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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Singing Canary on Sunday

I am a canary...
...a beautiful, vibrant, sensitive, full of life canary!

I loved it last year when my health coach gave me that analogy.  It resonated within me.  I could be saying "why me?" when it comes to my thyroid health, my adrenal health, my brain health, my gut health, my immune health.

 I could become overwhelmed with it.....
but instead I SING!!!


I KNOW.....I (like my health coach like many others out there).....we are here to help with the "warning signs"......we are that CANARY IN THE COAL MINE!

 Not my weakness

What if I didn't have these challenges, obstacles?

Would I be as proactive in sharing all I do about health and nutrition to anyone who is willing to listen to the "siren" going off?

Would I be as passionate about learning as much as I can about MIND BODY SOUL health?

Would I be as compassionate toward those who do struggle with health issues as I do....and worse?

My "singing" is a blessing!  Not only for me but for those around me!  A blessing for anyone who is willing to listen....want to listen.

Now when someone asks me how I am feeling or doing I can honestly say I am fabulous....because I don't let my health get in the way of living...of loving...of thriving!!

Now when someone tries to say "oh I know I am tired too"....I can smile and not get frustrated that they don't truly understand the bone exhausting fatigue that can hit and truly put me out of commission for a bit.

Now when a person tries to say "oh sweetie it's just part of aging....we all forget a bit!" I can love them for not truly understanding that I could very well at that moment not be remembering their name...instead I smile and love them!

Now I am able to relate my health journey to someone who has been diagnosed with say diabetes late in life.  It may take adjustments to learn how to live and thrive with a diagnoses but IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE AN AMAZING FULL LIFE.  

A diabetic who has learned how to thrive with their disease knows that just because they are doing really good today doesn't mean they can become sloppy with their health needs.  Just as I have finally learned this last year that I will ALWAYS have to be more protective about my sleep, my food, my stress and many other things....but it is all what makes me SPECIAL...

..what makes up who I AM....and WHAT MAKES ME A SUPERHERO!!!

Today go out and SING.....
enjoy your amazing struggles.....
your amazing challenges....
your amazing superpower!

What's your superpower?!  Share below so we can all learn and love together!!!

Hugs and prayers,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This is a great simple book to truly understand ESSENTIAL OILS for beginners!  I love it because it has an oil per page and it doesn't get too sciency.  Now don't get me wrong.....I love my more detailed geeky ones.....and I especially love the ones that are to specific brands....but this one is great because it is unbiased and keeps it simple!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  I did my morning stretch stuff, push-ups, kickbacks, etc.....BUT I was just not feeling it when I pulled out all my gear to get on the mini-trampoline. I know part of it is because I am still a bit sore from a workout earlier in the week and I really don't do well with soreness right now.  I am sure it has to do with my immune system and how my body just is achy longer than it should be.   Hind-sight I should have still gotten on like I said last week but I didn't.  But you know what that is OK!!!   Every body needs a break from time to time.   And especially my body....lol.   I plan on enjoying a fabulous walk later and feel the joy of God's beautiful sun on my face.....and all His amazing creations around me!

I will probably once I get done here do about 10 minutes of yoga stretches to clear my mind and feel the peace and energy of some of the moves to remind myself I AM AMAZING!  I AM STRONG!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I CAN TAKE A REST DAY....LOL!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saving on Saturday

Sam's Membership Rewards/Points
Thrive Membership
Amazon Membership

United Rewards/Points
Natural Grocers Rewards/Points
World Market Rewards/Points

Not to mention all the other little stores I go to from time to time that I have a rewards/points scan card that I am supposedly collecting points.

My Thrive membership is about to renew automatically unless I "say" otherwise.

This has had me really thinking and pondering.....which memberships do I REALLY need?   And which ones do I get the most bang for my buck?

It was cool when I received the notification from THRIVE how I had saved over $500 this year with my membership.  But the question I have to ask myself is.....how much of the stuff was stuff we really needed?!  Now there are some staples I truly do get and are huge savings.....but then there is some "eye candy".....some "ooh I wander if my family would like that!".....kind of buys.   But truly most (80-90% was pantry stuff).....but again I ponder.....and this is what I ponder......

My ponder is: what if we had to shop only locally like in the "good old days"?  

Memberships like Thrive and Amazon are handy because we can have things delivered straight to our home.  We never have to leave the comforts of our living room.  And there are some deals that cannot be matched any where else.


What does it do to the local shops?  The local vendors?  The mom and pop shops?

Even chains like Natural Grocers or United get cut out when we go online.  And I personally would just cry if I lost our Natural Grocers!!!

I have actually not been going to SAMS as much because I have found (despite what many think).....I can save A LOT doing most of my shopping at Natural Grocers and United.  I just have to be purposeful and comb what I am looking for.....AND ONLY SHOP SALES!!  

Which brings me back to "in the good old days".....if there wasn't access to something.....if something wasn't in season....well you lived without it.  You made a different plan.  You managed.  And you probably thrived even better because you weren't caught up in trying to get everything just the way you wanted.

I don't know...this is just stuff I have been thinking about recently.  I am wondering if I really "need" all these memberships......or are they just "wants".  Do they end up creating an environment to spend.  Because after all if you have a membership, you can't let it go to waste.....right!?!!

How many memberships do you have?  Do they truly save you money?  Or does it breed the desire to spend?  What are all these huge mega stores and on-line shopping truly doing to our economy? Our true value of the dollar?  

Would love to hear your take on ALL of this?  And how do you save?  Leave a comment below and lets learn from each other!

Blessings and hugs as always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr. Christianson has been a HUGE blessing for me with my ADRENAL issues.  I love his podcast as well.  But the biggest thing is he helps the reader understand how "carbs" (the really good resistant starch, high fiber, plant based carbs) have been getting a bad rap.....and how these carbs can be VERY healing for the adrenals.....and stabilizing for the insulin levels.  And this is the big thing.....I HAVE NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT because of adding these starches back into my meals.  I have been adhering to his recommendation for about 4 months now....and if anything I am stronger, leaner, and better rested because of it! And personally the REST is much more important to me than anything!

It is Saturday!  My handsome hubby and I usually go for a very long walk/hike on Saturdays.  Usually about 1 1/2 hours.  But it has ranged from one hour to 2 1/2 hours.  I love these walks.  I really feel my system reset as Dr. Christianson talks about in his book.  Today is going to be lovely.  So I am sure once I am done here off we will go! :)

But I still did do 10 minutes on the mini tramp...It is just so good for the lymphatic system....I can't encourage it enough to everyone!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Food on Friday

Food Food Food....

We are an obsessed world about food!

We worry about feeding the poor yet we waste more than we ever have in history.  Have you ever gone by a restaurant or grocery dumpster at the end of the day!?

There are boxes and boxes of items in stores labeled and advertised as "food".....but what are they really?  Can you read any of the ingredients?

There is an amazing history behind how wacky and far removed "food" has become from real FOOD!  The kind grandma and grandpa use to put on the table.  The kind of food that took time....real time to prep and appreciate.

Now we live in a time where there is a food war of what is the best quality...organic or non-organic....beans or no beans....rice or no rice....milk or no milk.....plant based...animal based.....ugh!

It is all exhausting for so many, but it is also exciting.

Exhausting for a a family trying to eat good healthy food on a limited budget.

Exciting because awareness is opening up eyes and consciences about WHAT REAL FOOD IS!

So here is my take....how I manage the hurtle of keeping costs down as well as instilling all I have learned over the last 7 years....and trying to not get freaky about it.

First....NO processed junk in our house!  A boxed meal DOES NOT EVER enter into our home!

ALL single ingredient food:  meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, coconut milk, other non-dairy milk, spices, oils (no vegetable,...junk oils), vinegar, beans, rice, nut flours, tea, coffee, seeds....you get the idea.

If on the occasion I have something in our pantry that is from a box: granola, rice crackers, etc.....they have to have just a handful of ingredients and I have to be able to understand them....ie: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, molasses....or rice, salt, potato starch....

Okay so back to how I shop....

First....especially if a person isn't going to eat organic then at least take a good pre/probiotic to encourage healthy gut flora!


I really try to not get freaky about it.  I strive for the dirty dozen, clean 15 list.  Especially celery!!!  But no matter what....organic or non-organic....I rinse all of them off in a vinegar bath....even the thick peeling fruits and veggies.  This bath helps ensure any bugs or toxins from ground to store are removed.  As far as organic....I look at if it has a really thick skin (oranges, bananas, avocados) then I will go for sales...try not to worry about organic.  I would love to do 100% organic but I have to be practical and respectful to my husbands income as well as our entire families needs. This is where the probiotics really become important.  So something a person can wager is what is the cost difference of buying a good probiotic and quality multi-vitamin with greens to supplement not going 100% organic?  Basically would 100% organic actually cost less or about the same.....because good quality supplements aren't cheap!!

I do shop only the sales for the produce.....and then add a handful of our mainstays.....and luckily the stores are becoming more and more aware of the want and push for organic....so my carrots, celery, and lettuces are ALWAYS organic!


This has it's own baggage of health concerns, just the make up of dairy....but for the most part the big thing about dairy is if it is hormone free and if it is overly "cleaned", processed.  This is the thing....if a person can tolerate dairy.....raw, fresh is the best.  It still has all the good bugs in it.

That being said....truly the only dairy that enters our home is greek yogurt and cheese for beans...and this if for darling daughter.  I can't tolerate it....dd really shouldn't but it is not a battle worth fighting.  I would rather dairy than sugar!   Anyways.....it MUST come from a grass fed cow....hormone free for me to be comfortable with it coming in my home.

Which brings me to....


This is where I am probably going to get in trouble with A LOT of people....even friends.  Living in the middle of FEED LOT country.....BUT....I am only sharing what my practices are and why....I am not here to cause another OPRAH incident!

This is the thing....there is some amazing, compelling studies about corn, grains, etc....and how these create inflammation in our systems.  How they are not healthy for us.  Also there is some interesting documentation on how this even creates issues in the animals.  But let's say it wasn't an issue....here is the biggie....most grain fed animals are also coming from farms that are being pumped with hormones and junk.  AND that is not good for us!!

So for my family it is a no brainer.....MEAT HAS TO BE HORMONE FREE....AND GRASS FED!

Luckily my hubby hunts so most of our red meat is venison.  But when we have beef.....I really pick up the sales.  I always look to see when Natural Grocers has sales.  We have bought into a part of a cow before.  Chicken is easier to find.  For example I found at United several months ago 4 amazing whole chickens on sale that were hormone, antibiotic free, free range......



Now we live in an MEAT obsesses world.  WE ARE OMNIVORES!  Therefore I truly and firmly believe we should eat seasonally....eat what is in season to get the most bang for your buck as well as get the most nutrition form the food.  Our protein can and should come from a variety....not just ANIMAL.  We truly don't need red meat every single day!  We don't need animal meat every single day.  We CAN THRIVE on having animal meat just a few times a week and then using fish and plant based protein throughout the rest of the week.

This world of MEAT MEAT MEAT has become crazy and obsessive.

What it really comes down to is.....


Now at this point I could plug in a bunch of links and info to compel you but at the end of the day we each have to decide what is best for our own situation...our own family....our own convictions.  Thus my thoughts are if a person really wants to know more about some of this THEY TRULY WILL RESEARCH IT!

But where to look is always a good questions.

So with that I will share with you my go to people, resources that lead me in the right direction:


Those are my biggies.  There are many others but I know even if they don't have the answers I am looking for they are going to lead me in the right direction.

I would love to hear your take on FOOD....and how you manage not getting obsessed with all the conflicting and sometimes overwhelming information put out there!  Leave comments and/or questions below so we can learn together!

Have a glorious Friday!
Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This is one of the funnest cookbooks I have.  If you are just tired of veggies and dishes having the "same old" flavor.  Feel like you need some pizzazz with not too much work?  NOM NOM PALEO is the one for you!  Plus it is fun to read the comics in it!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Usual wake up push-ups, kickbacks, stretching.   But this morning I opted to not do the mini-trampoline.  I knew I was going to be taking my daughter to her guitar lesson this morning and there is a gym at the church so I will have the opportunity to walk laps for about 30-40 minutes.  But to still get some great lymphatic drainage going I did jumping jacks, and for growth hormone stimulation pull ups.  I did 4 sets of 5 pull-ups and 1 minute of jumping jacks.  Done in 7 minutes....felt great!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

I did my grocery shopping yesterday....found some amazing deals.  I am loving being able to get back into the swing of really saving with a purpose.  One of the ways I am able to always cut back on costs is using cash.  Everyone has their methods...what works for them.  But for me CASH is KING.....as Dave Ramsey would say.

So here are just a few of my great finds....and how I plan on taking advantage of these sales into meals.

At United....

BANANAS .37 cents a pound

*I picked up 2 bunches (5 pounds) for $1.92.  As they turn brown I will either turn them into some paleo muffins....but more than likely I will cut them into pieces and freeze them to use in smoothies.  One of my daughters favorite mid day snack is to blend up some bananas and strawberries a scoop of collagen, water and blend!

CABBAGE .47 cents per pound

SWEET ONIONS .99 cents a pound

ZUCCHINI  $1.29 per pound

SWEET POTATOES .99 cents a pound

*This is the most amazing potato (in my opinion)....it can be sweet but I have fallen in love with roasting them with spices that really make your mouth burst with flavor.  I have some green chili in my freezer from New Mexico (thank you Mom and Dad!!!)....and I plan on dicing the potatoes with the onions, zucchini, green chili toss it all with olive oil, salt, garlic....put into the oven on broil for however long it takes to get that nice dark brown to all sides.  Yum!!

JONAGOLD APPLES .99 cents a pound

* I cut up an apple a day for my daughter (she has braces) so she can snack on them during lessons....but I also will chop up some apple with the cabbage and make a simple slaw....with those two items, salt, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, a pinch of cayenne, garlic....bam!


EB EGGS $1.77

*My family loves loves loves eggs....they are so versatile.   My hubby will love having some fried up eggs with the roasted veggies from above.

 CANNED COCONUT MILK $1.99  (Both United and Natural Grocers had this on sale!)

Well that is all I have time for on this Thursday.....these sales are good til next Tuesday (Feb. 2).  Open up your grocery mailers and see how you can plan your meals around the sales.  You might discover just how creative you can become as well as save LOTS of money!

Tomorrow I will talk a bit more about food....what my thoughts are on organic....grass fed.....how I shop and what I do to eat as clean and wholesome as I can and still save money.

Have a glorious Thrifty day!  And if you have any thrifty thoughts PLEASE share....I always love saving a buck :).....Leave comments below and teach me any of your tricks!

Blessings and hugs always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  I have had this little book for YEARS now!  I love it.  These simple ingredients have saved me soooo much money with cleaning supplies....hair products....bath products....and so much more!

Today....my regular get up....push-ups....kickbacks...stretch.....
Once I got on the mini trampoline (finished rosary and started a podcast with Joyce Meyer).....I decided I wanted to do something different every minute... I set a timer to go off every minute....
from there I rotated every minute for 20 minutes total from:
mini trampoline (with weighted vest.....you can put a few books in a backpack)
deep squat with medicine ball overhead throw
step ups with 10# weights
up right rows with 10#
knee up twists with medicine ball (standing lift knee to opposite elbow, twist, change to other side)
bicep curls with squats 10#
*basically I just kept moving from anything each minute....it didn't matter the sequence...
*Ended with deep mat stretching...done!

Yesterday evening went for a fabulous walk with hubby (about 30-40 minutes)

***Today....I will be seeing my wonderful functional doc to do this crazy vibrating machine....its fun!  And I will be moving wood flooring from one room to the next.....soooo tomorrow I for see as a much lower key day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What is your Why on Wednesday


Yesterday I said I would go more into this today....so here I am...lol....

It's all the rage these days to do a detox....or to plan on fasting during lent from sugar.....or to do a first of the year cleanse.....

I have been asked many times what my thoughts are on any of those.....and my response is "it depends."

There is value behind any and all of those above.....BUT what is the PURPOSE....what is the end goal?

A detox or cleanse can be very good and beneficial if you have been creating too much stress in your life and your noticing your body is getting sluggish.  Or you realize you REALLY want to make some life changes and it is a good jump start to a healthier life style.  And even those of us who eat really clean already but might inadvertently had a cross contamination while traveling or need to figure out some stuff about your health.....these can be beneficial.   A fast, especially a spiritual fast, can be amazing, eye opening, profoundly humbling.....when done for the right reasons!

This is my hesitation....my "it depends".....

SOOOOOO many people (especially women) use those terms above as a way to self-punish.  When a person is thinking negative thoughts about themselves, not loving who they are, and say "I need to detox from all this junk!".....or "I need to go on a diet because I am too fat."  or "I'm going to fast during lent from (fill in the blank) and maybe I'll lose a little bit of weight too..."   Those are all negative....non-loving statements.

Instead.....if I person says...."Ya know I've been feeling sluggish.  I realize I haven't been taking care of myself as best as I can.  I think I am going to do a detox or cleanse to kick start my getting back on track to taking care and nurturing myself."   or....."I don't want to diet.....I know I have not made some great food choices over the years so I am going to slowly implement some lifestyle changes and see how I feel from that."  and....."Lent is coming up.....maybe I will fast from TV and go for a walk in the evening instead to get some fresh air and take care of this amazing temple God has gifted me with."

The difference is LOVE!

When a person chooses to do one of those above out of punishment....it is because they are not LOVING themselves.  They are not feeling worthy of themselves.....they are feeling many emotions but the one they are not feeling is love.

BUT.....when you can honestly look in the mirror and say...

...then there will be fruit from any of the above.

I want to share with all of you an amazing friend who started her own blog.....and she is doing exactly this!  She is asking herself her WHY? She is choosing to make better choices for herself because SHE KNOWS SHE IS AN AMAZING WARRIOR WOMAN for Christ and she desires to be even better!

Check out her blog:  LETTERS FULL OF LOVE.....you won't be disappointed....you will be inspired....and you might just realize about your WHY?!

Have an amazing Wednesday.....

I hope to hear WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Please leave comments and questions below.  I love hearing from you all!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK/LISTEN OF THE DAY:  Today it is not a book but a podcast :).....I realized most of the time I will feature a book but there are times that I really have a podcast I want to feature or shout out about....so today I want to share, once again about LOVE YOUR BODCAST.  Podcast #42 and 43 address this topic especially.  See if it resonate within you.  I love love love this podcast....I especially love looking through the list of choices and seeing which one that day really speaks to me.  Which one has a message that I need be reminded about what an amazing Warrior Woman I am!!!

Yesterday afternoon once hubby got home we went for a fabulous walk before dinner.
This morning my usual push-ups, kickbacks, stretches to get my day going.
I forgot to mention on Monday....once my rosary is completed I then start a podcast of Joyce Meyer and then Parenting on Purpose.  They are great fuels for me to move/workout to.  But find what sparks joy for you to move!
Thus once I was on the mini trampoline I realized I wanted to just alternate walk/jog.  I held 2# weights and would "walk" for a few minutes, then tighten up, pump arms really good and increase speed almost like a sprint for about a minute....then walk/jog again to gain breath.  20 minutes....done!  Stretched.....rolled up mat and ready for my tea! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tasty Tuesday

Oh my goodness gracious.....I had the tastiest green shake yesterday! I totally loved the color as well!  It was refreshing....delightful....filling....and very detoxifying for the system!

For me being conscientious of what I eat, how I eat, when, and all those little details some may take for granted...well I can't.  So when I find something that not only is enjoyable with no ill side effects it is fabulous! LOL....

I got the idea from a detox shake Dr. Axe had posted about....and I put my own spin on it:

1 scoop of collagen (non-gelling) 
3 leaves of cabbage
1/3 cucumber
2 slices of fresh ginger
1 tbs dried parsley (I didn't have any fresh)
1 lemons worth of juice
2 drops of peppermint essential oil (food grade only)
3 drops of stevia
1 cup of coconut milk/almond milk mix
1 tbs chia seeds
1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup of water


Oh wow it was DELIGHTFUL!  So much so.....that I WILL DO THAT AGAIN THIS MORNING!

***I'll save my thoughts about detoxes, diets, cleanses, self-care, self-love, and how it all relates to being a woman....how and when it can be helpful or hurtful.....for tomorrows posting.....


hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly :)

BOOK OF THE DAY:  If you have not discovered the super power house of coconut oil as of yet...YOU TRULY ARE MISSING OUT!!!  I truly survived on it back in Aug/Sept for our family cruise.  I brought a jar of it with me....and before most meals I would take in about a teaspoon of it.  If I felt cravings I have a spoonful.  If I was having low energy....I had a spoonful.  It helps boost the brain, immune system....they are now showing research in how it helps with many autoimmune conditions...and SO MUCH MORE!!  Check it out!

I love these amazing compact weights!
Total time was 20 minutes....this is what it looked like:
4 minute mini trampoline
1 minute deep (all the way down squat) holding 10lb KB come up push the KB all the way up in the air to do a shoulder press then bending only at the elbows bring the weight behind you to do a tricep press.
1 min 15lb KB (same movement as above) deep squat, shoulder press, tricep press
1 min 20lb KB deep squat, shoulder press
1 min 35lb KB hold at handle now, deep squat, upright row when stand
30 sec 10lb KB tricep kick back (left side)
30 sec 10lb KB tricep kick back (right side)
1 min mini tramp recovery
*if you look the KB part totals 6 minutes so I repeated all of that for a 2nd set.
4 minutes of cool down on the mini tramp

Stretch.....man that felt good!

***yesterday the other movement I got into the day other than my morning workout....I did lots of deep cleaning...climbing up for dusting....moving pictures and books around so lots of purposeful squatting, up and down.....and had a fabulous 30-40 minute walk with my handsome hubby!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Motivated Movement on Monday

Mary!  She is my motivation to get up in the mornings and get moving.

"What not God?!"....may be the outcry....but let me explain.....it is God....whole heartily.....but I am able to use Mary just as He did...a vessel...a motivator....
A MOTHER who lovingly prompts me to get my day going.


As soon as I open my eyes laying there in my bed waking my mind, body, and soul....I start to reflect on WHO am I offering up my morning rosary for.  Once I have it clear in my head, I roll out of bed (literally) on to the the floor to start doing deep breathing exercises.  As I am sitting there on my knees taking each breath into my diaphragm, holding, and then exhaling....I am further reflecting on my prayers I am about to start.  I thank God for giving ME  yet one more day to say I LOVE YOU....I am here to do YOUR WILL.

I then quickly do anywhere from 20-40 pushups...it truly just depends on how motivated I feel.  Then 20 kickbacks on each side, with 10 side raises.  I finish up with a downward dog stretch....reach up....shake out....grab my phone and head to the bathroom.

This is where I start my rosary app.  As I start praying for my intentions, the app helps keep me focused and keeps my mind from wondering and getting cluttered with other junk.  Now many of you may not think of body brushing as a "movement" sort of thing....but it helps stimulate the lymphatic system to do its job plus it is great for helping your body slough off the dead skin and give great circulation to the body.

Here I am praying my rosary while I oil pull, body brush, get dressed, spit oil, tongue scrape, brush teeth, head to the kitchen, bring mini trampoline into house (too cold for garage right now), any weights or kettle bells I am going to use, start my tea, pour lemon juice with apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it down!  I breath....smile....put on my shoes sit for a moment on the edge of the mini trampoline to make sure I am still present to my rosary.

I determine in my head at that point...."I need to get moving.....this is good for my thyroid....what is my fatigue level....how much should I or shouldn't I do....."

Then I step on the mini trampoline and start "walking".....at this point my rosary either is ending up or has one more decade left.  For me it  is important to get on my mini trampoline before my rosary is complete because I won't sit during my rosary therefore if it is still going then I have to be moving....therefore I might as well get warmed up while I determine what my motivation level is!

It is funny because I have ALWAYS loved working out...exercise....movement....BUT ON MY TERMS!!!  LOL....

What I mean is....I really don't care for sports, organized exercise, even classes....I LOVE IT ON MY TERMS...SOLITARY....now in the afternoons, evenings...even mid morning....I love going for walks with others....hikes....and I do like participating in 5K's but for the most part I don't want to be bound by someone else's expectations of what I should or shouldn't be doing with my exercise.

I understand some people need outside motivation.....they thrive on the gym or class scene.  I don't....probably because I love to start my day out with movement/exercise and I also like my personal space in the morning.

I think many people who do not exercise have just not found what works right for them.  They are intimidated....or see it as "work".....and I understand some of us just don't find exercise as a fun thing to do.

BUT....I want everyone to understand MOVEMENT doesn't have to be boring...WORK....drudgery.

I didn't grow up in a highly active family so trust me it wasn't something that just came naturally in that sense.  For me it was in internal motivation.  I realized I truly felt better, MIND, BODY, SOUL better, when I moved.

I dabbled with weight lifting in high school but really fell in love with it when I was in the Navy.  For me that was my fit.  But back in the 90's chronic cardio was still the fad....so hadn't learned the art of moving for short bursts and feeling really great about it and reaping amazing results for it.

FAST FORWARD....2016....for the last 5 years I have fine tuned my MOVEMENT to not be work....to truly be fun....enjoyable...and something I look forward to EVEN and especially WHEN I'm having low energy due to my thyroid.

It doesn't matter what your health condition is, your motivation, your skill, your whatever....you too CAN love moving.....and keep the "workout" on the shelf....and focus more on MOVING the body for health and wellness in your MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Okay I have shared what my "warm up" basically looks like above....but what about the part where I actually work up a sweat and get my metabolism working but not push it too hard to create more havoc for my adrenals?!

These days, this is what a workout may look like for me:

15-20 minutes on the mini trampoline, rotating say 1 minute on the mini, a minute doing a kettle bell swing, another minute on the mini, then 5 pull ups, a minute on the mini, a minute of jumping jacks, a minute on the mini, a minute with lunges.....you get the idea.....that is a very motivated kind of day.

A not so motivated day may be something like this.....

5 minutes on the mini, 2 minutes of step ups with over head press (2-5 pound weights in my hands for the mini and the stepup/press ups)....rotating something like this for 15-20 minutes...

A really not motivated day....

15-20 minutes mini tramp with weights in hand...."jog/walk"....pop off from time to time to do a plank or wall sit for a minute....pop back on...etc....

BUT NO MATTER WHAT I GET ON THE MINI TRAMP EVERY MORNING OUT OF PURPOSE AND PRACTICE.....because I KNOW just because I may not FEEL like it at the moment....I KNOW I WILL FELL BETTER once I have started.....

Think of those wind up toys....or a jack in the box.....you have to turn and turn and turn the handle before they can GO GO GO......that is how I view my thyroid....my metabolism.....since I have a slow burning metabolism (I learned that from the DNA testing I did back in November) it needs some help....some prompting....some winding up!

With all this in mind I realized I am going to start sharing what I did for my workout each day.  At the end of each posting after the BOOK OF THE DAY.....I am going to add MY MOVEMENT/EXERCISE TODAY WAS......and then I will post what I did that morning.....and what I did through out the day before....I will figure it all out.....so you can see that movement does not have to be just one isolated moment in the day.  If you truly don't have the time for even 15 minutes then you CAN break it up into 1-5 minute bursts throughout the day.  You don't need gadgets to keep track of your steps (you can use them if they truly help you) but all you need really is your MIND, BODY, SOUL......you know what you are or aren't doing in the day.....YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE to move with motivation!!!

Have a glorious and blessed Monday!

I would love to hear how you move with motivation!  Leave a comment below on what works best for you....or what kind of motivation you think you need!?  Let's all help each other!!

hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This book of 40 DAYS OF BETTER LIVING....was simple, easy and quick for each day.  What I liked about it when I did it was how it was written truly as a devotional sort of layout.  Very simple to read, reflect, and journal in 5-10 minutes tops.  There were many things I was already doing.  For me I did it because it was about refocusing on health being about GOD as my focus not aesthetics.  I didn't agree with some of the nutritional recommendations, but that is because we have learned so much about health that I just pretty much ignored that aspect of it and focused on my veggies and minimal meat.

MOVEMENT FOR THE DAY:  This morning I was feeling really slow....so I started out on the mini trampoline and sure enough within 5 minutes I was feeling good so I then started to rotate 1 minute mini, 1 minute lunges, I did this 3 times, then went into a rotation of 1 min mini, 1 min jumping jacks, I threw in 1 minute of deep squats....I rotated all this for right at 20 minutes....got off....did some deep stretching for about 5 minutes and called it good.   Later today I plan on going for a walk because it is going to be beautiful!  I will probably be moving around a lot today between lessons on the yoga ball, and standing at my kitchen counter working on the budget, and during my phone date with a dear friend I will do deep house cleaning......all great movement and variety for the body!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Simple Sunday

Many of us will spend today going to church, watching football, read our papers, and plan for our week.

I really like keeping Sunday's simple.  I love being able to get up in the morning....re-read the readings....reflect on all the amazing blessings God has gifted us with the week.....and anticipating with great thought just what He has in store for me with the upcoming week.

I especially love the hour my daughter is meeting with her religious ed group (CCD for all of us old-school...lol...).   This hour is between the two main masses of our parish and we always attend the later one.....so for me I sit in the empty church read, write, reflect and just breath in God's presence.  Breath in all He has to share with me.  I love this hour.

Yet recently I have been feeling a tug.  There are many amazing adult formation classes going on during that same hour.  I am torn with wanting to attend one of them or keep my peaceful hour.

Here is some of the chatter that goes on in my head:

If I attend a class then I can't guarantee my daughter and I will be able to sit where we normally sit. (Hubby is in choir so we never need to consider where he sits...lol)  Daughter likes routine, likes same spot....so do I.

If I attend a class I won't be able to have my quiet hour.  And sometimes that is my ONLY quiet time in a week.

If I attend a class I have to....well who knows what other excuse I can make!

But if I look at the other side:

If I attend a class, who knows what kind of amazing blessings and growth I can experience with this opportunity.

If I attend this class I could meet some amazing fellow Catholic Christians to grow from and or even help grow!

And really....I can't figure out an hour to myself during the week?  Didn't I just comment last Sunday  about how amazing God provided by waking me earlier in the mornings so I could do just that....have time alone?  How selfish or greedy am I really?

And really.....if that seat, that usual spot, if it is meant to be ours then it will be ours...if not maybe just maybe we are suppose to sit somewhere else and be a blessing to someone near us!

Which had me really reflecting on Pope Francis talking about how we are the church.  In his book THE CHURCH OF MERCY he talks about evangelizing, being the church and  much more.  A dear friend of mine was sharing how he states, we need to basically be "networking" within our pews, our church family, and out....even more.  I am starting this book this week...btw...:)....

It has me pondering and realizing my very introverted, phlegmatic self, has been willing to push out my sanguine self at church.   If I am willing to reach out and learn when I am at the store, my doctors office, out and about....then what has happened at church?!


What is my resistance?

The realization came to me earlier this week:

I had entwined myself many years ago within one of the departments.  It had a purpose for my daughter.  But, point being, my volunteer work that started out just a few hours a week grew into so many hours a week that a position was actually created for me to receive a stipend.  I did that for 2 years.  I was honored and humbled that my time and work were valued to the extent to feel they wanted/needed to pay me.

Then my health took a fascinating turn, forcing me to step back and evaluate anything outside of my daughters education as well our family needs.  This was parallel with my daughter being junior high age and her education needing to take some turns and direction that DEMANDED more attention from me.

Thus unplugging from my church, my volunteering, my work, was necessary and important.  And I have seen the amazing blessings and growth that has taken place this last year as I was obedient to God's calling me to do just that....to care for my health, my daughters education, and our families needs.

But NOW HE is reminding me that I can't retreat, pull away forever....that He has more work for me to do and it starts at church....because HIS people ARE the church.....and that is where we learn, grow, love the best.  

We were CREATED to LOVE....and how do we love?  
We can't do that alone.  

Thus today....as I sit during my solitary hour before mass I will reflect on where exactly does HE need and want me to start getting involved again within HIS CHURCH....my FAITH FAMILY....?

I have created CHURCH FAMILY out at the store, at my docs office, random places....and now it is time for me to COME HOME to my FIRST FAMILY....and grow with them once again....and quit isolating myself....quit feeling like I don't belong....quit complicating my thoughts....

When I remember God calls us to LOVE....
then it's simple to remember...
we can't LOVE on our own!!!

How do you keep your faith simple on Sunday?  And how do you LOVE?  Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

have a glorious and blessed day!
hugs and prayers always,

TODAY'S BOOK: I love this simple little book I can get each year.  It helps me prepare for mass each week.  I take the time to read God's word each morning with my daughter, preparing not only for the upcoming Sunday's mass readings, but studying God's word to help us live our life better!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Celebrations on Saturday

I have this thing about dates.

For every date in my life that had a sorrow or a pain THERE IS something to celebrate on THAT SAME DATE years later.

Sometimes the order is reversed....or sometimes it is just a realization of "oh wow, this happened on this date years ago."  And sometimes it is truly a saving grace, a resurrection of a deep hurt that needs some light shed upon that date.

Just a few examples of this type of date correlation in my life is:

February 14: While still in high school a dear friend of mine died in a car accident.  It was horrific.  I loved this boy not romantically but in the familial/agape love.  He was my dear confidant.  My cheerleader.  He helped me feel normal in the midst of uncertainty in high school.  I was crushed by his death.  His family asked me to do his eulogy.  I wasn't even sure I would be able to get through it.

Fast forward....I met my hubby while we were in the Navy.  He was constantly out at sea.  THE ONLY HOLIDAY he was EVER CONSISTENTLY HOME FOR was VALENTINES DAY!!  It became our Christmas!  We made sure Valentines Day was always celebrated in a really big way.  I truly never saw at the time what God was doing with that day.  That He was giving it life again!

August 15:  We chose this amazing date for our daughter to be baptized.  My hubby and I chose it to honor Mary.  It is her feast day of  Assumption.  On our daughters baptismal day, so many years ago, my wonderful hubby received a call from his aunt.  She was thanking him for picking his moms birthday to honor her memory, her death.  My hubby truly had not remembered it was her birthday, he was so young when she died and there were lots of things he had blocked out from his childhood. And I had no clue.  Again...God was creating healing....shedding light on dark...on sorrow!

I have written about my miscarriage and April 1.  You can read it here.....

I have written about my Daughters birthday....read here.....

There are many other dates in my life that may not be as big or some people would maybe not even see the significance but I do.  I see the correlation....

I smile that my amazing Grandmother who had also been in the Navy died on the Anniversary date of my enlistment.

And then yesterday as I was reflecting on the Roe V Wade date....my hubby reminds me it was his anniversary date of his job.  His job has brought us many adventures, has provided for us, and we have actually both grown closer to our Lord because of his job.

BUT EVEN BIGGER....is last night we attended a Mass Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our amazing parish priest.  Here is a man who is truly a Godly man....a man who is peaceful....strong...an amazing homilist....and so much more.


I challenge you today to reflect on dates and times in your life.  Can you remember a dark date....a day the devil tried to create havoc in your life or tried to keep a dark cloud around it because of hurts, pain, mistakes....and maybe just maybe years later GOD renewed it?  This may take time.  Write down these dates in a journal, piece of paper, anywhere....and allow your heart and soul to reflect on them over the next few weeks and see if you can't find the light shining out of the darkness!!!

I would love to hear your story!

Have a blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,

THE BOOK OF THE DAY:  Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman.  This book was and is still my favorite book.  I started reading this book to my daughter when she wasn't even a month old.  I wanted it to be ingrained in her soul how very special she was.  How much of a miracle she was to us.  And how very precious HER LIFE was...not only to us but to GOD.  It is a beautifully written story about the journey a baby makes from the womb to the world!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Finding Me on Friday

42 years ago ROE V WADE was put into place.....


I was born in 1974.....

My parents had a choice.....

They chose life!!!

And because of that simple choice...that act of faith....


MY LIFE....with all of you!

Today how are you going to say THANK YOU to your parents for saying YES to life?

Today how are you going to show the world...or even your neck of the woods...how you believe in the SANCTITY OF LIFE....ALL LIFE?!

Our local area does a yearly WALK FOR LIFE.  It takes place tomorrow....and that is what I will be doing...I will be showing my support....my stand....my belief....my THANK YOU to my parents for saying YES to life!

Have a fabulous Friday.....
hugs and prayers always,

PS.....I have really enjoyed sharing the books as my pictures that with the whole TAYLOR MARSHALL inspired thought (he has a verse of the day and a latin word of the day for his podcast!)....I am going to keep ending my postings with the BOOK OF THE DAY :)....so with that....

THE BOOK OF THE DAY:   I haven't actually read this book yet....and it truly sparked joy when I picked it up between the holidays...but I loved the idea of growing even deeper in Love with God and my prayer life.....so I will start this prayer dare book today and keep you all posted on how it is going!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thankful on Thursday

I thank my amazing Lord for ALL experiences in life.
I thank Him for my friendships....my family....my health....my challenges....my triumphs....my EVERYTHING!

BECAUSE....through each of these I GROW CLOSER TO HIM.

I remember when I struggled to achieve a pregnancy with my darling daughter.  I at the time had been teaching other couples about fertility care and how to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, naturally, with care, with God, with the MIND BODY SOUL approach of our fertility....not as if it were a disease.

There were many couples I helped by teaching them to understand how their bodies worked.  I also remember when one particular person who I respected and loved did become pregnant and I still had not.  I was devastated.  I was heart broken.  I was angry.  I was even judgmental in my head.  I would think "why them, why not me!!"

Then my hubby swooped in and saved me....he helped me understand that it was confirmation I was teaching correctly.  I knew my stuff.  And that we don't know the why or reason but one day maybe we will.

That woke me up to not covet, to not judge, to not feel sorry for myself.  Especially since it was not in my character to be like that.  I do have flaws but those tend to not be my go to flaws...lol.

Flash forward....this last year has had its challenges with my health.  Heck really if all of us  reflect on our life, each year has some sort of challenge we can reflect on, and it sticks out in our life.  For me I have always been able to look back and truly see the purpose.  I am able to always see at least one if not several purposes....and that's not even counting all the ones HE hasn't even revealed yet or may never reveal.

But this last year I started to feel that same feeling that had been long forgotten from many years ago.  That "why them, why not me".....why does so and so have to be so healthy when I do this and this and this......or why does this person get to stay up at all hours of the night and it not effect their health....why does life seem to come so easy to this person or that person.....and so on.  You get the gist of the ugly slinging that went on in my head.  The whoa is me mentality....the judgmental Congo line....and the lack of gratefulness to those in my life and all I have learned.

And then GOD REMINDED ME.....HE'S not done with me yet.  And LOOK at all I have learned and ALL I have helped because of the place HE has allowed me to be in.  LOOK at how much I am able to refer to amazing powerhouses from the bible like: Joseph, Job, Daniel, Abraham, and even Jonah.

And then I was humbled even more.....instead of feeling hurt or even grumbling and to avoid crossing over into coveting and judging....He reminded me to bless those around me even more! To look at another persons life and see all the good they are doing, and lift them up into prayer because it takes a great deal of strength to do God's work and His will.  Look at another persons life and find compassion in I don't know their whole story, I have no idea what burden they are struggling with, or what God has asked of them.  Look at another persons life and be grateful they are in my life to learn from, because we all touch each others life with sparks and ripples; it is then our job to make sure we take that spark or ripple and use it for good!

Thus I close with I am SO THANKFUL to ALL those in my life....whether a moment in the store....a week long encounter of helping someone find their understanding of their health.....whether it is a friendship that has endured years of ups and downs.....or family that we must love because they are who God chose for us to learn from and love.

I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL MY CIRCUMSTANCES....I do not grumble or covet or judge or ask WHY because I KNOW there is amazing growth and gifts in ALL OF IT!!

How do you find your thankfulness in the middle of storms and challenges?!

Have a thankful and blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly ;)

PS....today's book has really helped me learn more about my Thyroid and how it can truly effect so much of our health....it is truly a must read for every and all....not only if you have unexplained health issues but also for preventative.  I especially love the chapter summaries at the end of each chapter. It makes it a great easy reference when look for something or just want to jog your memory.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wellness on Wednesday

Yesterday's smoothie was fabulous!  The problem for me:  it was too much "sugar" first thing in the morning.  In my enthusiasm to try the mixed berries and the recipe I had posted for you all, I failed to remember insulin is more sensitive in the morning and especially for me.

I have learned if I eat fruit, even berries, it needs to be in the afternoon and/or evening so not to create a spike.  Needless to say it created a nauseousness and slight edgy feeling most of the day, but that's okay.  Why?  Because life is about continual learning. Experimenting. Exploring. Challenging. Hacking. And waiting!

So what did I learn?  I still am sensitive to insulin spikes in the morning.  I must stick to what I knew before.  And to not beat myself up over it.

It is interesting because I know most or many people have a sweet tooth.  No wonder sugar is such a hard habit to break.  But me I am a creamy and savory kind of gal.  I can eat a jar of pickles if given the choice.  And I love ice cream not because of the sweetness to it, but because of the creamy.....thus cheese was and is still the hardest food item for me to avoid.  But I just remind myself all the health benefits I reap when I do avoid dairy and I know I can't argue with it.

There are many times I will make a sweet treat, or shake, or something all for the benefit of others, especially my sweet young daughter.  She has a sweet tooth about the size of this world.  Part of it I wonder if it is to just drive me crazy...lol.

Something I really learned from this experience is I really appreciate and enjoy my soups or green shakes in the morning.  I love that salty warm comfort of the soup.  Or the refreshing tang of the veggies as I sip a smoothie.  Just because most everyone else loves that sweet tooth, I don't have to if it's not in my DNA to love it.  I can appreciate it, respect it, and even enjoy it from time to time in the evening if I really want to but if I don't then that's ok....bring me my jar of sauerkraut instead!!!

Which brings me to.....I am beyond excited.   I am finally going to try to make my own fermented sauerkraut.  Our local grocery store has cabbage on sale for .37 cents a pound.   I knew I was going to get some for slaw, stir fry, and wraps for this week.  Then I realized....this is the perfect time for me to finally try it!

I will finally have those jars of cabbage sitting on my counter creating all those amazing probiotic bugs to help continue to do great things for my gut.  

Who knows maybe I will actually venture and make my own kombucha with these berries and then I won't have the insulin spikes....and enjoy all the tang!

Now this adventure will take a bit longer to report about since it will take many days for it to do it's job.  But I look forward to sharing about it!

Well that's about it for today.  Nothing heavy....light and easy....lol....

Off to conquer the world with lessons with great discussions, groceries with lots of saving money, house work with lots of dancing,  and wellness in my mind, body and soul!!!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS....today's book is about the science of how sugar grabs hold of you and how addicting it is.  JJ Virgin also does an excellent job in explaining the fallacy about how some veggies have been dubbed as too high in carbs/sugar......this is a fabulous book to really understand the carb war and what we really need to understand about sugar.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tasty Tuesday

This last couple weeks my body has been fighting something going on....ugh.  The interesting thing is I don't feel bad at all.  I just sound like a person who has smoked all their life every time I cough.  And when I take a really deep belly breath it has a wheezing to it.  Or I should say had....yesterday it was better and today I have great hope and anticipation in all being better :).

Well last week I remembered I had picked up some dried elderberries in the bulk spices and tea section at my local NATURAL GROCERS.  So I started brewing tea from it every morning.  Then as I was cleaning out my tea strainer from the now soft berries it had me thinking and wondering:  couldn't I use these berries now in a smoothie or something with fruit?!

***Quick info plug this little berry is packed full of: C, A, and lots more!!!!

I am a waste not want not kind of gal.  So when it comes to anything in the kitchen my line of thought is:

1.  Can these clippings from veggies or fruit be used for something edible?
2.  If not then compost!

So I had the same thought with these berries that were now soft.  I was about to put them in my compost but I wondered....could I use them!?

Low and behold.....I CAN!!!  I was thrilled.

I made a simple smoothie just because I wanted to check out their texture in a smoothie first before I added anything else.

My recipe consisted of:
1/4 cup of berries softened from tea use
1/4 cup of full fat coconut milk
2 drops of stevia (because I knew the berries weren't sweet at all)
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup ice
Blend and drink!

It wasn't bad.  The berries are seedy.  So it is very similar to blackberries in a smoothie.  They are bland, not a whole lot of pop in the mouth.  So I realized I am going to start throwing in the remainder of my tea berries into my shakes and if I don't want to have one that day then I will put them in the freezer for another day to use.

This morning I am going to try this blend:

2 TBS Great Lakes Collagen (good protein boost, great for gut health, hair, skin, and so much more)
the berries from my tea
1/4 cup of black berries
1/4 cup of blue berries (to add a bit of depth to the taste....that pop!)
tsp of cinnamon
tsp vanilla
2 drops of stevia
1 TBS of Coconut oil
coconut milk
blend and enjoy!

I'll let you know how it turns out :)!

Some really great resources I came across while I was researching it were:

Dr. Mercola - health benefits of the berry, etc.
Wellness Mama - Recipe for making your own cough syrup
Random smoothie recipes.

Have you tried anything with Elderberries before?  What is your experience with it?  Would love to hear and share!

Have a yummy....immune boosting fun filled TASTY TUESDAY!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS...today's book is another great mom who strives to feed her kiddos real food recipes and have it fun in the kitchen.  This was her first cookbook.  You can read in the beginning how her journey of health and wellness came about and then enjoy all her amazing recipes.  She has since come out with many other cookbooks.  She has traveled to Italy and Thai specifically to learn from some amazing chefs and to learn about the areas in order to create her Italian and Thai Cookbooks.  Her recipes are about real food....nutrient dense choices....and lots of great flavor!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Marvelous Moment on Monday

I sit here preparing for my day...my Monday.  Thinking of  all I will need to accomplish for this day.  All that needs to be spaced out for the week.  Knowing I need to probably get going, but not feeling pressured....not feeling stressed....not feeling guilty in just sitting.  Just breathing.  I have completed my morning prayers...my offerings.  I have moved my body to wake up.  

I sit here with my tea looking around me and smile.

And listen.

I hear the fish jump in their tank.
I hear the filter pushing the water through the tank.
I hear my laundry machine in its spin cycle.
I hear the house settling.
I hear my heart beating.

And I wait.....

I wait to hear HIS VOICE!

And that is why I am not in a hurry to move from this spot.   I know He still has stuff to share with me....and all the "to do's" can wait.  I know all will be accomplished with peace and proper timing if I continue to WAIT, BE STILL, AND LISTEN to what He has to share with me on this morning, for this day, for this week, for anything.....I WILL WAIT!  Because HIS WILL is much more peaceful and enjoyable to do than MY WILL.

Have you stopped to listen yet this morning, this day!?

How do you ensure you take time to listen to God's voice in the middle of mind clutter, life activities, and world chaos?!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a marvelous Monday!
blessings and hugs,

PS.....today's book....I absolutely love Dr. Gottfried.  She is passionate about women's health....true health.....she is continually learning and growing and willing to share......I can relate to her on so many levels.  her books are profound in understanding just how unique a woman's body is and how we need to take care of it nutritionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.   It is not only a must read for women, single, married, moms or not.....but I think even young ladies.  Maybe even mom's read it first and see what areas of the book you would want your preteen read, and then what areas as they enter into their teen years....and then young adulthood.  The more prepared our young girls are to take charge of their whole health at a young age....the better they will live the life of abundance and thrive!  (The book I have above is great about understanding the cycle of hormones, and her other book THE HORMONE CURE is a great read as well!)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunshine on Sunday!

No it is not sunny outside at all....well not yet.  I have no idea what the forecast is going to be, I haven't checked my phone or the paper as of yet.  Heck I really don't ever check that stuff ahead of time.  I am the type who can read or watch what the weather is going to be but it doesn't fully compute or process unless I really step outside take it in and determine "OK, this is what 43 in winter is like with a slight breeze at 10 in the morning versus 3 in the afternoon."

Therefore NO I am not talking about the weather :).......

I am talking about life!

Yesterday I woke up with a great deal on my mind.  I had a great deal I needed to visit with my wonderful hubby about.  And a great deal of desires for the day to be accomplished.


I can't voice enough just how much I adore and love my husband.  He is truly the most amazing man.  Here is a man who is a choleric....very alpha.....who is willing to continually adapt and learn and nurture is phlegmatic wife!  We were just laughing yesterday that probably why we are able to actually understand each other is since we both have the secondary temperament of sanguine.  Which of course is a great compliment for his primary but unfortunately a conflict within my primary temperament.    Thus the fact he is willing to role with me is just flat out amazing!

I feel beyond blessed that this man who has been my husband for 21 years and my best friend for 23 is willing to continually learn and grow with me and for me.

Marriage is not easy!

It takes time.....care.....patience.....nurturing....forgiveness.....and AGAPE love!!!!

My advice to  couples....dating....married.....young...old....new to relationship....years under the belt......is ALWAYS date each other.....ALWAYS  learn together......ALWAYS  communicate.....ALWAYS set goals......ALWAYS sacrifice......AND ALWAYS FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

I love love love (to infinity and beyond) my honorable hubby....I wouldn't be the WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN I am today if it truly wasn't for him.  

Today I challenge all couples to reflect and consecrate ONLY on the great things in your significant other.  Focus on that let that resonate as you work on the the tough stuff and NEVER give up!!!!

Have a glorious Sunny Sunday!
Hugs and prayers always,

PS.....today's book picture is about health transformations....but you could also take it as a challenge to transform together as a couple!  I love Mark Sisson and his real world approach to eating real food, moving our bodies in a real sustainable way, and living life to it's fullest!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Short and Sweet on Saturday!




These are all wonderful ways to learn more about your spouse, your child/children, friends, family....YOURSELF!!!

I have always loved learning what makes us tick and how we can communicate best with others as well as help others truly HEAR us.

I am sure it is not a great surprise to hear my LOVE LANGUAGE is WORDS......my TEMPERAMENT is PHLEGMATIC.....and my PERSONALITY is MEDIATOR.

Of course we all have secondaries to each of these which is funny for me because my secondary temperament is actually in conflict with my primary.

My point in all this.....

I realized this week our family has become rusty in recognizing each other's gifts and talents in each of these areas as well as needs.  Thus I decided it would be to our benefit to make a fun game of it this weekend.  Last night we started with the personality tests of reading the questions letting the individual actually answer but also us giggle and help them be more open in realizing an area they may be more of than they realize.  It was fun.  We giggled and were able to see some interesting things about each others personalities.  I look forward to us continuing this weekend.

What we all need to ALWAYS REMEMBER is just because we may know this information or do this doesn't mean it can be put on the shelf and not applied!  It takes continual work....continual practice....continual love and patience.

Hope you all have fun exploring and growing together in this amazing journey of life!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS...today's book picture is of a cook book that has not only been a huge blessing with my health journey this last year but has also been the cook book my darling daughter has enjoyed many recipes from.  It has truly brought our family together and more on the same page of how to eat and why to eat a certain way!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Feeling Fabulous on Friday

I remember the first piece of clothing I ever altered growing up.  It was a red and white polka dot summer dress.  It had wide straps that crossed in the back with this large bow of the same material.  It wasn't an A-line, it had gathering for the seem at the waist for the skirt part of the dress.  I loved this dress when I found it on the clearance rack of what ever store I had been perusing.  The problem is it was 2 sizes too big.  But the price was great! It was under five dollars!  I couldn't pass it up.  My thought was even if I totally mess it up I at least have only spent five dollars and I can always use the material for something.

I have never sewn clothing from a pattern or from scratch.  That requires way more disciple and rule following for my type of artsy mind.  I have always enjoyed seeing something I have and tweaking it.  Or seeing somethings potential.

The last 5 years I fell out of the habit of altering and sewing stuff for myself.  I still love looking for my bargains either at department stores or thrift shops but trying to find something that sparks that perfect joy or that wonderful fit is sometimes not so fun.

As I have become more aware of self-love, self-care, and owning only things that spark joy I have been finding myself leaning toward altering things again. I have realized there are some clothing I really like but I don't like how the manufacture designed it to be.  If it's on the clearance rack and I really like it and the only thing holding me back is because it is too big then I am going to evaluate if I am capable of the alteration job I would want to do to make if feel fabulous!?

That is what I did yesterday for a about an hour and I loved every minute of it.  I really love the smooth material of yoga or running pants but it seems like any more you can't find ones that are made like jogging pants style.  They are all designed to cling and fit tight to your body.  This is just not what I want to wear.

 A while back I found a couple of yoga pants on crazy clearance but they were too big, especially in the waist.  But I really liked how they felt and fit.  I decided to bite the bullet and get them.  For several weeks I kept pinning the waist or rolling them til I could do what I really wanted to do.  The day finally came I was able to sew them and tailor them to my body, my shape, my life!  AND THEY MAKE ME FEEL SO HAPPY....THEY TRULY SPARK JOY!  Not just because of the way they make me feel, but because of the opportunity to also delve back into a craft I once loved dearly and had let fall to the way side.

Thus my message today has many layers...lol...

1.  Only own clothing that makes you feel fabulous.  That reminds you how amazing and beautiful you are RIGHT NOW!

2.  Only own clothing that spark joy to ensure you see nothing but the amazing and beautiful being you are RIGHT NOW!

3.  Rediscover a lost art, talent, craft, hobby, whatever......THAT SPARKS JOY IN YOUR LIFE....and dig in...don't put it off....start doing it again today!

I think these 3 things are so pivotal with self care and self love.....especially for women!

Our society has brain washed us about sooooo many things but I think the number one is setting us up to compare ourselves to other women all the time.  Whether it is the model in a magazine or on a billboard.  Whether it is the mom who seems to do it all and have it all.   Many of us have fallen for this lie and trap, at-least once in our life,  to think we are not ENOUGH because we don't have the measurements to fit into a particular brand.

I say you're not the wrong size, the company got it wrong so you have to just move on to the next brand, company, or dare to create your own size that is catered...tailor made just for you!  Made to put a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and a flutter in your heart when you look in that mirror and say HELLO GORGEOUS YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Have a fabulous Friday....and remember you are amazing....I know I am.....especially in my new "K" Brand of pants :).....

Blessings and hugs,

PS....today's book picture is a unique and amazing book about health and wellness.   Here is a man who truly was able to get into a woman's mind and peel away the layers of what stops so many women from succeeding with health goals.  His book is I believe a fabulous way for women and men to start seeing health and nutrition in the whole body experience and to therefore learn how to truly love yourself and to create a habit of self care.   I had the amazing pleasure to meet him several years ago and he is truly an amazing man!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

I feel fabulous about my grocery shopping trip yesterday!  I focused on just sale items...and even purchased a few "treats" LARABARS which were on sale.  I kept it all under $80!!!!

When I read the book Living Well Spending Less, I loved what she shared....well everything that she shared....but especially about how she started her blog for accountability.  Therefore I thought what a great way for me to also stick to one of my New Years goals of spending less, and only shopping the sales, but to share with you my weekly shopping adventures.

Yesterday I really focused on the sales and thought of what on my list did I really really really need and what could wait that wasn't on sale.  What meals and creative stuff could I do with what was on sale and with what I already had in my frig, freezer, and pantry!

I feel amazingly accomplished in getting this year off to the right start with really revamping our budget once again and weeding out the unnecessary.  I am going to create some amazing meals with all this and continue to thrive with health: MIND, BODY, SOUL!

My family will enjoy all the things I can create and I will enjoy all the fun I will have creating!

Wish I could hang out longer here and tell you all the meals I plan on making with this ensemble but maybe next time :).....

Till tomorrow be healthy....have fun....and have a fabulous day!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS.....today's picture of a book is all about FOOD.....getting back to basics....real food....which is truly what this shopping expedition was all about.....you will see by my receipt the only thing not a one ingredient item is the LARABARS!  Find your joy in creating things from scratch.  It is amazing.....empowering....exhilarating!!!