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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Singing to a different tune!

Over the last year I have not been able to sing more and more.  My voice was changing....shifting....constricting....not producing....

This may not be a big deal to many....and really it shouldn't be a big deal to me....but music has always been apart of my life.  I have always appreciated the different ways music can create peace, joy, healing....and so much more.  I have been singing since I was little.  I always enjoyed being in school choirs....church choirs....just singing to sing.  I have learned to love my voice and know that just like art....my instrument (my voice) is mine....and some may not like the sound it produces but others may.   But truly none of that ever mattered to me....I just sang to sing....because it created great joy deep within.

Now when I sing....it either is a strain....or it hurts....or I just can't produce anything whatsoever.  It has become a sorrow within me.  I am surrounded by beautiful music at my church.  I have some amazing friends who have dedicated their life to music and I can't even sing side by side with them anymore.

Last Sunday, during the sermon, I realized something that created such joy and peach within me.....

What if my voice is in a different season.  A different faze....growth.  Rather than morn the loss of my musical vocals....I should celebrate the voice that has taken on a whole new depth and breath.   A richness that must be celebrated instead of mourned.

Using our voice isn't just about the speaking or singing abilities .  It is about being able to make a noise.  There are so many ways we can use our "voice" without even speak with our vocal cords or singing....

Using our voice is also about:
The written word...
taking action...
helping enact change....

What if God is giving me the gift to grow with abundance with my voice through my words...through my works....

This Sunday's sermon was about wrestling with life's challenges.
What do I do with my life when faced with challenges?
What do I do with it right now?
Am I able to grow closer to Christ through a challenge or do I become bitter?

Real life is deliberate.

What if my thyroid is helping me learn how to use my voice fuller, louder, stronger.....than I ever could have before.....

What if my thyroid is helping me learn how to strengthen my armor even stronger for Christ!?

So the question I have for each of you....are you letting your lifes challenges... personal, physical, emotion...help you use your voice?


Monday, September 21, 2015


Who was St. Matthew?

What kind of change did he need to embrace in order to become a disciple of Christ's...to have the privilege..the honor...of becoming of the the 12...an apostle!?

Today is St. Matthew's feast day.  As I celebrate his works today, I want to embody him, I want to take all I have learned about health and nutrition not only over the course of the last 5 years...but what I have been learning even more so about my health this last 6 months, especially about my thyroid, adrenals, gut, brain.   I want to embracce it in a way I have not truly done yet.

I have loved the challenge of learning...researching...reading and doing all I needed to "do" to help my body become healthy again.  Yet, I think in the middle of it I started to geek out that I forgot what I share with others all the time: FAITH FIRST...which means staying intuned with my soul....staying in communication with the holy spirity of this mind, body, soul journey.

It's not so much that I wasn't trusting....and I wasn't worrying....but I have gotten so caught up in my check off lists of supplements each day, food journals, what made me feel what, what to do what not to do, eat this, dont eat that......that it starte to become sterile.  It wasnt having LIFE.  And Life isnt a petre dish.  LIfe is beaituflly messy like a 6 month old playing in paind for the first time.

The cruise reminded me, when I dont have access to all my resources, exact food, reasearc....I still have my brain....my gut....MY AMAZING FAITH....my TRUST in GOD.....therefore my trust in my gut....my intuition.

I was reminded, when I lean heavily on the holy spirit to guide me I am able to listen/hear that gut...that intuition....because I am inutned with HIM....  Therefore I am able to trust what is right for me today, this meal, this moevent...might not be right for the next meal, next day...etc..

We all understand the concept of a 40 day fast....we are most familiar of it during lent.  Giving up something you desire (chocolate....tv....sleeping in late....alcohol...) and using it as an offering to God to sacrifice to grow in our faith.   I have written many times in the past about fasting (PLUG IN ALL THE DIFFERENT TIMES HERE)....

So what if I did 40 days in a totally new and different way, to continue to learn, grow, and love this journey of life....especially the season it is in!?

What if instead of giving up something we would normally think of.....what if I chose to live with great purpose and intuition like I have never experienced before?

What if rather than saying I am not going to food journal or log my supplements or do such and such work out program......what if from my waking moment I not only say this day is your Lord....but I breath it in and say....I TRUST YOU TO GUIDE ME......thus as I go to take my supplements and I find my self crinkling up my nose I stop and think why?  What is holding me back?  Is it me just feeling frustrated or is it a day I am not to take that particular one?  What if instead of keeping track of everything taken and eaten as I take and eat....I just sit down at the end of the day when I write in my journal and if I feel like recalling everything I took and approx times then that's great but if I don't that's okay too.

What if instead of wondering if I am working out just right for my adrenals...my hormones...my thyroid....what if instead I just got up and moved, stretched, lifted.....did whatever created joy in that moment to get my metabolism wound up.   Who cares if it isn't goal driven....like getting leaner legs or ripped abs....after all who is that glorifying?  GOD?  No!  I don't have purpose behind being ripped....my purpose is to maintain health: mind, body, soul!

At the end of the day I have to reflect: do I want to always journal my food?  Do I want to always have to keep track of what I am taking?  Do I really need to be leaner (I am already freakin' strong!)

It takes 40 days to make a change....this is not only scientifical it is biblical......

I am committed to change my mindset in thinking that I need to "micro manage" everything to heal my body.  When I do that I forget the simple yet most important aspect of this health journey.....stress.....when I have lists swirling in my head....my body is creating stress.....whether I realize it or not....stress means worry or anxiety or frustration or anger......all that means not trusting GOD.....and I want GOD to know I DO TRUST HIM.....I will do my part but I will also do it with calm, loving intuition....

I will remember life is like a butterfly....
we go through many many changes...metomorphesis....
sometimes painful changes...
to become the beautiful creature it was desightne...destined to be.

So what if I wake each morning and truly listen to my gut about if I should or shouldnt stick to my lsit....or if I should have a nutritional shake for a meal or even whether or not I should try a food that I have currently eliminated?

What if I listen so much to my gut...to the Holy spirty....that I am able to uncover what are my emotions, stressers linked to my helath?

what if I becoave so intuend with my body's needs I won't need to "have or "not have" lists...

Some of you may say...well thats a great concep but it wont work because hwat if I awant ice cream for breakfast?  But this isn the thing....I ahve learned when we are truly listening to our gut....our intuition about all of our life...and even more so recelty about food....we are able to destinguish the different between our wants, wemotions, and true needs....so if I wake one morning and my body is truly saying lets have a scoop of ice cream....then I might consider it....because I know it will be for the right reasons....and not the norm.

Once we tap into this amazing power of truly listening to the holy spirit and trusting your intuition there are no more "good" and "bad"....ther is what is right or wrong.....and this relates expecially to our soul matters but even to our nutritional amd physical needs.   Because even if I eat something that may be wrong for my body at that moment (whether I realize it or make a conscience decision)  I am able to say "I learned....from this experience.....and this is what I learned......"  There is no judgement on self....only love....understanding....compassion....mercy.....

When we focus our lives this way we are able to evaluate what is right for this moment...this day...this emotion...this experience....

It follows your body's true inclination to lead you....guide you...to optimal health: MIND, BODY, SOUL.....



Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shame on September edition of Shape Magazine

This month when I received my Shape magazine I was appalled at the cover.   So much so that I didn't even want to scandalize anyone further by taking a picture of the actual cover with out all my "cover ups" that I strategically placed.   

I was already on the fence with keeping it because of the pictures....I'm not sure how they are related to health and fitness but my subscription was free so hey why not try and see if things had changed.  

Well needless to say they hadn't.  And if anything in the last 10 years they have gotten worse.  So below is what I wrote to them....
First letter draft to magazine:

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I cancelled my subscription.  I was beyond disappointed in the September Cover picture. I am not sure how this photo builds us up as women.  It further objectifies us rather than remembering we are human beings.  Your magazine is suppose to be about fitness and health. This cover doesn't advertise fitness and health.  It looks more like soft porn.  And that makes me sad and frustrated.  In a world and culture where women are continually being exploited and abused I would think you would want women to be respected and built up.  I was hesitant to even get your magazine because the models are usually scantily dressed but since it was a free offer with a DVD I had received, I thought I would give it a try.  I am sadly disappointed.  Please consider there are impressionable young girls and ladies reading your magazines.  Do you want to empower them or tear them down?  Do you want build them up or do you want them to further believe the cultures lies that they are an object to be oogled at by men and women?!  And to further create havoc within their self esteem to sit and compare and judge themselves and the models.  Now how is that helping them learn to love themselves and to nurture themselves with healthy nutrition and movement?  I hope your magazine chooses to one day take the more narrow path of true health and wellness for girls and women and not succumb to the culture of eye-candy.

Respectfully and prayerfully,
Kelly Frick

***Well unfortunately the above letter was over their word requirement.  So after many many many edits and cuts this is want I was able to finally submit:

I cancelled my subscription. I was beyond disappointed in the Sept. Cover pic. It further objectifies us. This cover doesn't advertise fitness & health.  It looks more like soft porn.  In a world and culture where women are continually being exploited & abused I would think you would want women to be respected & built up. There are impressionable young girls & ladies reading your magazine. Do you want to empower them or do you want them to further believe the cultures lies that they are an object to be ogled at by men & women?! Further create havoc within their self esteem. How is that helping them learn to love themselves, to nurture themselves with healthy nutrition & movement?  I hope your magazine chooses to one day take the more narrow path of true health & wellness for girls & women. Not succumb to the culture of eye-candy.

Respectfully and prayerfully,

Kelly Frick

***So women!!! Please be vocal about billboards, advertisements, magazines, anything...that objectifies us.  And please don't become desensitized to think this is just part of the norm...changing of time....etc...no!!!! It's further stripping is from our dignity!  Forgetting we are human beings... not doers...we are subjects...not objects....we are beautifully made...not billboards to be displayed!!!

I love us as women too much to stand by silently and think it is ok...please don't accept this as okay!   

Love yourself as Christ loves you....with dignity....mercy...grace...beauty!

swimming in Supplements!

I think I had more fun trying to plan my packing for the cruise with my supplements rather than my clothes.  My first challenge was trying to figure out what all I needed to take, how to pack it, and to still keep it as simple and compact as possible for 8 days.  Then I remembered the traveling jewelry container I had given our darling daughter for her birthday.  She willingly allowed me to borrow it. And I remembered a toiletry bag that was the same design with windows in it.  Problem solved.

Now trying to organized what I was going to use for each pouch.  Morning vitamins.  Afternoon vitamins...evening supps....minerals...Essential Oils....powders....concoctions....etc....

All these "jewels" being carefully packed had me thinking about all the different companies, businesses, individuals who provide all sorts of supplements for all sorts of reasons....there is purpose for all of them....for all those who sell....as well as for the product itself.  Each of us are uniquely made therefore there are different formulas for each of us that will be beneficial for each of us.

I have written many times about supplements....the good...the bad....the indifferent...but I think with this journey with my thyroid, adrenals, gut....etc......I have learned WE ALL need to supplement in one form or another.  Whether it is just because of the fact that the crops of today aren't getting the same amount of nutrients in them and we need to make up for it a bit.....or if it is because our body is needing a little extra support.

I have also learned that even though some of the supplements I am taking are mega doses of different vitamins I am deficient in....it is still supplementing.  I am having to supplement D for example because my body is deplete in it.  I am having to supplement C because my body is burning through it too fast because of my adrenals.....and the list goes on....

Thus I am seeing....becoming more away....becoming enlightened (one of the beauty's of being a bio-hacker!) that we all need supplementation for one reason or another.....and it is all good!  

I think my past thoughts and frustrations is the biggest industry for supplementation is the push for weight loss....not health....but that is changing too......it is becoming easier to understand that even if a product is being promoted or sold for "weight loss"....once you read many of them.....many have value....and you can see with some research the ingredients in some of the blends have a purpose.....usually because there are deficiencies within a body and these blends are trying to help individuals get that balance back to feel better to then make better choices with their nutrition....with their lifestyle.

After all isn't that what many of the amazing individuals and doctors I follow are doing?  Many of them approach their audiences health from the weight loss perspective to get them to learn how to make healthier choices.  Why do they take that approach?  because it sells.  It is what the public, the people want.  Is it so wrong?  No.  After all isn't that what we all do, if we are wise?  You want your kiddo to do something  you know is going to be beneficial to them....don't you get to their level..approach it in a way that speaks to them....and get them to understand.   

Because of my bio-hacking....I am able to evolve, learn, grow, and see the great value in the word supplement rather than a dirty word....a crutch.  Who knows....maybe it was my own past misuse of supplements that skewed my mindset, my judgement of the word, of the products.

And when I see amazing people changing lives....helping people to understand that their life matters....their health matters....and how it is all so closely related.....how our mind body soul experience is entwined.

I have an amazing, dear friend who discovered a healthier lifestyle because of supplements.....they turned on a switch within her....so much so that she now promotes and sells these same products.   What I admire the most about her, is I don't think it is so much about the products for her but about changing lives....about getting people to see that when they are taking care of their physical body they are trying to get back in tuned with their spiritual body.   She is an amazing example of how to continually push ourselves to be better versions of ourselves so we can shine and be amazing examples of living a whole life....mind, body, soul......

And if that means a little or a lot of supplements....well bring it on....

Because I know my supplements help me be super powered.....they encourage my body to be where it wants to be....where it needs to be.....they are helping me armor my body and mind each and every day so I can focus on my spiritual armor and be that soldier Christ needs me to be....

Therefore I may be swimming in supplements but I am also super-powered by them!!!

How do your supplements help you!?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mind Body Soul of our Gut Health!

What resonated within me about all four of these podcasts that I am sharing the screen shots of.....is they all had the same theme of self-love.   They each were dealing with gut health or other health stuff....but ultimately they were all about self-love....balance...being in-tune to what is right for YOU....not the guy next door....not the super model....not your child....but YOU.....

I've had two weeks to really think about how is it that while I am on this cruise with less than perfect choices for my gut health and healing...am I able to maintain a pretty low level of inflammation yet I get home I start bursting with inflammation, gut issues, brain fog, water retention.....you name it....I felt it.....

Many of the things within each of these podcasts I listened to this last week rung true and reminded me just how entwined our WHOLE health is (mind, body, soul)!

For example on the Autoimmune Adventures podcast the guest talked about how as we are journeying into better health.....learning how to manage an autoimmune disease, or really trying to prevent on in my case (I actually have many autoimmunity conditions that most people don't think twice about, but it is just a breeding ground for a full blown disease).....

Anyways....so as we learn to manage.....grow in better health.....we can get caught up in trying to do things too perfect...forgetting to enjoy the moment.....because when we get caught up in the do's and don'ts well that just creates another kind of stress....and we all know stress doesn't allow your body to heal.

After all that is how I got where I am at....STRESS!!!

This is the thing.....what we may perceive as good things (weddings, pregnancy, promotions....) these are still stresses to the body....but then there are the stresses that take healing....deep healing....(conflict with work, miscarriage, hysterectomy, death of a loved one, tension at work, secrets,....).....this all takes time.  And what if they all take place within a short window of time?  What if these stresses are compacted with too little sleep?  Too much alcohol to compensate?

Well it doesn't matter how "perfect" you are eating....your system WILL break down if you don't deal with all the underlying emotions!

Thus I loved loved loved....the guest on Dr. Ritamarie's podcast.  He discussed the emotions that can be contributing to gut health.  Especially if you are doing everything nutritionally correct, and you are still having gut issues.....we need to dig deeper....the root....the mind body soul connection.

Each of these podcasts had something special and dear to me....

Underground Wellness...Sean Croxton...shared how he will sometimes compare his present self to what his 20's self accomplished.....I think we can all be vulnerable to comparing.  But we must stop that....we MUST say I AM BEAUTIFULLY MADE...I AM WHO I AM SUPPOSE TO BE RIGHT NOW!!

I am done with comparing who I was 10, 5, 3 years ago.....each season of my life has its strengthens and weaknesses....and each of them have great value.....

Mind Body Musings....talked about intuitive eating and living....I LOVED IT!!  Because after the cruise it has truly been where I have been leaning even more so.   My nutrition coach has been helping me learn how to trust this even more so.....and I am so grateful to her for it.  

Being a bio hacker by nature....I am always gung-ho to try something new to improve my mind, body, soul.....but sometimes my enthusiasm to try something get's in the way of what my "gut" might be saying to do.....

I think what I took out of these 4 podcasts (something I have been really reflecting on this last couple months).....is that if I want to continue to truly heal and grow in my health (mind, body, soul).....then I need to dig deeper....I need to get to the root of my emotions, I need to tap into my intuition even more, I need to quit trying to do my "lists" perfect, and I need to quit comparing my health to years of past.....because at the end of the day....I wouldn't change any of it.

My journey defines me....molds me....strengthens me....teaches me.....loves me!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Freedom from Evil

Mac Thornberry (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_Thornberry)  shared tonight about the true evil that took place on September 11...14  years ago.  He talked about how we all probably remember what we were doing.  I do.  I had just completed 7 miles on my tread mill.  I was cooling down to the news before I went to take my shower to get ready for work.  I was on an adrenal high from my run and not fully processing what Dianne Sawyer was saying.  And then I see the second tower being hit...live...and I'm still not fully understanding.  So I wake my hubby ( he had worked a night shift so he was still asleep).    I remember waking him and saying I think he needs to be watching the news cause I need him to explain to me what is happening. It felt like such an out of body experience.  Yet 14 years and one day later we have the awesome opportunity to share and honor the 100 year celebration of our Navy Reserves. 

It was beautiful to me to see all these men and women who not only dedicate their lives to service but juggle it with family obligations and other job obligations. 

I remember my 4 1/2 years of service. It was full time active duty.  Anything else I juggled.... like college courses at night... were optional.  I had one job....being a data processor for the Navy...I didn't have to worry about juggling another job. Yet these men and women lead a civilian job in addition to service for their country AND many of them raising families!!! That's honor...that's dedication...that's commitment...that's patriotism ...that's fighting evil!!! 

Each year when there is a holiday that honors our military or celebrates them like this event...I realize what a privilege and an honor it was to have served in the military.  Something that I never really thought much about.  Something  I just took for granted.

I don't take for granted the men and women who are serving now.   Or any who have served during war time.  I know it is because of them that I have the amazing freedom I have today.  

Tonight (September 12, 2015)...made me truly proud having had served.  It also made me realize I need to not  think my time in the service wasn't important.  It mattered.  My time was important.  And all these men and women who are helping fight the terrible evil out there and making sacrifices need to be recognized even more. Each of us need to continually and vigilantly make the effort to see them, praise them, thank them, and ask them how can we serve them?!?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm Worth It!!!

Last week I figured I would put off going to my chiropractor/functional doctor after having gotten back from vacation.  I wasn't feeling good.  No energy.  Needed to get caught up on daughters lessons.  Tons of laundry.  I was hitting my wall again.  Vacations should be relaxing.  I totally enjoyed it but I was aware of a constant slow inflammation going on due to not having the most quality of food available. I blessed my food each day each meal and would ask God it would nourish my body just as if I was at home.  I thought nothing but quality good thoughts.  I know the power of positive thinking is amazing.   There were also no other stresses on a cruise.   No other concerns.

Back home though my inflammation hit me like a mac truck.  I did not want to do anything, go anywhere, I could barely drag myself out of bed. My thyroid had definitely taken a hit.  Who knows what was the straw that finally broke the camels back.  

 I woke Wednesday morning realizing I couldn't put off going to my functional doctor.   I called asking if I could keep my appointment.  And not wait til the following week.  I could almost see and hear his smile through the phone.  He knew I needed to get in to see him yet he has such a respect for his patients that he also knows he can't force us to do something if we aren't willing to do it. 

Once in we visited about what all I will need to do to continue on this journey of healing my thyroid and immune system and so many other things. I had my adjustment and did this really fun vibrating machine I stand on helped stimulate my thyroid to get my metabolism kick started.

  He knew I would feel better if I could drag my cement legs and body into his office.   This is one of the things I love about my doctor, he wants his patients to want to feel and move the way our bodies were meant to function.  He knows I'm a pusher, I'm stubborn and I'm committed to my health.  

 I realized  during my Friday visit  I have to remind myself, even though my workouts are healthiest when we approach them as sprints: short, fast, bursts....rest... done in 15-20 minutes. 

But life's journey, any aspect of this journey: better mind, health, soul...is a marathon! I must be patient. 

 Doc was kind enough to again smile and remind me that it is going to take about 12-18 months for me to heal.   Now no one knows for sure how long it takes a person to heal from anything.  But giving the best guest based on his professional experience is helpful and important.

  It helps me keep things in perspective.  It reminds me that life is not about start and stop....life is not about trying to do everything so perfect we forget to live life during the journey.  Every journey has its bumps. It's what we do with those bumps that help define us.  

I choose to love this journey. I choose to find amazing joy in this journey.  And I choose to scale the bumps like the most amazing hike or mountain or wall...after all the challenge the journey is where the thrill lives!!!


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Family Faith Finances Food Fitness Fun...

And being feminine!!!

These were the F's to the 7th power that I thought and pondered on this last week as we were on a family vacation.  

Family...needing to always protect family time.  taking time for family.  Remembering family is important. Whether it is immediate family under the same roof or extended family we only visit occasionally....we have the opportunity to always learn and grow together and from each other.  Family is the opportunity to practice grace, compassion, patience, kindness, generosity, mercy, forgiveness....love!!!

Faith....I was listening to a fabulous podcast on one of the last days of the cruise.   It was Taylor Marshall, sharing his conversion story.   I loved how his friend, who was interviewing him, shared how what one persons faith walk isn't suppose to look like anther persons.  I was able to reflect and think how I may desire to be in the adoration chapel all day long but that is not being holy and faithful to my vocation and calling.  What may work for a monk or a religious doesn't mean it is what I am suppose to to do.   And that I can actually be dishonoring Gods call for me if I don't listen to how He needs me to come to Him.  

Finances...anytime you take a vacation you are aware that your budget is going to be stretched...modified....different.  For me it puts into perspective: did we plan well enough for the trip to ensure we have fun and don't worry about spending what we put aside? My goal always is to not come home worrying about a vacation that created debt or took from another part of the budget that it shouldn't have.  

I had the opportunity during this week to finish a book I started a few weeks ago: Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup.   I loved it so much.  It was as if every financial and organization book or blog I read or listen too builds on the previous one.  And the most recent one is the one I needed to hear the most at that time.  She talks about a spending freeze for a month, no matter your financial situation and the benefits you will reap from it.  I feel this has come at the most ideal time.   What better thing to do right after a vacation and before the holidays to really put into perspective what we truly need as well as ensuring we don't get stuck in the vacation spending mode.   

Food...this was an interesting challenge for my whole family.  As I have been noticing my darling daughter definitely has some gluten sensitivity I really wanted her to not feel compelled to go to all the treats that she was going to be bombarded with.   And I had to truly be willing to intuitively eat and choose my battles of deciding between foods that may cause joint inflammation or insulin issues or gut issues or a combination of it all.    So instead of worrying about it I planned as much ahead of time with nutritional supplements, and thinking out the possible options that would be available, and even meditating and praying over the fact that...ok Lord this is for a week, I know You will guide me and protect me during this time to ensure I am able to nourish my body, and minimize any pain or negative reactions...as a matter of fact I truly embraced a joyful led attitude and intuitive eating mindset.  I know taking this mindset helped my body take in the good energy and nutrition of the food that I did eat.  I didn't view it as a license to eat whatever....I was full aware that I would have to come home and fix any pain, inflammation that did occur but I also feel empowered in knowing that I have learned so much about my health that I know my bodies threshold right now.  It was confirmation that what I do on a regular basis is worth it to ensure my health is functioning at its peak.  That I am truly honoring God by helping my body lead the healthiest life.  It also made me appreciate cooking my own meals. 

Fitness...is always fun for me when I travel.  Being a huge fan of body weight and HIIT workouts and again intuitive workouts gives me no barriers when I travel.  This time I had fun doing sprints and jumping jacks on the top deck with the walking track. I did a stretching class.  I used some machines I don't normally have access to.  And I participated in an ab workout that was fun.  I enjoyed the climbing wall.  I walked the stairs....always!!!! Never the elevator.  As a matter of fact I'm sure my legs have been over trained this week that they truly do need a break.   

Fun...can be had no matter the circumstances!   Vacations can be great fun but they can also be stressful.   It's truly up to the individuals to make it and keep it fun no matter what!  So whether it's family members not agreeing on outings and activities or if someone wants to be pouty because they didn't get to have a  sugary laden breakfast (like she gets it at home?!  Go figure!)....the big thing is to remember to have fun with all life has to throw at you! 

Femininity ...I was able to reflect and put into even greater perspective the amazing complexity of being a wonderful warrior woman.   I was able to reflect on my amazing strengths...I was also able to acknowledge during my reflection moments of  what are triggers and weaknesses in less than loving thoughts to self...therfore knowing what I need to do to avoid it....as well as continually smiling and knowing I am so amazingly wonderfully made...and beautiful right now...no matter what...no excuses...no buts...just am!!!!

As I conclude with my reflection of the seven day cruise I realized it was a perfect way for me to give each day... to reflect on each F in my life that is important.  So for me F isn't for failure... it's is a math equation instead: F to the 7th....

Now that's fantastic freedom!