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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thrifty Thinking on Thursday

I have been really reflecting a great deal recently on how to continue to save...be thrifty in our spending....keeping it simple....and be conscientious of how it is our GOD given responsibility to remember that in order for our economy to have any hope we MUST remember the FAMILY....the heart and soul behind our economy....behind our country...behind our government.

It can become easy for me to get caught up in which stores do I have what point rewards....which places are going to give me the best deals....and what is going to make my life easier to make sure I am living out my best life.

I am continually thinking about how if I have reward systems with these 3 stores which one can I accumulate more points to get the most bang for my buck.  BUT I MUST remember that it is not economically wise to purchase ALL items at this one store if it is going to cost me twice as much.  This is NOT remembering that the economy of family must come first....before big business....before government.

This may all be a strange weaving.....I totally understand....cause I am still learning much of it myself.  I borrowed a book from a friend "The Hound of Distributism: A Solution for Our Social and Economic Crisis".  I haven't finished it yet but it really speaks to me.  It is having me really rethink some things.  AMAZON for example....it is convenient....it is sometimes much cheaper....BUT how is it truly helping the heart and soul of family....the heart and soul of our economy.....the heart and soul of our nation.....our government.

I don't know.....these are just a few of my most recent thrifty thoughts that I will continue to reflect and pray upon and most definitely share more about as I continue to learn and reflect.

BUT the best way I know how to live a thrifty life that is LIFE giving to my FAMILY is to ALWAYS take it to GOD because HE NEVER stirs me wrong.  Therefore it may not make sense to someone looking in with some of my financial decisions, BUT I KNOW I AM TAKING GODS LEAD....GODS DIRECTION....GODS GUIDANCE....GODS WILL.....and that's all I need. 

I hope you have some thrifty thoughts this THURSDAY full of life, laughter, and love!!!

hugs and blessings,

What If on Wednesday

What if we NEVER had any struggles?

Would we then have any growth...any insight...any WISDOM?

Learning how to truly love ALL aspects of our life is vital for TRUE HEALTH!

I remember sharing with a gentleman once how I have learned, truly learned to embrace, all obstacles of life....WITH A SMILE AND AN EMBRACE!  He looked at me as if I had more than a few things loose in my head.

But I HAVE.  It doesn't mean I have to like them all but I CAN walk and experience each moment with LOVE, LAUGHTER, LEARNING, AND LIFE!!

So next time you are struggling with something...

WHAT IF.....you loved that person you are comparing yourself with.....or who has hurt you?
WHAT IF....you laughed when you are feeling emotional about your health....about a work complication?
WHAT IF...you learned about your WHOLE HEALTH of mind body soul living with and for GOD?

How can you turn your WHAT IFS into WOWS!?

hugs and blessings my dear readers....friends....family...
Kelly :)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Taking Time on Tuesday

I am realizing what truly comes natural for me....what and when I want to do things through this journey of blogging...sharing....growing in my faith...my family....my health.   I am realizing there are times I really like having things planned out and organized because of an inspiration.  But there are other times I like things to be more spontaneous not feeling the "pressures" of a "deadline" that my mind has imposed upon me.

This week is one of those kind of weeks.   I feel great peace knowing that, yes I have some really great ideas and thoughts I want to share but this is not the week.  There is more I want to reflect on before I share.....but there is also more important things for me to be putting as my priority this week as well.

How many of us become obsessed with inspirations, goals, thoughts that we allow them to become the the forefront of our thoughts rather than the background....or better yet  set aside a time and a date to think those things over!?

We may rationalize it by saying:  But GOD would not have given me this idea or pressed it into my heart if He didn't want me to do something about it!

Yet we forget:  GOD`S TIME is not our time.  What I have truly learned is I MUST BE WILLING TO SIT STILL with a thought...an inspiration....a burning desire.....sometimes for YEARS in order to fulfill HIS WILL not mine.

Why!?  Because my NUMBER ONE responsibility....calling....thought.....inspiration for this time in my life MUST BE: husband, child, CHILD`S EDUCATION, my health, discipleship of/with family and friends.   That is the order it should all be....and as you can see when a child is in the home....their being brought up in the LORD MUST BE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.   That is how I am living in HIS WILL not mine.

Our society gets it all backwards sometimes....they think that as long as we are making sure they are getting top scores, best schools, an activity every day of the week....well that we are meeting their needs....meeting our responsibilities.   NO....I SAY NO.....THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.


Thus sitting and giggling with my daughter so she is comfortable Easter Sunday as we gather with my sister-in-laws side of the family and friends...people my daughter don't know and would feel out of place.....instead I help her become comfortable with her surroundings and engage her and her cousins so she doesn't even remember by the end of the evening that she hasn't known any of these people but for a few hours.

Being present means having fun at the zoo as we chase each other from sight to sight and keep the phone lost deep in my bag and know that all others may be frustrated that I am not answering my phone but I don't care because I am doing what is best....what matters at the moment.

Being present means finishing this up so I can get my daughter and I to my parents place of business so we can spend a few hours with them and share connections.....because NONE OF US KNOW WHEN OUR LAST OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE!!!

Being present means tomorrow when we travel back home I don`t worry about when I post something or how much I post. 

And being present means as we drive I visit with my daughter during the drive about her lessons, and about what she enjoyed about the trip, what she would have changed, what her inspirations, dreams, thoughts are for the day...not about me trying to get some podcasts or audio books in for the drive.

You see when I am present in the proper order of things...IN GOD`S WILL....I am then able to have peace. I am able to TRUST that when the time is right GOD will tell me NOW with an idea...an inspiration...a project....an action....AND IT WILL BE EFFORTLESS....not painless....BUT PEACEFUL.   It will not take away from faith, family, fun.....it will actually give life to all of it!


Hugs and blessings always my dear readers....family.....friends....
Kelly :)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mercy on Monday

Easter season is here!  I have been blessed to spend the weekend with my brother and his family.  They live in California now so I don't have the chance to see them as much.   We all gathered at my parents Easter Sunday.   We went to a beautiful yet simple country mass celebration and then enjoyed a fabulous feast. 

I was thinking about Divine Mercy SUNDAY already....which had me thinking about the Works of Mercy.   I realized I wanted to dissect each of them and how they relate to my life.  Where am I living each of them out?  And which ones do I need to work more on?  

I will share more about that next week. 

I'm also excited about a serious break through I've had with my journey of healing my Hosimoto health.   I'll share more on that later :). 

Cause now I've got a fabulous Zoo date with Family! And for how much I love all of you.... Well they, my family, will ALWAYS come FIRST!!!!

Continue to experience HIS amazing love and mercy this Easter season!

Hugs and blessing my dear readers, friends, and family,
Kelly :-)



Really is there anything else to say on this GLORIOUS DAY!?

Be with family....take in family....love your family....allow NOTHING ELSE to distract you from the precious moment of NOW....TODAY....LOVE!!!

May HIS powerful mercy and glory envelop you today and always.

hugs and blessings my dear readers....family...and friends....
~Kelly :)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Stuff in the Silence on Holy Saturday

The people were waiting in SILENCE on Saturday wondering if CHRIST really would rise!? 

We are traveling to spend a fabulous Easter with my family. As I sit watching the scenery blur by I find myself smiling about how beautiful it is to sit in the silence.

In the silence I am able to hear GOD press hugs and kisses in my heart.

My darling daughter is having a garage sale in a few weeks.  We have been cleaning out each room....taking things off of walls....out of closets....clearing out EVERYTHING....I realized what a sense of peace and detachment I have with STUFF!

In the silence I am able to separate myself from STUFF.

We have been doing some serious redoing of rooms: floors, paint, etc.   I realized I want to remove even more STUFF from our life.  I want to have truly just a handful of things.

I have given my daughter the incentive of, if she runs the garage sale she can have fifty percent of the proceeds.  I want her garage sale to be successful so I have been putting some really nice decorations and STUFF in the garage for her debut.   This has helped me with further detachment of STUFF.  I am able to say, "...hmm....you are pretty....I do like you....BUT I DON'T NEED YOU!!  I can live without you.....so if you sell you sell....if not...well I will consider if I even want you back in my house or to let you move on to some other home to create joy and warmth...."

In the silence I am able to feel PEACE....LOVE...JOY!

I love this feeling!  
I love the anticipation of all things new again!  
I love that my Lord LOVES me so much HE gives me these moments to pause in the silence!
I love that my Lord LOVES me so much HE gave us his only SON!
I love that GOD is there with me in the SILENCE....waiting for me to CHOOSE HIM over STUFF!

Oh how glorious tomorrow is going to be!

What STUFF do you need to relinquish in the SILENCE in order to truly HEAR, FEEL, BE WITH GOD!!!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers, friends, and family....
~Kelly :) 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Feel His sacrifice on GOOD FRIDAY

I feel I have grown by leaps and bounds since my posting 2 years ago!

I felt everything I wrote two years ago but I also know internally I still struggled with some of it.  BUT TODAY....I  TRULY LIVE AND BREATH IT!

For me GOOD FRIDAY is about:









I am ready to FEEL it all....I am ready to once again watch the Passion of the Christ with amazing sorrow and joy all mingled in one amazing evening BECAUSE I KNOW.....HE WILL RISE!!!

What are you going to FEEL this GOOD FRIDAY!?

Hugs and blessings my dear readers...friends....family....
~Kelly :)

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Our FAITH AND FOOD $21 Fast....has been an enlightening week.


That is what it has broken down to be for each day.

Now this is what it looked like for each of us.

1 egg (except one day)
1 cup of beans
1/2 of super large potato
handful of spinach
6 carrots
1/3 cucumber

1 egg (except one day)
1 cup of beans
1/2 of super large potato
1 -2 carrots

2/3 cup of split peas
handful of spinach
4-5 carrots
1/3 cucumber
***coconut oil

Now think about how what was listed under each of us and how it had to stretch out into three meals.

A day for hubby would look like:
Breakfast: 1 egg, 1/3 cup of beans, 1/2 handful of spinach
Lunch: 1/3 cup beans, 1/4 of the potato (1/2 of his portion), 3 carrots
Dinner: rest of beans and potato, rest of veggies diced up and made into a salad

A day for daughter:
Breakfast: 1 egg, 1/2 her potato portion
Lunch: 1/2 cup beans, 1 carrot
dinner: rest of beans and potato, 1 carrot

A day for me:
Breakfast: spoonful of coconut oil, 1/3 cup of split peas
Lunch:  1/2 of spinach, 2 carrots
Dinner: rest of split peas, rest of veggies diced together.

***I could have shared pictures but I want you instead to take measuring cups, fill them with dried items, or liquid and truly see and experience the measurements of each item.  Sit with that plate or bowl in front of you and feel the humbling experience of how little food it is.  YET....so much more than so many out there receive on a daily basis.

It has been an enlightening and humbling experience.

YET.....we still allowed ourselves seasonings, oils, vinegar, herbal tea, (coffee for hubby).


Tonight when we partake in the LAST SUPPER......I will TRULY feel the HUNGER for CHRIST and all HE HAS SACRIFICED AND OFFERED FOR US!  





Eat from HIM....and you will NEVER go HUNGRY again!

Have a glorious HOLY THURSDAY!

hugs and blessings my dear readers, friends, family,

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wisdom on Wednesday

I am half way through Holy Week.  But really I am half way there!

The beauty of age...is if a person is really smart they gain perspective....they learn through their age....they gain wisdom.

Now I am not saying I am wise....but I have learned so much through this amazing life.

I love looking back and reading some of what I have written in my journals and to all of you here.  Because this is the thing....similar to the bible...every time I re-read something I have written. I gain something new from it: perspective, greater healing, another angle, growth....and much more!

What kind of wisdom can you glean from today as you prepare to enter into the TRIDIUUM!?

Here are some of my past HOLY WEEK REFLECTIONS:





Hugs and blessings my dear readers....friends....family,
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Take a Leap of Faith on Tuesday

Today I reflect on how CHRIST is about to DIE for his people in THREE DAYS!

I can only imagine what he was thinking.  What he was feeling.  How much he may have wanted to negotiate and point blame to get out of His sacrifice.



This is what God asks from each of us.
Especially in marriage.
He asks husbands to lay down their life..their pride...their vanities...their struggles....and offer them up for the LOVE of their LIFE.....THEIR BRIDE.

BUT US WIVES....we MUST lift them up and TRUST they are wanting ONLY greatness for us.

The problem is WE ARE HUMAN.....WE ARE STAINED BY SIN.....so our walk and attempts are flawed.  Does it mean we give up!?  NO!!!  We keep working each day to be our best self.  

Husbands MUST keep trying each day to be like CHRIST and lay down their "lives" for their wives.
Wives MUST keep trying each day to honor and respect their husband as CHRIST desired his people to honor and respect THE FATHER.

I want to share with you an amazing posting of a dear friend of mine.  Use it to reflect up during this week of holy week in how can WE ALL BE BETTER SPOUSES TO EACH OTHER....in each of our given unique roles. Follow the link: DEAR FRIEND! 


If you are a man:

If you are a woman:


Hugs and blessings always my dear readers....friends...family....
~Kelly :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Memories on Monday

Two years ago today I wrote my most popular posting....the one that has had more hits on a regular basis:  Femininity on Friday.

I was reflecting this weekend on some of the posts I have written in the past.  What I have discovered, over the course of almost 6 years of blogging I only posted ONCE in the month of March.

It was easy for me to realize why I hadn't ever posted in March.  I am the type of person who sees connections and also am very aware that my subconscious does things  that I am not aware of.....and if I take a moment....better yet when I trust God to lead me to reflect.....I am able to SEE the why and understand myself better.

You see it was March 31, 2011.... I was informed my beautiful baby in my belly had no heart beat.  And there had not been life there for about 2 weeks.  I went home empty and numb to plan for a D&C the next day.  I relate my emptiness similar to Christ's tomb.  It was empty when they went to check on the body.

It is interesting how for 5 years I have had a lent that has helped me heal. The date of the loss has always (until this year) fallen inside of the 40 days of lent.  I recall the very week after the D&C attending stations of the cross and weeping inconsolably.  Partially due to the fact it was the particular stations of the cross that are done from the perspective of Mary.  (Our parish does different perspectives throughout the Lenten season).  I WAS there with Mary feeling and experiencing EVERY moment.  It hurt beyond words.  It hurt in a way I thought I could NEVER recover from.  My pain was entwined with pain, guilt, hurt, sorrow, regrets....soo much!

BUT....LIFE DID ARISE!!!   We remember that the tomb had to be empty in order for us to realize HE had risen.  For me, my womb was empty SO I COULD HAVE LIFE....SO MY FAMILY COULD HAVE LIFE.  How and why?!  God has blessed us IN MORE WAYS than I could possible count since that loss.  

Thus like Mary....I cannot have my joyful mysteries without my sorrowful mysteries.....because they lead me to the glorious mysteries!!!

Five years ago I had a swollen belly with anticipation.  Today I have a "swollen" heart...a bigger giving heart....in anticipation for all I will experience this week because I KNOW I WILL be blessed.....and I KNOW I will be able to BE A BLESSING to others just like HE asks of us.

He came so we may have life!
My loss was so I could love greater and be life to others around me.  
I am forever humbled and honored to do HIS WILL!!!

Memories can be marvelous....they do not have to have misery!

This MONDAY experience the  MARVEL of your MEMORIES not the misery!!

Hugs and blessings,

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Social Media and More on Sunday

I have been reflecting a great deal this lent on Social Media and technology.  I have pondered on what is my role TRULY with all of it!?  How much of my being on any of it is LIFE GIVING!?  How much of any of it is GOD'S WILL or MY WILL!?

I've decided as I continue on into this HOLY WEEK, I am going to truly unplug from everything other than writing here each morning.  I will check email each morning but then once I am done, I am done for the day no more checking it multiple times a day.   If there is anything I really want to share on FB I can either schedule it today or it can truly wait for one week!   The phone....I am only going to check phone calls and texts.....and once my hubby is home it will go in the bedroom ready for my alarm to be set, but put away for the rest of the evening.  I want to read, sew, color, or play games in the evening with my family....I want us to share and visit about what this week means to each of us!  NO TV!


Are you so attached to your social media....electronics....technology....entertainment that you can't simplify your life for one week!?  Join me in this week of simple discovery!

My dear readers...friends...family....may your Sunday be filled with amazing love and anticipation of this week coming up!

Hugs and blessings,

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seven Days on Saturday

Today my family starts our seven day "simple living" fast.  As you saw yesterday it is truly going to be simple.  The "artist" with food in me was already thinking of all the different ways to create things with the food:  roasted, soups, baked, pan fried, etc.....

BUT I reminded myself that it still needs to be simple and not a burden on time, because the WHOLE POINT is to turn to GOD even more during this last 7 days leading up to CHRIST'S CRUCIFIXION. 

I received an email this week that was fabulous in how to approach this last seven days...I loved it.  Here is the 5 minute clip if you are interested in deepening your last weeks journey to the cross! 

I plan on doing EVERYTHING well SIMPLE this week.  I want to not complicate anything....thus taking away from this last week of really focusing on how amazing my JESUS is to me and to all of us!!!

AND.....what an amazing way to start out my seven days than to attend the SHROUD ENCOUNTER!  It is put on by our diocese and hosted by my parish church.  I am beyond excited to attend and experience this amazing ENCOUNTER!!   This is a pretty cool video clip about it!

Well my dear readers....family and friends...have a glorious day deciding what all you want to ENCOUNTER and experience this last SEVEN DAYS!

Hugs and prayers always,

Friday, March 18, 2016

Faith and Food on Friday

Tomorrow my family and I will embark on a challenge I proposed earlier in lent.  If you didn't get to read it...here is a link to THRIFTY LOVE ON THURSDAY!

It actually looks like more food for less than $21 than I thought it would be.

This is the list I opted for:

Pinto Beans
Split Peas

As you can see by the picture....it looks like quite a bit of food.  We will see how it works out :).....I opted for potatoes instead of rice because it has greater nutritional value in my opinion and they were on sale :)!!   The cucumbers were a last minute add on because they too were on sale.

My receipt was just a bit under $19.  I could have added a larger container of eggs or a can of coconut milk, but since I do plan on using the few seasonings, vinegar, and oil I have listed in the picture I decided it was best to keep it under the $21.

My hope and prayer is this will create a greater appreciation for what we do have access to on a regular basis, not only in quantity and quality but also in variety.  This isn't a lot of diversity for 7 days....but that's kind of the point.

Now why did I not just do beans and rice like other countries truly do only have!?

I did this for multi reasons.

First,  My body does not tolerate beans and rice.  Each individuals diagnosis of Hoshimoto's is different but my body DOES NOT thrive with either one of those thus I can't put my health into jeopardy for the sake of an experiment no matter how wholesome the purpose is.

Second, I wanted to ensure my family was able to have a variety of vitamins and essentials even if it is in small doses and not as wide of a variety.  Again I'm not willing to create a deficiency within my own families health just to prove a point.

Third and finally, I wanted to share in an outside of the box thought that if my family can thrive on $1 a day with a more choices other than rice and beans why couldn't other countries do the same thing?! Now I am not an expert on what is done to help out other countries about nutrition....I only know what I read and little research.

Why did I pick the veggies and protein choices I did pick!?

I felt with these choices I was going to be able to have the best selection of many important vitamins essential for our immune system and gut to function....because the better your immune system is the better your gut...the greater you protect yourself from diseases and irritating colds and such.

EGGS - I can't eat eggs but daughter and hubby can.  This is a fabulous source of protein.  Extremely complete.  The yolk has amazing nutrients that rival with liver and bone broth.  It is also packed full of  cholesterol....which your BRAIN NEEDS....jammed with vitamin D....which your IMMUNE SYSTEM NEEDS.  Here is a great link of info from Dr. Axe.

PINTO BEANS - I would have rather gotten black or white beans but family prefer pinto soooo.....it's still a decent source of a plant based protein and great fiber.  If a person can tolerate legumes there is some pretty compelling evidence that even though some countries may be poorer than us and need to live more on beans...many of them have lower to NO cases of CANCER....because their colon is always cleared out!!!!

SPLIT PEAS - This is a great protein source for me.  It doesn't create any inflammation for me and gives me great energy and fiber.

CARROTS - beta-carotene, vitamin A...we all know this beautiful veggie is great for our eyes but it also helps with pre-digestion, it can meet your sweet tooth without having an insulin spike.

SPINACH - SUPER FOOD!!!  ...high in niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese.

CUCUMBERS - flushes out toxins, provides minerals like magnesium, potassium, and so much more.

POTATOES- I am not able to eat potatoes because they are in the nightshade family and they also create insulin spikes for me.  But for many using them as a resistant starch timed at the evening meal can actually help create good sleep and balance of cortisol levels.  They are jammed pack with vitamin C and many more nutrients....check out this really great read!

Here is a list of the essential vitamins necessary for your immune system to function well!  What is cool you will see that each of these foods are meeting atleast one if not many of the essential vitamins and ALL of these foods are on the list.

My favorite IMMUNE BOOSTING FOOD is BONE BROTH!!!!   But I opted to nut use a chicken or any animal meat in this experiment because I know other countries don't have access to meat or to doing this...and it is just not practiced....BUT wouldn't it be awesome if we could get BONE BROTH to become a staple in EVERYONE'S everyday diet!!  I know that's a post for another day....stay on track Kelly :)....lol.

Well there you have it friends....this is our plan.

I intend to share during HOLY WEEK how we are doing during our journey of fasting as we find faith in our simple food choices as well as how it impacts our day....our week...and hopefully our life!

Have a fabulous Faith filled Friday full of Food reflections with the potential of inspiring you to kick up your FAST during the Holy Week!

Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly :)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thinking of Others on Thursday

This week has been spring break for the schools in our area.  I have never really followed when spring break takes place for the school systems, well because being a home-schooler I just do my own thing.  I personally have always had us take off holy week and then the first Easter week.  I like having our times off during the year to be focused around our faith and the main Liturgical events of the calendar year, thus giving us time to reflect on the spiritual moment of the season rather than just our intellect.

This year, since we are involved with Classical Conversations, our spring break actually is during "spring break".  But I wanted to still keep in mind how we are needing to continually learn and grow from even our times off.   I desired to have us go on a mission trip but since there wasn't one being offered with our youth group and I didn't make other connections quick enough well it left us without a mission trip. I decided to take matters into my own hands...I created a "mission" trip for us.

Monday I had us tour Catholic Family Services.  We deliver boxes of food to the home bound on the first Friday of each month with another family but I wanted to know ALL the services this wonderful organization has to provide.  I wanted to see WHERE we could help a little more.  If you don't know much about this organization then you must check it out!  Here is a link!

Tuesday we created toiletry bags with soaps, shampoos, lotion and a few other nice feminine touches for the Crisis Shelter through Family Support Services.

Wednesday we spent the afternoon sorting through 'STUFF' to get rid of....reminding ourselves how much we already have and how much we can still GIVE to help others!

Today or tomorrow we will be delivering love and joy to several different places.

I have loved how this week we have stepped back to remember spring break isn't just about us relaxing or doing something for ME....but about doing something for others.  It has also been about reflecting on this season of change and all the beauty it has to bring us if we just open our eyes!

Today take a moment of think of how you can help someone else.

You will LOVE how blessing someone else makes YOU feel amazing!

Hugs and blessings always,

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Write Your "Book" on Wednesday

Growing up my mom would always say she was going to write a book for her children and grandchildren so they would be blessed.  I believe her desire was to write about her life, her struggles, her conquests so as to create a freedom within the family tree.

My mom still has this desire....but what she may not realize is her entire life's work is her book.  She has done exactly what she set out to do....bless her children and grandchildren.

I reflect on how many people feel they are not qualified to do something because they don't have a degree.  Or they don't feel "smart" enough to accomplish something.  Or they feel they have to pursue something in a specific way and it just won't be the same unless it is done just that way.

But have we ever thought about how dreams sometimes aren't meant to be accomplished literally but rather a gateway to something else God is desiring for us to do!?  Something even bigger than we dreamed?!

My mom desired and still desires to write a book.....yet many of the stories she desires to include in the book has been shared with others....face to face....moment by moment throughout her life.  She has been that hand to others who didn't have it.  She has been that hope to those who truly felt hopeless.  She has been LOVE and BLESSINGS to each of us!

She has dreamed big in helping many ....especially with her non-profit Sanctuary Zone.

SHE HAS WRITTEN HER BOOK....she just doesn't realize it.  



I desire for my mom to see how very blessed we, her children and grand children are.  How she has done a fabulous job of leading us to God.  And similar to the bible, it took years for it to ever truly be put into word form on paper.....her story, her "book", is still circulating and changing lives.

I am writing my "book" each and everyday as I get on here and share my life, my journey, my love with each of you.  

I am writing my "book" each time I share a piece of myself with someone in a store.

I am writing my "book" each time I hold my husband and daughter for just a bit longer!

So maybe by me writing my "book" and sharing parts of my life, and my mom's life, and the lives of those that are important to me.....I am able to honor her and spread the message, and embody the message she desires for her children and grandchildren: to be blessed!

What "book" are you working on?!

hugs and blessings,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Time to Let it Go on Tuesday

When a person is cleaning things our of a closet, drawers, cabinets.....we tend to hold on to an item and think....I spent xyz on it...or....I only wore that once.  Or not at all....so it would be wasteful to get rid of it.

Really its wasteful to hold on to anything yo aren't going to use.

Instead view it as an opportunity to learn and grow for it.

For Christmas I received a new pair of running shoes.  They just were not working out for me.  I thought they were right for me but over the course of the last few months I realized they just were not working out.  And that's okay.

when we hold on to things and gather "stuff" we are leaving ourselves open to making the same financial mistakes.  they become reminders of a choice we wish we wouldn't have made.  Instead we need to acknowledge the beautiful and valuable lesson from that purchase.  Get rid of it if necessary.  From my experience it is usually necessary to get rid of it to move forward.

Purpose yourself to think about the choices clearer and more mindful next time.

Taking the financial aspect out of it...when we hold on to things we are not leaving room in our lives for other bigger and amazing blessings.

So take the opportunity this spring to CLEAN OUT...GET RID OF....and START FRESH!

Let go of burdens, baggage, and the past.   SPRING is a time for renewal...fresh....clean starts....LIFE!!!

What baggage is holding you back?  

hugs and blessings,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mother-Daughter bonds on Monday

I purposed myself from the moment I was pregnant with my darling daughter that I would love her in a way that was reflective to how Mary loved Jesus.  I purposed myself to not bring any baggage from my own mother-daughter relationship into our present and future relationship. 

***I think if we are all truly honest with ourselves and those we love, we can all agree we ALL are able to reflect upon our childhood and there is something we would like to do differently.  Just as us, as parents can look back and reflect on "ooh I wish I would have done xyz a bit different."

I had NO idea I was having a daughter...BUT I felt like GOD was giving me the opportunity to understand that our relationships with our children START from the moment of conception.  I read to her most nights or days as she was growing in my belly making me sick and nauseous, but still loving her like I have never loved another before!  I thought loving and kind words about myself during the whole pregnancy.  I never once looked in the mirror and thought "man you are getting WAAY too big!"   I wanted her to grow up with a healthy self-esteem.  I wanted her to KNOW within her core that she was BEAUTIFULLY MADE!!!

We are a complex compilation of nature-nurture.....temperament....personality....love language....and sooo much more.  But the biggie is NATURE AND NURTURE!  I wanted her NATURE to have the best NURTURING I could possibly bestow upon her. 

 Somehow I KNEW within my core it started with how I FELT, ACTED, LIVED MY LIFE especially as she was developing in my womb!

Throughout the years I have always gone to books for support, comfort, research, knowledge.  They have nurtured a bond between my daughter and I through many a difficult of conversations as well as just enjoying moments to laugh and love!

When I heard about Christiane Northrup and her book MOTHER DAUGHTER WISDOM....I was intrigued.  I wondered if there was anything else I could learn as I am delving into these teen years!?

 Now if you aren't a huge believer in how we can be connected, on a many levels, to another person then this is not going to be the book for you!  But I can attest that even though my mom and I have had our moments in our past....we are VERY MUCH connected.  There wew times in my childhood and young adult life I distinctly remember my mom coming to me or calling me and asking me "what happened?"  Or "Are you ok!?"  And I hadn't even told her yet what had happened.

As I have been reading this book (I even purchased the audio version of it so I can "read" on the go!)...
I have discovered, AGAIN, just how amazingly wise GOD IS!!!

 ONCE AGAIN He purposed in my heart a wisdom....an instinct....a love....that was from Him for my child....a way to raise her that would seem contrary to other popular practices. 

 Yet here is a book confirming and edifying everything I have been doing and continue to do.  As well as things in this book I am learning even more in how to overcome any teen year challenges.

Today think about your own mother-daughter relationship of the past and how can you mend things with your own mother?  How can you purpose yourself to have a mother-daughter relationship with your own daughter that defies modern definitions of relationships!?  How can you turn your female relationships into Holy Spiritual walks with God that are nurturing the nature within us!!!

Have a glorious mother-daughter Monday!

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scott Hahn on Sunday

Scott Hahn is an amazing powerhouse of faith teaching for me.  He knows how to break down a topic and make it digestible.  His art is not just in breaking it down, he is able to paint a beautiful fresco with his words.  He is able to sculpt in a way that captivates the reader and you don't want to put the book down.

I recently joined our congregations book club because I was drawn to the book they were going to read:  HAIL HOLY QUEEN by Scott Hahn.

What a beautiful book!  What I love is he explains right in the beginning, in his forward, how, even he, when first learning Catholic faith, didn't quite understand the respect Catholics held for Mary.  He too, like so many, saw it as idolatry.   He wrote this book wanting to demystify the faulty thinking toward Mary and the Church.  But I think mostly to encourage ALL followers of faith to see how she is MOTHER TO EACH AND EVERY ONE of us!

I am over halfway through this book and I am even more in love with this WOMAN whom I turn to each and every morning with my rosary and my flaws.  I give her my darling daughter, asking her to please pick up the pieces where I will falter, because I am human and I will!


Can each of us say we would take on such a responsibility to raise the Son of God!? Even knowing what scripture had been written about what would happen to the Son of God?!  Could you or I just watch and pray as our child is scourged and so much more!?

If you don't know much about Mary and why she is held in any regard or respect I HIGHLY recommend this book!  It is beyond beautiful.  It illustrates scripture beautifully how important her role is in God's life, the world, and our life!  You won't want to put it down.  I imagine you'll end up reading it again and again just as I KNOW I will!

Have a fabulous Sunday full of peace and love!

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Splankna on Saturday

It is interesting HOW far I have come with truly understanding just how beautifully made we are.  How GOD wove us in such a way that EVERYTHING within us IS TRULY CONNECTED!!!!  How our past emotions can sit within us and create havoc: mentally, spiritually and PHYSICALLY!!!

I truly believe GOD designed us in such a way that if we aren't respecting our temple and dealing with all aspects (mind, body, soul) properly....our bodies will one way or another let us know ENOUGH!  "Enough....you must deal with this (fill in the blank!)"   I believe this is God's way of helping us work things out here on earth so we can truly enjoy all HE has in store for us.

I have a dear friend who introduced me to SPLANKNA more than a year ago.  She shared with me a little bit about it.  I bought the book and fell in love with it!  But I still didn't fully understand what it was all about.  Then I did my first session and I was hooked!

I recently did another session as a gift to myself.  It was beyond amazing!!!

Even if a person may think they have resolved past emotions, fears, hurts, etc.....the sub-conscience could still be holding onto some stuff that is effecting your body!!!  We are amazingly complex and we must treat ourselves with great care because GOD loves us dearly and HE desires for us to take care of ourselves.

Today take a moment to learn a bit about SPLANKNA on Saturday....it might just surprise you!  You might just find your ENERGY in a totally new way...GOD'S WAY!!

hugs and blessings,

Friday, March 11, 2016

Food Babe on Friday

I remember the first time I heard about food babe.....I was researching something about nutrition and I came across this YouTube video of the Food Babe and BEAVER'S BUTT!

I busted a gut....cause the video was hilarious but it was also interesting in how much we don't think about the things that go into our food.  

What I love about the Food Babe is how she is not afraid to ruffle feathers to get companies to own up to poor poor poor non-nutritional practices!  She uncovers toxins and junk that are in food!

When her book came out last year I wanted it but I kind of just held off cause I was reading waay too many other things and trying to figure out some other stuff so I really didn't have time.

Recently my dear hubby had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday, I really didn't want anything!  Then I was doing something and I came across  my book wish lists and I remembered I really wanted this book for the resources in it.  She really dissects the toxins of some of the top chemicals that are put into processed foods!


I think it is SOOO sad how far removed our food has become from how GOD intended it to be.  I think it is further disheartening that it takes people like the Food Babe to bring attention to the practices of companies for others to notice and realize, "oh maybe that isn't really food!"

Today I am going to have some nice relaxing time with the Food Babe on my Friday :)....

Do you enjoy food the way GOD intended it? 
 Or do you find yourself grabbing for the convenience that has words you can't even pronounce!?

Honor your TEMPLE and feed it the food of the land....I PROMISE YOU WILL FEEL BETTER FOR IT!!!!

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis on Thursday

This is a MUST read if a person has HOSHIMOTOS!!!  

(The Root Cause by Izabella Wentz)

I have not been able to put this book down.  I have read many things on her website over the last year.  I have ironically been doing lots of research about Hoshimoto's ever since a year ago when my doc said the lab work showed I was border-line.  But over the course of the year and learning even more about how the labs actually work with Hoshimoto's, the ups and downs of tests, it has been determined from the last labs that my diagnosis is Hoshimoto's....BUT that's okay!!!

Because....once again GOD has prepared me!!!  As I have been reading this book, I am able to put pieces of the puzzle together.  Things like why I was still having some symptoms even though I was doing everything to heal my hypothyroid condition.  It makes sense now why things weren't clicking!

How did God prepare me?  

I started doing some stuff the last 3 months that was more along the lines of nutrition and movement and lifestyle that was more conducive with Hoshimoto's and I have been having some amazing results because of it!

I went AIP last year but I kept thinking I could do it for a short period of time and all would be good....but it wasn't.

One of the things I really love about this book is how she weaves the facts, the science, the data, with her story.  She shares all the different things she did to get to a remission or healed state of THRIVING.   She developed a "protocol" that she felt has been successful not only for herself but for others.  The irony is it was very similar to what I started doing about a month ago.....and again I have been having even greater success than I even imagined!

The information on her site is invaluable and the book is even more priceless.  I love being able to write my notes in it and really connect the dots.

There have been so many times in my life where I have read a book and it prepared me for something to come.....or I order a book not knowing it is exactly what I am going to be needing and I don't even realize it!

So once again GOD IS AWESOME!!!  Because I know it was HIM who pressed it upon my heart to just order the book.  And I am beyond grateful that I did!

What is your ROOT CAUSE of your health concerns?  
Your health problems? 
He WILL help you get to YOUR ROOT CAUSE!!!

Hugs and blessings,

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

White-space on Wednesday

I recently finished an amazing book:  FINDING SPIRITUAL WHITESPACE by Bonnie Gray.

Her story was amazing...courageous....real!  Something TRULY ALL WOMEN can take something home from.  Something all women can relate to some aspect of the story.  And ALL WOMEN need to read.  That's just my humble opinion...lol.

It resonated within me because this last years journey of finding my true health (mind, body, soul) I have found how very important white-space has become for me.  I am not willing to let others try to guilt me into giving it up.  I am not willing to let other commitments try to take over that white space time frame.  And I am not willing to let everyday "to do" lists or tasks try to yell out to me for time when I am taking my white space moment.

To truly understand what I am saying about whitespace you really need to check out Bonnie Gray's website: FAITH BARISTA.  Pull up a chair....pour yourself some coffee, tea, or refreshing lemon water.....and get to know her on her website and see how she is changing lives for so many women by being raw, honest, and real about herself!

Make time for WHITESPACE on this amazing WEDNESDAY!  I promise you won't regret it...and YOU WILL hunger for more!

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Taking 5 on Tuesday

Beware I think I am in the mood to share about books this week! :)

I don't know....my head keeps swirling with all the books I have just finished...the books I am in the middle of reading...and those I am desiring to read next!!!

Thus my brain is in book mode.

And here is an amazing thought for the day.  During the priests sermon this last Sunday he shared about an amazing young lady who had endured true evil.  Yet this is how amazing her heart is, and her ability and capacity to forgive and love.....she shared how we are to not look at our problems and say to God how big our troubles are.....instead we are to say to our troubles HOW BIG GOD IS!!!!

Today TAKE 5 to stare your troubles square in the face and say MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOU!!!

Praying you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!  And remember to TAKE a moment to breath in HIS AMAZING PRESENCE!!!

Hugs and blessings,

Monday, March 7, 2016

Modesty on Monday

It breaks my heart that Adam and Eve had felt tempted to eat from the tree that would forever change our lives.  It would forever change how men look at women.  I would change forever how many if not all women would struggle with self image.  

Now add to it the culture of fashion.  Our modern world has us showing more and more skin.  Our current fashions are about wearing leggings as pants....skirts that really should be a duster.....shirts that plunge....and so forth.

I don't understand why we are continually okay with putting ourselves out there to be objectified and to further tear away at our armor of self love.

This is why I have decided to start reading with my daughter this amazing book:  DRESSING WITH DIGNITY by Colleen Hammond.

I read this book years ago and fell in love with it.  I love how she shares the history of fashion.  She shares about how different men and women's minds are.  She shares many amazing insightful things to really ponder about....AND SHE WAS A FASHION MODEL!!!

I am enjoying empowering my daughter to understand that as she continues to develop into the amazing woman she is to be.....that the best way to guard her self love, her inner beauty, is to love herself enough to not be objectified.

Do you feel your closet could use a makeover!?

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

PS....I wrote last year sometime about this book....but I can't find it to link it....when I do I will add a link later :).....

PPS....if anyone knows how to organize postings into subcategories and searches I would love to learn how to do that...lol...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Celebrating Sunday: Changing my Mind!

I am excited and renewed for this amazing SUNDAY!  Today...this week....will be full of celebrating my life..my health...my faith....my everything!

Today I will CELEBRATE the beautiful MASS Jesus gave to us at the LAST SUPPER and prepared us for throughout his ministry.

Today I will CELEBRATE that two amazing people YEARS ago who said YES to life thus allowing ME to breath...to live....to LOVE in this life!

Today I will CELEBRATE a moment of fellowship with a friend as we do something girlie, pampering, relaxing.

Today I will CELEBRATE the opportunity to cherish my family and each moment we have together on this day of reflection and rest.

AND then I will CELEBRATE the realization I have the prerogative to CHANGE MY MIND.  You see I thought I really liked the idea of having a theme for each day of the week for this blog...therefore being able to "plan" out each day....think about what I was going to write for each day.  Have a bit more organization to it.  BUT I realized.....it was not being true to me....to my new years resolution/goal with this blog....and true to my spirit.

Right brain versus left brain:  I think I dual between logic and creative, organization and free flow.   But as I have gotten older and as I travel this journey of wellness and health with my mind body soul approach, I have realized that I am TRULY much more right brain than left brain.  Don't get me wrong I do like order, schedules, knowing, planning etc......BUT I love being able to be spontaneous and free flow with how GOD will lead me each day, whether it is about my writing, my coloring, my schooling, my learning, my life......

The SCHEDULE of this week made me feel boxed in.  It had me thinking too much about what to write and when...therefore losing what I had originally set out as my new year goal which was to just write what came to my mind and heart that morning!

So.....in the spirit of my daughter and her amazing ability to change her mind and stick to her guns and not feel apologetic about it....I am going to cut bait on the scheduled days and go back to my free flow GOD inspired day to day writing.  I will continue to enjoy my quirky play on words with titles but I will take the "scheduling" out of my art, my joy, my sharing!

 I CELEBRATE GOD teaching EVEN THIS OLD DOG new tricks.  
I CELEBRATE the ability to step back and say you know that's not working for me!
I CELEBRATE how this lent continues to stretch me in learning more about my faith and my health and myself!
And I CELEBRATE my ability and willingness to CHANGE MY MIND!

What are you going to CELEBRATE on this beautiful SUNDAY!!!! 

hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spontaneous Saturday


I've decided every time I read a book, I am going to start "paying it forward" once I am done with it.


This is the thing, more times than not I will read a book and someone within the first couple chapters will come to mind.  I will think, so and so would really love this story.  Or wow so and so is going through this exact thing....I know it could be encouraging, helpful,, etc.

It;s not meant to be  "oh you need to work on xyz...so read this"  No it s a "I love this book so much and I feel this book was meant for you!"

God has put it in my heart more times than not a persons name for a book I am reading.  It has always been hard for me to let go of a good because I LOVE books but I am realizing the greatest thing I can learn from that books is when I do let it go, when I do see someone in need of it...I am being the ripple GOD asks of me through this book.

For me it is similar to the bible scripture, "...when I was naked you clothed me....hungry you fed me...."

I am giving the "coat" off my back because it "warmed" me when I needed it....and it is time for me to allow it to "warm" someone else!

What is your "coat" that you can give up to "feed" others without hesitation!?

Hugs and blessings always,
~Kelly :)

Friday, March 4, 2016


My darling daughter KNOWS her mind...her desires...her likes and dislikes!  She can be very passionate about something but once she is done with it...has experienced it....and if she realizes it is not for her....she has NO problem walking away.

The most recent example of this is her guitar lessons.  She voiced a desire to try guitar over a year ago.  The requirement we had for her was she had to be willing to commit to if for one year.  She honored that commitment.  But recently she expressed she is no longer interested in continuing her lessons with guitar.

Her struggle wasn't walking away from it, she was matter of fact about her lack of interest to it anymore.  Her struggle was the desire to not disappoint her daddy and even me.

Now some parents might be thinking "Oh you need to make her stick with it"...."she needs to not think she can get her way"..I am sure there will be lots of opinions on this matter....but I instead look at her and admire her ability to truly know what she wants and sticking to her guns no matter what.  There are MANY things I don't bend on with her to help her learn the discipline of doing something because it is expected of a person.  There are many things I require from her.  Guitar or any extra curricular can have valuable virtues to teaching things that are spiritual.  Thus the activity itself may not necessary be spiritual but the activity can be a vessel for us to help them learn something.

But....I have other "pots" I'm stirring to help her with the same virtues to learn.  Parenting can be so multi-leveled...lol

When I step aback and review her personality, temperament, and treat her like a HUMAN BEING....thus respect HER needs and wants like I would any other adult....I am then teaching and modeling to her how we SHOULD be as an adult.  Thus, encouraging her to grow into adulthood properly.

For me there is an added bonus....I really admire her ability to not feel pressured or "bullied" to do something just because everyone else is doing it or wants her to do it.

I wish I would have had more of her tenacity growing up.

The next time you get frustrated about something your child is or isn't doing, step back and reflect on if it has purpose for their journey to heaven....and if there is something else they are doing that will meet the same need.

 By stepping back and truly listening to our children expresses to them the type of love and respect that truly models to them CHRISTS LOVE to us all!

Hugs and blessings,

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thyroid Love on Thursday


Coconut oil has truly been my life saver with my health!  I use it for EVERYTHING!  I have a spoon of it first thing in the morning to start out my energy.  I put a spoon of it in my tea throughout the day....especially if I am having a sweet tooth.   I use it for face cream, body cream, hand lotion.  I do oil pulling in the morning.  I cook with it.  I use it for EVERYTHING!

How does it help the THYROID!?  It creates a positive energy.  It also helps with the gut.  Helps with brain energy.  And so much more.  

WELLNESS MAMA has a great posting about how it helps with the THYROID HERE.

And one of my favorite posts of hers has 101 USES FOR COCONUT OIL!

If you haven't thought about coconut oil and how it can be beneficial to your thyroid (and brain) health you really should look into it!

I am convinced that it helps me from becoming too inflamed every time we travel.  I take a jar of it every where we go and I make sure I take in extra spoonfuls throughout the day.

So the big question people ask is, "If you're eating so much fat won't it make you fat!?"  NO....quite the opposite.  Because of the science behind it (Wellness Mama explains it really good!)....it actually helps keep your furnace burning really well, helping your metabolism.  And with a thyroid condition....especially Hoshimoto's.....you need all the energy producing help you can get!

COCONUT OIL....check it out.....I promise you won't regret it!

Love your Thyroid today and everyday!

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

hugs and blessings always,

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Warrior Women on Wednesday

Women can become overwhelmed by life.  Our schedules...family...callings....jobs...tasks...personal wants....needs....the list goes on and on.....

We tend to think we must do it all!!!

Sometimes we must....but I do believe firmly God doesn't want us to juggle so many hats or roles for too long at one given time.  there ARE times in our life where He needs us to juggle many things at one time BUT then He asks us to step back or even step away form one, two, or all of our tasks, jobs, hats....but to remain with only the one primary hat....one role....  And that's something that can also be a struggle.

What I have learned with all this juggling over the years is the more I live in HIS WILL..His desires for me...then it doesn't matter whether I can juggle one hat or 10 ...He gives me peace and rest through it all.  He reminds me when I  am juggling more than I feel humanly possible that He is carrying me through it.  He will give me rest.  And it wont be for much longer....it will have purpose.

When I start feeling unsettled through juggling that's when I know I am trying to impose too much of my will...thus trying to over shadow HIS WILL.  This is when I stop ....step back...and evaluate what is it I am suppose to truly be doing at THIS very moment...this day!  What has HE asked of me for this day....not what I haven't completed in the past, not what is still to do, not what is meant for tomorrow but TODAY...RIGHT NOW!!!

I sit with it.
I pray....I listen!

This is when I remember what being a woman is all about...
...what it truly means to be a woman! 

Being A WOMAN DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE TO DO IT ALL!  or that I have to do just one thing....it does not have  room for comparing....we are all uniquely made.  He has purpose for each of us in different ways...we MUST embrace HIS WILL in order to truly , fully experience the AMAZING DESTINY He has for us as AS A WOMAN!


Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016



I was beyond excited this last weekend.  I set out last week (Monday) sharing with all of you my desire to create an area directory for MIND BODY SOUL doctors, practitioners, professionals....that approach our health with TRUE HEALTH in mind....not a pill!

Saturday I launched the page on FACEBOOK.  It was an amazing success.  The response was overwhelming.  I had people asking left and right to be added...how to be added....and great feedback from many!!!  I was beyond thrilled to provide my time to give back to my community...my home....my family!!!

This is how I decided to provide the directory:

 After much research and debate I decided it was best to have a FACEBOOK PAGE dedicated just for the DIRECTORY......and a GROUP for the discussion.  My thoughts were to keep the main DIRECTORY from becoming inundated with discussion and comments.  Plus FACEBOOK PAGES are searchable by google thus giving it a broader audience.

This is exciting for me because it now means people in our area can have a searchable resource in their TOTAL HEALTH needs.....health needs that get back to understanding the beautifully complicated quilt of our body, our mind, and our soul!

Here is the DIRECTORY if interested:  Amarillo Mind Body Soul Wellness Directory

And this is the link to the DISCUSSION GROUP:  Amarillo Mind Body Soul Wellness Directory Discussion

Here is to celebrating a TOTAL HEALTH TUESDAY for where I live!

Blessings and hugs!