different things that we buy....sauces, tea, granola, yogurt, coconut milk.....

And where do I draw the line?!

That's when I realized that what I really want to teach my daughter for 2016 is:


I don't want to get so caught up in doing everything from scratch that it becomes complicated for our life thus taking out the simplicity of living.

I want my daughter to continue to learn skills in the kitchen, garden, house, etc.....

And I want us to continue to fine tune our savings.

Thus if there is truly a significant difference in making my own bath salts....heck ya I'm making them!

And a treat like ice cream or bread truly needs to be made in order to value the skill it took as well as savor the hard work.

But if buying my sauerkraut, which I go through a jar a week, will keep things simple as I learn how to make my own....then maybe it is what I need to make sure I find it on great SALE!!!

I am excited about my 2016 goals, challenges, and adventures for myself and my family.

Therefore, I have decided that this upcoming year my blogging will be more day to day...more updates on how I am doing with this lofty ambition of keeping 2016 SIMPLE with learned SKILLS and hopefully lots of SAVINGS!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016: Taming Technology

I have pondered on what I desire for this new year....

The things that swirl in my head:

Less or no social media.
No distractions from my daughters education.


I think about all the amazing people I have connected with through social media.
I think of all the amazing people I have been able to share information with because of connections through social media.
I think of all the great research I have been able to accomplish because of technology.


With all the good....there IS bad....

It can easily distract us from real, everyday encounters with people we meet each and every day on the street, in a store....

It can easily become an "addiction" when we allow it to not be balanced with one on one contact with others.

It can easily consume us rather than be a small part of our day!

I thought about totally unplugging for a year.  I have thoughts that swirl in my head about how there are soooo many other bloggers, facebookers, etc....who share all the same information I share...so really what does it matter if I unplug....my voice isn't needed....it won't be missed....

THEN.....I meet someone who may not know the info I have learned.....and I get to direct them to some of the great people I follow....or direct them to  some of the great resources I have found.

Thus...I realize that maybe I shouldn't unplug so much as remembering I don't have to follow any one particular formula or agenda or schedule other than where, how, and when GOD leads me with all of this!

Thus my goal for technology during 2016 is to not unplug...but to remember what is more important to me:
My Lord
My Family
My Daughters Education
My Service....using my gifts and talents....

So the question I have to ask myself each day is am I utilizing my social media time to grow in each of these areas?  To learn in each of these areas?  To develop in each of these areas?

Or am I allowing it to become a distraction? An obsession?  A vice?

Am I being responsible with my time?

I have realized I can't totally unplug because I respect the fact that God has asked of me to share what I have learned, to share my life, to share thoughts.....

BUT...He has also asked me to be a wife, mother, teacher first and formost.....so that MUST take priority.....I MUST make sure I don't neglect those responsibilities.....I MUST remember to not become "OBSESSIVE" about blogging, sharing info, etc....that it takes away from my vocation...my first calling....

How will I know I am doing His Will and not mine with this matter?

There will be PEACE!

When there is peace even in the struggle....peace even during a hectic day....peace when I am juggling things....that's when I know I am doing HIS WILL and not forcing my will....not forcing my agenda and rationalizing that it is what GOD is asking of me!

2016ths taming technololgy challenge will be tested by peace!

Monday, December 28, 2015

2016: Continued Evolving Health Goals

As I reflect on my not so great days of:
brain fog
A type/form of depression associated with health concerns. 
Vanities of ever changing body. 
Working out different to still help get the engine revved but not inflame the body. 
Frustrations of all side effects a person encounters with a thyroid condition. 

I thank God for this adventure!

Here is why:

I thank Him for reminding me to not take my immune system for granted.  Our immune system wants to protect me.  My body continually reminds me to do my part!

I thank Him for this amazing butterfly gland (my thyroid!) that is communicating to me how to balance my hormones on a deeper level that is not just about my nutritional needs but my mental and spiritual needs! Teaching me to use my voice in the things that are truly important!

I thank God for my brain fog.  It reminds me to always be humble!

I thank Him for the dark, gloomy feeling days.  It reminds me to be compassionate toward those who experience true, deep dispair and anguish that grips them.  

I thank God for reminding me that my body is not about vanity, the aesthetics.   It is truly about Whole Health!!!!  I look in the mirror and I am overcome by the love and beauty I see deep down.  I see my amazing heart and soul not my flesh and blood. 

I thank Him for slowing me down.  Reminding me I can't smell the roses when I'm running but I sure can when I go for walks and hikes!

Thus for 2016....my health goals are to continue to LOVE this journey.  To not obsess about the dos' and don'ts.  To not obsess about research.  To lot allow it to distract me from LIVING my LIFE....JUST AS IT IS!...AND TO LOVE MY LIFE JUST AS IT IS!!!

Here is to even more great days and learning into 2016!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016: Un-Apologetically Me Goals!


I use to think having muscles was unfeminine....WRONG!
My muscles use to produce feelings of "ugh...I look "fat"....bulky...."....all sorts of negative adjectives we tend to associate with when we are being critical of our bodies.

NOW...I have amazing freedom with my strength!

I have learned to TRULY LOVE each season with my body!

I love the amazing strength I feel with my HIIT workouts.  I am truly at peace with not running like I did 3 years ago right now.

I find my muscles have given me a freedom to feel feminine and strong all at the same time!

We each have muscles that grow,develop, strengthen, work for us in different ways.  We need to each embrace the design, shape, form of your body...your muscles....

FIND THE FREEDOM of loving each inch of your body!

Find the freedom of loving the workout that allows you to express the true you....that allows you to feel true freedom and joy in your movements, in your muscles!

My 2016 fitness goals are to continue to MOVE in a way that helps me feel un-apologetically me...


Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016: Simple Spirituality Goal

New Years Resolutions!

It seems like the number one (#1) resolution most people make is to LOSE WEIGHT!!

So here is a thought I have for everyone....

What if you make your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION about your SPIRITUALITY!?

What if we for 21 days reflect on a need, a prayer, a desire, a challenge, a change you want to make in your/our/my life!?

I know for me I have lots of things....lots of desires...lots of goals...lots of growth I would like to take to God to start my new year.....

I wrote many years ago about the power of fasting and the types of fasting.  I know from first hand experience how when you abandon your desires, your will, to God and pray for selfless petitions, pray for others, pray for God's intervention....HE does amazing things!

So here is a thought...

Are you living up to who God made you to be?

What are some goals you really need to offer up to Him?

Where would you like to see your lifestyle grow this year?

When are you going to make the time to listen to HIS will?

How do you want God to work in your life for 2016?

7 years ago I experienced an amazing spiritual fast.  As I was petitioning prayers for my husband I experienced health benefits I never even anticipated or foresaw.

Over the course of 7 years I have learned more things about my health...my mind, body, soul connection.

I want to start my new year with the same simple spiritual goals I did 7 years ago!

What did I do 7 years ago?!


It was as simple as that.

Thus it doesn't matter if you are Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, whatever.....pick a journal...notebook.....something to write your desires, goals, prayers for 2016.  Make a detailed "contract" with God and stick to it for 21 days!

Did you know it takes 21 days to change a habit or make a habit....thus good or bad!?

Did you know it takes 40 days to "eradicate" an "infestation"?!

I plan on for 21 days...starting January 1st....to post on Facebook a bible scripture and a book title that has helped me with this journey of Health and Wellness that is about the WHOLE mind, body, soul experience.

I will also write here, on the blog, in more detail my daily journal-ling as promised in an upcoming post about my blogging goals for 2016.

Are you going to join me in this opportunity to connect with your Spirituality with simplicity through shakes, soup, and salad?!

S to the 5th power:  Simple Spirituality with Shakes, soup, and salad!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday's Money Matters....

I was recently visiting with a friend about blogging for money.  I loved hearing all her excitement....all her research....all her passion.  I was truly excited for her.  And for a very brief moment I found myself thinking how to turn my blogging into an opportunity to make a bit of money.

But I realized...

I don't care about money.....

This statement may sound weird to probably 99% people who live and breath....but I truly don't care about money.

Now this doesn't mean I don't see its value.
This doesn't mean I don't try to be responsible and budget diligently for our family.
It doesn't mean I don't make sure and save and make plans for our future or for emergencies or vacations.

What it does mean for me is....I don't feel the need to make money.

 Some may say well it is easy for me to say that because I have a husband who brings in the money.  But really it wouldn't matter if I was married or not.  And being married with a child, me bringing in an income would probably make our life a heck of a lot easier.

Yet....I know my life is my service to God....my family....my friends....those I come in contact with.

I have had jobs in the past... some short term...some a bit longer....but the "job" I have always felt the most rewarded from is being wife, mother, servant, giver....

I have had friends who have wanted me to pursue different things....or have suggested I take some of my gifts and talents and turn it into an income.  I get thoughts stirring for a moment....but then I realize I just really don't have any interest in making money.  I probably would love the years of past old world ways of trade and barter...doing something for someone for something.....

Maybe the big reason is I see the tremendous value of being wife, mother, teacher to/for my family.  And one day when my daughter is out of the house....maybe I will feel the drive or the desire to pursue an "empty-nest" career,..job...

One thing I do know is I truly believe we MUST live the life that gives us joy, fulfillment, love, laughter, and requires service, sacrifice, and selflessness....regardless of pay...


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thank You Thyroid!

As I have been learning more and more about my thyroid condition I have had many moments of journaling and reflecting on my health over the last 7 years.   I think there is a great possibility that my body has always had the possibility of an underlying thyroid situation.  And I'm certain that the swinging of my weight being 30 pounds heavier than I am today and then swinging to the extreme of being 20 pounds lighter than I am today....there  were definite signs that things were going wonky!  

 But I didn't know enough at that time about the thyroid, the adrenals....I didn't know that my pcos and other conditions were actually autoimmune conditions that could be the breeding ground of where I am today.  

I had no clue that when I had dropped to my lowest weight...my joints aching...my bowels not so pretty....and having pain around my liver area...that these were all signs that my body was not functioning the way it should.  

I just chocked it up to too much stress that accumulated in too short of a period of time......and honestly my vanity liked the thinness I had gotten to.   But was it truly healthy?   Obviously not. 

 There is healthy thin and there is not normal healthy thin.  Just like there really can be a healthy heavy and a not healthy heavy.   And each person has a range of weight they can carry that is healthy.  It truly just depends on what the goals are and the season of life.   

Now with my body teetering the balancing act of not entering into hoshimotos...with the tests showing that if I don't continue to fight for my thyroid health...that is the direction my body will go if I don't start listening to it properly.  

This is all I learned last spring and now I am going on 6 months of knowing  for sure about my thyroid and adrenals and risk of hoshimotos.  

And what do I feel just before Thanksgiving?

What do I feel as I reflect about advent season just around the corner? 

What do I feel as I make my Christmas lists?

I feel thankful!
I feel blessed!
I feel peace!

I have learned what true health is. 
I have learned how to teach my daughter even more what beauty...true beauty is... truly from within no matter how much we may fluctuate with weight or how we may change from year to year.
I have learned I will not allow my weight to define me.  
I have learned I truly don't care if my body fluctuates...as long as I am striving for health that is what truly matters!
I have learned so much about so many conditions and different ways to heal with so many different food situations.  
I have learned that food is truly the 1st path to our health. 
I have learned how God has put so many amazing herbs, spices, foods on this earth with great purpose and balance for us.  
I have learned balance is key for health and wellness. 
I have learned what may be right for one person doesn't mean it is right for another person.  I have learned how to use my voice and speak up for my needs. 
And I have learned to truly respect and love myself through ALL stages and seasons of life.  

This is what I hope to teach my daughter the most: love love love yourself through all shapes, sizes, seasons of life!

Thus I am beyond thankful to this beautiful butterfly gland that has taught me so much.  

I am thankful that I am able and willing to continually learn, grow, and evolve through life, through my true mind body soul experience and journey of life!

What challenge have you had this year that you are able to reflect upon and say: thank you!   

It's the perfect time of the year to be thankful for EVERY thing in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you all!

~Kelly :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Gift of Gab

Do you ever have a moment....a day....where you wonder: 

Why? Why am I doing "xyz"....

or What? What is my gift...talent...purpose? 

Where? Where am I suppose to do "xyz" and use my gift, talent, purpose? 

When? When am I suppose to do "xyz"...with my gifts, talents, purpose for this where? 

And Who? Who am I to do the where, when, and why?

As a WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN (on a Wednesday, non-the-less..hehe...) I may wonder this from time to time but I feel pretty grounded, pretty confident, in knowing that God has given me the gift of gab....lol...

Let me explain:

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their life story to others, never mind in a public, out there for everyone and anyone to read or hear.  
Open to vulnerability.  
Open to criticism.  
Open to even self doubt, self criticism, self struggle.  
Open to share the good, the bad, the ugly of the past.  
The good, bad, the ugly of the present....
...and the good, bad, ugly of the hopes, dreams of the now and future.

But this is what I have realized....we are all called to bring light into lives of others.  
We are all called in different ways.  
Thus if I am called to share EVERYTHING (well almost everything...lol) than I am a willing vessel.

I admire Joyce Meyer in her willingness to share with others her life. I have admired, listened, and learned so much from her for almost 10 years now. through many of her teachings I have realized that one of my many gifts is to share...share my life....share what I have learned....whether it is about health, nutrition, faith, family, social, spiritual, physical, psychological....ALL of it....I have been "asked" to be open to share my story....my life...with all around me....all who are willing...wanting to read....hear...in order to be a good ripple for others. Who am I to deny my Maker when He asks something of me?

I grew up my mom expressing how much she wanted to write a book as to bless her children.

I KNOW I am to write to bless others around me. Because really who on earth would want to share all the most tender vulnerabilities with others? There are many out there who share lots about their life but share the surface....share about vanities or pride....and even from them there are things to learn.

I share not for those reasons....heck there are times I wonder, ask, why....why do I share...what does it matter? Who cares? Why do I even care?

I have learned and realized through my faith that those of us who are called to share our lives in this way have the gift not necessarily of gab...but the gab is about giving....it is about pouring out ourselves to give:



I have a gift to share how even when I am struggling with something physically, mentally, or spiritually...

I TRULY can LAUGH through the tears....
I TRULY can ENCOURAGE others and myself through the struggles....
I TRULY have FAITH....no matter what....
I TRULY see the HOPE in all of it....
I TRULY feel the PEACE of my situation....
I TRULY CAN find my JOY in all circumstances....
I TRULY can see the LOVE in all of it....
ESPECIALLY THE LOVE OF THE LORD carrying me through it all!

Next time you find yourself wondering on the: who, what, where, when of your life.....STOP...REFLECT...BREATH...because we all have a calling, a gift, a talent....a purpose....dig deep....pray....listen...breath.....and the answer WILL come to you deep within. And don't let go of it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Saint in Training!

As I was sitting in my pew on Sunday waiting for mass to began, I was smiling to myself!  Smiling because I knew I was not alone!

November 1st, we celebrated All saints day...it is about celebrating the saints who have come before us..honoring them...remembering them...but it's more than that.  It is about reflection on their lives.  About finding hope and joy that we too are saints, are capable of the greatness they accomplished.  After all, they too were only human.  They too had flaws, obstacles, sins, struggles, burdens, vices....yet they battled these to do the greater good.  Maybe even because of their flaws and struggles they gave themselves even more to God.  They fraught for what was right...for virtue...for God.

We tend to think of the famous saints:  Anthony, Michael, Joan...the list goes on but we fail to realize there are many many more saints.  There are the unnamed, unknown saints, that went about their every day life, every day struggles, yet would strive to bring joy and hope or peace to even one person that came in contact with them .  This is what we should all be striving for:  SAINTHOOD.

 It is not pompous..its not prideful... it is not pretentious...to say my goal is sainthood.  This is how I see it...I want to raise a Godly daughter...I have ambitions, goals, for her to be a saint..sins and all. Thus to raise a saint I must model being a saint.  Again, remember saints weren't, aren't perfect...they were, are real...and through their realness God is able to do His amazing work.  What sets them apart is being open to Gods will:  ALWAYS!!!

The other day, I was sharing  with my husband how I feel  blessed with my thyroid condition.  ALL OF IT!!  This is not to say I don't have days I struggle....especially when it messes with my cognitive health...and my mental-vanity health....especially with my dis-morphia; because low energy days or days where I  am feeling physically yucky can be a doozy for my dismorphic-mental health.  BUT I see it as a way to continue to unwrap the beautiful onion that I am.  I am being given the opportunity to continue to peel away the next layer of health and wellness to arrive closer to the bud, the heart...to see, the bloom....MY SOUL... who I am .  And that is why I feel SO BLESSED!!!

I told my hubby because of this thyroid condition and all the  physical challenges that have come with it I have had my eyes deeply opened to what is TRUE HEALTH...and with that I am already healed!  My physical body may still be struggling, my mental health may still have work....but my spiritual health is stronger than it has ever been.

If my journey to sainthood, for my daughter's journey, is to endure physical and mental trials to strengthen my souls health then it's a no brain-er for me.  I will gladly take it all!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Love Letters

...to self!

Have you ever noticed how we are quick to make mental lists of ALL the things we perceive wrong with ourselves?!  What if instead we made a list of all the things we DO love...as well as WHY to love the body part or health condition you may find most frustrating?!  Or a part of yourself that has not been shown love...that you criticize and compare.

I have learned over the years to truly honor, respect, and love deeply all aspects of myself....even and especially the parts that I use to compare or judge or cringe at.  I have learned to love myself fully.  I have learned to love myself so well that I now hardly remember the parts that have always been honored and the parts that use to be disrespected. 

What if you took a moment during this last week of October, the last week of the awareness month, and wrote yourself a self care letter.  A love letter!

Let me help you get ideas with my own love letter :-).....

Dear self...dear Kelly!

I love how my hair has wispy curls around my temples. 

I love how my eyelashes are so long they scrape my glasses. 

I love how my shoulders are strong enough to help a friend sand a dresser by holding a sanding machine for four hours straight.  

I love how my hips are firm, full of amazing strongly built muscle to hold me upright and ensure I can bend down to pick up my newspaper each morning. 

I love how when I am sitting cross-legged I can look down to see the flesh formed around my knees and appreciate the muscle that took a great deal of work to build up to support my knees, to be strong, so I can run, jump, and lift with ease.   

I love the flatness of my feet.   It allows me to walk around barefoot most of my day with no pains or aches. 

I love being vertically challenged.  At 5 feet 1 inch I can play hide and seek with my daughter and still crawl into places she doesn't expect me to hide.  

I love how a hat frames my face just the right way.  

I love how feminine a long skirt and simple shirt makes me feel.  

I love how my thyroid reminds me to speak up in matters of importance...especially about self care!

I love how my adrenals communicate to me, my need for sleep and slower days.  

I love how my insulin reminds me to think before I eat.  

I love how my  body desires to be strong and healthy; to glorify God not self!  It communicates to me  how I need to move each day and in what way is most healing for a mind body soul experience, not about aesthetics.   

I love how the veins on my arms make it easy to donate blood.  

I love how the fluid in my legs remind me to sit down and relax or better yet go take a bath!!!

I love how the random wiry hairs on my face remind me to keep my hormones balanced.  

I love the roundness of my face.  How it is able to express th amazing joy I feel for my amazing life.  

Finally...self...I love you for you!

Always in my prayers...many blessings...

PS...now I dare you to write your own love letter list.   I dare you to not smile as you find yourself appreciating and respecting the amazing you rather then comparing and condemning.   I dare you to love you.  I dare you to love the life you're living!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Picture of God: How I love and care for myself!

I have soooo many thoughts...soooo many ways I want to share with all WOMEN about how AMAZING each and everyone of you are!!!

I have thoughts I want to share about all the ways we can love ourselves.
Thoughts on how to love ourselves through illness, disease, or any physical complications.
I want to share how struggles can make you you amazing and strong.
How we don't have to compete, compare, or complain.

How to love ourselves NO MATTER WHAT!

This month I am going to share all the ways I have learned to LOVE EVERYTHING about myself...and how I love myself each and everyday!

Loving myself hasn't always been easy....hence why I want to start  with the hardest one...lol....body image....

I read recently about how we should "eat our frogs" first thing in the day.  Meaning do the tough stuff first therefore feeling quite accomplished the rest of the day.

Here I go....eating my frogs...lol....

My journey to loving my body has been beautiful.  It has molded me. It has made me amazingly strong and beautiful!

Through nurture I became susceptible at a young age to dismorphia....I LOVE how this doesn't stop me from pulling the mental curtain aside and seeing GOD every time I smile or glance at the mirror!

My body has been through being objectified....reminding me God sees my true beauty....my soul!

By body has been betrayed by someone I trusted.....strengthening my trust and love to God.

My body has changed many forms, sizes....I HAVE LOVED each size!  I have learned something amazing about my faith....and so many virtues through each size....each shape....how can I not LOVE each size!!!

My body fought and struggled to have my one and only child....my body GAVE LIFE!!!

My body can't carry any other children...BUT IT CONTINUES TO GIVE LIFE TO SO MANY!!!

My body has been extra curvy, straight, firm, soft, slightly curvy, strong....AND I LOVE SEEING A WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN....in each shape...

My body is fighting for it's immune system....I LOVE the electricity my body puts out reminding me it's alive!

My body's hormone system, thyroid, has been asking for extra TLC recently.....I LOVE that I get to do exactly that!

I LOVE knowing this physical body is a shell holding ME....for SO MUCH GOD has in store for me.

I LOVE how GOD strengthens me....teaches me....holds me...LOVES me....IN THIS BODY....ALL STAGES OF IT...AND SO MUCH MORE....

What I love most about this body!?  Is truly, deeply, spiritually knowing I AM MORE than this physical body!!!


Friday, October 9, 2015

Problems to Ponder....THE JOY JOURNEY!

We are inundated with "problems" every day.  Worries, concerns, troubles, whoas, pains....illness...disease....mental....physical...spiritual.....

Do we REALLY understand true suffering!?

I absolutely LOVE it when GOD gives me a swift kick in the butt and reminds me THERE IS SOME ONE who has it harder than me.

Now don't misinterpret...I'm not a complainer at heart.  I am NOT a glass half empty sort of gal.  Yet, with my thyroid flare ups, I have found myself, on occasion, wondering WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END!?

And then I have loving reminders of:

So what if I have to live with a thyroid condition for the rest of my life?
Is it so bad?
Is it so bad that I have to learn to manage my stress?
Is it so bad that I have to ensure I receive proper sleep?
Is it so bad that I have to say no to EVERY opportunity that I just feel compelled to say yes to?
Is it so bad that I have to learn to gracefully accept help?
Is it so bad that I have to learn to take the good with the bad in a totally different way?
Is it so bad that I can't take my body's health for granted?
Is it so bad that I have to smile and enjoy some down time in an afternoon because of a flare up?
Is it so bad that I am given graces to realize there are people dying from cancer...people suffering from ailments that I cannot fathom....and here I have to just learn how to manage a mind body soul approach to my autoimmunity issues....to my many systems screaming at me to care for them!?

I was having a profound conversation with a friend as she witnessed the death and dying of a young mom who had cancer.

The amazing grace and peace this 29 year old has left as a legacy can be explained only as GOD.  How else can a woman who has young children and is dying not get caught up in her personal worries, fears, concerns....but because of GOD....she knows He is Lord....she KNOWS He is holding her and her family.

Thus I say shame on all of us who worry over all the little things.  Even myself.  I am not a worrier by nature but I can get caught up in forgetting this life is a journey....and my season right now is managing and loving every aspect of the health I am in currently in.... because it could be worse....I can get worse...BUT with GOD I CAN AND WILL learn, grow, and love through all of it!!!

So....no more comparing myself to what I was before....did before...etc.....I AM WHO I AM NOW!!!  I desire this for everyone!  Embrace whatever struggle, burden, ailment....you may have and LOVE YOURSELF WITH IT....THROUGH IT....LOVE YOUR LORD WITH IT.....and LOVE YOUR JOURNEY.....

I have always loved Joseph from the bible...but I have been loving Job and Paul even more as well.


And then there is also one of my favorites: Abraham.

I love him because of his trust and faith....willing to sacrifice his child....knowing that yes it would have been heart wrenching....yet he knew his child was never his to begin with.

AND....he walked with a faith of not needing to know every turn GOD wanted him to take on the journey...he was willing to just do it....because HE KNEW it had purpose...THERE WOULD BE FRUIT....

EMBRACE YOUR LOVE OF SELF....EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE NOW! Not the you of yesterday....not the you of tomorrow.....THE YOU OF TODAY!!!

The cliche that "God doesn't give us more than we can handle...."....is interesting to me.....because I think He actually does.  In the sense....that our struggles, our lessons, our journey can feel so heavy sometimes.....but only when we are trying to do it ALONE....when we remember WHO we are living this journey for....THEN REALLY....it is pretty easy....not pain free....not struggle free....just peaceful and amazing....AND FULL OF SO MUCH JOY.....even in the middle of pain and sorrow!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mary, Self-Care, and October!!!

I feel called...driven...a woman on a mission to help ALL women....young and old to LOVE LOVE LOVE themselves!

 This is the thing...we have been sold a lie from society...from the media...that we are "less than" if we aren't a specific size...if we don't have certain measurements....if we don't obtain a certain status in our carriers....if we aren't going going going....

BUT...this is destroying the self-worth of our young girls...our women...

Then if you add in any sort of complication....health (mind, body and or soul)...well...this just makes it even more difficult for a woman to see the warrior they are!

We get mixed messages even within our Christian communities....such as if we are taking care of self well then we are being selfish....and if we are being selfish well we aren't putting GOD first.

Here is my take on this....

Self love...self care....when done with God first and in mind....is always healthy...always beneficial.  Think about it....

If you are waking up in the morning taking a moment to praise God...give HIM your day....then you are loving yourself.  How?  You are saying "Lord I love the life you gave me enough to give you my very first minutes of the day!"

Then when you take a moment either in the morning or later in the day to exercise...move...strengthen your body....you are saying I love myself enough to take care of this body God has gifted me with....THUS I am honoring God by keeping it healthy and strong.

When you let your spouse...friends...coworkers you are going to go to a coffee shop to read or going to a spa for some pampering...you are saying I KNOW I need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life so I can keep balance and perspective with my life....and honoring God's command to "rest"....He wants us to work hard...yes...but HE also needs us to rest....

It is in the rest that we restore, revive, renew our love for self....OUR LOVE FOR THE LORD....

Therefore....if we find ourselves not loving ourselves...comparing...criticizing...counting numbers on the scale or on our plate.....we are truly saying we are not loving GOD!


Well GOD made us....he doesn't make junk!!!  God IS LOVE!!!  God cares about us!!!

When we look in the mirror we should see only the face of GOD not the carnival mirror effect of our society.

I have always found it interesting that the month of October is jammed packed with lots of "awareness's"....breast cancer...heart care....domestic violence....etc....but even more interesting to me is the personal aspect of my faith....

As a Catholic we honor Mary....the mother of Christ....in October!

I don't think it is coincidence that all these awareness's are in the same month as honoring the blessed mother!

Here is a woman who did not succumb to vanity, society, selfish desires....BUT I do believe she took care of herself.  I do believe she understood the power of self-care!

This month I hope to share all the different ways we as women can continue to grow in our self care...our self love...our amazing power of being wonderful warrior women.

Our amazing power of being WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN that is CHRIST centered!

vanity based...
world centered....
unbalanced views....
society based...


A love of self...a care of self...that when you look in the mirror you don't focus on the curves....the physical...but instead you are able to look DEEP into your soul and say....


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Singing to a different tune!

Over the last year I have not been able to sing more and more.  My voice was changing....shifting....constricting....not producing....

This may not be a big deal to many....and really it shouldn't be a big deal to me....but music has always been apart of my life.  I have always appreciated the different ways music can create peace, joy, healing....and so much more.  I have been singing since I was little.  I always enjoyed being in school choirs....church choirs....just singing to sing.  I have learned to love my voice and know that just like art....my instrument (my voice) is mine....and some may not like the sound it produces but others may.   But truly none of that ever mattered to me....I just sang to sing....because it created great joy deep within.

Now when I sing....it either is a strain....or it hurts....or I just can't produce anything whatsoever.  It has become a sorrow within me.  I am surrounded by beautiful music at my church.  I have some amazing friends who have dedicated their life to music and I can't even sing side by side with them anymore.

Last Sunday, during the sermon, I realized something that created such joy and peach within me.....

What if my voice is in a different season.  A different faze....growth.  Rather than morn the loss of my musical vocals....I should celebrate the voice that has taken on a whole new depth and breath.   A richness that must be celebrated instead of mourned.

Using our voice isn't just about the speaking or singing abilities .  It is about being able to make a noise.  There are so many ways we can use our "voice" without even speak with our vocal cords or singing....

Using our voice is also about:
The written word...
taking action...
helping enact change....

What if God is giving me the gift to grow with abundance with my voice through my words...through my works....

This Sunday's sermon was about wrestling with life's challenges.
What do I do with my life when faced with challenges?
What do I do with it right now?
Am I able to grow closer to Christ through a challenge or do I become bitter?

Real life is deliberate.

What if my thyroid is helping me learn how to use my voice fuller, louder, stronger.....than I ever could have before.....

What if my thyroid is helping me learn how to strengthen my armor even stronger for Christ!?

So the question I have for each of you....are you letting your lifes challenges... personal, physical, emotion...help you use your voice?


Monday, September 21, 2015


Who was St. Matthew?

What kind of change did he need to embrace in order to become a disciple of Christ's...to have the privilege..the honor...of becoming of the the 12...an apostle!?

Today is St. Matthew's feast day.  As I celebrate his works today, I want to embody him, I want to take all I have learned about health and nutrition not only over the course of the last 5 years...but what I have been learning even more so about my health this last 6 months, especially about my thyroid, adrenals, gut, brain.   I want to embracce it in a way I have not truly done yet.

I have loved the challenge of learning...researching...reading and doing all I needed to "do" to help my body become healthy again.  Yet, I think in the middle of it I started to geek out that I forgot what I share with others all the time: FAITH FIRST...which means staying intuned with my soul....staying in communication with the holy spirity of this mind, body, soul journey.

It's not so much that I wasn't trusting....and I wasn't worrying....but I have gotten so caught up in my check off lists of supplements each day, food journals, what made me feel what, what to do what not to do, eat this, dont eat that......that it starte to become sterile.  It wasnt having LIFE.  And Life isnt a petre dish.  LIfe is beaituflly messy like a 6 month old playing in paind for the first time.

The cruise reminded me, when I dont have access to all my resources, exact food, reasearc....I still have my brain....my gut....MY AMAZING FAITH....my TRUST in GOD.....therefore my trust in my gut....my intuition.

I was reminded, when I lean heavily on the holy spirit to guide me I am able to listen/hear that gut...that intuition....because I am inutned with HIM....  Therefore I am able to trust what is right for me today, this meal, this moevent...might not be right for the next meal, next day...etc..

We all understand the concept of a 40 day fast....we are most familiar of it during lent.  Giving up something you desire (chocolate....tv....sleeping in late....alcohol...) and using it as an offering to God to sacrifice to grow in our faith.   I have written many times in the past about fasting (PLUG IN ALL THE DIFFERENT TIMES HERE)....

So what if I did 40 days in a totally new and different way, to continue to learn, grow, and love this journey of life....especially the season it is in!?

What if instead of giving up something we would normally think of.....what if I chose to live with great purpose and intuition like I have never experienced before?

What if rather than saying I am not going to food journal or log my supplements or do such and such work out program......what if from my waking moment I not only say this day is your Lord....but I breath it in and say....I TRUST YOU TO GUIDE ME......thus as I go to take my supplements and I find my self crinkling up my nose I stop and think why?  What is holding me back?  Is it me just feeling frustrated or is it a day I am not to take that particular one?  What if instead of keeping track of everything taken and eaten as I take and eat....I just sit down at the end of the day when I write in my journal and if I feel like recalling everything I took and approx times then that's great but if I don't that's okay too.

What if instead of wondering if I am working out just right for my adrenals...my hormones...my thyroid....what if instead I just got up and moved, stretched, lifted.....did whatever created joy in that moment to get my metabolism wound up.   Who cares if it isn't goal driven....like getting leaner legs or ripped abs....after all who is that glorifying?  GOD?  No!  I don't have purpose behind being ripped....my purpose is to maintain health: mind, body, soul!

At the end of the day I have to reflect: do I want to always journal my food?  Do I want to always have to keep track of what I am taking?  Do I really need to be leaner (I am already freakin' strong!)

It takes 40 days to make a change....this is not only scientifical it is biblical......

I am committed to change my mindset in thinking that I need to "micro manage" everything to heal my body.  When I do that I forget the simple yet most important aspect of this health journey.....stress.....when I have lists swirling in my head....my body is creating stress.....whether I realize it or not....stress means worry or anxiety or frustration or anger......all that means not trusting GOD.....and I want GOD to know I DO TRUST HIM.....I will do my part but I will also do it with calm, loving intuition....

I will remember life is like a butterfly....
we go through many many changes...metomorphesis....
sometimes painful changes...
to become the beautiful creature it was desightne...destined to be.

So what if I wake each morning and truly listen to my gut about if I should or shouldnt stick to my lsit....or if I should have a nutritional shake for a meal or even whether or not I should try a food that I have currently eliminated?

What if I listen so much to my gut...to the Holy spirty....that I am able to uncover what are my emotions, stressers linked to my helath?

what if I becoave so intuend with my body's needs I won't need to "have or "not have" lists...

Some of you may say...well thats a great concep but it wont work because hwat if I awant ice cream for breakfast?  But this isn the thing....I ahve learned when we are truly listening to our gut....our intuition about all of our life...and even more so recelty about food....we are able to destinguish the different between our wants, wemotions, and true needs....so if I wake one morning and my body is truly saying lets have a scoop of ice cream....then I might consider it....because I know it will be for the right reasons....and not the norm.

Once we tap into this amazing power of truly listening to the holy spirit and trusting your intuition there are no more "good" and "bad"....ther is what is right or wrong.....and this relates expecially to our soul matters but even to our nutritional amd physical needs.   Because even if I eat something that may be wrong for my body at that moment (whether I realize it or make a conscience decision)  I am able to say "I learned....from this experience.....and this is what I learned......"  There is no judgement on self....only love....understanding....compassion....mercy.....

When we focus our lives this way we are able to evaluate what is right for this moment...this day...this emotion...this experience....

It follows your body's true inclination to lead you....guide you...to optimal health: MIND, BODY, SOUL.....



Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shame on September edition of Shape Magazine

This month when I received my Shape magazine I was appalled at the cover.   So much so that I didn't even want to scandalize anyone further by taking a picture of the actual cover with out all my "cover ups" that I strategically placed.   

I was already on the fence with keeping it because of the pictures....I'm not sure how they are related to health and fitness but my subscription was free so hey why not try and see if things had changed.  

Well needless to say they hadn't.  And if anything in the last 10 years they have gotten worse.  So below is what I wrote to them....
First letter draft to magazine:

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I cancelled my subscription.  I was beyond disappointed in the September Cover picture. I am not sure how this photo builds us up as women.  It further objectifies us rather than remembering we are human beings.  Your magazine is suppose to be about fitness and health. This cover doesn't advertise fitness and health.  It looks more like soft porn.  And that makes me sad and frustrated.  In a world and culture where women are continually being exploited and abused I would think you would want women to be respected and built up.  I was hesitant to even get your magazine because the models are usually scantily dressed but since it was a free offer with a DVD I had received, I thought I would give it a try.  I am sadly disappointed.  Please consider there are impressionable young girls and ladies reading your magazines.  Do you want to empower them or tear them down?  Do you want build them up or do you want them to further believe the cultures lies that they are an object to be oogled at by men and women?!  And to further create havoc within their self esteem to sit and compare and judge themselves and the models.  Now how is that helping them learn to love themselves and to nurture themselves with healthy nutrition and movement?  I hope your magazine chooses to one day take the more narrow path of true health and wellness for girls and women and not succumb to the culture of eye-candy.

Respectfully and prayerfully,
Kelly Frick

***Well unfortunately the above letter was over their word requirement.  So after many many many edits and cuts this is want I was able to finally submit:

I cancelled my subscription. I was beyond disappointed in the Sept. Cover pic. It further objectifies us. This cover doesn't advertise fitness & health.  It looks more like soft porn.  In a world and culture where women are continually being exploited & abused I would think you would want women to be respected & built up. There are impressionable young girls & ladies reading your magazine. Do you want to empower them or do you want them to further believe the cultures lies that they are an object to be ogled at by men & women?! Further create havoc within their self esteem. How is that helping them learn to love themselves, to nurture themselves with healthy nutrition & movement?  I hope your magazine chooses to one day take the more narrow path of true health & wellness for girls & women. Not succumb to the culture of eye-candy.

Respectfully and prayerfully,

Kelly Frick

***So women!!! Please be vocal about billboards, advertisements, magazines, anything...that objectifies us.  And please don't become desensitized to think this is just part of the norm...changing of time....etc...no!!!! It's further stripping is from our dignity!  Forgetting we are human beings... not doers...we are subjects...not objects....we are beautifully made...not billboards to be displayed!!!

I love us as women too much to stand by silently and think it is ok...please don't accept this as okay!   

Love yourself as Christ loves you....with dignity....mercy...grace...beauty!

swimming in Supplements!

I think I had more fun trying to plan my packing for the cruise with my supplements rather than my clothes.  My first challenge was trying to figure out what all I needed to take, how to pack it, and to still keep it as simple and compact as possible for 8 days.  Then I remembered the traveling jewelry container I had given our darling daughter for her birthday.  She willingly allowed me to borrow it. And I remembered a toiletry bag that was the same design with windows in it.  Problem solved.

Now trying to organized what I was going to use for each pouch.  Morning vitamins.  Afternoon vitamins...evening supps....minerals...Essential Oils....powders....concoctions....etc....

All these "jewels" being carefully packed had me thinking about all the different companies, businesses, individuals who provide all sorts of supplements for all sorts of reasons....there is purpose for all of them....for all those who sell....as well as for the product itself.  Each of us are uniquely made therefore there are different formulas for each of us that will be beneficial for each of us.

I have written many times about supplements....the good...the bad....the indifferent...but I think with this journey with my thyroid, adrenals, gut....etc......I have learned WE ALL need to supplement in one form or another.  Whether it is just because of the fact that the crops of today aren't getting the same amount of nutrients in them and we need to make up for it a bit.....or if it is because our body is needing a little extra support.

I have also learned that even though some of the supplements I am taking are mega doses of different vitamins I am deficient in....it is still supplementing.  I am having to supplement D for example because my body is deplete in it.  I am having to supplement C because my body is burning through it too fast because of my adrenals.....and the list goes on....

Thus I am seeing....becoming more away....becoming enlightened (one of the beauty's of being a bio-hacker!) that we all need supplementation for one reason or another.....and it is all good!  

I think my past thoughts and frustrations is the biggest industry for supplementation is the push for weight loss....not health....but that is changing too......it is becoming easier to understand that even if a product is being promoted or sold for "weight loss"....once you read many of them.....many have value....and you can see with some research the ingredients in some of the blends have a purpose.....usually because there are deficiencies within a body and these blends are trying to help individuals get that balance back to feel better to then make better choices with their nutrition....with their lifestyle.

After all isn't that what many of the amazing individuals and doctors I follow are doing?  Many of them approach their audiences health from the weight loss perspective to get them to learn how to make healthier choices.  Why do they take that approach?  because it sells.  It is what the public, the people want.  Is it so wrong?  No.  After all isn't that what we all do, if we are wise?  You want your kiddo to do something  you know is going to be beneficial to them....don't you get to their level..approach it in a way that speaks to them....and get them to understand.   

Because of my bio-hacking....I am able to evolve, learn, grow, and see the great value in the word supplement rather than a dirty word....a crutch.  Who knows....maybe it was my own past misuse of supplements that skewed my mindset, my judgement of the word, of the products.

And when I see amazing people changing lives....helping people to understand that their life matters....their health matters....and how it is all so closely related.....how our mind body soul experience is entwined.

I have an amazing, dear friend who discovered a healthier lifestyle because of supplements.....they turned on a switch within her....so much so that she now promotes and sells these same products.   What I admire the most about her, is I don't think it is so much about the products for her but about changing lives....about getting people to see that when they are taking care of their physical body they are trying to get back in tuned with their spiritual body.   She is an amazing example of how to continually push ourselves to be better versions of ourselves so we can shine and be amazing examples of living a whole life....mind, body, soul......

And if that means a little or a lot of supplements....well bring it on....

Because I know my supplements help me be super powered.....they encourage my body to be where it wants to be....where it needs to be.....they are helping me armor my body and mind each and every day so I can focus on my spiritual armor and be that soldier Christ needs me to be....

Therefore I may be swimming in supplements but I am also super-powered by them!!!

How do your supplements help you!?