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Monday, February 22, 2016

Mind Body Soul Love on Monday

I have been thinking about how where I live (Amarillo, Texas) REALLY needs a resource....a directory of all the different types of holistic health care options, doctors, persons.

A directory that lists what the individual specializes in and what makes them "non-traditional" in their health practice.  

A place where individuals who have encountered a holistic, functional doctor or service provider that really met their health needs in a whole body approach.

A directory that listed functional doctors, doula's, massage therapists, acupuncturist, nutritional coach, rolfing, homeopathy, nueropathy, etc.  OUTSIDE OF THE BOX THINKERS.  Outside of mainstream medical care.  Because after all there are many chiropractors out there but not all of them practice functional medicine.  There are many nutritional coaches but not all of them think past the lovely government food pyramid.

Then I realized I can do this!  I can be kind of like an "Angie's List" but for Whole Real Health Care.  I realized I want to do this.  I want to have a place for others to feel like they can get good information for our area that will help them take charge of their health.  A place they can hear others input.  

I am going to create a FACEBOOK PAGE (I know here I am at Facebook again....lol...) that will be similar to one I have seen that is for restaurant reviews in our area.

As I gather information from others in our area I will then compile a file that has the names of professionals and their services.  My prayer is this list will be a joint effort of specific individuals as well as input from others in our area.

Who knows where it will lead us!?  Who knows who all it will help?!  What I do know is God keeps pressing on my heart to take action and spread ripples of true health: MIND BODY SOUL for ALL who are interested to know and learn.....and don't know where to start.  Well now they will know where to start!!!!

Have a fabulous MIND BODY SOUL Monday!

hugs and blessings as always,


  1. You beat me to the punch! I was going to do this very same thing when I graduate from nutrition school this summer. Glad there are like minded thinkers in the Amarillo area and happy to join you!

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