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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Bearing Wrongs Patiently

...bearing wrongs patiently...

...work at being less critical of others...overlook minor flaws and mistakes...give people the benefit of the doubt...assume that people who may have hurt you did so because they are enduring pain of their own...pray for those who have wronged you...

What really sticks out in my mind for this SPIRITUAL WORK OF MERCY has been my most recent challenges.  I wrote about it previously:  From Sadness to Celebration on Saturday.

I can get really frustrated especially when it comes to our children and youth.  When I feel that adults are not taking their roles and responsibilities serious about leading children and youth to God's Kingdom I can get critical.  But something I have really reflected on for some time now is 1: zip my lip and pray....and 2: if I have a suggestion for a program then I need to be willing to step up and do something about it....help out...not be a "complainer".....and finally 3: put myself in their shoes...AND PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

What do you find yourself being critical about that you can turn it into prayer instead!?

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers...friends....and family...
~Kelly :)

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