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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thank You Thyroid!

As I have been learning more and more about my thyroid condition I have had many moments of journaling and reflecting on my health over the last 7 years.   I think there is a great possibility that my body has always had the possibility of an underlying thyroid situation.  And I'm certain that the swinging of my weight being 30 pounds heavier than I am today and then swinging to the extreme of being 20 pounds lighter than I am today....there  were definite signs that things were going wonky!  

 But I didn't know enough at that time about the thyroid, the adrenals....I didn't know that my pcos and other conditions were actually autoimmune conditions that could be the breeding ground of where I am today.  

I had no clue that when I had dropped to my lowest weight...my joints aching...my bowels not so pretty....and having pain around my liver area...that these were all signs that my body was not functioning the way it should.  

I just chocked it up to too much stress that accumulated in too short of a period of time......and honestly my vanity liked the thinness I had gotten to.   But was it truly healthy?   Obviously not. 

 There is healthy thin and there is not normal healthy thin.  Just like there really can be a healthy heavy and a not healthy heavy.   And each person has a range of weight they can carry that is healthy.  It truly just depends on what the goals are and the season of life.   

Now with my body teetering the balancing act of not entering into hoshimotos...with the tests showing that if I don't continue to fight for my thyroid health...that is the direction my body will go if I don't start listening to it properly.  

This is all I learned last spring and now I am going on 6 months of knowing  for sure about my thyroid and adrenals and risk of hoshimotos.  

And what do I feel just before Thanksgiving?

What do I feel as I reflect about advent season just around the corner? 

What do I feel as I make my Christmas lists?

I feel thankful!
I feel blessed!
I feel peace!

I have learned what true health is. 
I have learned how to teach my daughter even more what beauty...true beauty is... truly from within no matter how much we may fluctuate with weight or how we may change from year to year.
I have learned I will not allow my weight to define me.  
I have learned I truly don't care if my body fluctuates...as long as I am striving for health that is what truly matters!
I have learned so much about so many conditions and different ways to heal with so many different food situations.  
I have learned that food is truly the 1st path to our health. 
I have learned how God has put so many amazing herbs, spices, foods on this earth with great purpose and balance for us.  
I have learned balance is key for health and wellness. 
I have learned what may be right for one person doesn't mean it is right for another person.  I have learned how to use my voice and speak up for my needs. 
And I have learned to truly respect and love myself through ALL stages and seasons of life.  

This is what I hope to teach my daughter the most: love love love yourself through all shapes, sizes, seasons of life!

Thus I am beyond thankful to this beautiful butterfly gland that has taught me so much.  

I am thankful that I am able and willing to continually learn, grow, and evolve through life, through my true mind body soul experience and journey of life!

What challenge have you had this year that you are able to reflect upon and say: thank you!   

It's the perfect time of the year to be thankful for EVERY thing in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you all!

~Kelly :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Gift of Gab

Do you ever have a moment....a day....where you wonder: 

Why? Why am I doing "xyz"....

or What? What is my gift...talent...purpose? 

Where? Where am I suppose to do "xyz" and use my gift, talent, purpose? 

When? When am I suppose to do "xyz"...with my gifts, talents, purpose for this where? 

And Who? Who am I to do the where, when, and why?

As a WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN (on a Wednesday, non-the-less..hehe...) I may wonder this from time to time but I feel pretty grounded, pretty confident, in knowing that God has given me the gift of gab....lol...

Let me explain:

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their life story to others, never mind in a public, out there for everyone and anyone to read or hear.  
Open to vulnerability.  
Open to criticism.  
Open to even self doubt, self criticism, self struggle.  
Open to share the good, the bad, the ugly of the past.  
The good, bad, the ugly of the present....
...and the good, bad, ugly of the hopes, dreams of the now and future.

But this is what I have realized....we are all called to bring light into lives of others.  
We are all called in different ways.  
Thus if I am called to share EVERYTHING (well almost everything...lol) than I am a willing vessel.

I admire Joyce Meyer in her willingness to share with others her life. I have admired, listened, and learned so much from her for almost 10 years now. through many of her teachings I have realized that one of my many gifts is to share...share my life....share what I have learned....whether it is about health, nutrition, faith, family, social, spiritual, physical, psychological....ALL of it....I have been "asked" to be open to share my story....my life...with all around me....all who are willing...wanting to read....hear...in order to be a good ripple for others. Who am I to deny my Maker when He asks something of me?

I grew up my mom expressing how much she wanted to write a book as to bless her children.

I KNOW I am to write to bless others around me. Because really who on earth would want to share all the most tender vulnerabilities with others? There are many out there who share lots about their life but share the surface....share about vanities or pride....and even from them there are things to learn.

I share not for those reasons....heck there are times I wonder, ask, why....why do I share...what does it matter? Who cares? Why do I even care?

I have learned and realized through my faith that those of us who are called to share our lives in this way have the gift not necessarily of gab...but the gab is about giving....it is about pouring out ourselves to give:



I have a gift to share how even when I am struggling with something physically, mentally, or spiritually...

I TRULY can LAUGH through the tears....
I TRULY can ENCOURAGE others and myself through the struggles....
I TRULY have FAITH....no matter what....
I TRULY see the HOPE in all of it....
I TRULY feel the PEACE of my situation....
I TRULY CAN find my JOY in all circumstances....
I TRULY can see the LOVE in all of it....
ESPECIALLY THE LOVE OF THE LORD carrying me through it all!

Next time you find yourself wondering on the: who, what, where, when of your life.....STOP...REFLECT...BREATH...because we all have a calling, a gift, a talent....a purpose....dig deep....pray....listen...breath.....and the answer WILL come to you deep within. And don't let go of it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Saint in Training!

As I was sitting in my pew on Sunday waiting for mass to began, I was smiling to myself!  Smiling because I knew I was not alone!

November 1st, we celebrated All saints day...it is about celebrating the saints who have come before us..honoring them...remembering them...but it's more than that.  It is about reflection on their lives.  About finding hope and joy that we too are saints, are capable of the greatness they accomplished.  After all, they too were only human.  They too had flaws, obstacles, sins, struggles, burdens, vices....yet they battled these to do the greater good.  Maybe even because of their flaws and struggles they gave themselves even more to God.  They fraught for what was right...for virtue...for God.

We tend to think of the famous saints:  Anthony, Michael, Joan...the list goes on but we fail to realize there are many many more saints.  There are the unnamed, unknown saints, that went about their every day life, every day struggles, yet would strive to bring joy and hope or peace to even one person that came in contact with them .  This is what we should all be striving for:  SAINTHOOD.

 It is not pompous..its not prideful... it is not pretentious...to say my goal is sainthood.  This is how I see it...I want to raise a Godly daughter...I have ambitions, goals, for her to be a saint..sins and all. Thus to raise a saint I must model being a saint.  Again, remember saints weren't, aren't perfect...they were, are real...and through their realness God is able to do His amazing work.  What sets them apart is being open to Gods will:  ALWAYS!!!

The other day, I was sharing  with my husband how I feel  blessed with my thyroid condition.  ALL OF IT!!  This is not to say I don't have days I struggle....especially when it messes with my cognitive health...and my mental-vanity health....especially with my dis-morphia; because low energy days or days where I  am feeling physically yucky can be a doozy for my dismorphic-mental health.  BUT I see it as a way to continue to unwrap the beautiful onion that I am.  I am being given the opportunity to continue to peel away the next layer of health and wellness to arrive closer to the bud, the heart...to see, the bloom....MY SOUL... who I am .  And that is why I feel SO BLESSED!!!

I told my hubby because of this thyroid condition and all the  physical challenges that have come with it I have had my eyes deeply opened to what is TRUE HEALTH...and with that I am already healed!  My physical body may still be struggling, my mental health may still have work....but my spiritual health is stronger than it has ever been.

If my journey to sainthood, for my daughter's journey, is to endure physical and mental trials to strengthen my souls health then it's a no brain-er for me.  I will gladly take it all!!!