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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Blogging Goals!

Over the course of 5 years I have evolved so much through this blog!

It started out me wanting to just share about books I had read...give a review and/or summary.

I transitioned into comparing things going on and in the world and how it relates to faith.

I have written about:


I have always aspired to write each day on the blog.  I have allowed so many things to distract me from writing each day.   

Some of my many excuses:

I don't have much to say.
I don't have time to add links.
I don't have any pictures picked.
I don't have good enough pictures.
I don't have time.
I don't have anything new from what has already been said.
I don't....
I don't....
I don't...

Then I listened to a wonderful webinar talking about the 5 secrets of high achievers.
1.  Believe you can win!   Overcome an invisible barrier, more than likely exists only inside our head.
2.  Get past Failures....use any past failures as a launching pad for what is possible for the future.
3.  Set specific goals...write 5-7 goals that are specific, concrete, and have a deadline.
4.  Know your why....why are you doing what your doing...don't bail when it gets tough.
5.  Get started now....it is important to start....our biggest obstacle:  procrastination...with a big, looming obstacle we tend to make elaborate action plans but never do it....we need to break down our plan fast...and just start digging into it, even if we don't have it perfectly planned out.

And this had me realizing....I want to just write!

I want to take what I have been sharing and learning this last year and just write.  I want to each day...whether it is many times a day....one line...2 pages....whatever....just write.  Share about my dreams, my thoughts, what I am reading, what I am learning, what I am feeling....I want to have 2016 posts to be about "in the moment"...not about too much prepping...too much planning and never doing....too much comparing and thinking someone else has already said that....

I am going to blog similar to how I journal.....I am going to share all my joy....all my love....all my learning about this amazing life I have been gifted with.

So whatever is pressing on my heart that day or thoughts it will be what I share about....
The excitement of a creation I came up with in the kitchen....
A frustration about my faith...
A mommy moment....

I blog because I love to write....I love to learn....I love to share....
I blog because I know it is the service that God has called me to.. just as He called me to home school....
I blog because I have so much love for life...so much life for humanity....so much love for my FAITH, FAMILY, FUTURE....

And I can't help it but shout my joy, excitement, adventures,...all of it...from the roof tops!

So here is to 2016....365 days of 365 posts!

~Kelly :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016: Simple, Skills, Saving

I have been reflecting A LOT this Advent season on what I would like to focus on this upcoming year.   One of the biggies has been wanting to help my family understand on the next level of nutrition and health is how a treat shouldn't be convenient.  It should be something we make from scratch and take the time to do ourselves thus giving us the opportunity to appreciate it even more.  After all a treat should be just that....a TREAT....not a "hey lets just go to the store and get a dairy free ice cream....it's still healthy mom!"

But....this is what I have been really reflecting on this last year.....

The food industry is starting to really pick up on the fact there are real conditions and situations and people need to be avoiding different inflammatory foods.  They have also noticed how it has become fashionable the last several years to avoid gluten....dairy...etc.....   I say fashionable because some are just doing it for vanity or because everyone else they know are doing it (I know total judgement on my part!).....but there are also those who truly understand the health concerns and would like to avoid conditions, illnesses, diseases, compromised immune systems....kudos to them!!


A box is still a box!!  Processed is still processed!

So.....just because it says GLUTEN FREE....DAIRY FREE....NUT FREE....SUGAR FREE....etc......and it comes in a nice little package like:

cake mix
snack bars
ice cream

IT IS STILL PROCESSED!  There is still the tendency to over indulge in an item that shouldn't even be thought of but OCCASIONALLY......

And I am guilty too of giving into some of these ready made, boxed, processed "healthier" choices.  I have a sweet daughter who gives me this "life isn't fair" look.....or I am having a really bad brain fog, low energy thyroid week, and I just don't feel like doing something from scratch.

But I get frustrated at myself because I know if I am not willing to eat these processed "healthier" choices why am I willing to feed them to my family.

Thus I had this BRILLIANT idea for 2016!


I even thought....ah-ha I am going to even start getting back to being consistent about making my own laundry soap....etc.

I started to game plan and make a list of all the foods and things that must be made by scratch this upcoming year:
ice cream
snack bars

Then I started to think about what is a treat to me that I should be probably making instead of buying:


I then started thinking even more about ALL the different things that we buy....sauces, tea, granola, yogurt, coconut milk.....

And where do I draw the line?!

That's when I realized that what I really want to teach my daughter for 2016 is:


I don't want to get so caught up in doing everything from scratch that it becomes complicated for our life thus taking out the simplicity of living.

I want my daughter to continue to learn skills in the kitchen, garden, house, etc.....

And I want us to continue to fine tune our savings.

Thus if there is truly a significant difference in making my own bath salts....heck ya I'm making them!

And a treat like ice cream or bread truly needs to be made in order to value the skill it took as well as savor the hard work.

But if buying my sauerkraut, which I go through a jar a week, will keep things simple as I learn how to make my own....then maybe it is what I need to make sure I find it on great SALE!!!

I am excited about my 2016 goals, challenges, and adventures for myself and my family.

Therefore, I have decided that this upcoming year my blogging will be more day to day...more updates on how I am doing with this lofty ambition of keeping 2016 SIMPLE with learned SKILLS and hopefully lots of SAVINGS!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016: Taming Technology

I have pondered on what I desire for this new year....

The things that swirl in my head:

Less or no social media.
No distractions from my daughters education.


I think about all the amazing people I have connected with through social media.
I think of all the amazing people I have been able to share information with because of connections through social media.
I think of all the great research I have been able to accomplish because of technology.


With all the good....there IS bad....

It can easily distract us from real, everyday encounters with people we meet each and every day on the street, in a store....

It can easily become an "addiction" when we allow it to not be balanced with one on one contact with others.

It can easily consume us rather than be a small part of our day!

I thought about totally unplugging for a year.  I have thoughts that swirl in my head about how there are soooo many other bloggers, facebookers, etc....who share all the same information I share...so really what does it matter if I unplug....my voice isn't needed....it won't be missed....

THEN.....I meet someone who may not know the info I have learned.....and I get to direct them to some of the great people I follow....or direct them to  some of the great resources I have found.

Thus...I realize that maybe I shouldn't unplug so much as remembering I don't have to follow any one particular formula or agenda or schedule other than where, how, and when GOD leads me with all of this!

Thus my goal for technology during 2016 is to not unplug...but to remember what is more important to me:
My Lord
My Family
My Daughters Education
My Service....using my gifts and talents....

So the question I have to ask myself each day is am I utilizing my social media time to grow in each of these areas?  To learn in each of these areas?  To develop in each of these areas?

Or am I allowing it to become a distraction? An obsession?  A vice?

Am I being responsible with my time?

I have realized I can't totally unplug because I respect the fact that God has asked of me to share what I have learned, to share my life, to share thoughts.....

BUT...He has also asked me to be a wife, mother, teacher first and formost.....so that MUST take priority.....I MUST make sure I don't neglect those responsibilities.....I MUST remember to not become "OBSESSIVE" about blogging, sharing info, etc....that it takes away from my vocation...my first calling....

How will I know I am doing His Will and not mine with this matter?

There will be PEACE!

When there is peace even in the struggle....peace even during a hectic day....peace when I am juggling things....that's when I know I am doing HIS WILL and not forcing my will....not forcing my agenda and rationalizing that it is what GOD is asking of me!

2016ths taming technololgy challenge will be tested by peace!

Monday, December 28, 2015

2016: Continued Evolving Health Goals

As I reflect on my not so great days of:
brain fog
A type/form of depression associated with health concerns. 
Vanities of ever changing body. 
Working out different to still help get the engine revved but not inflame the body. 
Frustrations of all side effects a person encounters with a thyroid condition. 

I thank God for this adventure!

Here is why:

I thank Him for reminding me to not take my immune system for granted.  Our immune system wants to protect me.  My body continually reminds me to do my part!

I thank Him for this amazing butterfly gland (my thyroid!) that is communicating to me how to balance my hormones on a deeper level that is not just about my nutritional needs but my mental and spiritual needs! Teaching me to use my voice in the things that are truly important!

I thank God for my brain fog.  It reminds me to always be humble!

I thank Him for the dark, gloomy feeling days.  It reminds me to be compassionate toward those who experience true, deep dispair and anguish that grips them.  

I thank God for reminding me that my body is not about vanity, the aesthetics.   It is truly about Whole Health!!!!  I look in the mirror and I am overcome by the love and beauty I see deep down.  I see my amazing heart and soul not my flesh and blood. 

I thank Him for slowing me down.  Reminding me I can't smell the roses when I'm running but I sure can when I go for walks and hikes!

Thus for 2016....my health goals are to continue to LOVE this journey.  To not obsess about the dos' and don'ts.  To not obsess about research.  To lot allow it to distract me from LIVING my LIFE....JUST AS IT IS!...AND TO LOVE MY LIFE JUST AS IT IS!!!

Here is to even more great days and learning into 2016!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016: Un-Apologetically Me Goals!


I use to think having muscles was unfeminine....WRONG!
My muscles use to produce feelings of "ugh...I look "fat"....bulky...."....all sorts of negative adjectives we tend to associate with when we are being critical of our bodies.

NOW...I have amazing freedom with my strength!

I have learned to TRULY LOVE each season with my body!

I love the amazing strength I feel with my HIIT workouts.  I am truly at peace with not running like I did 3 years ago right now.

I find my muscles have given me a freedom to feel feminine and strong all at the same time!

We each have muscles that grow,develop, strengthen, work for us in different ways.  We need to each embrace the design, shape, form of your body...your muscles....

FIND THE FREEDOM of loving each inch of your body!

Find the freedom of loving the workout that allows you to express the true you....that allows you to feel true freedom and joy in your movements, in your muscles!

My 2016 fitness goals are to continue to MOVE in a way that helps me feel un-apologetically me...


Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016: Simple Spirituality Goal

New Years Resolutions!

It seems like the number one (#1) resolution most people make is to LOSE WEIGHT!!

So here is a thought I have for everyone....

What if you make your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION about your SPIRITUALITY!?

What if we for 21 days reflect on a need, a prayer, a desire, a challenge, a change you want to make in your/our/my life!?

I know for me I have lots of things....lots of desires...lots of goals...lots of growth I would like to take to God to start my new year.....

I wrote many years ago about the power of fasting and the types of fasting.  I know from first hand experience how when you abandon your desires, your will, to God and pray for selfless petitions, pray for others, pray for God's intervention....HE does amazing things!

So here is a thought...

Are you living up to who God made you to be?

What are some goals you really need to offer up to Him?

Where would you like to see your lifestyle grow this year?

When are you going to make the time to listen to HIS will?

How do you want God to work in your life for 2016?

7 years ago I experienced an amazing spiritual fast.  As I was petitioning prayers for my husband I experienced health benefits I never even anticipated or foresaw.

Over the course of 7 years I have learned more things about my health...my mind, body, soul connection.

I want to start my new year with the same simple spiritual goals I did 7 years ago!

What did I do 7 years ago?!


It was as simple as that.

Thus it doesn't matter if you are Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, whatever.....pick a journal...notebook.....something to write your desires, goals, prayers for 2016.  Make a detailed "contract" with God and stick to it for 21 days!

Did you know it takes 21 days to change a habit or make a habit....thus good or bad!?

Did you know it takes 40 days to "eradicate" an "infestation"?!

I plan on for 21 days...starting January 1st....to post on Facebook a bible scripture and a book title that has helped me with this journey of Health and Wellness that is about the WHOLE mind, body, soul experience.

I will also write here, on the blog, in more detail my daily journal-ling as promised in an upcoming post about my blogging goals for 2016.

Are you going to join me in this opportunity to connect with your Spirituality with simplicity through shakes, soup, and salad?!

S to the 5th power:  Simple Spirituality with Shakes, soup, and salad!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday's Money Matters....

I was recently visiting with a friend about blogging for money.  I loved hearing all her excitement....all her research....all her passion.  I was truly excited for her.  And for a very brief moment I found myself thinking how to turn my blogging into an opportunity to make a bit of money.

But I realized...

I don't care about money.....

This statement may sound weird to probably 99% people who live and breath....but I truly don't care about money.

Now this doesn't mean I don't see its value.
This doesn't mean I don't try to be responsible and budget diligently for our family.
It doesn't mean I don't make sure and save and make plans for our future or for emergencies or vacations.

What it does mean for me is....I don't feel the need to make money.

 Some may say well it is easy for me to say that because I have a husband who brings in the money.  But really it wouldn't matter if I was married or not.  And being married with a child, me bringing in an income would probably make our life a heck of a lot easier.

Yet....I know my life is my service to God....my family....my friends....those I come in contact with.

I have had jobs in the past... some short term...some a bit longer....but the "job" I have always felt the most rewarded from is being wife, mother, servant, giver....

I have had friends who have wanted me to pursue different things....or have suggested I take some of my gifts and talents and turn it into an income.  I get thoughts stirring for a moment....but then I realize I just really don't have any interest in making money.  I probably would love the years of past old world ways of trade and barter...doing something for someone for something.....

Maybe the big reason is I see the tremendous value of being wife, mother, teacher to/for my family.  And one day when my daughter is out of the house....maybe I will feel the drive or the desire to pursue an "empty-nest" career,..job...

One thing I do know is I truly believe we MUST live the life that gives us joy, fulfillment, love, laughter, and requires service, sacrifice, and selflessness....regardless of pay...