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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 7: Food Experiment!

Today is the third day I am going to talk specifically about food.  Then I am going to move onto how supplimenting can help or hinder our MIND, BODY, SOUL experience of our health!

I challenge each of you to forget about what you have been taught to think of as "breakfast", "lunch", and "dinner".

If you feel like having soup for your first meal...then do it!

If you feel like having a creamy protein shake for dinner...then go for it.

If almond butter slathered between ham wrapped with cabbage is what you want for a snack...why not?

As long as you are thinking WHOLE FOOD...not processed....THEN DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF  to the labels of meals!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 6: Fun with Food

Think outside of the box.  Keep things simple.  Have fun with your food!

One of the things I really like doing is figuring out uses for all parts of my produce before something even goes to the compost pile!

I have found I love frying up the carrot peelings.  I get my pan really hot with some coconut oil and then flash fry the carrot strips, sprinkle with salt and garlic.  This has become quite the addicting snack for me!

I love the sauce and the saltiness of pizza!  So I have created my own pizza bites with rounds of zucchini, sauce and pepperoni.  This snack is great raw or roasted in the oven for a few minutes.

My newest discovery was using the celery stalk ends for something other than soup.   I was thinking about how I love my kale chips.  Thus....why couldn't I do the same thing with the celery ends?  I found a snack that was really fun and different.  I put the oven on bake at 275.  tossed the celery with bacon grease, salt, and a little bit of a hot sauce.  Put in oven for about 30 minutes or until desired crispy-chip like sensation!  They are great plain or dipped in a homemade ranch or with bits of blue cheese!

Remember food should be for nurishing the whole self:  MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!  The more you connect to food in a positive way, the better you can take care of yourself and see the joy you can derive from food.

Remember pleasure not punishment!!!

Have you been keeping up with your journal?
What bible verse, prayer, devotion are you using for your 21 day challenge?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 5: Food for Energy

During this 21 day challenge as you are learning how to find our MIND, BODY, SOUL connection of your FAITH, FOOD, FITNESS think about how you connect with your food.

Eat to the point of energy not fullness...not sluggishness...not for punishment.

Eat in celebration of nurturing your body properly.

CPDR:  Cephalic phase digestive response....this is when you truly connect and are in the moment of eating.  Thus eating when truly hungry...being present in your eating experience.  Not running around while eating....not eating to the tv....not eating at the computer...not even eating while reading!  By becoming aware when you eat your able to not only become present to celebrate your experience but you are able to recognize the signal of fullness, satisfaction but you are able to create a more efficient metabolism.

ENS: Enteric Nervous System.  This is the interconnection of your brain to your digestion.   This is when we listen to our gut brain; when our nutritional and metobolic needs are being met.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 4: Beware of Jump Squats

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:13

Do you like feeling strong?

Do you like having strength?

Do you like a bit of shape with no jiggle?

Do you want feel like an amazing woman?

Then do jump squats!!!

But beware...you will gain curves...you will gain strength...you will feel strong...you will feel like a warrior!

If you don't want any of these side effects...then never ever do a jump squat ever...lol!

Some other great health benefits to jump squats is you can get a work out done in less than 10 minutes and reap the benefits for hours, days to come.

It will increase bone density.

They will improve metabolism.

They can be done ANYWHERE!!!

Make it into a game with your daughter....your children.   How many jump squats can you each do in one minute.  When traveling you have to do 10 jump squats before you can get back into the car.  Jump squat your spelling words!  Do jump squats to Philippians 4:13!

Final benefit:

You truly can't help but feel the MIND BODY AND SOUL connection when you do jump squats....I dare you to take the challenge and start doing just 10 jump squats each morning for the rest of your 21 days and see if you don't feel the connection!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 3: Groove to the Gilmore Girls

This was on a shopping back for a business in Colorado...
....I loved what it said!
I have learned exercising, fitness, movement has cycles and I MUST listen to what my body needs.

I approach raising my daughter in a very similar fashion.  I take note of things she is interested in and use that to my advantage to accomplish a goal or growth opportunity I may want her to experience.

She recently has been interested in using her first morning hour before lessons to watch a bit of tv: Jesse, Once Upon a Time, or Gilmore Girls.

I have wanted her to have a bit more structured or consistance exercise in her every day life.

 I have always enjoyed working out first thing in the morning before she wakes up.  I usually work out while praying my rosary or watching something insirational or educational or both :).....

Out of all that....ah.....the birth of my outside of the box approach of her recieving what she wants while I recieve what I want....and we get to do it together...bond...and have a built in support system for each other.

I have embraced the shift of my morning and am enjoying having the opportunity to remember to take each opportunity to learn and grow with and from each other.

So...this is what my morning looks like for now...who knows how long this season will last...but for now I love it...and am embracing it....

Upon waking I have been praying my rosary while "walking" throughout the house sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes....meal prep.   This gives me a great way to warm up my body with nice simple movement, get some household things done, all the while remembering how Mary truly walked away from her will inorder to live and breath ONLY God's WILL!  What a beautiful and lovely way to start my day.

Then once I wake my dynamic daughter....I set up our living room for our movement/workout session to Gilmore Girls....or Jesse.   It's perfect.  It allows us to do a HIIT kind of workout.  We rotate between the mini trampoline, stepper, weights, and/or body strength movements.  I set the timer for 2 minutes and we have to rotate between stations every 2 minutes.  We proceed to watch, laugh, move, sweat, and have lots of morning moving fun!

What can we all learn from this?

What do you like doing first thing in the morning?  Can you add even 10 minutes of movement/strength in a HIIT fashion workout that gets you breathing heavy, moving fast, gaining strength and raising your body temp!?

Do you watch the news?   Set a timer for 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 min push ups, 1 min. lunges....repeat 5 times....you've accomplished 15 minutes of a simple work out, caught the news and are ready to conquer the world.

Do you have to run around first thing in the moring getting kiddos ready, making lunches, convinced you don't have time for strength....a working out?!

From room to room, do lunges instead of walking.  Do 10 burpees at each kiddos bed; jumping jacks while you are waiting for your coffe to brew.

When you make movement a normal part of your life, you feel normal, you feel alive, you find yourself not focusing on negative thoughts and not obsessing about unhealthy attitudes toward yourself.

Huge bonus to all of this?  You are setting an excellent example for your children (especially daughters)  how to love yourself and do something for yourself that includes them in your everyday life....your everyday way of nurturing yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Todays scripture to focus on is also a prayer....reflect on....



Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 2: What is the Picture of Health?

As I was listening and watching a webinar about the psychology of food, it struck me with sadness in the statistic that over 90% of women have at least one negative thought about their body each day.

This is not including those women with serious eating disorders.  This is your average person struggling to have a healthy outlook of self.


Here are my thoughts....

The media.

The deteriation of modesty.

The deteriation of faith/morality.

The deteriation of human dignity.

The deteriation of right and wrong.

What is a woman...a girl...to do when they are bombarded with billboards and ads telling them all the time what they "should" look like?!

IGNORE IT!!!  I am soooooo serious.  No, it is not easy but you must find a motto, a bible verse, a saying that is YOURS...that brings you back to your center everytime a whisper of a negative thought pops into your head!

Tell that thought to GO AWAY!!!  Then lean on God.....remember the verse you picked and say it, pray it, write it....instill it....breath it!!!

Have you written in your journal today?

What verse are you going to focus on to give you strength?

Final thought....

The best way to armor yourself from negative thoughts is the moment you wake in the morning....say THANK YOU GOD FOR LOVING ME....THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME AN AMAZING LIFE....THANK YOU GOD FOR ME!!!

Then commit your first hour of your day to your Faith, your fitness, and your relationship to food....and how you are going to have fun that day!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 1: Detox Challenge!

Detoxes are all the rage these days.  It has become quite the buzz word.

We read about these "detoxes", diets, challenges, etc...especially for losing weight.  But what about a detox that is about the mind body and soul?

What if a person focused more on how to change their thinking...their internal compass about their body during a cleanse, a challenge?

What if we picked a prayer or devotional to reflect upon while trying to make a physical change?

What if for 9 days you prayerd a specific novena?  

What if you chose a 21 day devotional to reflect on?

What if you did a 40 day bible based study to create change within your challenge?

What if you put some SOUL into the mind and body of your challenge?

What if you gave your flesh some substance...something sustainable that will forever transform your mind and soul?

When we focus too much on the asetecs we lose the heart of why we should make changes for our mind body and soul.  Changes should be about health.  Loss should be about fat loss not weight loss.  

Instead of focusing on losing....focus on what you can gain.

GAIN better health.
GAIN strength and muscle.
GAIN undetstanding of nutrition.
GAIN knowledge of how to nurish your mind, body, and soul.

Pick a number.  I like using biblical numbers:  3, 7, 9, 21, 40.....when I want to make and create changes in my life.  Whether it is a physical goal, a spiritual goal, a personal goal....no matter the area in my life  I want to create a change, I never forget to keep it whole....to remember  it must be a mind, body, soul connection.

Once you have set a number, pick what you're going to reflect on for that set number of days.  Specific prayer?  Book? Devotional?  Bible verse?  

Now get a notebook, journal, something to write in each day.

On the first page you are going to make your commitment.  Example:  During these ?# days I will read from ____________ or I will pray _______________.   I will write down each day what I am feeling: mind, body, and soul.  I will write down my commitment of thse changes I am wanting to experience for each area of mind, body, and soul.

Mind - Learn Gods word about change.
Body- I want to make these changes not just to look better but to feel better.
Soul- through this I will learn to put in my heart God's love for me.

Look at this Mind, Body, Soul experience, challenge, as a way to become better commited to your Faith, Fitness, and Food Goals....

Philippians 4:11-12
Learn to be content with the here and now...yet strive to improve and grow in your walk with the Lord: mind, body, and soul!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Selfies: 10 pound follow up!

JANUARY 2015 - gotta love my daughters mirror!
I'm not a huge fan of selfies....

Yet, I was refelcting the other day of the time when Sarah Fragosa wrote a fabulour post "Own It".  She was able to show all her hard work in the posting.

I recently shared about the difference of ten pounds and how it can or can't look on a body.  I realized sometimes a person can talk and talk and share but another just won't believe it unless they see it.  Oh how very doubting Thomas of us, right....lol!

Thus, here it goes...

This picture is of me when I met with Jason Seib back in July.

JULY 2014 - 

Last week I took the two pictures on the right with basically the same outfit.

I share this because WOMEN....GIRLS....LADIES....and even men.....I want you to understand YOU ARE NOT THE VALUE OF THE NUMBER ON THAT SCALE!!!

JANUARY 2015 ~side shot...

Don't let that rediculous tool take hold of your happiness!  I  truly do not care what that number says.  That number will not, does not, define my happiness.

I don't care if I am not "twiggy" this year....or ever again.....we are all unique and beautiful and amazing!!!

How about a unique and different kind of challenge; one that has nothing to do with how you exercise, what you eat, what you want to change physically.....

What if instead... for 21 days you challenged yourself to truly love yourself exactly where you are at!?

What if, first thing in the morning you said:


Then pick movement that inspires you.

Eat with passion not punishment.

The cool thing is you could start your 21 day LOVE MY BODY, LEARN FROM MY BODY, LISTEN TO MY BODY....this SUNDAY, January 25th!  And complete it as a Valentines gift of love to yourself!!!

Google Marc David.  He is a great resource to help you shift your mindset about eating for your body, mind, and soul.  Check out all he has to say about the psychology of food.  He has a fabulous book, "The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, & Weight Loss".   An excelllent read.

And then there is Dr. Sara Gottfried....she has a fabulous podcast....THE HEALTH BRIDGE....helping others learn and understand the psychology behind food as well as the hormones that effect our mind, body, soul experience of food, fitness, and fun!

I feel committed to help you with this journey so I will post something for 21 days, starting on January 25 thru February 14.  I will post something short each day that will be encouraging, loving, inspiring for you  on this journey of change....in all the different ways to love yourself through mind, body, soul experiences....whether it be with nurishing recipes, health changes, movement, encouraging scripture,  great reads.....and so much more...

Join me for 21 days to not only change your body, but change your mind, to enlighten your soul!   

What better gift to give yourself for VALENTINES DAY but to start loving yourself RIGHT NOW....EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AT!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spartan Challenge or Bust!

I have to say, I loved...loved....loved....my parish priests sermon this morning!  It was perfect for me in what I had written up and prepared for with this challenge that I have been mulling over to do.

His sermon was about hearing God's call....but, do we stay quiet or still enough to truly hear it.

As we are passing the midpoint of this first month of the new year, many of us have made resolutions that we may feel like we are failing miserably at.  I challenge you to reflect and think, is it because you may be putting too much of a burden, a stress, on yourself?  Have you maybe not broken it down into bite size, manageable goals?  Or is it something that God might be asking you to do a bit different or not at all and you just are too caught up in your own personal chatter that you don't hear Him!?

Which brings me back to my Spartan Challenge.  I have been reflecting the last couple weeks that I am not going to pressure myself in the specifics yet.  I am not going to pick exactly which one, where, how.  I like the idea of Colorado.  I also enjoy the idea of San Antonio and seeing family.  What I have decided is I need to approach it the same way I did with my first regular 5K.  With the joy and love of movement...like a child....with no restrictive....regimented schedule.  To just get up and do lots of fun stuff  that challenges me; to do some of what will be expected of me for the race but not turn it into a job where it is so regimented and scheduled that it robs me of my joy of movement.  Thus here are my thoughts.....

*Many know I work out while praying my Rosary thus the reason I dub my exercising/workouts the following name :)....


2 minutes on mini trampoline
10 push ups
10 squats
10 lunges
10 jump squats
Repeat 3 times *each set I will add weights, or body vest, or reps

cool down on mini trampoline or walk for 15-30 minutes

*each week I will bump up the reps by 10 so that by the 10-12th week I will be able to do one set of 100 each...I will work and tweak how the sets need to look about every 3 weeks....


2 minutes "walk" on mini trampoline
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1 minute full out run/jog on mini trampoline
Repeat 3 times
cool down on mini trampoline or walk for 15-30 minutes


3 mile run or 1 hour walk with hubby


***rest days***

I will also truly listen to my body each morning as I will not workout if I feel overly fatigued from a previous workout....I will just go for a walk or do yoga instead.

I plan on doing a form of stretching such as yoga, pose holds, etc. about 3-4 times a week in the afternoon or evening.  This is mostly to keep myself relaxed and to remember to breath and enjoy all of life's challenges. :)  This was something I truly needed to start incorporating better anyways.  If there is one thing I remember from weight lifting before is the tendency to not stretch enough and losing my flexibility.  

The final aspect to this 100 day get ready challenge is each day I am going to do one more burpee so that by the end of 100 days I will be able to do 100 consecutive burpees!  I challenged sweet hubby to do this with me at night while we stretch and watch a bit of tv.

There you have it!

I will officially start this 100 day challenge on February 1st which will put day 99 on Mother's Day! 

I will probably start loosely doing this schedule for the next 2 weeks just to get myself into the routine and habit....but also reminding myself to move for fun...to move for enjoyment....to move for my health....but to not move if it hurts....to not move if it is draining me....to not move if it feels like work rather than play!

***I will post by March which race I am thinking of going to so if anyone wants to join me you can make plans too!!!  I think the more the merrier!!

Blessings and hugs as always!
~Kelly :)


Saturday, January 17, 2015


I had every intention to just write out my Spartan goals and plans to share with everyone who would like to join me in this challenge.  Whether you join me physically or would just like to follow my plan to become Spartan ready.  BUT...

Today, as I walked for Life...for Love...for my faith...my family...it allowed me to reflect on many things.  One of the thoughts was definately about how our fitness, our health, is and should be so intwined with our faith.  Heck it had me reflecting on how I would love to do "The Way" walk....talk about a challenge!

As I was reflecting and praying during Mass after communion, I became emotional, and then again as the details were being laid out for the walk I became emotional.  I knew why.  I knew it was because for me each and every January from now on will not just be because I am standing up and giving a voice for all the unborn, the unknown....but because I KNOW intimately one of those unborn.

Four years ago during a very cold January I discovered I was pregnant and couldn't believe it.  The excitement, then the fear, then all the other emotions that came with it, were short lived because twelve weeks later there was no heart beat.  For me, every January the Walk for Life: Mass, walk, and rosary will be very personal.

Each year I have the opportunity to celebrate the beautiful life that had been growing inside of me.  I  have the opportunity to continue to heal and grow from that loss.  Each year I recieve the opportunity to peel away a different layer of the healing.

The first year the healing was just for the loss of who I would never hold.

The next year it was for the loss of never physically carrying a child in my womb again.

Last year was for the loss and of truly forgiving myself.   You see my heart had not been open to being pregnant.  Even though I had struggled for years to have our daughter.  And then to even try to concieve again.  But....I had become "use" to the fact that we would never be pregnant again.  Thus, when we had found out we were pregnant I was not at a place in my life  I felt I could handle it.  I wasn't open to the beautiful life growing inside of me.  I felt shame, guilt, and terror for all that I was feeling.  After all, I have always made it loud and clear how pro-life I was and am.  Yet, here I was wanting my will to be imposed and not God's when I was pregnant.   I struggled with the 12 weeks of trying to figure out what next....when I went into that 12 week appointment and there was no heart beat, I felt numb.  Then tremendous guilt.

Therefore this years tears were for healing and realization of having truly forgiven myself for feeling any responsibility of the miscarriage. Tears were shed in joy and a promise to only live in Gods will no matter the sacrifice.  Because His will is the only way to true Joy and Happiness.  And tears because I had truly forgiven myself and loved myself again.  Tears because I knew because of that pain, because of that shame, I would never ever take any single life for granted ever ever again.
Tears of true freedom.

We all can get set in our ways.  We all can have moments of going through the motions.  We all can be pushy with our will.  BUT....thank GOD for his grace, HIS mercy, HIS love....

Thus ironically how this may not make sense to some reading this....but I realized any challenge, bio-hack, personal goals (Mind, Body, and or Soul).....MUST be only with God's will in mind, not my schedule...my agenda....my obsessions....ONLY HIS.

It doesn't matter if others may think I am weird or out there because HE knows my heart.  Only HE knows what I do, I do with HIM at the head and heart of it all!

I finally not only feel truly free of guilt and shame....I not only have forgiven myself....I not only love myself....I also do not compare.....I do not compare myself to others....I do not compare myself to myself of past...I KNOW I AM AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WHO IS CONTINUALLY GROWING, CHANGING, LEARNING, EXPERIENCING...I feel tru freedom of the type of detachment that HE asks of us!!!

It is okay to have done something for many years and feel called into a different direction....it is okay to do something for a short period of time and realize it is not the right fit...it is okay to put things on hold to meet other needs...it is okay to want to have one physical goal one year and a different one the next...it is okay to learn something about nutrition one year and shift goals and focuses the next....it is okay to think I am going to teach my daughter one curriculum one year and totally bag it for a different one the next....and it is totally okay to love the skin that I am in because HE made me....and HE is counting on me to love me....so I can love HIM....so I can teach my daughter how to LOVE!!!


I am here to create a fabulous ripple of life and love for her....not by just my words but by my WALK!!!


I hope this helps even one person out there struggling with shame, guilt, confusion, lack of self-love.  It is for you I write and share this.  It is for you that I allow myself to be vulnerable and a book for all to read!

And it is because of HIS WILL that I find the courage to do all HE asks of me.

Blessings and hugs to all of you!
~Kelly :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"WALK THE WALK" Saturday 17, 2015

I want to go for a walk this Saturday, January 17th, 2015 with my daughter and many many other women, ladies, girls, families, all sorts of amazing people who want to walk for...



Let me explain....

I have found it interesting how there is always this debate about division of church and state....there are debates about keeping our faith out of government....debates about how can our faith have anything to do with our health...our finances...our sex life....but it is all related....it all is connected!

Thus, this Saturday I am looking forward to sharing a Saturday morning with my daughter celebrating my faith in Mass.  Joining her for some fresh air to walk afterwards....to walk not just for physical health but to walk for LIFE.

We will be walking for the health and awareness of just how precious LIFE IS....to remember God gives us one life to be a witness for HIM....

As my sweet wonderful budding lady grows and learns, I hope to pass on to her to remember everything is connected....we need to remember the MIND BODY AND SOUL of LIFE....

...to remember our LIFE is about our FAITH...our FITNESS...even our FOOD...and our FUN...

With LIFE, we have FAITH...we have HOPE...we have LOVE!!!

JOIN ME...bring your daughter, son, sister, brother....someone who is near and dear to you...someone you want to get to know...grow with....make a difference....

JOIN ME...to celebrate MASS...
JOIN ME...to walk for LIFE...
JOIN ME...to bond and make a difference...
JOIN ME...to change this generation...the next...
JOIN ME...to make good ripples...
JOIN ME...to help that special person in your life choose LIFE....for a lifetime!!!


JOIN ME...to "walk the walk" with our daughters....

...to raise a daughter full of pride, joy, hope, dignity of her faith...her growing womanhood...her beauty as a true woman....a woman not afraid to go against the grain of this culture of death...a culture that lacks self-respect....

Women can rule...can be strong...can be amazing...can be beautiful...

...in a dress...with dignity....with respect for their bodies....with grace....

If you want to learn more about this Saturday's Mass and Walk for LIFE...check out the Diocese of Amarillo's RESPECT LIFE ministries website HERE....to learn more details....

...and or...psst....take a close look at my picture it has all the details too :)....

Hugs and prayers always to all who read and share with me on this blog...and in life!!

~Kelly :)