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Friday, August 28, 2015

Super Powered Chi Tea with BSO

Hello!  Long time no write! I've been having lots of fun with my darling daughter, sweet hubby, and constantly evolving with life, love, and laughter.....we are gearing up for some fun adventures that have been keeping me busy....but I had to share with you all a new and really yummy way to drink my BSO!

I have created a super powered/bullet proofed chi-tea.....

I didn't really care for the original hot version.   The hot water, honey, and cinnamon didn't cover the flavor well enough for me.  so I came up with making it into a smoothie.  But there were some instances it didn't blend very well!  I have since learned that the brand I was taking may not have been as 100% as the label said it to be.  I could be wrong but the brand I am taking now is beyond yummy....if you can say yummy and BSO in the same sentence....lol..

And I've heard that there are some coffee recipes floating around but since I'm on an autoimmune protocol lifestyle coffee is not my friend.  But....I sure do love using my chicory root mix with different chi teas or even creating my own chi tea.  Thus my brain got to "brewing"....and I came up with a mix that I not only love drinking my BSO but I have to remind myself I really only need it twice a day!

One of the really cool things about bso is that it enhances the properties of what your drinking it with.  So let's say you're having some gut inflammation and ginger usually sooths it for you....well add some ginger with your chi tea....and so forth!

As you can see with my picture these are just a few of the chi teas I use.  So what does my everyday chi tea look like?!

A scoop of my Chicory root mix or the dandelion tea bag.  One bag of the green tea chi.  A dropper full off maca root.    About 2 tablespoons of coconut milk from the can.  A tablespoon of coconut oil.   And for the kicker 1-2 tablespoons of BSO.  Whisk it all really good and drink up!!!

In case you haven't read on my Facebook page the chicory root blend I have in my can is:

Chicory root
Milk thistle
Licorice root
Dandelion root
Marshmallow root
*sometimes ginger

Then from that you can blend all sorts of spices. 

It's fun to create yummy concoctions that not only taste good but nourish your whole body!!! I love it!

Some other recipes I have done with my BSO are....

Maca BSO smoothie:
2 tbs BSO
1 tbs cinnamon
1 tbs vanilla
1tbs carob
1 tsp maca root
5-10 drops of stevia (I normally only use 1-2 drops of stevia but more stevia helps with the BSO taste...but this new brand may be different!)
1/2 cup of coconut milk from can
1/2 cup water

Warm turmeric tea:
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp ginger
5 drops of stevia
Warm it all together first then add 1-2 tbs of BSO 
Whisk and enjoy!  

So these are my three favorite recipes and remember you want to use a quality source of BSO and in glass!

I get mine from Abuntant Life Nutrients...here is the link to their store:

So hope you all enjoy these recipe ideas!

How do you drink your BSO?

Hugs and prayers always to all...
~Kelly 😊

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Naked without Shame....how God truly intended it....not man!

I have always been conscientious on how to teach my dynamic daughter (DD) age appropriate topics in stages....especially when it comes to her sexuality.  We are in a string of generations that it has become more and more difficult in helping them want to go against the grain....to teach them to listen to their inner voice (with the help of the Holy Spirit) guiding them and protecting them....to teach them about some of the road bumps that can be there without overwhelming their innocent minds with too much info too soon. 

 It is an amazing delicate balance.....and NO one can tell you how to do it....because we all have our own unique situations...personal experiences....struggles....circumstances that determine what is right for your family verses the one next door.

But we can all use guidelines....thoughts....support to help us maneuver this crazy world.

When I  was looking up some stuff to discuss with my DD, I came across a feminist site about how we are teaching a rape culture.  That the message we are sending is "don't get raped rather than don't rape".  The "beef" this group has, from what I was able to tell, is we as women (girls) should be able to wear whatever we want and it is not our responsibility in anyway shape or form in how a man/boy may respond or act toward us.  I am so tired of this mantra.  


There are so many facets to this conversation....I will try not go on too many tangents.....lol....but this is something I have really been reflecting on even more since my last postings about our dressing with dignity....etc....

I think how we dress not only influences the men, boys, 
but women, and within ourselves.   

Here are my thoughts and even my personal experiences.

When I wear something a bit tighter, more revealing, less guarding of my body's figure then I am leaving myself up for vulnerabilities.  I am leaving myself open to a guy looking at me in less than chaste thoughts (and that's not fair to him either!).....I am leaving myself open to being compared, scrutinized by another woman, thus not nurturing a "sisterly" bond......and I am leaving myself open to feeling self-conscience, critical, or even feeling naked......   It is truly a no win situation when we continue to insist on walking around "naked".

Yet, the balance and struggle we have in this generation of walking around with spandex, yoga pants, that leave no imagination, or skirts, dresses, that barely cover the rump.....heaven forbid if we bend over......the balance is trying to find something that is still fun, makes you feel pretty and not frumpy.

OH the days of Scarlet O'Hara......okay they had busts about to burst out....lol.....

It seems like women have always struggled with wanting to look attractive...to draw the attention of the male suitor.   And now it has even become a competition (conscience or unconscious) among women of who can wear, what and when.

Okay I am going on some serious tangent I know....I guess it just makes me sad because we are all so beautifully made.....and I truly don't believe God ever meant us to be walking around letting everyone else see every intimate curve of ourselves for others to see, Lear, compare, lust.....and even ourselves feel judged, righteous, etc......

And I think it throws in an interesting twist if you as a woman or even some gentlemen have any sort of body distortions (dismorphia) or traumas......or even in the fitness industry of this expectation to "look" a certain part.....

Maybe I'm more sensitive to all this than others because of having experienced sexual harassment, being objectified, and abuses at an early age and throughout most of my life....but I like to look at it as, all of that could have made me bitter and angry and want to be like so many of the women out there who say "I am going to wear what I want"  or "I have no responsibility to how he looks at me"...

 But I know better....I know every action has a reaction.....every choice has a consequence.   
This is by no way me saying a women deserves to be sexually assaulted or harassed.....I have been there......I didn't deserve it.

What I am saying is....

What if I could've maybe thought about my role and responsibility as a women.....
what if I was more compassionate to the delicate balance of how we as women and men DO THINK DIFFERENTLY.

 My no is still a no.....and a man who doesn't respect that... has his own wrongness that must be addressed.

I was watching an episode of "Switched at Birth" and the one young girl and a boy she had dated, were at a party, things got out of hand.....things got blurred....and I really really respect how they handled the episode.  It was amazing because they truly touched on all sides of the story.  They showed how rape is not always cut and dry especially when a person knows the other person.  And ladies.....most rapes aren't strangers, aren't violent.....most are not only confusing when it happens...but are confusing for years to come: mind, body and soul.

Again.....this is why I think when it comes to our clothing...we must guard our most precious gift....because even if a woman is not ever physically raped, harassed, assaulted......how many men are thinking impure thoughts.....how many of us are being mentally raped, harassed, abused because of how we present ourselves.

And take it on the other aspect.....
take the guy totally out of the picture and just focus on how our clothing makes us feel?!

If we focus on being "sexy" or being the  "I'd hit that Mom" then there is something wrong.  When we find it flattering that someone obviously looked us up and down in a suggestive way....that is not our spouse.....or made a suggestive remark.....where are our priorities....???

So what if a person is in the industry of being in workout gear all the time?  Well there are some really cute tunics and stuff that can be thrown on to not have them feel so vulnerable, so naked in between clients, or going from the gym to the store, to the house, to where ever....

Heck how about we give up all the tight, spandex stuff...There are some really cute work out clothes and gear that are still lightweight, fun, functional and not legging like....

..I even struggle with this ...in that I like my yoga pants at home...they are comfy and sometimes they are just easy to go out in....but I make sure I have a tunic, sweater, whatever that covers me... helps me feel armored....helps me feel respectful not only to myself but to those around me....especially other men.

I watch my beautiful young girl budding into an amazing woman and I want her to feel armored for anything that is thrown her way.  That includes teaching her WE DO HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES in how we dress...how we carry ourselves....and how it makes us feel.

I truly believe part of why so many women struggle with body, self image issues, is because we are all walking around naked.

 We are saturated by billboards, commercials, media, friends, even at church with people walking around "naked".....and what I find the most interesting is ...
do men walk around in spandex?  In yoga pants? little tank tops?

 NO......so why do we?

***Side note:  All the books I have pictured in this posting are books that have helped me over the years with my DD....and continue to help me teach her, guide her, empower her....to become a Wonderful Warrior Woman!   And thus embodying the bible scripture of true freedom with her sexuality....the scripture of being "Naked without Shame...."

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I've been pondering for a while to unplug again.  I unplugged from social media and most technology this year during lent.  It was very interesting and also very free, very liberating.

Over the course of the last 2 months I have become entrenched, saturated with reading, researching, learning all I can about thyroid issues and brain health; the nutritional needs to heal, repair, restore, nurture both those and so much more.  I have realized my love for learning, bio-hacking has great benefits but is also has some drawbacks especially with my personality, temperament, my being.

So over the course of the last few months I keep coming across different podcasts and devotionals that has me reflecting on an even simpler way of life.  
A dear friend had earlier this year introduced the Marie Kondo book to me.....and I loved it.  I became "obsessed" and immersed in it.  Because it was very similar to what I had done about 5 years ago....but to the next level.  I loved it because my heart and soul truly is a minimalist.  I think the problem is sometimes, some personalities, when we are influenced or surrounded by others with different personalities, different goals, desires.....we can get lost in the crowd....we can lose our voice.

This is not to say that other personalities are wrong.....or each personals different ambitions, goals, wants, desires.....are bad.....I'm saying when you know yourself....when you truly get to know yourself.....you learn your threshold of what you can and can't be surrounded with.....you learn what you should surround yourself with.  You learn you are stronger and weaker when you are going through different seasons of your life thus you are able to be mindful of what you should and shouldn't surround yourself with. 
My only regret when I did the Marie Kondo earlier this year with my house is I didn't take before pictures.  
 I love how as I was cleaning out and getting rid of stuff again, this time it was truly about a different mindset.  It was about only keeping the things I love or give me joy.  It was about willing to release things that provided purpose once upon a time....but no longer do.  It was about saying "thank you for being apart of my life but you are no longer needed" and not feeling guilty about letting go of that beloved sweater, or even a trinket that is just gathering dust even if you love the person who gave it to you.

If a person truly embraces doing this to their house....their possessions....they can't help but have the thoughts spill over into their mind, body and soul of everything.

Which brings me back to unplugging......detoxing.....fasting.....minimizing.....everyday stuff that are distractions from the big picture.   

The last 2 months I have lived and breathed some amazing books, amazing studies, some amazing biohacks.  I have felt invigorated with learning some stuff...but I also have had some frustrating setbacks.  And I realized my love for reading and research is my strongest asset but also my Achilles heel.   I must must must demand balance with it for myself.

For example, I mustn't get so legalistic about my sleep having to be just perfect for my body to heal that I actually create more mental stress that it becomes counterproductive to what my goal is.

So when I listened to The Health Bridge podcast a few months or weeks ago about how James Abel went off the grid with technology and other aspects of life....it resonated in me.  It has kind of lingered.   Then just this week I listened to a podcast with Underground Wellness's Sean Croxton.   He had a guest talking about his book "The Gluten Lie".......which I probably have no intention of reading this book because the interview was done so well  it gave enough to ponder and glean from.  (And a side note; don't let the title deter you or mislead you.....it is about more than debunking the gluten health issues.....he isn't saying gluten sensitivity isn't true.....he goes into the science and stuff of the other writers, researchers, doctors who write about it..etc...)

So back on track of the bigger picture and message of his interview......

There were several things I had heard before that were interesting...I enjoyed his different take....as well as his different aspect, point of view.   I liked how he really brought out how sometimes when we get so caught up in trying to find solutions to problems, albeit medical, nutritional, physical.....we sometimes forget about the metaphysical, the complexity of the mind....and truly the soul as well.   What his whole point (I think) is  sometimes we can make a situation worse or better just by how we think about it....just by how we "be" with it....what is it resonating in our mind and soul?

The other point that was brought toward the end of the podcast was how we have been blessed to have readily available access to research and info like we have never had before with the internet...but it also can become a crutch of overload.   And this is what really resounded with me.  He challenged people to "fast" from research....media....etc.  He went on to explain what is a true addiction.   So the question really is...does a person feel like they "have" to get on Facebook or they are going to "die"......does a person feel so compelled to "share"  everything they read, learn, etc.....

And for people like me who enjoy blogging.....where does that put us?   Am I a narcissist because I share aspects of my life?  Or am I being helpful.   Thus, it comes back to my philosophy for my own self which is I want my every action to be "life giving" not life taking.  With this, I truly reflect on when I share something....am I being helpful, hurtful, or just adding to the "clutter" that is out there.

This has all had me really pondering and reflecting.  It is interesting because if you have a Facebook page for business, blogging, whatever....point being a page you manage under your own name...you can actually schedule out your postings.  Just like a person can with blogging.   Sometimes I like to do that....especially if it is just for general info to share.....but I love writing in the here and now though too......
So I had actually scheduled this mornings Facebook posting about a week ago...

This is what I wrote:

I loved this podcast when I heard it months ago! I loved how James Abel shared his experience of going off the grid. Everyone thinks what they have to say or share is sooo important they just have to get on whatever favorite media right now to get it shared and passed on! I'm no different. And with smart phones we are chained to emails, social media, shopping, bills, etc...all right in our hands or pocket or purse...never more than an arms length away.
I can't help but think how it reminds me of notes I took from a sermon in July. This is what I wrote:
Sunday Sermon
July 12, 2015
Things we hold onto for too long eventually weigh us down.
Packing too much throws us off of the journey.
Attitude...is it drawing us close to God or holding us back.
Everything we truly need is within us....our hearts. We don't need anything else!!!
The most important is truly the call ...the journey...our life...hold all else loosely....
Listen: trust the journey.
****so with that I encourage all of you to listen to the podcast I took a picture of from the health bridge.
I have been feeling compelled to unplug even more as I heal my body, my health....and with my dynamic daughters new school year adventure starting up this coming week I want to love the journey and be in the moment of what is important rather than focusing on what so I need to pack...what did I forget...did I make sure and pass on some so important info one big or on social media....
Instead I want to have tea with you...laugh...love...learn...and live in the moment...experience the journey...
With joy not junk!!!
What do you do each day to grow in your journey? Or do you have lots of distractions that pull you away from your walk with Christ?!
Join me on a journey to get closer to Jesus!

..and I was initially scheduling it for the 15th but I realized this week I wanted to bump up the time frame.....and I know it is because of the Underground Wellness's podcast.  I know it is because I am ready for a "fast" like I have never done before.   I am going to fast from research on health and nutrition for at least a month.  I have unsubscribed from all the different newsletters I normally receive in my email.  The info is going to all be there waiting when I decide to re-plug in to research and passing on articles, nutritional info links.   Does this mean I plan on not posting my own personal thoughts, discoveries, and journey on life: mind, body, soul?  NO.   What it means is I am continually learning and growing in my walk of life.....in how to better care for myself: mind body and soul.   
Are you ready to grow in a different way in your life?  What do you need to reflect upon or fast from that is holding you back from taking that next step in growth?  

After all remember science is continually changing...evolving....and it is from God!!!  God gave us science to learn and love....to grow to change....to improve!  But we as humans must must must take it to Him first so we don't get in the way.  Yet that is the beauty of life....we ARE HUMAN....we will make mistakes.....heck we will even have different thoughts from a year ago....that's science....and if we are open to the change....to the growth...to the seasons....we are open to GOD in our life!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Snacks Snacks and more Snacks!

A wonderful family friend asked me the other day to compile a list of snacks that I keep on hand for my family...snacks that would not break the budget...that would create satiation....and appealing to all family members involved.

Now keep in mind my list is not going to meet all peoples needs or desires....this is just what I do for my family.  I actually don't partake in most of this list and I will state the ones I don't and why....but when you are trying to transition a family into eating healthier and healthier then we have to make baby steps.  And sometimes we have to remember that food isn't just about how is it going to meet certain dietary needs but also is it going to create a good environment.  What we eat and how we eat truly effects us mind body and soul.  Thus, I don't get legalistic that my daughter and hubby like granola.  I don't partake in grains of any form....but a good organic non-sugary oat or granola isn't going to harm my family if it is what they want to snack on versus sugar snack bars or candy bars....or even so called "health" bars that are not whole real food.  I do limit my daughters dairy but she loves cheese and dairy....I can't blame her....her skin just doesn't like her for it and sometimes her gut.....so cheese is minimal in the house but a Greek yogurt, I am a bit more flexible with it, since it is fermented and provides some good gut friendly bacteria for her.

The list....where I get it most of the time...and how much....(this should help with figuring out a budget!):

Bag of pecans.....................$12.98
Cascadian Organic Granola.....$7.28.........***this box at Sams is equal to 2 boxes in reg store!
FAGE Yogurt plain (16 oz)........$4.98
Frozen berries (big big bag!)...$9.98*.....ranges in 48 oz, 64 oz, 5 lb bags depends on berry choices.
EGGS (cage free) 18 ct................$4.78

***most of the time I do get my produce from the grocery store....but SAMs is getting better and better with organic choices and if I foresee a week that I need their huge bag of baby cut organic carrots I will get them there....but I try anymore to make sure that I don't have produce for more that week at a time in the frig because the longer it is sitting the more it is losing its nutritional value.

....so on to next store :)....


dried unsweetened banana chips.......$.?  ***they are in the bulk section...don't remember cost....but it ranges anyways since it is based on weight......I think I mostly pay around $4-5?

Salsa.....ranges about $4-5
black bean dip.....$2.99?

fresh produce:  green apples, carrots, celery, zucchini and cucumbers....avocados.....romaine lettuce.

PICKLES....BUBBIES....PICKLES....PICKLES....PICKLES.... :)and....green olives!!!!

Okay what do I do with all this?  How do I make it brain free to grab and go for them?

On the weekend I boil up eggs and chop veggies.  I have all the veggies cut in rounds (except celery of course...hehe...).....this makes them the perfect "chip" for the salsa and the guacamole I make up.

You can keep the pecans raw.....or you can soak them with salt to pull out the lectins....the same reason to soak your legumes.  You can google on how to soak your nuts and why to soak your nuts it's very easy.  Since pecans are a soft nut it really only takes about 4-6 hours for them to soak and be good to go.  I actually rinse, drain, re-soak about halfway through...once done I totally rinse....toss with salt and then put them in the dehydrator til crisp....I think it ends up being about 4-6 hours on the lower heat.  I am terrible about paying attention to that stuff...I'm an artist not a scientist :)....but I am learning the love and art of science!  I know you can also do this in an oven on low at like 200 degrees or less.  My daughter loves the nuts this way....it makes them crisp and buttery tasting.

So I keep all the dry goods: nuts, granola, banana chips in clear containers ready to see when they walk into the pantry.

Oh....I also keep the green labeled Great Lakes Collagen.....$21.49 on Amazon.....this is great to bump up the protein in anything.....plus all the other great health benefits you get from collagen.

I could mix the granola and nuts and banana chips but I have found that keeping everything separate provides for the appearance of variety....such as when I or they assemble a snack it can look like this:

granola plus yogurt plus berries

granola plus bananas plus nuts

nuts plus bananas

bananas plus yogurt plus granola

What can be handy and helpful is if you have smaller jars you can pre-assemble some of the mix for a serving size and have say 2-4 serving sizes at a time ready to grab and go.....thus mommy isn't always having to do the work at every 2 hour interval....lol...

What I have also learned that helps.....when I think my daughter is probably hungry and is ignoring her hunger I create a plate of veggies, fruit, peeled eggs put it at the counter then let her know that if she is hungry there is food at the counter.  Inevitably within about 30 minutes she goes to grab some food.

And for hubby the same....I make sure a plate or bowl of these snacks are out so they are filling up on good stuff.  He really likes the veggies with any of the dips from above: bean, salsa, guac!!  or all!!!

Ah...the guacamole I mix up.....I make sure and put lots of lemon or lime, salt, cilantro (if you like) in it so it preserves it longer.....I keep it without heat so hubby can mix his with salsa if he wants since I am not partaking in nightshades right now.....and then to spice mine up I add a bit of horseradish powder and ginger.....

The more you have whole food snacks around the less they are going to want the junk....and make it fun!

If they are in the mood for something sweet?  Create a smoothie with the yogurt or coconut milk, berries, stevia or honey and some collagen protein.

There are other snacks I have from time to time but these are my main stays for them.  The only thing I partake in is the veggies :)....and that is good enough for me.....

OH.....the PICKLES...this is the greatest sweet tooth killer!?  Eat 1-3 pickles and I guarantee you won't be tearing up the house for the cookies or cheetos!  Plus they are packed full of good bacteria for your gut.  Our family loves snacking on pickles!   I get them in all varies....jumbo...."chips"....mini....dill relish.....you name it we usually have 2 jars if not 3 or 4 in our frig at one time!

So as for how long does all of this last in our home?  The dry stables at-least a month if not more!  The frozen berries several months.....the veggies are week to week....the yogurt usually 2 weeks. But then I cycle it out of the house and we stick to coconut milk from the can for a month.  The collagen....even if you used it every day.....it will last a good couple months....for us....a family of three :).....

I hope this is helpful to all of you out there trying to just keep snacks simple, accessible, and portable.   Because there is no reason why any of the above can't be taken on the go!

I would love to hear if you have any other suggestions or thoughts....or what you have done to make your pantry and frig more real food snack friendly!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Egg Pizza or Frittata?

The meatza pizza wasn't a huge hit with my dynamic daughter....so trial number 100...lol...

I think I beat up about 10 eggs...put about 2 table spoons of coconut oil in my huge stainless steel skillet....temp at about medium....poured the eggs in the skillet....then started layering my toppings....

You can tell which side is for hubby and which for daughter...:)
Basically whatever you like on your pizza pile it on!

Once I saw the egg starting to bubble up from underneath and get crust like on the sides....I transferred it to the oven on broil at 400 degrees til top was browned.

This was my plate before I had to start my autoimmune diet....oh the days....lol!

This was DD plate....with white sweet potatoes...all the bang and power of a sweet potato....the close to taste of a white potato....but no starchy surge!

As you can see the "crust" firms up pretty nice and it will hold its own!  
The tricks I learned:  
Do not be afraid of using lots of coconut or olive oil.
And pour just enough eggs to create a thin layer of egg (not too thin but not too thick)....it definitely takes practice....worse case scenario you end up with a pizza frittata....lol!

Pizza anyone?

Meatza Pizza!

The meatza pizza...so simple...yet so yummy...

a pound of grass fed beef pressed down in a square pan...cooked on broil at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes... don't forget to put the seasonings you want on the meat to have them cook in...I did salt, garlic, basil...

Once cooked through and basically a crisp "sheet"....I drained the fat....then smothered the sauce on it....put layers of uncured, no-nitrate pepperoni slices....yes I used the jumbo sandwich slice size!

I sprinkled it with a grass fed Parmesan-Romano blend....this is a more robust cheese blend so less is needed....I still can't have dairy but at-least my family can enjoy small doses of it....

Cut...serve with your favorite salad or side.....
I dare you to have more than one slice!

What are some creative ways you have reinvented the pizza to make it healthier for your family?

Protein Power Breakfast!

Simple simple simple please-r for my dynamic daughter....

2 Scrambled eggs
3 pieces of cooked up bacon

Eggs put into smallest skillet on medium heat with coconut oil...crumble bacon in it....cook...fold...cook a bit more...

Serve with berries....or plum or apple....and she will get all the power her brain needs to go strong til lunch...and AVOID THE HORMONAL CRASHES OF A "SAD" DIET!

***Don't want to cook every morning? Or can't?  These are super easy to cook up in advance....and warm for 40 secs in the micro....or about 1-2 minutes in a toaster oven (I try to avoid the micro!)....

How do you power your kiddos brain in the morning?

Skillet Apple "Pie-Cake"

We had some apples that were just not crisp...and in my house a mushy apple is doomed. 
 I despise waste!  I had just bought these apples!
What to do?

Thus the science experiment began....
I put the apples in the pan to brown with coconut oil and cinnamon.

Once I had them to the wonderful aroma that fills your home...I pulled the pan from the stove and started adding things...
Kefir creme
Coconut Flour (very little)
a couple scoops of JJ Virgins vanilla plant based protien powder

I mixed and mixed and mixed....until smooth and looking pretty good....then I layered the top with Granola (this brand)....

I put it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes (I think...I kept checking after 30 minutes til a toothpick came out clean and not goopy from the dough mixture)....

It was not something, even before my autoimmune diet requirement, I could partake in.....because oats inflame me...BUT my family couldn't get enough of this crazy experiment.

My philosophy has become.... 

Don't throw something out until you are sure absolutely sure you can't create something with it...or compost it :)....

What are some surprising delights you have created just because you decided to experiment?