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Monday, February 29, 2016

Money Matters on Monday

How many of you like drinking green shakes!?

***I know you're wondering what does this have to do with money!?  Just wait....remember the root of money matters is not only knowing how it works but how to budget to use it and save it but how to think outside of the box with thrifty thoughts...and that is where money and I go hand in hand!

I love knowing I can get my pound of greens a day with adding green shakes.  I don't juice because I want all the pulp, the thick good stuff that has so many nutrients and fiber for our body.  I personally feel blending it all together is the better way to go.

Now going through a pound plus of veggies a day could get costly...especially when I try to be as close to 100% organic as possible.  I have found some really great ways to have produce always on hand for my shakes (and even sneaky baked goods) that saves money and saves from spoilage.....FROZEN VEGGIES!  Added bonus.....you then don't have to add ice cubes!

Frozen is the next best thing to fresh because the veggies are flash frozen.  They are frozen at the prime of their taste, ripeness.  I wait til my grocery store has them on sell and I stock up.  Some of my favorite bags of veggies to stock up on are: carrots, peas, spinach, and cauliflower.   These not only are great for my smoothies but they lend fabulously to sneaky recipes.  Carrots mix well into pumpkin muffins....peas and spinach are both great to mix into anything with chocolate.....cauliflower blends well with breads, pancakes, anything light in color.  

Stock up on frozen veggies this week while sales are still going.....or wait cause the sales will be back in about 3-4 weeks....that's the cycle of grocery sales.  You won't be disappointed in all the fun things you can do with frozen veggies outside of stews and stir-frys!

Have a fabulously Monday!

hugs and blessings,

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Celebrate Sunday: Faith, Hope and Love of Health

I have had a gut suspicion for about a month now that I probably have what is called silent Hoshimoto's.  After all, last years lab work showed I was borderline so it really is not a huge stretch to think I actually have it and it just didn't show up on the lab work.  That is one of the things about Hoshimoto's is there is truly no perfect way to diagnose it unless you do a biopsy of the thyroid.

Thus, after my most recent lab work and my t-3 levels being too low again....and other stuff....my doc and I both agreed my diagnosis is Hoshimoto's.

But that is the thing....IT IS NOT WHO I AM.....it is just my current diagnosis.
It doesn't define me.

No more than to say I am a Pescan-Plant-based-Paleo who adheres to an AIP protocol....(that's a mouth full).....lol.... Point being any label is exactly that....a label....and I refuse to be boxed in!  I have never been a boxed in kind of gal.

I had a moment of wow this is real.....and a moment where I possibly wanted to go to the negative....but really not......because that is not me!!!

I had a fabulous visit with a dear friend (also my nutrition coach!) who reminded me all the good stuff I already knew and was already thinking BUT it was soooooo good to hear it out loud and from someone else!


I don't care if there are arguments from all sides of whether an auto-immune disease is or isn't curable.  I don't care how much negative stuff is out there. Because this is what I do know...

I know:
There are great stories of people who have Hoshimoto's who have put it into remission and live amazing thriving lives.

There are stories of others who talk about how it is no longer there.

There are stories of amazing people doing amazing things with and without autoimmune diseases.

There are stories of amazing things happening every day for every type of situation and person.

Thus, today I CELEBRATE another chapter in my story to share.

I CELEBRATE my continual joy in ALL circumstances.  

I CELEBRATE my friends and family who are amazingly supportive and loving. 

I CELEBRATE my AMAZING LIFE and all I am designed to be for this life.  


I CELEBRATE that I WILL RECEIVE JESUS through the Eucharist later today with great joy and excitement. 

I will CELEBRATE so many things today, tomorrow, next week, this year that have NOTHING TO DO with my diagnosis.....


What are you going to Celebrate today on this amazing day our Lord has made!?

hugs and blessings,

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Schedules on Saturday

As you all have probably figured out by now....I love playing with words.  I especially love having a catchy play on words with the titles of my postings.

I've pondered on having theme days before in the past with my blog.  It's just fun for me to play with words and be quirky like that.  In the past I wasn't disciplined enough to sit and write each day.  But with two months under my belt now....I think I have a pretty good rhythm.  Plus I'm up for the adventure of trying our a specific topic for each day of the week for the month of March and see how I like it.

Now Monday yes is still in February but it is a leap year date....the 29th....so I am going to start my themed days on Monday.  This is what they will be :).....

This will be anything that deals with finances....thrifty.....budget....you name it about money!

This will be anything I have learned recently or would like to share about health....nutritional info....workouts....food....recipes....supplements.....vitamins....organic.....sleep....anything related to our general health as well as things that can be helpful with an over all better way of living: MIND BODY, SOUL wellness.

I want to continue to empower women with great stories of other women....how to love ourselves.....how to feel amazing about being a woman!

This amazing gland is becoming more and more of an issue in so many people....I want to share my personal journey on this day as well as things I have learned and am doing for my health that are specific to the thyroid.

Family is so important and sharing ways we can grow and learn together as a family is vital for a healthy home!

This day I have chosen to be a free for all!  Who knows what I may decide to write about on this day.

I want this day to be all about how my faith has formed me.....how faith can bring anyone to LOVE deeper, fuller....how faith is the core of who we are.....and how beautiful HIS sacrifice was.....and thus why we must CELEBRATE each SUNDAY!

I hope you all will enjoy my March adventure of having a theme for each day of the week as much as I am going to enjoy being creative with each day!

I am looking forward to sitting today and SCHEDULING out my ideas ON THIS SATURDAY for March!

hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Organic Faith on Friday

I read the other day in one of my devotionals a description of faith being organic.  I liked what the writer said.  It had me thinking about it.  About how there isn't a formula for faith.  There isn't a specific way we are to walk...learn...embrace our faith.  For each of us it's different.

I've learned with my faith walk it is important to have the discipline and routine's with faith but it is also important to flow and bend each day.  Sometimes something comes up I can't control.  My schedule can sometimes be a bit different due to a circumstance I hadn't anticipated.

Which is then the better faith walk...faith growth?  To be legalistic about what time we do our rosary or do I stop and think about how my daughter is needing some extra time right now with whatever struggle she is having at that moment.  Or I have a friend who is in need of some help or just to have my ear.  Do I tell either of them no because it is the time I do my rosary or chaplet!?  Which is truly more Christ like?  Instead I am going to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me...lead me...love me!

This allows me to be shown how to love others.....how to allow love to be rippled in the situation.  So a deviation from a routine for that day or that moment can be a greater opportunity to grow in faith and love than being legalistic about my routine.

This doesn't mean we abandon the 10 commandments.  We don't turn our backs on God's laws....teachings...His path for us....but when we are are following His laws with Love then we don't even truly need to think about the laws as rules rather as Love to guide us on this journey.  When we are organic about our faith we are more open to the flow of how each day is different, new and unique.  Leaving us open to LIVE and LOVE as HE intended for us to LOVE AND LIVE.

hugs and blessings always,

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thrifty Thoughts on Thursday with Love

I came to a thought last week about taking my shopping to the next level of thriftiness.

What if I could only shop at three places for ALL my needs!?

What three would they be?

Could I do it and truly save!?

And then I had a different thought about grocery shopping.

What if I only shopped at one store for all my grocery needs.

Could I pick one store and be content that it carries say 90% of what I want and not think of the 10% need (really want) that another store would meet?!

Do we spend too much time trying to figure out all the places we need to shop for this and that....
well that we forget to LOVE and appreciate even just the one store!?

I must ponder on this some more and get back to you on what conclusion I came to.

Until then have a gloriously Thrifty Thursday!

Hugs and blessings always,

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Warrior Woman Wednesday: Mother Teresa

During the homily this last weekend, my parish priest mentioned Mother Teresa and her desolation.

I have reflected on this before in the past.  BUT....it spoke to me this weekend even more than ever before.

Here was a woman who spoke intimately with God and then NOTHING....darkness.....silence!  Yet she NEVER showed this outwardly.  She smiled, she laughed, she was light to ALL she encountered.


I have striven to be that type of example my entire life.  And really I love being joyful.  I love seeing the light...the good in others.....even when those around me don't see it.

Yet reflecting on Mother Teresa I realized why it touched a nerve within me this weekend.....because I can relate to a small degree...concerning my health.

You see the thyroid controls soooo much.  With my thyroid out of wack....my hormones are out of wack....my feelings are out of wack....my joy is out of wack!

But as Joyce Meyer preaches....we do not have to let our feelings control us.....we CAN find joy in our circumstances.

There are days I truly feel NOTHING.  It is weird....it is overwhelming.  BUT I DO KNOW the me who was before my hypothyroid condition and I DO KNOW who GOD wants me to be....SO I LIVE ON THAT.  I dig deep and I remember how I would find joy in things, how I would have responded to something and I PURPOSE myself to BE JOY...to BE LIGHT!!!

A habit is formed through repetition....thus I repeatedly wake and thank GOD for my amazing life....my amazing family....my amazing health....my amazing ability to be LIGHT AND JOY to all around me....and that is what I am!!!!  No if's and's or but's.....I will NOT allow anything to rob me from the JOY I KNOW is deep down inside of me.....even if my thyroid isn't allowing me to "see" it or "feel" it...I KNOW IT!!!

Let's all go out and be JOY AND LIGHT to all we encounter today, even if we don't feel it, heck especially if we don't feel it!!!

hugs and blessings always,
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tasty Tuesday with BANANA PEELS!

I posted and shared on Facebook last week an article I came across about how and why to use banana peels for tea!

You know me....I am totally up for an adventure and for doing things outside of the box. If it means using something that would normally be discarded....well I am game to try anything!

It was a pretty cool endeavor!

First to understand.....we all know the banana itself has potassium.  We know this fruit has great health benefits in many ways.  For me though only green tip bananas are good because it is too much sugar for my system; it messes with my insulin. But I do love the smell and taste of a banana.

Now the recipe called for one whole banana to be boiled but I used just the peel!  I will get to the recipe in a minute ;).....

The peel apparently has more potassium than the banana itself.....AND it is chalked full of MAGNESIUM!!!  Magnesium is an amazing and important mineral for our bodies.  We deplete magnesium when we are stressed.  (Adrenal issues definitely deplete this mineral!)

Here is the article if you want to read more of the details and the recipe used in it!

My first attempt really didn't give much of a banana flavor which was fine because it definitely was a great base for another hot tea or even just mixing with other stuff, like my vitamin C, or in my green shake.

BUT my second and third attempts were great!

My recipe was pretty simple: 2 peels in 2 quart pot...bring to boil lower heat to medium low to keep it bubbling for about 10 minutes then let it simmer and slow down.  I put the cinnamon in it right away.

This had a fabulous banana taste!  And trust me it works!!!  It doesn't make you sleepy so you can definitely use it as a mid afternoon or evening tea (hot or cold) to just relax the mind and de-stress.  For me when I start feeling my cortisol ramping about 3pm instead of starting to come down the way it is suppose to.....this simple tea has been wonderful for me!  The cinnamon is great to keep the insulin levels at bay.

Here is one more twist!

I was thinking about the avocado seed tea I started doing last month.  Here is info on the advantages of using the avocado seed.

It had me thinking:  Why not combine these two ideas together!?  Why not get my potassium, magnesium, insulin regulator, and ANTIOXIDANTS.....all jammed together!

Voila!  2 banana peels, 1 avocado seed, 1 tbs of cinnamon, 5 drops of stevia, 2 quart pot of water....boiled for 10 minutes....simmer for 5-10 more.......pour hot or over ice.....sip!!! AND FEEL THE CALM TAKE OVER!!!!

In parting I think it is pretty cool that here is another beautiful example in how GOD has provided nutrients for us in the plants of HIS earth.....EVEN THE PART WE NORMALLY DISCARD!!!  He is WISE.  We just have to be willing to close our eyes, close our minds, and LISTEN to what HE has to share!!!

Have a fabulously TASTY TUESDAY!!

hugs and blessings,

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mind Body Soul Love on Monday

I have been thinking about how where I live (Amarillo, Texas) REALLY needs a resource....a directory of all the different types of holistic health care options, doctors, persons.

A directory that lists what the individual specializes in and what makes them "non-traditional" in their health practice.  

A place where individuals who have encountered a holistic, functional doctor or service provider that really met their health needs in a whole body approach.

A directory that listed functional doctors, doula's, massage therapists, acupuncturist, nutritional coach, rolfing, homeopathy, nueropathy, etc.  OUTSIDE OF THE BOX THINKERS.  Outside of mainstream medical care.  Because after all there are many chiropractors out there but not all of them practice functional medicine.  There are many nutritional coaches but not all of them think past the lovely government food pyramid.

Then I realized I can do this!  I can be kind of like an "Angie's List" but for Whole Real Health Care.  I realized I want to do this.  I want to have a place for others to feel like they can get good information for our area that will help them take charge of their health.  A place they can hear others input.  

I am going to create a FACEBOOK PAGE (I know here I am at Facebook again....lol...) that will be similar to one I have seen that is for restaurant reviews in our area.

As I gather information from others in our area I will then compile a file that has the names of professionals and their services.  My prayer is this list will be a joint effort of specific individuals as well as input from others in our area.

Who knows where it will lead us!?  Who knows who all it will help?!  What I do know is God keeps pressing on my heart to take action and spread ripples of true health: MIND BODY SOUL for ALL who are interested to know and learn.....and don't know where to start.  Well now they will know where to start!!!!

Have a fabulous MIND BODY SOUL Monday!

hugs and blessings as always,

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sneaky Love on Sunday

My Darling Daughter was sick this last week.  I try desperately to not become overwhelmed when this happens but I think it is a mama instinct to get concerned.  And if I am honest with myself it is compounded in knowing she is my only egg in the basket.  Yet my walk with the Lord ALWAYS brings that initial gut kick into reality and rationality.  It is now a turn around that happens within the blink of an eye.

But what this last week has taught me is I am going to truly up my anti in getting better nutrition in her!  I know you're going to say, "Wait a minute Kelly you are a nutrition freak!  How can your daughter not be super healthy!?"  She distastes veggies.  I mean truly you can not get them in her if her life truly depended on it.  I am not exaggerating.

She loves sugar....sweet really.  She says she loves sugar mostly (I am convinced) to get my goat, because she knows my opinion on the white death stuff....lol.

Okay all kidding aside.  She eats good protein, she loves fruit, potatoes, nuts.  But she also LOVES pizza and hamburgers....WITH CHEESE!!  Now at home that's not a big deal. I can ensure it is all with gluten free stuff, grass fed cheese...etc.....but outside of the home!?  Well that is a different story.
Why do I not harp or put my foot down about it!?  Because I refuse to have her become a statistic of an eating disorder.  Too many young girls use food at their punishment or weapon of choice.  All in the name of control.  It is the one thing they control and CONTROL they do.  Eating disorders destroy lives....and unfortunately can take lives.

Do I worry about her health?!  YES.  I know she has some intolerance's and food sensitivities.  And she is even starting to recognize and acknowledge that dairy really isn't the best for her.  She definitely recognizes that bread sends her to the bathroom pretty quick.  She understands all of it.  BUT she is a hormonal pre-teen who wants to still insert her will.

My solution!?  I am going to up my sneakiness.  I am going to start really taking advantage of the day she is out of the house each week to create food I know she loves (like muffins, breads, desserts, pizza, lasagna, etc) with some sneaky things stuck in.  I have done this in the past but I hadn't learned some of the fine art of doing it real well before.  I am getting much better now.  She is also becoming more receptive to trying different things.

My biggest thing is to not get overzealous and add too much.  I've done that in the past and it backfired.  And I will say nothing.  I will just go about my business and not mention that the banana muffins she just devoured had cauliflower in them.  (All my baked goods are done with coconut flour and arrowroot so they already are gluten free....it's just a matter of adding more nutrition!)

Cheese is the big one I will have to figure out.  Yet I think she is tired of her eczema and her throat getting thick with phlegm that she may very well be at the point of mostly walking away from that.  Only time will tell.  :)

Some may say my sneakiness is deceptive.  It's lying.  For me I truly believe it is about love.  I love her too much to argue about what she doesn't want.  I love her too much to not try to help her get good nutrition in her with whole real food; even if I have to be sneaky about it.  I love her too much to sit by and wonder if her immune system will throw in the towel like mine did last year.  I will be proactive and help her genetics have a fighting chance......but with love...not force....with AGAPE LOVE!

Once lent is over hopefully I will have some really fun "sneaky" recipes I can share with everyone.  My desire is to inspire all of us to figure out how to get our pound of veggies in us each day!

Have a glorious Sunday!

Hugs and blessings always,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Simple Love on Saturday

Stepping away from distractions is sometimes imperative in order to refocus on God's mission for us.

I think that is what I have really been reflecting on this lent...and even more so this last week.

I was reflecting on my daily tasks and "to do" lists and wondering "what on this list is truly necessary?!"  What on this list is selfish motivated and not God centered?!  What on my list is helping me with my walk with Christ or what on the list is hindering my walk with Christ!?

As I reflect on this today I find myself stripping myself even more so from distractions.  I find myself letting go of so much mind clutter and unnecessary "junk" that are smoke screens created by the devil to prevent me from being the best version of myself.

Today I am going to focus on the task at hand: GOD, PRAYER, FAMILY, HOUSE PROJECT, CONNECTING WITH LOVED ONES WHO LIVE AWAY FROM ME.  That is truly the ONLY thing I need to think about and focus on.  

When my "to do's" start getting too long or too big and I start getting overwhelmed I force myself to stop and look at it and ask myself:  Which of these are going to help me grow in my faith today to be a better representative of Christ to others?  And which of these on my judgement day is God going to shake is head and say "really you were worried about ___________, instead of tending to _________?!"

What do you find occupying your thoughts, your time?  Are your lists too much that they truly in the big picture ARE NOT AGAPE LOVE.....NOT LIFE GIVING?!

Keep life simple!

Have a gloriously Simple Saturday full of AGAPE LOVE!!!

blessings and hugs,

Friday, February 19, 2016

Facebook Love on Friday

I go back and forth with Facebook.  There are many amazing people spreading great information....great love....beautiful ripples.  And then there is the junk of gossip....the junk that really just sounds like a reality tv slash soap opera.

Facebook can be an easy time monopolizer for many....but if you think about it....it is no different than any and all other entertainment: internet searches, Netflix, YouTube, video games, emails, pinterest....etc.

I hear all sorts of reasoning's why a person likes Facebook.  They keep up with friends and family they don't get to see on a regular basis.  That is how they receive their most updated information on topics that are important to them depending on the pages they have "liked".  It is obviously a way to share and spread good things but also not so good things.

I recently had an aha moment about my relationship with FACEBOOK.  


Let me explain.  I am not comparing FACEBOOK TO NINEVEH....even though I think it could be argued there probably are some parallels but we won't go down that rabbit hole today....lol.

No, I am comparing myself to Jonah.  (Trust me I am NOT saying I am some great prophet....I am just a simple woman striving to do GODS WILL each and every day!!!)  In the sense that he did everything he could to avoid going to Nineveh yet in the end he went because he knew he couldn't avoid God's will.

I really really really would rather not be on FACEBOOK most of time....which I know doesn't exactly give me great endorsement for me wanting to encourage others to read what I share either here or on Facebook.  But if I am going to be totally honest here and continue to share my faith walk well then I must be honest about how much I REALLY DON'T LIKE FACEBOOK!  

BUT....when I do go on I read something a dear friend has posted or great info being put out by some of the doctors I follow and I realize "ah ok, I was meant to read that today.".....or....I post something and someone says "I really needed that...thank you for sharing."

BUT....really the big thing that keeps me going to FACEBOOK is GOD.  Yep.....He ironically nudges me to go there.  I truly argue and wrestle with him about it.  But in the end He wins.  I have pondered on why He asks me to go there....and one of my thoughts is He knows I don't get caught up in reading all that is there.  I don't get sucked into hours and hours of just scrolling through what everyone is posting and saying.  I get on....post what HE has asked me to post and if I happen to read what was the most current feed that's great but I am truly on and off in about 10-15 minutes.

So MAYBE it's not so bad but I am going to still be vigilant with my time on it and definitely take advantage of the beauty of scheduling out posting when you manage a page.  I know the secret is out...lol.  I know you all know..surely you know.... that a person who manages a Facebook page or heck even a blog for that matter, can schedule out their postings.  This ensures that when they have a limited time they can make sure the content gets out when they want it to go out.  Spoiler alert!  Sorry if you didn't know that :)......

Thus my thought today is:  Does FACEBOOK help me, help you, walk closer with Christ?  Does FACEBOOK give you the opportunity to share and show AGAPE LOVE to others?  Or do you do the opposite?  Do you take the opportunity to evangelize on FACEBOOK? Or do you just look for the latest scoop and opportunity to dig on someone!?

How can we use FACEBOOK more for GODS work and less for our wants!?

Have a glorious FACEBOOK LOVING DAY!

Hugs and blessings always,
~Kelly :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thrifty Love on Thursday

I was reflecting the other day on the Rice Bowl we fill during lent.  The Rice Bowl comes with this fold out that has a little snippet to read each day as well as a little something to do....usually to encourage putting some money into the bowl....a loving reminder!  I was reading how there are some countries where the people have to survive on $1 of food a day!


I have read that before....but it really hit home for me this time.  Maybe because I just did my grocery shopping yesterday.  Maybe because I was reflecting on how much we take for granted.  Maybe because I have been trying to really cut costs even more.  I don't know but it really inspired a challenge within me.  COULD WE EAT ON $1 A DAY!!!

There are three of us in this house....thus three dollars a day....multiplied by seven days of the week.  Therefore $21 a week!


This would mean no utilizing anything I already have stored away....in my freezer....pantry....etc.

Now this challenge will be difficult for a a few weeks because my hubby is going to be in and out with work......BUT I do feel compelled to work toward this challenge each week so that by the week he will be consistently home for 7 days straight we do this.


I think it is important for my child....and myself to truly experience even just a partial aspect of what it truly means to live with very little.  To truly feel a little bit of hunger or want.

We take so much for granted living in this country.  And personally I think because we take so much for granted we have become a nation of entitlement.  We expect things to work the way we want them to.  We expect laws to bend to our whims.  We expect instant gratification.

There are places in the world that don't have AMAZON PRIME to deliver them their dog food or toilette paper or gifts for so and so's birthday party in 2 days!!!

There are places that don't have 5 different stores to choose from within 2 miles to do any and all shopping needs.

WE ARE SPOILED!!!  Me included!!!

Thus I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do this challenge not just for my daughter, my family, but myself!

I think it is important to step back from time to time and even if we can't fully walk in another's shoes we can put ourselves pretty darn close to it....to experience some of it....to gain some perspective....some appreciation!

I'll keep you all updated as I cut away each week on my grocery bill and then the week we actually do the $21 grocery bill and what our meals and days looked like.

I hope this sparks some reflection in many of you.  And even if you don't feel drawn to take the same challenge I am taking.....maybe putting a dollar a day a side to give to some entity to help.  Maybe you feel called or drawn to figure out how to help organize something else within your home or outside of your home to put you in a thought provoking situation that gives perspective and appreciation.

What thrifty thought moves you today to do something for others!?

Have a glorious day!
Hugs and blessings,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Worrying is NOT Love on Wednesday

There are moments I find myself worrying or thinking about my brain health with my thyroid/adrenal condition.  Knowing that my immune system, insulin levels, cortisol issues, vitamin level issues, and my genetic profile showing all sorts of scary stuff.

I do have things I have to consider and think about with my brain health.  My memory farts are not normal. Inflammation for me (headache, fatigue,gaps in thoughts) is something I must work at keeping at bay so as to not accelerate any degenerative brain cell damage.  Many people take their brain health for granted....I DO NOT ANYMORE.

The WHAT IF....tries to spill in.  But I say NO....God is on my side!!!

I also praise HIM knowing that I WILL pray that my brain health stays in tact with all of this.  I WILL pray for HIS WILL with my health....not mine.


I lean on some amazing SAINTS....Faustina truly comes to mind....not just because I am studying her right now....lol....and Therese (the little flower)....I have LOVE AND LEANED on her for at least 7 years if not more.....

Thus WORRY NOT!  Worry doesn't leave room for LOVE.  You and I were designed for LOVE!  Thus I will love myself to beautiful health: mind, body, soul!  I will love as GOD intended me to love....all encompassing and all giving....and all emptying!

Life is truly a beautiful and amazing journey.  Why spend ANY time worrying about things that have not transpired yet or may never transpire!?

What do you find yourself worrying about too much?!  Stop....breath....love!  I promise you'll feel better!

Hugs and prayers,
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Time to Love on Tuesday

We all get so pressed and bothered about time.
We don't have enough time for this or that.
We spend too much time doing this or that.

What I have been really learning this last year with this amazing health journey is what do I want to truly spend my time on?

Time is the ONLY thing in life we don't get back.  We can't make more of it.

I've been realizing for how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing and blogging.....I am starting to spend too much of my time on it.  It started out as I was going to spend only 15-30 minutes in the morning on it....keeping it simple and just blogging my immediate thoughts  It was to be a place for keeping myself accountable for many different things in life and with my 2016 goals.  But then I started spending time adding this or that....reading a bit more on something to share in it..... time adding the pictures.... time to possibly add links....time to post it all to Facebook....google plus....pinterest.....

Thus the question is: Am I spending time that I shouldn't be spending?

I know my time here is good for me. And I hear from others how they enjoy it.  BUT I have to reflect: Is the time that I'm spreading ripples outside of my home nurturing ripples within my home?  Is it being spent where I should be spending it? Is it the best choice of my time?  Is it the best way I can share and spread my love for all!?

Am I utilizing my early morning hours to be the best of my abilities?  After all if I have lessons to figure out with some research and prep needed should I be spending that hour after my prayer time on the computer blogging or getting the lesson ready?  Is my blogging a distraction and then a frustration because our lessons weren't as fulfilling as they could or should have been?  Has it given me the excuse to let my daughter sleep a bit later thus not giving her and I near as much time to just enjoy breathing side by side and read?  Walk?  Garden?  All the things that are SOOO life giving....and face to face! HUMAN CONTACT!

Should I be spending it on emails and Facebook or figuring out some household goals that need to be researched?

Am I allowing my love for writing and research to take more time than it should therefore only nurturing really my love...my desires but not doing what is the better love...the agape love....toward my family, toward my responsibilities.....?!

Isn't there a time and place for everything?  Yes God gives us gifts and talents to use, He inspires us to take action.  BUT I don't think He intends for us to do it all at once.  Sometimes He needs us to sit with a desire, a goal, for a bit to let it grow and grow within us so that once it is ready to bloom it will bloom like a firework!

Maybe my desire to share so much in one place is well TOO MUCH.....too much time being taken away from where GOD desires me to spend my time.  This is not to say that the time spent here isn't something HE wants from me.  But maybe just learning the discipline of getting up in the morning and adding another type of focus in the morning outside of my morning prayers and workout was what He wanted me to learn and listen to?  Maybe the discipline of knowing if I can set aside an hour to blog, write, research, and FB then I can use that same time to do research and develop programs and stuff that I need to take care of for my daughter, family, for GOD......

Maybe this has all taught me that I need to still share but maybe it just needs to be a quick "Hello Good Morning....REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU TODAY!".....AND THEN SIGN OFF!!!  Maybe it just needs to be a picture of something amazing that inspires me.

The question could be asked why not just do the quick simple short stuff on FB?  My thoughts are well what if a person isn't on FB and don't have the opportunity to read this blog.  Then I step back and think....but who do I write this for?  If I am thinking of all who I can reach then am I thinking of myself and ego or is it truly pure in the thoughts that I don't want to miss the opportunity of reaching the person it was meant to reach?!

So many thoughts....so much time.....so much love to think about....

Today I step back.....I add nothing more....I keep it simple to reflect on my TIME....TAKING THE TIME TO TRULY LOVE....FACE TO FACE.....THOSE IN MY LIFE THAT ARE SO DEAR AND IMPORTANT TO ME!  I take the time to interact in the way GOD intends us to interact with human contact!

God's love and our ripples of love start at home!  Are you sowing your own field with HIS love?  Or are you tending to all the other fields with great love and attention but neglecting your own field that it is drying up....or just not quite blooming as well as it could and should with just a bit more attention?!

Where do you spend your time?  How do you spend your time? What can you abandon from your "list" to love fuller...love agape style......LOVE AS GOD DESIRES US TO LOVE!!!  

hugs and blessings always,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Marriage Love on Monday

I have known my husband for 23 years....married 21.  I met him while we were in the military.  I remember distinctly my evening prayers after I met him.  "Lord....take him back....I'm not ready to meet him yet."  I knew at 18 that he was meant for me.  And I was not thrilled with God....lol.  Mostly because I had my plans....and meeting my future spouse at 18 instead of 30 was NOT part of MY PLAN.  But we all know that wonderful saying of making plans and see God laugh.

Fast forward.....

What I have learned from this man in my life is profound.  Many of us enter into marriage not prepared.  Maybe not even discussing some of the important topics.  We enter in blindly, and sometimes even selfishly.  Yet marriage grants us the opportunity to learn what true AGAPE LOVE is, if we allow it to grow and teach us!

My hubby and I have been through more ups and down than I can count....we have been through more times apart due to work than I would have ever desired....yet through it all we continue to learn from each other, put aside our selfish desires, and remember the person across from us looking into our eyes is LOVE.

Today as I go about my day and if I even feel the inkling of wanting to be frustrated about something he may or may not have done...I will instead think of all the wonderful things he does RIGHT!  All the little ways and little things he does that I probably overlook!

I know I am a better person....a better wife....a better mother.....a better teacher....a better Catholic...BECAUSE OF HIM!!!  Because of even the disagreements....challenges....the nuances......they all help me be a better me.

Marriage is truly about dying to yourself....and putting the other persons needs first.  What a wonderful way for GOD to create practice.....consistent....everyday......hard work practice of walking in HIS will.....HIS  love...HIS mercy......than through the sacrament of marriage!

How do you nurture your marriage?  Do you see GOD in your spouse?  Have you gotten kind of well...lax with your relationship?  Have you forgotten the deeper purpose of marriage?!

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOK:  Two more days......THE HORMONE RESET :).......

MOVEMENT: Walk to the end of your block jog back to your house......do 10 push ups and 50 jumping jacks.....do this 3 or 5 times.....that will wake you up!!!!!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGETS:  Dairy!  I love love love cheese.....diary....BUT I know it is not good for me.  7 years ago when I gave up dairy it was not easy.....and re-reading the dairy section in THE HORMONE RESET book it has reminded me why dairy is so addicting as well as why it is truly not healthy for us. It effects our GROWTH HORMONE.  Some things to consider is: do you get congested? Do you have skin rashes, eczema, etc? Do you feel puffy?  Gut bloat?  These all can and probably are reactions to your dairy consumption.  I have noticed even when I partake in one meal that has some dairy it creates great havoc on my system.  For me it's truly not worth it anymore ESPECIALLY with my thyroid condition....and for brain health!  Check out the pictures I have today that give you just some data and helpful tips on why to go dairy free.  And to understand more check out Dr. Axe, Dr. Datis, Dr. Sarah Gottfrieds websites.

TASTY TIP: What do I do instead of milk?  Well lets say if I want to have "cheesy" broccoli....I use nutritional yeast flakes.   If I want cream in my tea or my shake I use coconut milk from the can.  My daughters favorite ice cream recipe I have made is 3 ingredients: blend 2 cans of coconut milk, 1 tbsp of vanilla, 1/2 cup of maple syrup and if you need it sweeter about 5-10 drops of stevia.  I blend it all together then stick it into my ice cream maker and let it churn for 2-3 hours!  Bam instant wonderfulness.....dairy free.....allergen free.....and low in sugar!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sensational Love on Sunday


Well it looks like whoever tried to do whatever with my credit....my computer....did not succeed!  Thank you Jesus!

Today is Valentine's day!

It's funny because we get caught up on the commercialism of Valentine's day and we forget what true....agape love is!

TODAY REACH OUT....call...write....fellowship with family, friends, a stranger....give of yourself in a way you have not ever done or haven't done for a long time!

When things like my computer not working or internet being slow happens, it reminds me that technology is nice but WE WERE CREATE FOR INTERACTION....WE WERE CREATED FOR CONTACT....WE WERE CREATED FOR LOVE!

Isn't it interesting that the hormones that give us a great feeling after connecting sexually with your spouse is the same hormone released during bonding with an infant (breastfeeding specifically)  and HUGS!!!


Today I am going to not think about my to do list....not not going to think about what I am "suppose" to do this week....instead I am going to enjoy the fact that I have an amazing husband who has been a fabulous trooper through all my health challenges.  A husband who may not always understand what is going on, and probably gets frustrated sometimes because I don't "look" like someone who has crazy health storms going on.....BUT SUPPORTS ME THROUGH ALL OF IT!!!!


How are you going to create good hormone connections today?!  Walks, letters, talking, visiting, cuddles?!  Please share.....would love to hear your way to truly connect with loved ones that is away from the computer and technology!?

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOKS: The Hormone Reset...Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  download the "7 minute workout" app.  You will have an amazing quick hormone resetting workout anywhere, anytime!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGET:  GLUTEN equals glue...equals gut issues....equals so much havoc.  I am only going to share ONE aspect of how gluten and grains are not so great for you today!  Your THYROID!!!  It already taxes your thyroid to begin with but then once a person starts having thyroid issues you become even more sensitive to other non-gluten grains....like rice...check out the pics I am including today that come straight from THE HORMONE RESET book.  

TASTY TIP:  What do I do when I am just really craving bread? For me the only bread I really miss is for pizza.  I realized it wasn't the crust but all the toppings I missed.  Thus I created a pizza soup!  I take ALL my favorite toppings and pizza sauce throw it in a crock pot to simmer for a good 4 hours so all the flavors can blend!  Voila! Pizza in a BOWL!!!  Stay tuned....I am tweaking my pizza soup and actual pizza as well to be AIP friendly!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stuff to Love on Saturday

I was listening to Joyce Meyer this morning and something she said really resonated within me.  Well actually most of what she says always resonates in me but that's besides the point...lol.   

She shared how we can complain and complain about the stuff we have (old car, job, house, family, friends) and then also be praying for God to give us more stuff (bigger house, better job, helpful children, attentive husband).  I loved her response, "Why would God give us more stuff to complain about!"

That is something to truly think about!

Do you find yourself complaining about the kitchen being a mess?  Instead of saying, "Thank You God that I have a kitchen to clean. That I was able to put food on the table for myself and my family.  I didn't have to worry or wonder if I would eat today."

Do you complain about your back yard being a mess and not well taken care of?  Instead say thank you God for allowing me to have the extra space for my dogs to run around in and to know my child is safe to play.  And I'm going to start coming out here and work on this space because I know I can use the fresh air and appreciate the space as well!

Do you put on a dress or pair of pants and complain it doesn't quite fit right or it's not the right color.  Do you start doing mental self attack?  Instead how about say thank you God for the clothes I do have to wear because I know there are so many out there with no choices in a closet. And I'm sorry Lord I can be critical of this beautiful temple you have lent me. Help me to be more loving and appreciative of all it can do for me!

When you find yourself wanting to complain about STUFF....instead figure out what you can do with that STUFF that shows greater appreciation and respect of that STUFF.  And maybe just maybe you'll start appreciating the stuff you do have and not even feel the want of other or more stuff!

What STUFF can you appreciate better today? This week? This month?!

I'm going to really focus on my back yard! My garden! My neighborhood! I'm going to quit wishing I have hiking trails closer.  I'm going to assess creating the oasis I know my back yard can be.  And I'm going to take the time to get my hands dirty with my garden!

Share with me!  Let me learn from you!!

Hugs and prayers always,
Kelly :-)


BOOK:  The Hormone Reset.....3 more days after today and we will move on to another book :-)...

MOVEMENT:  planks...hold for 1minute...then side plank for 1 minute...switch sides for a minute....squats for one minute...do 3 sets...stretch!

NUTRITIONAL NUGGET: Caffeine.  Lose it.. Why?  CORTISOL.    I have learned so much about cortisol because of my adrenal issues.  My adrenal health was really bad a year ago.  It has gotten better but it still has a ways to go.  One thing I have discovered for me is caffeine really makes a difference, even in green tea.  So I have gone caffeine free because it is truly not worth the havoc it creates in my body.  Check out all the picture resources I have included today to understand better how cortisol is so important to have functioning properly.  Weight is not the only concern.  There are some serious concerns out there with adrenal health. Addison's disease it not something a person wants to play with or even tempt their body into.  Love yourself enough to understand the fight or flight response cortisol releases and when it's misfiring how detrimental it can be for your whole health: mind, body, soul.   

TASTY TIP:  Chicory tea.   This is my alternative response to coffee.  I love it.  You can get it mixed with other herbs with brands like TEACINNO or you can make your own blends.  Ask me anytime some of the ways I love to create my own mixes.   Or check out some of my precious Facebook posts with recipes. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Forgiveness on Friday

Yesterday was a full day for me, yet beautiful.  I met a wonderful woman who is just an amazing ripple for God. 

But.....my day wasn't done.  There was a package waiting for me at my door step. A package from a department store that I knew I had not ordered from.  My gut said this can not be good.  I went on line to verify my intuition.   Sure enough this delivery had been charge on this particular account.   I didn't make this purchase!  Therefore I had to spend the next 3 plus hours working with this stores identity fraud department and with my own bank.  Coming to the conclusion that hopefully, more than likely it was only that account, but the possibility my computer has also been hacked.  Therefore today's posting is brought to you via my phone!  

So this may be short...lol....cause typing this way is entertaining!  And I have no idea how long and when I'm going to know if my computer is safe to use.  

What are the thoughts that kept running through my mind...besides I don't have time for this and I'm too tired for this....is FORGIVE!

I forgive whoever did this.  I forgive whoever sought out to  my get my information for whatever intention.  

It had me further reflecting on how often does God possibly feel the same with us?  How often do we steal from Him?

Everytime we don't give freely, openly, mercifully with our time, talent, and treasure aren't we stealing from God?

When we hold back giving our full tithe in the basket aren't we stealing from God?

When we hurry past a homeless person or a struggling mom, aren't we stealing our time from God?

When we choose a higher paying job or career over a job or situation that highlights our talents, aren't we stealing from God? And those around us who don't have the opportunity to experience that gift?!

Every time we are faced with a decision to choose a selfish desire or pursuit rather than Gods path aren't we stealing?

Forgive us Lord from stealing from you.  Forgive us for continually trying to force our will onto life rather than flourishing in your will.  You know so much better than us.  Teach us to be better at not stealing from others but especially to not steal from you!

Do you have someone you need to forgive today?  What about your own self?  Take a moment to reflect and ponder how you too can stop stealing from your own life!  

Hugs and blessings in this beautiful day!


BOOK:   Still in The Hormone Reset!!

MOVEMENT: yoga!  I know I need it to relax, revitalize and breath through all of this!!! Lol.  

NUTRITION:  Leptin hormone.  When this hormone is not running right we don't receive the signal we are full.  It also plays a huge role in inflammation!  Check out all the quick picks from the book I have included with today's post. 

TASTY TIP: I made this fabulous salad the other week.  It was popping with flavor and amazing!  
1/2 head of cabbage
2 cups of cooled cooked green beans 
1 bunch of cilantro
2 cut up grapefruit
1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Think Love on Thursday

We all judge.  We may wish we did not but we do.  I've been pondering on this very topic quite a bit recently; and then this week when it was brought up by an amazingly powerful spiritual woman, it gave me pause once again.

Why do we judge?

Do we judge because we think we are better than someone?
Do we judge because we are insecure in something ourselves so it is easier to judge than to examine our own self?
Do we judge because others around us are doing it?

What does judging look like?

We judge when we say things like:

Wow that parent really needs to get a grip on their child.

I can't believe she is wearing that at church.

Does he really think he can sing all that great?

What's his problem, why did he just cut me off?!

She really needs to spend more time at home, no wonder her kiddos are "xyz".

Does he/she ever do anything?  What does she do all day that the house isn't clean?  What did he do all day that the trash isn't even taken out?

These are all judgments.

Remember AGAPE LOVE?  Simply put....selfless...charity....love for others not own personal needs or wants...

Sooooo.....what if every time we had a judgmental thought enter our mind or even entertain our thoughts we turned it around instead to:

I wonder how I can help that mom who is really struggling with her kiddo during mass, church service?  I would bet she would really love to hear the message.

I am so glad she chose to come to mass, to church, to celebrate this beautiful day with the Lord.

It is wonderful he felt compelled to give of his time to one of the many ministry options at church and serve as Christ served.

OH...I sure do hope he or she is able to get safely to their destination.  I will say a prayer there is nothing terrible tragedy going on in their life at this moment.

I bet she really misses her kiddos when she has to work so much.  I will say a prayer she is able to spend time with her kiddos as she probably desires.

It is wonderful she or he are able to step back and not let little "undone" stuff overwhelm them.


I am just as guilty as the next.  Therefore this lent I am going to continue to work even harder at my quick judgmental thoughts.  Especially the ones that may come up while I am sitting in the pew at church with the intention of praise, worship, thanksgiving, and emptying my heart for forgiveness.

And one final thought on judging.  We not only judge those around us but OURSELVES!  QUIT!  We MUST remember OUR LORDS PRAYER.  "....forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.....lead us not into temptation...."

I do love lent....I love how it has me reflect and dig deeper on stuff that we all know but we need to maybe reexamine it or take it to the next level!

Thus today...THINK LOVE....instead of anything else when you see someone or encounter someone that you would rather think anything but LOVE....instead....embrace GOD'S WILL AND THINK LOVE....BE LOVE!

How do you love others?  Do you struggle with judging others?  Yourself?  Share below!  Lets love, learn and grow together!

Hugs and blessings,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET....Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  Turn on some favorite tunes and just dance for 10-15 minutes!  Dance however you desire!  dance til you are breathless!  Dance til you laugh!  Dance til you can't dance any more....then rest and stretch!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: Continuing in the Hormone Reset Diet....the second hormone to reset is INSULIN.  Going sugar free has so many benefits.  I am talking refined, white, syrup, junk sugar. (Starchy carbs and fruit yes effect your insulin but differently....and that will be a topic for another day)...  We need to understand INSULIN is the gatekeeper of many hormones of our metabolism.  High insulin leads to estrogen dominance. When insulin is out of whack our LEPTIN in out of whack (more on LEPTIN tomorrow).
Here is a fabulous write up from WELLNESS MAMA about sugar.  It has become the fad to do LOW LOW carb....but WOMEN especially need to be careful with this....see the picture of net carb threshold from the book.

TASTY TIP: Pickles!!!  Have a sugar craving...eat pickles...or anything fermented....sour....and lots of lemon water.  I love snacking on BUBBIE's pickles in the mid afternoon.  This is when I tend to feel my insulin sensitivity spiking so I eat lots of fermented food at this time.  It not only is wonderfully crunchy but I am able to receive great probiotics and benefits from the fermented foods.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wear Your Ashes with Love on Wednesday

Lent officially begins....40 days of stepping back, reflecting, praying, fasting, sacrificing, loving!

I find it interesting how we can get caught up on the sacrifice part, the fasting, the abstaining.  I find it a privilege, an honor to do something for God.....to grow closer to Him!

It's funny because many will argue they can't abstain because they just have to have their meat....but truly there are plenty of protein sources out there to sustain you for one day....one day!! We truly don't need animal meat.  And our bodies can get what it needs from animal meat even just once a week. SOOO.....the argument is futile!

And fasting.....even an absolute.....well again bone broth, lemon water, and green tea all alone can sustain you for ONE DAY!  I have done exactly that for NINE days!  This is not to brag to boast....this is to help others understand IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

The tricky thing is when a person says well I have this condition or that condition that prevents me from fasting.  I am no doctor so I give no advice...I only share what I have learned and what I HAVE DONE.....and I say "consult your doctor for any medical advice" as my caveat to not get into trouble...lol...

So this is the interesting thing....lets take diabetics for instance....the argument, a great deal of times, is they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable.....yes I agree......BUT FASTING can actually do this!  The science is amazing now about this actually helps.  I am insulin resistant.....my 9 day absolute fasts have all been for medical reasons....and they have each time re-balanced my insulin levels!

I guess I have just never been willing to use the "loop holes" of getting out of fasting or abstaining.  BUT I have experienced and witnessed first hand how FASTING (whether an absolute, partial, or abstinence) CAN REAP SUCH MIRACLES!

A while back I pondered if I would ever stop taking communion in the form of bread and only take from the cup because of my gluten intolerance's and all my health issues.  I knew for me I would not and could not stop receiving Jesus.  EVEN IF the simple wheat host will be the cause of me never fully healing physically.  BECAUSE THIS IS THE THING.....for me I KNOW I AM RECEIVING CHRIST.....HE IS PRESENT......I WILL NOT DENY MYSELF HIM.....I am aware that HE is still using bread.  And I understand that the molecular structure  is wheat BUT I look at (just like I heard and witnessed this weekend at the Divine Mercy Day of Reflection).....there have been so many amazing miracles out there proving to the world that the HOST IS JESUS.....who am I to say that that is not exactly what is happening within me!!!

Doesn't GOD ask us to trust in him?!  To go beyond our power, our will, and abandon it all to HIM!  Thus I give HIM my will.....my trust....my absolute everything!

I look forward to ALL this lent has in store for me.  Lent is never easy....for so many reasons....but it ALWAYS produces such amazing fruit.  I can't help but be excited to fast....to sacrifice...to empty myself to and for HIM!!!

Lay ALL your burdens...your struggles on the alter for HIM this Lent to do miracles within you!  Sacrifice and fast not only as a petition, as a way to ask favor, but also as a form of PRAYER....a way to PRAISE HIM....TRUST HIM....LOVE HIM!!!

Have a a wonderful Ash Wednesday!

If you desire to share what you will do for lent to draw closer to HIM I would love to read about it below!  I would love to learn and grow with all of you!

hugs and blessings always,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET....Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  If you live close to your church walk to the church and reflect as you prepare to receive ashes....and if not...go for a walk somewhere anywhere....before or after mass.  Allow it to be the moment where you really reflect on how you can continue to care for your temple....and stay balanced with your hopes and dreams MIND BODY SOUL.....all to honor HIM!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: In the Hormone Reset Diet....the first hormone she talks about resetting is ESTROGEN.  And the best way to do it is by eliminating meat and alcohol from your diet for a minimum of 3 days but really for atleast 21 days to ensusre all the other hormones have the opportunity to reset.  The science behind meatless is profound.  This article is a helpful overview. But the book really helps you see and understand in black and white! But this link also gives a great overview of Dr. Sara's diagrams.

TASTY TIP: Your'e convinced you don't like green tea.  It is bitter...etc.  The trick is to not let it steep for more than 2 minutes.  But even if you over-steep it you CAN FIX IT.  My 2 favorite ways:  1.  squeeze a full lemon in it, with a few drops of stevia.  2.  Lemon and stevia like #1 but add either mint (fresh or essential oil)  or add cinnamon (again fresh or essential oil). Drink warm or on ice...or even blend it up!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Loving Fat Tuesday

Today is the day many Catholics, Christians, clean out their pantry....live it up one more day.....and make lots of Lenten resolutions of what they want to do for 40 days.

I have been pondering on that quite a bit.  I believe it should be about giving up something, making a sacrifice.  BUT also about doing something more.  Something that will have me growing in my faith as well.

When I was at both events this weekend I had many people asking me different things about health and nutrition.  What I have found every time is a person will ask me different questions such as HOW can I  give up this or that!?  WHAT is left to EAT!

At first I thought I would use lent time to blog about AIP (auto-immune protocol) and share all the wonderful ways a person can eat and thrive with AIP.  Yet there are sooo many prototcols out there that are just as important to consider for different health concerns and issues.

Thus what I have decided is probably best is I will add another daily tip....:).... just like I have the BOOK OF THE DAY, MOVEMENT OF THE DAY......I will add  UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH TODAY.  In this section I will share about different things I have learned.  It will be quick.  A soundbite to help a person understand more about say AIP, SIBO, FODMAPS, NIGHTSHADES....the different hormones and their roles.  I may have it where the topic may carry on for several days so as to ensure it stays short but also give good information.  It may even be related to the book I am featuring.  Point being I will hopefully help inform you how to continue to care for your health without going crazy with information overload.  As well as not become disheartened....therefore I will also give a TASTY TIP of recipes or quick "treats" I do to help ensure satiation and not get caught up in all the do's and don'ts.  God created us to LOVE and care for ourselves.  AND to have mercy not only to others but WITH OURSELVES as well!

I pray this will be helpful to many out there who desire to take better care of their amazing TEMPLE!
And to better LOVE THEMSELVES through any change, struggle, life!!!

Have a glorious FAT TUESDAY..... reflect on how you want to spend your next 40 days with the LORD!  How do you want to grow, learn, sacrifice with and for your faith to strengthen your armor with your MIND BODY AND SOUL!!!

Blessings and hugs,

I am sure I have listed this book before...lol..THE HORMONE RESET DIET, by Dr. Sara Gottfried.  But it will be the book of the day for several days....mostly because I will be using it at the sounding board for UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH TODAY for the next week.  I personally think this is a must read for ALL WOMEN!!!

Mini trampoline 5 minutes warm up (or walk)....30 second "sprint" or high knees....2 minutes mini or walk.....repeat 7 of the 30 second/2 minute cycle....5 minute cool down.

What is AIP?  An auto-immune protocol is removing foods that are highly inflammatory to a persons system ESPECIALLY if you have an auto-immune disease.  But even if a person doesn't have an autoimmune disease it can be helpful to do an AIP diet or reset for 21 days just to relieve any inflammation that you may not even be aware of.  Dr. Axe, Wellness Mama, and Diane Sanfilippo all have really great info on AIP.

One of my favorite snacks or even part of a meal that is totally AIP compliant is carrots cut up as "chips" (round not sticks) with avocado.  I don't do anything fancy with the avocado.  I mush it with a bit of salt sometimes a little lime or lemon and onion powder.  But I really love the taste of avocado without too much.  The creamy sensation with a sprinkle of salt and then the carrot adds a hint of sweet with crunch!  That to me is truly a treat!