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Monday, June 13, 2016

Sharing in GOD'S WILL!

Sometimes my head spins with ALL the info I want to look up....to learn about....to SHARE!!


What keeps me balanced? 


I may write tons of notes to myself...in multiple journals...notebooks....scraps of paper....BUT.....in the morning I give my day to GOD.  I reflect and pray about what I know I MUST DO THIS DAY....and all other things MUST be abandoned and not obsessed about.  AND.....ALL THINGS ARE IN HIS TIME....NOT MINE!!!

I have learned when I truly give HIM not only my WILL but my DAY.....I am able to remember it is HIS WILL AND HIS DAY  I want to live in.....thus I feel amazing PEACE, JOY AND LOVE....about all things in my life!

What do you feel obsessed about to "share" but KNOW it needs to not be a distraction so you can LIVE out GOD'S day and will with AMAZING PEACE!?!

Have a glorious day living in GOD'S WILL!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly ;)

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