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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Buns....for hamburgers!!!

I have finally perfected a hamburger bun recipe that my family really likes!

And it holds up really good!
AND it's really nutritious!

Okay now many of you who know me and my cooking....you know I am a "little bit of this and a little bit of that" kind of cook....BUT I really tried to pay attention to this recipe and did it several times to make sure it was consistently the same.....so here it goes....


2-3 scoops of Pea Protein unflavored NOW brand
2 TBS flax mill
1/4 cup coconut flour
1 TBS arrow root
2 TBS cashew butter
5 eggs
2 TBS parsley
1 TBS onion powder
2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 TBS vinegar
1/2 CUP olive oil
1 TBS nutritional yeast



I used my muffin top pan and was able to get 9 buns out of it to make mini burgers.

Hope you like this recipe as good as my family does....the cool thing is it is really high in protein already so you can actually just use it for a veggie sandwich as well.....which is what I do most of the time....a little avocado....some sprouts....some onion...spinach....shredded carrots....zucchini....ah man I'm getting hungry now.....now I need to back some BUNS!!!  lol!!!

Have a glorious day!!! Bake some bread....cook up some veggies and meat.....do some gardening....enjoy your weekend....and enjoy all the greatness GOD has in store for you this day!!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers...friends...family....
~Kelly ;)

Friday, April 29, 2016


I'm going to keep it short today lots of little things I want to finish before my evening fun and adventures.....but....

I must share about a  book I've been reading recently:  THE BODY ECOLOGY by Donna Gates!  Fabulous read.

I KNOW it is the the key to the next level of my health and healing my thyroid.  

I absolutely love how Donna Gates discusses not only the science of why and what she suggests to do to improve your physical health....but she also discusses how we are all unique and how we are a complex system worth respecting our individual needs.....basically without her saying it she is saying we are connected MIND BODY AND SOUL.....and we need to respect that. AMEN!!!

It's interesting because a great deal of what she is talking about in the book I was and have been doing.....but I just needed to fine tune it and tweak the combining and order of some foods....nutrition.  When I look back at some of my food journals and see when my health was doing it's best over the last year I was inadvertently following her principles of body ecology.

 I am extremely excited to start hard core pursuing the body ecology principles and taking my health to the next level of thriving: MIND BODY AND SOUL!!!

God is so good!!!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers...friends....family....
~Kelly ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coconut Milk

Today is simple....I am thinking about coconut milk so I am going to share with you my way to make a coconut milk to pour.

I want to eventually make my very own coconut milk from scratch or I should say from coconut flakes.  But I just don't feel that ambitious or motivated by it...lol.  BUT...I definitely don't like buying it in the carton already watered down with different "preservatives" and things that still aren't natural in my mind and honestly changes the true taste of the coconut milk.

 I love getting my coconut milk in a can because it is just the milk. Thick, creamy, and full of amazing flavor. My solution  to have a milk you can pour is taking a can of milk warming it on low heat with 1 to 2 cans of water with it.  Then pouring it into a glass pitcher to store in the fridge.

Have a wonderful day full of simple goodness!

Many blessings and prayers my dear readers, friends, and family.....
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cancer...Grilling...Summer...and more!!

It's grilling season again!!!

BUT.....is it really safe?!  There are  many health concerns I have read about and learned about grilling for the last several years.....that I am sure this is going to be a tough one for my hubby to be willing to give up.  So I realized I needed to figure out some alternative ways to minimize the carcinogenic concerns.

Minimizing free radicals will also help....like essiac tea!  But this is a serious detoxing tea so it can make you feel nauseous if you detox too fast with it.

Another article I found gives the science and a balanced perspective on how to compare it to other things we cook and the science effect with that cooking.  Read about it here.

So this summer as we embark on all the things that we associate with the AMERICAN WAY: swimming, thus sunscreen, grilling, too much sweets (even with fruit), lots of cool refreshing alcoholic beverages.....think about how any and all of it may impact your body....and are there some other things you can do that are more mind, body, soul relaxing without it creating such an impact on your system that could compromise your health!

Many blessings and hugs sweet readers....friends....and family....
~Kelly ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Today I am not going to think about disappointments of shows....or anything negative for that matter....instead I am going to pursue life as I always do with great joy and adventure....thus let me share with you something really fun and quirky....

My darling hubby is in charge of making our bed in the mornings because he is usually the last one out of bed.   He inherited these dolls from his aunt several years ago when she was getting rid of things.   They became our darling daughters for quite sometime but this winter when I had her minimize her bedroom of stuff these dolls ended up on the chopping block.  Now I have bee learning the beautiful art of not only minimizing but also not being attached to things.

 It's not that I'm not sentimental or that I don't care I just understand that our true memories are in our hearts and no one can take that.  Now my dear hubby....for how tough he is and very alpha...his soft spot is he is sentimental about things passed on from family.  Thus these dolls are not even an option to get rid of.  Well as I was assessing where I was going to put them, when my daughter cleaned out her room, I laid them down on my bed and I kind of liked the look it created by the pillows.  Fast forward to present day.  Since hubby is in charge of making the bed he has decided to be creative with the dolls and their poses each morning.

 It has become a fun delight to come to the bedroom each morning to find out what pose they are in.  Here they are kneeling in prayer.   Some mornings I find them doing cartwheels and other mornings they are climbing the pillows.  I love the creative ways my hubby makes our bed but what I love the most is his subtle way he is able to express his creative fun side.  He needs an outlet of creative fun and I am grateful that he has been able to find and embrace some softness...lol.

What ways can you create some random fun in your life or around your house to create a unique conversation for you and your spouse!?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers...friends...family...
~Kelly :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dear Once Upon a Time...

I am beyond disappointed that you have chosen to succumb to, what I read recently in a article of, "keeping up with the times".  In the past you were actually supported and given good reviews in some Christian resources. You were considered one of the more family friendly shows.   I have enjoyed the great discussions about good versus evil because of your show with my daughter.

There have been some things I don't like about your show but for the most part you have a show I felt was going against the grain and actually encouraging values with a back door way of moral and integrity lessons.

But now you have put me in the moral dilemma of having to choose between whether to continue to watch and use it as a platform of discussion of what is wrong with what you are trying to pass as "normal" or I make the decision of saying no to watching your show.  Saying no to your willingness to cave to RELATIVISM.

This is going to disappoint my daughter I am sure, but I can't watch something that I know in my heart is going to give full frontal exposure to this topic now that you have opened this door.  Thus your willingness to blur the lines of what true love is, Christ-centered love, has left me realizing that the narrow road Christ talks about is not easy but one that must be traveled in order to make a difference...in order to reach my ultimate goal: heaven. 

The LGBT are real human beings who have feelings and emotions.  When I see human beings I don't see color, race, orientation, I see each of us as sinners striving to live the best life we can to seek Christ.  Thus I can get bashed about this letter but Christ is clear, the BIBLE is clear, how and what we are designed for.....thus our great human challenge is to NOT give in to sin....to avoid our sinfulness to the best of our ability.

I don't feel you are going to handle this topic in a family friendly way....thus I am sad to say my family will no longer be watching your show.  There are many petitions and groups out there imploring you to please take into consideration that your audience is primarily Christian families....yet you have chosen to still be "apart of this world" rather than live in this world.

I will pray that you have not scandalized impressionable innocent families because of your actions.  I will also pray you decide to come back to what the premise of  the show: Fairy Tales of good versus evil not about what is "politically correct".

Many blessings and prayers always,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dear Self...

Thank you for remembering GOD...heaven...sainthood is my true goal!
Thank you for loving this amazing life GOD has gifted to you!
Thank you for continually leaning on GOD to learn...laugh...live...love!

Please forgive me for all the times I did not love your properly.
Please forgive me for all the times I have criticized you for not being enough.
Please forgive me for all the times I have compared you to another.

I love your amazing mind...you willingness to always learn and grow in life.
I love your your unwavering faith....your willingness to love as God has asked of you.
I love your true whole real love of self....your willingness to look into the mirror and see what GOD sees...to not let the enemy whisper lies into your ears or distort what you see.  

Remember you are where you are because you continually know how important it is to abandon your will to HIS WILL.
Remember you have strengthened your armor to the level it is because you ASK HIM for the tools each day.
Remember your whole true health: mind, body, soul is through the power of Jesus....the love of God...and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Have a glorious day full of faith, hope, and love....sprinkled heavily with compassion, forgiveness, and mercy!

My love and prayers to you always full of lots of hugs...
~Kelly :)

PS...Dear Readers....When was the last time you showed a little love and mercy to yourself!?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dear "Sookie"...

I am beyond excited that you are coming home!  I have missed you dearly.  I have missed our crafting and lesson planning days.  I look forward to this new journey in our life!

Let me count the ways I want to thank you for your amazing friendship:

Thank you for having made my cleaning days full of joy and ease through our phone dates....not sure how my house is going to stay clean now that you will be home :)....

Thank you for not giving up on us when we have had a miscommunication in the past.

Thank you for fighting for our friendship to ensure we stayed in touch on a regular basis even though you had moved away.

Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you for helping me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry.

Thank you for trusting my husband and I to be the godparents to your children.

Thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable enough with me to share things that only true trust and love can allow us to open up to others about.

Thank you for leading me on my path of being "crunchy".

Thank you for becoming a friend I wouldn't want to live without.



My love....hugs...prayers....and blessings always!
~"Lorelai"  AKA  Kelly :)

PS...Dear Readers....when was the last time you shared just how much you love and appreciate a person in your life!?

*** Obviously my dear friends name has been changed to protect her identity! :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dear "LaLa" Family...

I am honored to call you friend.  I remember the first conversation we ever had.  I remember feeling so connected to you the first time we ever spoke.  I have learned great things from you....especially about our faith....and how to live it with sainthood in mind.

There was a moment in our faith friendship where it became strained.  For that I am greatly sorry.  I did not speak up...advocate....for you in a situation.  I did not live that moment with the integrity I know I am capable of.  I know we have since made amends.  And for that I am humbled for your amazing act of love...grace...compassion and mercy!  You truly are living out the WORKS OF MERCY in your life!

I continue to grow deeper in my faith because of your family.  You recently shared with me why I can and should encourage my daughter to serve as an alter server.  Your explanation was beautiful and profound....because I too pray if it is God's Will for my daughter to enter the religious life that opportunities present themselves to her to plant a seed.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on how we need to all continually serve our church and not expect to be served.  It is sad that such a small percentage of church congregations make up the bulk of ministry being done.  I have always believed in us doing our part. 

Yet this last year with all my health issues I had to step away from many things....you helped me remember that I must start becoming involved again.  I have some little things.....but I CAN AND WILL start being a more active example to my daughter...and my church family by doing something active not only behind the scenes of Mass but also for and during the Mass.

Please keep me in your prayers as I discern where my gifts and talents are best used for our faith family of the Mass Celebration.  And please keep me in your prayers as I continue to grow and learn about my charism. 

Thank you again for your amazing friendship....your amazing compassion....your amazing mercy....your amazing love!

Your family are ALWAYS in my prayers....
many hugs and blessings....
~Kelly ;)

PS....Dear Readers.....do you have someone who has helped you grow in your faith!?  Do you have someone you have wronged?  Is it time to write a letter?  Speak to them?  Humble yourself to live in Christ's light and love!

*** I changed the name of this dear family to protect their privacy....:)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear Church Leaders and Teachers...

Thank you for volunteering your time to help parents bring Christ into the lives of our children.

Thank you for take the time to share with them about the bible.  

I understand that you are not responsible to teach my child about their faith...that is my job...you are there to enhance it...highlight...to give another perspective....a chance to gather and grow in discipleship.

I pray you take this responsibility with great care.  I have seen some teachers and leaders at church take this responsibility very serious and strive to do God's will.  And I have seen and experienced some who truly need to understand they are doing more harm than good.

I appreciate it when you truly pray and prepare what you are going to teach and share with these kiddos.  This reflects your act of love....your willingness to live out not only Gods love but His mercy....His WORKS OF MERCY.

I am sure you do not take this responsibility lightly.  Some of you have taken on the responsibility of preparing a group for a sacrament...please, please, please understand you are being given the privilege and the burden to help us parents bring our children to heaven...to be saints.  With this responsibility you are in my prayers.  I pray you reflect on all you must do to best provide faith growth for these young minds.

Thank you for taking the time to hear what I have to share with you.  Please know I write this out of love....I write this as a parent striving to always lead my child to God and His beautiful son, Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.

You are always in my prayers and thoughts....

PS...Dear Readers....is there a church leader/teacher who you need to thank?  Or do you need to lovingly remind them they have a responsibility that they are not living up to!?  It's never easy to speak the truth when it has some hard truths that need to be shared.  Take comfort in the WORKS OF MERCY....lean on ADVISING for your guidance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dear God!


Thank you for another fabulous opportunity to breath in the air you have provided....to have the opportunity to live in your will.

Thank you for another magical day to be merciful to others...to love others with your example...the example of your beautiful son: Jesus!

Thank you for my JOYS AND MY SORROWS....because through my struggles I am able to see your glory ...see your plan...your purpose: TO BRING ME HOME TO YOU IN HEAVEN!

Thank you for your mercy...your compassion...your love!

My love....devotion...and will is always yours!

PS...Dear Readers....Have you written a letter to GOD recently!?  Try it out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dear Hubby...

Thank you for being the amazing man you are!  

You recently made some big decisions for our family that were life giving.  That were about sacrifices not selfishness.  You put aside pride and wants to be the man of God I know you are.

You continually strive to walk in the footsteps of Christ.  You have been learning the the beautiful way of how Christ lived His love for his people, the church, is like the bridegroom is to his bride.

As we teach our daughter about what to look for in a future spouse, how the man who wants to one day marry her must be willing to bring her to heaven and must be willing to die for her....I reflect on how you continually grow in this and be this...thus model this for her.

Thank you for being my rock in this amazing life.

Thank you for having always been the reason why I continue to grow deeper in my faith....thus deeper in love with you!

I love you....now....always....forever....
~Kelly ;)

PS....Dear readers....do you have a loved one you should take the time to write a letter to!?  To speak to!?  To show your gratitude and mercy to!?

Monday, April 18, 2016


I have a dear wonderful friend who also writes a blog.  Her message is always thought provoking, inspirational and beautiful.  Her blog is called LETTERS FULL OF LOVE.  I love her title.  It has been inspiring me with thoughts of how, when I journal each morning I basically write a letter to God.  It has become my comfort, my way of talking with God first thing in the morning when I sit down with my tea, after my rosary and before my main movement of body for the day (IE: exercise).

It has been inspiring me to share my blog as if it were my letters to God, to loved ones, to others I may have something I want to share information with.  Since I just finished two weeks with the Works of Mercy I am feeling even more drawn, compelled, to share, to turn some...many....of my postings into a letter.

Think about it.....what happens when we write a letter to another person?  Our approach becomes different....it hopefully softens....it becomes personal rather than general.

When we write or speak to a large group we tend to get into generalizations as well as attack...especially if we want to defend or justify a cause.  Now we can be just as harsh if not more so when we are with an individual but I believe we tend to take pause before we pounce when it is more personal...one on one.  And when we are harsh face to face sometimes it is because we are allowing pride to use us.


When we give in to mercy and have it behind the steering wheel, then there becomes room for others to receive our love...our mercy...our information to share.   

I only want to sow seeds of love....

I only want to sow seeds of wholeness: mind, body, soul....

I only want to sow seeds of mercy....

With that I say....

Dear Readers,

Hi!  It is so nice to meet you here!  Thank you for reading my posts.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to be a ripple in my wave.  I appreciate each and everyone of you.  I am humbled that you choose to read what I have to share with you each day.  I may not know who some of you are but please know YOU ARE in my prayers always!!!  I always ask GOD to press upon my heart each morning a person...a name....a situation to pray specifically for.

May your week be filled with amazing compassion...mercy...and love!  May you feel compelled to write your own....letters of mercy....letters of compassion....letters of love!

Many hugs and prayers always my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Bearing Wrongs Patiently

...bearing wrongs patiently...

...work at being less critical of others...overlook minor flaws and mistakes...give people the benefit of the doubt...assume that people who may have hurt you did so because they are enduring pain of their own...pray for those who have wronged you...

What really sticks out in my mind for this SPIRITUAL WORK OF MERCY has been my most recent challenges.  I wrote about it previously:  From Sadness to Celebration on Saturday.

I can get really frustrated especially when it comes to our children and youth.  When I feel that adults are not taking their roles and responsibilities serious about leading children and youth to God's Kingdom I can get critical.  But something I have really reflected on for some time now is 1: zip my lip and pray....and 2: if I have a suggestion for a program then I need to be willing to step up and do something about it....help out...not be a "complainer".....and finally 3: put myself in their shoes...AND PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

What do you find yourself being critical about that you can turn it into prayer instead!?

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers...friends....and family...
~Kelly :)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Forgiving


...pray for those who have wronged you...pray for the courage to forgive...ask forgiveness from others....let go of grudges...go out of your way to be positive with someone you are having a difficult time with...

I have found and realized the amazing power of forgiveness.  It is truly not about or even for the person you are forgiving.  When we forgive those who have wronged us we are actually doing something for us.  It strengthens and deepens our relationship with GOD.

I have actually written about forgiveness many times.  I truly believe the more we confess forgiveness within our heart the greater we experience mercy.

The three postings I have included that express forgiveness are different types of forgiveness that each are empowering.



And my favorite personal story.....FORGIVENESS OF ONE WHO HAS DONE ME WRONG...I pray for this person on a regular basis....I have let it go...and have found love in my heart for him.

I pray as you read each story I have linked....especially the FAIRYTALES ON FRIDAY....that you are able to truly experience GODS amazing love when we live out this WORK OF MERCY in FORGIVING!  It is beyond amazing and freeing!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers...friends...family....
~Kelly :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Comforting


...walk with others through their pain...offer words of encouragement to those who seem discouraged....offer positive words to fellow students or coworkers who are having a difficult time with tasks...

I think many people find this hard to do because they don't want to sound contrite.  I think it is because people try to say TOO MANY words.  When really less is more.  I find myself truly listening to the persons WHOLE story...concern...problem....and waiting.  Usually from the moment I hear a person is having a problem I start saying a prayer that GOD takes over and guides me with my ears, my heart, and my words.  Most of the time I truly don't remember what I said.  And when that happens I KNOW IT IS FROM GOD.

...be present to those who are struggling or in emotional pain or despair....offer sympathy to those who are grieving....

This can be difficult for some to put into practice.  Our human nature doesn't like to see others in pain...or grieving....BUT it is PART OF HUMAN NATURE....it is part of growth.  I find it comforting to know I can be a shoulder for someone.  I truly find comfort and peace just holding someone who feels broken.  My hope is always that my arms are a vessel for Christ.  So that as I hold and console a person they feel like they are in the arms of Christ.

Give peace and comfort to someone in need today...tomorrow...this week....you'll not only provide comfort and love to someone but it will do your heart and soul good as well!

Hugs and blessings dear readers....friends...family.....
~Kelly ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Consoling


...work at being optimistic...avoid cynicism....ask people about their hopes...support them in trying to attain them..

My hubby has accused me of being having rosy colored glasses in the past....but I think sometimes that is not a bad thing.  It is not that I don't see the world for what it is or the evil that does exist I just choose to always look at how ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

Hugs and blessings dear readers....friends...family.....
~Kelly ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Advising


This one is not enjoyable.

To be courageous yet compassionate in calling people and institutions to be faithful to Gospel values. To intervene in situations in which people are clearly doing harm to themselves or others.
To respond to negative and prejudicial comments with positive statements.
To put an end to gossip by walking away, and set a good example for others.

I have had to multiple times share a TRUTH of faith with someone....and they DID NOT like what I had to say or share.

I have lost friendships because of speaking the values of the Gospel.

I have most definitely intervened when someone has been morally harmful to another. Being POSITIVE is truly the easiest of these for me.

But walking from negative or gossip talk is difficult for me.  I usually try to turn the conversation around to bring the positive out and instead I end up getting sucked in.  I just recently found myself frustrated with a person of authority and it was very difficult for me to not speak negatively about this person.  I realized I was not being merciful and I MUST try to put myself in their position and realize I am not them....thus I CAN NOT JUDGE THE SITUATION.  And my bantering about it is not and will not be loving and Christ giving.

This is truly not an easy Work of Mercy to live but it is truly important to live.  The more practice we have with this Mercy the better we get at living it....then the closer we become to truly being like Christ and his disciples.

Do you need to flex this Work of Mercy "muscle" better? or more?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers...friends...family...
~Kelly ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spiritual Works of Mercy: Instructing

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are how we are able to help others (family, friends, neighbors, etc) with their spiritual and emotional needs.

INSTRUCTING is how we are able to learn about our faith and then being able to share our understanding of it to others......share our insights, knowledge, and skills with others.

I like the description of it as being a "tutor" to others about things.

I don't struggle with this one.   I think this SPIRITUAL WORK OF MERCY is right up my alley.  My daughters education is the top example that comes to mind.  My role is to INSTRUCT her in every aspects of her life!  I AM TO BE HER INSTRUCTOR of life.....of faith....of EVERYTHING!  I will not "contract" it out to someone else.   I love listening to PARENTING ON PURPOSE.  Dr. Bob Barnes talks about how so many parents today want to "contract" out responsibilities of even learning communication skills to others (coaches, schools, church, etc) rather than being that first teacher to their children.  This resonates within me.  It is the whole reason why I know GOD put it in my heart to home-school.  I DID NOT WANT SOMEONE ELSE to be the first teacher of life for my daughter.  I didn't want someone else to have her for the bulk of her waking hours.  How could I possibly be an influence in her life a true mentor of faith, life, everything if someone else has her for over 8 hours a day.

I believe because GOD purposed this in my heart it has become second nature for me to want to tutor, mentor, instruct with others as well.

How does INSTRUCTING with the SPIRITUAL WORKS OF MERCY look like in your life!?

Hugs and blessings my dear readers.....friends...family...
~Kelly ;)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Corporal Works of Mercy: Bury the Dead

...bury the dead....

This is probably one of the easiest works of mercy any of us could do...but I do understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea....because death makes people uncomfortable.

But I LOVE GOING TO FUNERALS....I love being able to hear what loved ones have to share about their family member.  I love hearing what the priest has to say.  And I love being able to be a witness and show my respect for the life that was lived here on earth.

Other ways a person can live out this work of mercy is:

~volunteering at a hospice
~participate in a bereavement ministry
~spend time with a widow or widower
~take loved ones to visit the cemetery
~offer daily prayers for the deceased and terminally ill

What I love about this Work of Mercy is how it reminds us that we are NOT meant for this world.  That this world is only a part of our entire life.  Our entire life consists of the time we spend here and the time we get to spend in heaven.

I remember when I attended my grandmothers funeral years back.  My daughter at the time was 7 or 8 and she said the most profound thing to me.  Something that many may have been appalled at her saying, but I understood what she meant.  She said, "I can't wait to die."  I asked her why.  She looked at me like I was silly to ask such a question.  She then responded with, "Well because I will get to be with Jesus of course!".....WOW isn't that awesome for someone so young to GET IT!!! To understand we are destined for heaven....OUR JOB HERE ON EARTH IS TO STAY THE COURSE TO GET THERE!!

Thus I LOVE going to funerals so I can pray for the dearly departed.  I can pray that their soul is able to be meeting up with our amazing Lord and Savior and having some fabulous times together!

hugs and prayers my dear readers....friends....family...
~Kelly :)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Corporal Works of Mercy: Give to the Poor

...give to the poor....

The Rice Bowl at lent is a beautiful example of this corporal work of mercy!

My family during the last week of lent, Holy Week, embarked on what we dubbed as our $21 Fast. If you want to read about it or remember the adventure you can read about it here.   The idea had been spurred because of the Rice Bowl.  Here is what I shared about it in February.

This experience created an amazing impact for my family but I think especially for my husband.  I asked him what he felt he had learned the most from the experience.  He shared how it taught him to slow down.  He has always eaten food without really thinking.  He eats as much as he can, as fast as he can.  It has always just been in his nature.  We tease that he must have a tape worm because he can truly sit down and eat 2 or 3 helpings of food and it not phase him.  But during the 7 day $21 fast his portions were so small that he realized he needed to make the moment last otherwise his plate or bowl would be empty in 2 minutes and then what!?

My daughter had moments where she realized her hunger was making her irritable.  We discussed how there are children EVERY DAY who go to school hungry and how difficult it must be to concentrate on their studies because of their hunger.

I think this experience not only reminded us how blessed we are but how we can and should on a regular bases be willing to donate a bit more for the poor. That every time we are asked to give to the poor or for the poor at church or in other situations we do exactly that!

Can you collect your change in a jar and every week give it to a charity?
Can you start making a pledge to a charity that specifically tend to the poor?
Do you know a family that could use a bit of help with bills, etc?
How can you give more to the poor!?

Hugs and blessings my dear readers....friends....family....
~Kelly :)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Corporal Work of Mercy: Visit the Imprisoned

...visit the imprisoned...

How can I possibly live out this work of mercy?!

So I looked up some thoughts and found a great site that gave some practical ideas that are relevant for today.  Check it out here.

Then I found a wonderful posting about how Pope Francis visits the imprisoned on a regular basis.

And I really liked what a church in NY posted on their site. Checked it out here.

Other than the obvious....PRAY FOR THE IMPRISONED.....I am not sure where I fit into this picture with this Corporal Work of Mercy.

I think what really stuck out for me was how some people can be in a personal prison....not necessarily a literal prison.  Thus I am going to ponder on those who I may know or those who may struggle with these types of "prisons" and not only dedicate prayers for them but see how I may be a "visitor" in their life.

Have you ever pondered on this work of mercy!?

Hugs and blessings always my dear readers....friends....family....
Kelly :)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Corporal Works of Mercy: Visit the Sick

...visit the sick....

My family had a fabulous opportunity to practice this one on Easter Sunday!  My mom needed to take communion to a man who is sick and home bound.  It was awkward but humbling.  The realization of what a beautiful gift my mom was giving to this man by bringing him JESUS to receive otherwise he would have had to go without communion on one of the most holiest of days!!!

It is beautiful those who feel called to sit with the sick and dying....to be there with them and love them when it can make many people uncomfortable.  Not everyone is called to this kind of work.....but there are still other ways we can live out this work of mercy.  When we have friends who are sick we can bring them a meal....or offer to take care of their kiddos.  We can take a person to a doctors appointment.   There are MANY WAYS we can live out this work of mercy when the opportunity arises....sometimes we just have to LISTEN TO HIS CALLING.....and leap to action!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers...friends....and family....
~Kelly ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Corporal Works of Mercy: Shelter the Homeless

...shelter the homeless...

I was really struggling with how can we possibly live out this work of mercy....and then as I read this really great posting  (check out here) ....it helped me realize that every time I donate to the downtown women's shelter, the Salvation Army, and to Catholic Family Charities with items... I am helping with shelters and homes for the refugees.  I may not be doing anything big....or grandiose but I am trying to do my part by not holding on to things that can definitely help others!

I especially like what the linked posting shared about just making eye contact to a homeless person you see on the side of the road....let them know you see them....let them know you acknowledge they are another human being.  I strive to do this every time.  Let me tell you it's not easy.  I remember the first time I ever did that....it was hard!  I felt guilty I wan't doing more than smiling and looking them straight in the eye.  I realized why we like to avert our eyes....because when we look away we can pretend we don't see...and we can pretend there is no problem.  

The challenge for each of us is to NOT LOOK AWAY!!!  LOOK THEM STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND SMILE.....even say peace with your hands.....and say a prayer for them.  My daughter and I ALWAYS say a prayer along the lines of:  Lord please bring along the right person who is meant to help this person, and help this person know YOU!!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers....friends....family...
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Corporal Work of Mercy: Clothe the Naked

...clothe the naked...

How can we clothe the naked?  I think sometimes we all read a sentence and we think in literal thoughts.  But what if how we can CLOTHE THE NAKED is by being willing to live with less!?

I read a blog post almost 7 years ago that changed my life about removing stuff from our life.  Last year I read a book about owning only things that spark joy...and how when we remove clutter and unnecessary stuff we leave room for love, joy, peace.....and so much more!

I was able to fine tune my clothing in such a way that my wonderful hubby at first thought I was crazy...lol.  You see in Marie Kondo's book, "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"  she talks about folding all your clothes in a specific way.  It resonated within me.  Thus my challenge to myself was to own only enough clothes that could fit in my dresser.  Thus I have a drawer for all personable's....a drawer for shirts....a drawer for pants and skirts.....a drawer for sweaters and cover ups...a drawer pajama's, lounge wear....4 dresses hanging up in my closet.  That's it!  And even with that really it could still be fine tuned.  I truly believe we could all survive with 2 or 3 of each item....pants, shirts, sweaters, etc.....we choose to not.

When I get something new....something has to come out!

I especially love taking clothes to our local Children's Exchange because whatever of our stuff that doesn't sell it is given to Catholic Family Services.

I actually think twice before I shop anymore.  I think: Do I really need that!?  Can I donate that money somewhere else?  Can I help in some other area!?  

What has probably become my favorite spot to shop is when I visit my parents in NM.  They have a non-profit that  helps families leave the cycle of Domestic Violence.  Within this non-profit there is a thrift shop.  This store helps support the cause.  So for every purchase I make 100% goes toward helping families.  I like that.  So now I not only get unique clothing that I can't find here.....but I get to help an entity that truly puts clothing on a person who needs to leave a situation sometimes with nothing but the clothing on their back.

How can you clothe the naked?!
Is your closet so jammed full of stuff that a local women's shelter would feel like Christmas came if you blessed them with all your beautiful clothes!?
Can you scope out some of the thrift stores and find out what their cause is and start shopping there instead!?
What about every time you feel compelled to shop for yourself you donate that money instead....or take a homeless person shopping!?

Let's CLOTHE the naked together...one closet at a time!

hugs and prayers always my dear readers...friends...and family...
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Corporal Work of Mercy: Give Drink to the Thirsty

...give drink to the thirsty...

I haven't really thought about this work of mercy for a bit.  As I was reflecting on it I loved some of the different sites and info  I came across to help me further understand: How can I GIVE DRINK TO THE THIRSTY!?

I realized I could relate in a small bit of what I was reading.  No I never went thirsty growing up...but we think about all the uses of water...all the things we NEED water for to survive each day....and it put things into perspective.

The land my parents owned growing up had a well that produced only 30-50 gallons of water a day!  Think about that....that is the amount of water that most of our hot water tanks hold.  Now can you imagine that amount of water having to provide for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and gardening.   My parents built a cistern.  We hauled water weekly to ensure we had enough water to take care of basic needs.  Eventually we had a system of where water would drain off of the garage/shop into the cistern to help especially during the winter months when we couldn't get the truck and tank out do to weather.

Bathing truly was quick. sparingly and mindful.  Washing dishes was NEVER with the water just running.....rinse water became wash water, which became either flushing water or gardening water.   You ALWAYS thought about how can the water be used until it cannot be used anymore.

When I was thinking of this Work of Mercy I really didn't think I could relate but I realized as I was reading another persons blog post on the topic....I COULD.

It also helped me think about how I use to keep a case of water bottles and granola bars in my car so when I saw a homeless person or a person in need I could at-least give them something to drink and eat!  I feel convicted to do that again.  I am going to make sure my car at all times has at least water to give to another!  I loved this reflection and posting I found!

It bothers me when water is just running from a sink whether for teeth, dishes, hands, etc.....I WILL be more mindful of when I get in a hurry and don't think about the water running.  Having been in the military a two minute shower was easy for me....but I have gotten accustomed and spoiled at my baths and longer showers.  I WILL be mindful of how I once understood that a two minute bath or shower growing up was a luxury!

How can you put this work of mercy into action in your life!?

Have a blessed day full of LIVING WATERS!!

Hugs and prayers always my readers....friends....and family!
~Kelly :)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Corporal Work of Mercy: Feed the Hungry

feed the hungry....

How do I personally put this Work of Mercy into practice?

My daughter and I with some other friends every month on the first Friday we deliver boxes of food to shut ins.  It has been a fabulously rewarding service.  We have been doing this for 2 years now and I can't imagine us not doing this.

It was interesting because my friend and I both agreed after the first time we delivered we wanted to add something personal to it.  We didn't like that these people were getting processed food.  But we also understand we can't possibly change a food bank or charity system that relies on donations....and what do people donate?  Processed and canned goods....because that is what holds a shelf life.

Sooooo what we decided to do was to add fresh fruits and veggies.  We started having the kiddos decorate little boxes for us to add our little contribution to the bigger boxes.  Then when winter came around last year we realized we wanted to do something that would provide a bit of an immune booster so we started doing Greek yogurt and Emergen-C.  This has become our constant add in.  We feel that this is at-least a little bit of a help and boost by adding a probiotic food and some essential vitamins/minerals.   Our thought is anything is better than nothing to help boost the immune system.

It is humbling and rewarding all at the same time.   Every time we deliver I feel  grateful for my ability to do my own shopping.  I feel blessed to have loved ones who want to spend time with me.  There is one sweet little lady who doesn't have family who wants to "bother" with seeing her.  I feel rewarded with the smiles and hugs we receive.

My experience with this Work of Mercy is something I don't want to end.  I truly love seeing these amazing peoples faces.

How do you think you can incorporate the Work of Mercy of Feeding the Hungry into your life?!
A widowed neighbor?
Volunteer at a food bank?
A soup kitchen?
Help prepare meals for funerals?
Snack pack programs?
Random meals for families you KNOW can use a bit of help in this economy? 

Take a moment to pray and see where God leads you in this work of mercy!

My hugs and prayers always my dear readers....friends....family....

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Special Blessings for Divine Mercy Sunday

Today was Divine Mercy Sunday!!!

I've had a special love for the image Jesus instructed Saint Faustina to have painted during one of her visions of him.  There is something about the image that speaks freedom to me.  I find it peaceful, empowering, amazing.

I felt beyond blessed participating in a chaplet before Mass....and then attending a holy hour at St. Mary's Cathedral from 3-4.  The hour consisted of Exposition...Chaplet....quiet prayer time...benediction.  (Check out the links I have added to learn more about Exposition and Benediction!)

I shared earlier this week (follow this link to read more) how I would go through all the WORKS OF MERCY over the next couple of weeks!

I am excited to really reflect on each Work of Mercy and how it pertains to my life...how I have been living them or how I can work on one more.

What are the WORKS OF MERCY!?

Works of Mercy

The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

 are actions we can perform that extend 

God’s compassion and mercy to those in need.

Corporal Works of Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy 
are these kind acts by which we help our neighbors 
with their material and physical needs.

feed the hungry
give drink to the thirsty
clothe the naked
shelter the homeless
visit the sick
visit the imprisoned
bury the dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Spiritual Works of Mercy 
are acts of compassion, as listed below, 
by which we help our neighbors 
with their emotional and spiritual needs.

counsel the doubtful
instruct the ignorant
admonish sinners
comfort the afflicted
forgive offenses
bear wrongs patiently
pray for the living and the dead

My only regret today was I didn't 
have the opportunity to share with more friends and loved ones 
about the wonderful hour that took place at St. Mary's. 
But I WILL NOT make that mistake again.  
through the DIVINE MERCY!!!

With that I will share more tomorrow!  
Many blessings and hugs my dear readers....friends....and family!
Kelly :)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

From Sadness to Celebration on Saturday

Today was full of beauty...wonder....and sadness!

I say sadness because I witnessed a celebration that should have been full of beauty and life....instead it was lacking.

I KNOW GOD WAS THERE....THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS DEFINITELY PRESENT....but the experience wasn't what I thought it was suppose to be....it didn't "play out"  how it was suppose to be....or how I felt it should have.

I know I am being vague mostly because I desire to not create scandal or ruffle feathers....but it made me sad.  Sad for the participants involved who were there.

BUT God is so amazing that I KNOW FRUIT was created....seeds were planted...even if it didn't meet my "standards" of  how I would have liked to seen and experienced this celebration.

AND....I KNOW just like the original 12 disciples....things were rocky for them in the beginning.....and really all throughout life.  YET....they persevered and they continually turned to the HOLY SPIRIT to guide them after JESUS had left them.


Thus sadness truly can be celebration....can be joy....is discipleship.....and LIFE!!!

With that I say goodnight....sweet dreams....and many blessings my wonderful readers....friends...and family...

hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly :)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fondness on Friday

Dear Sam,

Thank you for the 12 weeks I was able to feel your life within me 5 years ago.  

Thank you for helping me learn how to laugh more....how to love deeper...how to live fuller!

Thank you for the whispers you continue to blow within your big sisters ear; whispers that give her peace of being an only child.

Thank you for being my own personal saint in heaven
Thank you for bringing greater meaning and joy on a day that is full of silliness and pranks
And thank you for continually having your heavenly DADDY watch over your earthly daddy!

I love you dearly and look forward to one day meeting you and holding you.

hugs and kisses always,

***If you have ever lost a child (miscarriage, accident, etc....write them a letter....share your love...your sorrow.....your everything with them!  You will not only feel their love within you but our HEAVENLY FATHER'S LOVE ALL AROUND AND THROUGH YOU!