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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today I Rest!

I don't share when I am traveling because I think it is not a wise thing to do.  I see so many people post on Facebook and other medias, even on blogs how they are here and there and everywhere.  I just don't think it is a safe a wise thing to do.  There are many people who are out there with not the best of intentions and I find it leaving us open for vulnerabilities.

Thus I will share always when I am back :).....so I AM BACK!.....lol...

I went to Colorado Springs this last weekend and had the opportunity to catch up with family that I had not seen in waaay too long.

One of the wonderful things I love about these amazing cousins, women, in my life is their ability to truly UNPLUG.  They are connected when they need to be.  They take care of what needs to be done...but they are NOT ATTACHED TO THEIR PHONES...DEVICES....they truly understand the beautiful gift of being connected to the physical bodies (friends and family) that are in the room with them.

It was beautiful.....and I will write and share more about how wonderful it was......TOMORROW.....because TODAY I REST!! :)

Have a glorious last day of May!

Blessings and hugs dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day....

One year ago....I walked into my functional docs office and he took one look at me and was able to share some amazing insight on my health.  He still ran LOTS of labs and weeks later we discovered ALL SORTS of health concerns.

But what I have learned in this journey....I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!

And I wouldn't trade my doctor for anything!

Thus today...as we all enjoy family time....relaxing....and reflecting on those who have died in the literal battlefield....let's reflect also on those who "battle" for us and our TRUE WELLNESS of health!

Does your area have a listing of WELLNESS practitioners?! Functional Doctors!?  Doctors and professionals that go above and beyond for your health....those who think outside of the standard "norm"....and understand what true health should be all about!?  If not.....help put together a list so others can see it....know about the opportunities their area may have.  And don't take one doctors answer as gospel!  Fight for your health.

If you live in AMARILLO....we have started a simple grassroots directory to create awareness of true WELLNESS.  The hope and desire is for it to continue to grow and become a directory where we know we can always find a doc or professional who will help us get TO THE ROOT CAUSE of our health concerns!

AMARILLO MIND BODY SOUL DIRECTORY can be found on Facebook....as a page.....check it out.  Heck you may have someone to suggest to add!

Many hugs and prayers dear readers....friends.....family...
~Kelly ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sharing on Sunday....

This week I have spent sharing about MODESTY.

I am going to keep it short today because my desire is if you haven't had the chance yet to read this weeks postings you will be able to take the time today.....and if you haven't had the chance to watch any of the YOUTUBE videos I linked...please do so!

We have the opportunity  to make a change...to create an awareness....to learn and share of what modesty is truly all about.

Let's learn to be a bit more humble...to experience shame in our clothing....not shame in a condemning sort of way but shame in that when we see too much skin showing we blush....we become embarrassed.....not desensitized to what societies standards are for our sexuality....our dignity...our modesty.

Many hugs and blessings dear readers...family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Skin and Summer...

I recently was visiting with my daughter more about our modesty. How with summer here it is hard to not want to wear less because we are hot.  We also visited about the video I posted earlier this week about what boys see....and how they struggle.....and to understand our responsibility as women.  She is so grown up because she TOTALLY GOT IT.....

But...how does a bathing suit fit into all of this because it's summer and swim wear is about as immodest as we can get.

I loved this 10 minute YOUTUBE.  This young lady gives the history of the bikini and some solutions she has come up with.

BUT FOR ME....I have realized I understand now why I have never enjoyed swimming....why I have never felt comfortable at pools....WE ARE WALKING AROUND NAKED.  It doesn't matter how modest our suits are I feel exactly like what the gentleman said in the WHAT GUYS THINK ABOUT MODESTY.....I feel a huge responsibility of not causing men to sin.

What do you plan on doing this summer about your suit!? Your skin!? Your sexuality!?

Blessings and hugs dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly ;) 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Eye Contact

As I was weeding out a few more things yesterday it reminded me about how much I really like it when a man gives me eye contact and I don't feel his eyes looking me up and down.

What I wear WILL/DOES help that.....WILL/DOES IMPACT his reaction.

Flowing....looser....comfortable clothes not only allows a person to feel comfortable and not feel like a "stuffed sausage" but they allow you to look and feel more feminine....thus walking and treating yourself with more femininity and grace.

It always feels so refreshing to encounter a man at church, in the store, walking through a parking lot and know he has given me eye contact!  

The challenge men have is to stay with the eye contact.  Thus does the eye scan take place before the eye contact or after the eye contact....OR DO THEY MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT WITH NO SCAN!  That takes discipline....AND IT TAKES US WOMEN TO DO OUR PART!

I don't think women really like the scan....they may say they do....but how can they truly like being looked at as an object....something to be conquered...something to be had.

I personally would rather know a man enjoys my company because of my mind....because of my feminine perspective....my desire to help and serve....AND I MOST DEFINITELY ENJOY RECEIVING A HUG KNOWING THERE IS NO SEXUAL INTENTION OR FEEL UP BEHIND IT. 

Even from my husband!  I enjoy knowing that when my husband hugs me it is because he values ME....OUR RELATIONSHIP....not what he can get from me.

When you get dressed today set a goal of EYE CONTACT....not body scan.....and experience the amazing freedom of TRUE FEMININITY AND POWER!

Many hugs and prayers dear readers...family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Wardrobe

Obviously I am on a theme this week....it didn't start out that way....BUT since I have shared with you my love of research.....and SINCE studying and researching more about MODESTY right now as I work on putting together a MODESTY PROGRAM for 12-15 year olds.....well MODESTY IS ON THE BRAIN....

I have been evaluating my wardrobe again....

When we study the bible....each time we learn something we are then held to that knowledge.

When we peel an onion there is always another layer....

Thus as I read about modesty.....and figure out how I want to share things with these young ladies....I realize I still have some work to do on my wardrobe....I am not being hard on myself....I'm not saying I have anything overtly immodest....BUT WE CAN ALWAYS MAKE IMPROVEMENTS....in all things....life is about growth and learning!

Therefore today I am going to really look at each piece of clothing and ask myself:


I will ask:


I will ask:


This will be my focus today!?

What about you!?

Hugs and blessings dear readers...family...friends.....
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Warrior Women

Why did I write yesterday's letter?!

I have been so disheartened to see some amazing young ladies...some I know some I don't....who are posting pictures of themselves in close to to nothing....short shorts....or bathing suits.....midrifts....etc....

I know many are going to say I am being a prude....or what is wrong with me...why am I judging!?

This is the thing....like I said yesterday....there IS NO JUDGEMENT....it is about wanting women/girls to understand how important it is for us all to truly start making an effort go against the grain of society.

I am not innocent in any of this.....I remember when I was in high school wearing things too tight to make myself feel better about myself...instead it just attracted the wrong attention.

I remember being in the military and not always carrying myself with the respect I should have been.

I am sad to say even 3 years ago when my thyroid condition had switched into HYPERTHYROID which means my thyroid hormones were burning too fast...too hot....thus making me fall below a healthy weight for me.  At first I resisted the temptation of becoming vain...but then I found myself picking dresses that were too clingy.  I wasn't picking baggy pants like I usually like....I was choosing more "skinny jean" look.....I was willing to walk around with running pants with a long tunic...with the false modesty that I was covering myself because of the tunic.

THANK GOD that phase lasted for a very short period....fortunately my health was starting to crash in other ways that helped me refocus and remember what GOD created me for.

So you see....I am not just talking to women as if I don't understand the pressures...or vanities....or pride to "show off" any hard work, or just to not care.....





That means avoid situations that set me up to feel like I should cave to what "everyone else is doing"....I must surround myself with like minded friends to not put myself in the situation of feeling like we can't bond and learn more about our Lord....and finally I MUST lovingly share the truth with others!

What does your closet say about you!?

Many hugs and blessings dear readers....family...friends...
~Kelly ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear Ladies...Girls...Women...

Today I want to share with you how very precious you are....how beautiful you are JUST AS YOU!  

You don't need to show off all your great success of losing weight by wearing less. 
You don't need to take pictures of yourself to post it on Facebook showing even less of yourself to "show" how wonderful whatever helped you shift your lifestyle to making healthier choices.

Here is the thing....I AM NOT JUDGING YOU....I LOVE YOU....I love you each enough to help you understand....YOU ARE PRECIOUS....I desire for you to not be looked at and undressed in the mind of men and women alike. 

The difference is when men are undressing you in their minds you are becoming an object in their mind...it is truly a scientific thing in their mind that they cannot control.  And the women who are looking you up and down are either comparing themselves,  judging you, and who knows what...the point being is it is not creating the nurturing nature of women being able to bond together and support each other.

So ladies, girls, women....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE love yourself to look in the mirror and ask yourself....truly ask yourself:  WHAT MESSAGE AM I TRYING TO EXPRESS WITH THIS OUTFIT!?

I pray you read yesterdays posting and watch the YouTube video of WHAT GUYS THING ABOUT MODESTY!

Please understand MODESTY is not holding you back....instead it is elevating you up...creating true FREEDOM!!!

Ladies....girls...women I say all this because I LOVE YOU....I want you to know I UNDERSTAND wanting people to see all your hard work....BUT WHO DID YOU GET HEALTHY FOR?!  WHO DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT FOR?!  I pray it was to honor God...to respect your temple....to remember that your health has purpose.

Thus I pray you will LOVE YOURSELF AS GOD DESIRES YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF....with great dignity....great honor....great purpose.

So next time you look in the mirror....look deep in your eyes first....and say....I LOVE YOU...YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE....the look at your outfit....and ask....what is my purpose in this outfit:  To honor God?  To protect the PURITY OF MEN....to honor my MODESTY....?  OR is my purpose to draw attention to my body!?

Thank you for reading this letter with the an open mind, an open heart, and the knowledge that I TRULY CARE ABOUT YOU....I LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF OUR AMAZING LORD AND I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE USED....OR TO FEEL LESS THAN YOU ARE WORTH!!!

My hugs and prayers always dear readers....family...friends...
~Kelly :)

Monday, May 23, 2016


This is perfect to share today since yesterday I talked about collections....hobbies....and how one of mine is RESEARCH....LEARNING.....

I have always been passionate about sharing with young girls...women...about the beauty of modesty.  How we need to continually strive to fine tune our wardrobe.  Once our eyes are opened to something we have in our closet WE MUST LET IT GO!!  And the more we become convicted about our apparel....WE MUST GIVE IT TO GOD!!

I have been praying for a very long time on how to bring a message of modesty to young girls in our church, our community.  To help others understand it is about empowering us as women not oppression.  I could go on and on about how it is intertwined in many other subjects of self worth....etc....but I WILL STAY TO POINT :)....

Which is....

I have been doing LOTS OF YOUTUBE video watching on modesty because I have been given the great privilege to be part an amazing team of individuals to bring about a knowledge on TOB (Theology of the Body).....encompassed in this program that is being developed will be a part on MODESTY.....I AM BEYOND BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT!!

Thus back to research...youtube....

I have found some really great video clips that will be useful....some that are great for me to watch but not to share....and some that are well just not so great....

BUT one so far has REALLY STOOD OUT....it speaks to the heart and soul of why we as WOMEN REALLY REALLY REALLY should take our modesty serious.  This clip gets to the heart of what I want young girls to understand.

It is truly amazing.....IT IS FROM A GUYS POINT OF VIEW! 

Check out this YOUTUBE video and let me know what you think!

Have a glorious day!
Many blessings and hugs always dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Everyone has something they collect!


Each of us have hobbies that sometimes correlates to our collection or is separate:

Scrap booking

I would have to say outside of the obvious, books and reading, for my collecting and hobby interests... 

mine would be....


I absolutely love to read about EVERYTHING...it usually is related to what I am currently passionate about or doing or even about my daughters education...but I LOVE to spend time in libraries, book stores, on the Internet...anywhere and have about a box full of books or about 7 tabs opened and looking over one thing after another.  Sometimes reading things straight through. Other times picking a chapter and skimming then moving to the next book.   Always with a notebook and sticky pads or note cards creating all sorts of note bubbles notations and mapping of information. 

It truly gives me great joy learning all I can about something that comes up in a conversation that I want to understand better.  

It doesn't bother me that there may be some people who don't give me credit for having knowledge about a subject or may assume I don't know something because I'm "just a house wife, homeschooling mom" because I would rather listen to what others have to say and see what I can not only learn from what they are saying but to learn from their body language and micro expressions.  

Research and learning are all around us because people are all around us!  It excites me...it makes me feel alive!  I COULD TRULY BE A LIFER FOR EDUCATION....wait a minute I AM....I am a life long learner.....and I love it!!!

What do you collect?
How does it relate to your life?
Does it relate to learning?


I know it all seems random today compared to yesterdays post......but I figured a little light conversation was due...lol...but really we should all strive to be IN LOVE WITH LEARNING!

Have a fabulous day full of learning...laughing...loving!!!

Hugs and blessings dear readers....friends...family...
~Kelly :)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spiritual Warfare....

Some people don't believe in SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  An argument that it is in our heads....it is our own manifestation.....or it is our own humanity that creates the spiritual battles around us.



I have experienced it time and time again.  And each time I encounter such a battle I am able to recognize it quicker and proceed to pray and call upon my prayer warriors....aka: my powerful prayer friends!!

What does SPIRITUAL WARFARE look like!?  

Each of us are different so I can't speak for others but I can speak for myself.

Spiritual warfare for me is when I am doing something amazing for GOD.....I am truly living in HIS will.....fulfilling a request or task HE has asked of me....and then......I START HAVING SERIOUS SYMPTOMS TO MY HOSHIMOTOS-HYPOTHYROID....even though I have been eating well, sleeping good, and minimizing stress.  A really crazy attack on my spiritual life is when I start having old thoughts with BODY DYMORPHIA

When you combine symptoms of those two it can look something like a tired/wired, feeling sluggish, foggy, judging self, comparing, feeling less than worthy....don't want to get out and do things.

BUT....I don't find it discouraging!!!

I HAVE LEARNED TO RECOGNIZE.....OOOH....SATAN DOES NOT LIKE WHAT I AM WORKING ON FOR MY MASTER....MY MAKER....MY SAVIOR!!!  And it actually encourages me to keep strong, pray harder, and to NOT HIDE!!!!  Because the devil DOES NOT WANT GOD'S WORD AND MESSAGE TO HAVE VICTORY!!

So the next time you feel like the whole world is against you.....you have health issues kicking up.....mental battles....even brain fog....AND YOU KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF PHYSICALLY.....don't hesitate to enter into the possibility of SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

And the greatest solution is to tell Satan to go away in Jesus's name!!  HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO STAY WHERE HE IS NOT WELCOME!!!  Thus my solution is even if you are not sure.....do this anyways....it will solidify it for you....it will ensure that if that was the problem....it will go away!

I hope today's posting isn't too out there for any of you.....I know this is hard to digest for some.  But the more I walk closer to JESUS, with the HOLY SPIRIT, and in GOD'S WILL, the less I find all this spiritual warfare kooky.  I hope you will too!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....friends...family....
~Kelly  :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fabulously Generous In-Laws.....

Once again my family will be going on a cruise later this year!

My in-laws LOVE LOVE LOVE to cruise!  It gives them great joy and pleasure....I do believe.

We don't have the opportunity to see them as much as we probably would all like....and we definitely don't have the opportunity to see my hubbies brother and his wife as much I we would love!

Last year we ALL experienced a cruise together.  It was beyond beautiful and fun.  It was a chance for us to all be together, do activities that each of us enjoy and still come together throughout the day and share our experiences of the day.

The best time of each day is always dinner time because we opted for the sit down dining where we talk about the adventures of our day!  I love seeing the twinkle in my mother-in-laws eye as she pulls information out of each of us....and the tidbits of wisdom my father-in-law bestows upon us.

These are two of the most generous people I know.  They could be spending their money in many other ways....yet they choose to want to bring their family with them on vacation.  They are humble people who aren't wealthy by any means but are willing to make sacrifices to ensure we as a family do something fun and memorable together!

I have shared before that family is about growing in our faith...growing in our virtues....and growing within ourselves.

Take a moment today to reflect on some of the very generous things your family has done for you in the past month, past year?! Use that as a focus instead of wanting to grumble about anything you may think is a "wrong" about them!  Because NONE OF US ARE PERFECT....and I am sure they can grumble about you!  Heck I know my family can definitely grumble about me!

Me.....I have no grumbles.....I am not perfect...I don't expect my family to be perfect....and I love them for EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE!  

And as for my in-laws.....I LOVE THEM DEARLY...not because they pay for these fabulous vacations for us to all go on together....I LOVE THEM because they VALUE FAMILY.....the value TIME!!!  And time is one thing we can never replace!

What are your values!?

Hugs and blessings dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Whew....that was much to think about this week!

Where has that all left me?!

I have realized....what I have been feeling for quite some time....I WANT TO ONLY SUPPORT THE LOCAL STORES!  I want to support stores that have the same common good, morals, values....life thoughts as I do!  I want shopping to be about family as the focus rather than STUFF!!!

Some of the stores I shop may be considered a "chain" but they aren't about monopolizing and squeezing out the little guy.

I shop United and Natural Grocers because I believe they are about family...about provided better wholesome choices.

I will even shop Drug Emporium from time to time because they are about being debt free.  They don't let you use a credit card at their store!!!

I shop local religious stores because I would rather pay more for a religious item and support the family that works hard to give us that interaction versus the on-line stores.

I shop most of my supplements from my functional doctor because I believe very much in the good he is trying to do for our community and I want to him to be supported not only by me but by all his patients so he can continue to spread great ripples.

I love love love thrift shops and second hand stores.

I love garage sales!

I detest Walmart!  Many of the other box stores I am okay with for the most part....I just minimize my use of them.

Amazon I have been on the fence with when a friend shared a good thought:  Amazon isn't a mega-store....it is a holding hub for many stores.....it allows you to shop many places at once to find a good buy. 

Thus I like using them for actually creating lists and seeing if there is some place locally that can atleast come close to the price.

I am just tired of seeing so many of us accumulating stuff...and forgetting that our economy should be about FAMILY....BONDING...FAITH...NOT STUFF!!!

Where do you stand on our economy!?  Where do you shop and why!?  Does your finances line up with your faith convictions!?

So many thoughts to ponder on this Thursday!!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Distributism....part 3....the common good...

Jumping straight into my continuation on distributism...

Page 41....Chesterton warned....economic trend of last 2 centuries has been for the concentration of wealth and the destruction of small business.....started in agriculture (***can we say GMO***)...moved to small industry....and has spread....since WWII growing concentration has been most visible in retailing and other distribution sectors....

Page 43....Manning's "Rerum Novarum"....private ownership must be held sacred and inviolable...the law should favor ownership and its policy should be to induce as many people as possible to become owners...

Page 43 continued....Distribution Program....Distribution League - Chesterton was president...
     ~restraint of unjust competition
     ~redistribution of property
     ~creation of conditions favoring small ownership
     ~extended ownership of industries that necessitated large scale production.
     ~laws to protect distributed property
     ~return to the land
     ~encouragement of distributist principles by the individual

Page 44..."The outline of Sanity" Chesterton advocates boycotts....
          ~We should deal only with small shops.....Thomas Jefferson made this same point at the birth of the US....he understood the importance of small shopkeepers against the revival of Fascism...

Page 45...1963, economic theory was to lead to cheaper prices....but it enabled well-capitalized companies to cut prices temporarily until small shops were driven out of business....thus leaving us with one large superstore and was able to then have permanently higher prices....

Page 51...What's the use of having stuff anyway? by Thomas Starck....we need to quick accumulating stuff....we should have enough to enjoy time with family, friends, books, GOD!



Hugs and blessings always my dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Distributism continued....

Okay yesterday I highlighted a few lines from some of the pages....today I am going to continue this train of thought.   Basically by me sharing my own notes it helps me think about all I read and how I feel on the matter and then share where I am at on the topic....

The moral theory of capitalism if I am understanding it correctly is that large companies (ie: Walmart) equals eliminating competition.

On page 110 it discussed how....."it is important that businesses and communities have the right to create their own money.  Indeed the right of money creation is  a right of any goods producing community....." 

***I think what the book (The Hound of Distributism) is trying to say is that we have the right to provide for our community by doing for each other....supporting each other in small business ventures....and when big companies come in to snuff out the little guy then we are not generating our own value...our own revenue.


Thus on page 117....."....what we have produced as a result from the Right is a whole ideology of competition but no competitors.  We have created a condition in which large businesses dominate, via a rigged market of rank seeking capital.


Page 130...distributism is determined to rebuild the economic sphere in society...so that it does not encompass the entirety of human existence or impede the search of the common good...

Therefore I leave us with this thought today:


I personally believe that a larger number of small businesses is better for the economy and better for the people.

Many hugs and blessings dear readers...family...friends...
~Kelly ;) 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Distributism: Family, Freedom?

I recently finished a book....THE HOUND OF DISTRIBUTISM.

I really liked THIS review given about the book.."

It's weird....the older I get the more "geeky" I get....the more I desire to read and learn EVERYTHING...especially if it is something I think it is important to understand or learn.  AND...if it pertains to family....faith....and freedom....well I am all about it!

Back to this book.....I have never really understood all the lingo about capitalism versus socialism....and so when this term, distributism, came into the picture it was even more foreign to me.  BUT...I wanted to understand :)....

The more I read.....the more I realized how much I really respect the pillars behind Distributism.

Here is just a few nuggets from the book:

Page 6...contraceptive mentality....responsible for "myopic nature of modern economics"...The foundation of Distributism is ownership.....the essence...self government....self control....self sufficiency...

Page 7...A pillar of Freedom....the foundation of Distributism is ownership.

Page 37...Distributism's main tenet...property should be as widely distributed as possible and business should be local...

Page 71...Usury...taking of interest...Psalm 7:14.....the calamity of a loan has no remedy...instead it becomes worse.....St. Thomas...."usury is and always will be a sin".....

Page 93...St. Gertrude..."Property, the more common it is, the more holy it is"...

Page 95....Distributism is a system conformable to the need of man and his nature...

Okay that's just the beginning!

I decided I want to spend all week or as many days as it takes to write 15 minutes each day on all the notes I took....and share my thoughts with you!

I leave you with this thought:

That's just one of the many points that Distributism addresses!

Have a blessed and amazing day!
Hugs and blessings always my dear readers...friends....family....
~Kelly :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016




I love how the Holy Spirit comes down upon us....encouraging us....journeying with us....guiding us....coaching us!!!

I'm totally keeping it short because I hope and pray each and everyone of you will watch this 40 minute YouTube TESTIMONY of Jim Caviezel about his role in THE PASSION.  All the trials...and TRUE EVIL that tried to prevent this film from coming about....BUT about the AMAZING STRENGTH AND FAITH THIS MAN HAD!!!!


Feel the FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT fill you up with CONVICTION!


Many hugs and blessings on this glorious day my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spending Freeze....

We have had lots of little expenses the last couple of weeks.  Nothing big....nothing breaking....nothing being replaced...

Just things that need to be restocked....like toilet paper....food replenished in freezer....soaps......pantry staples low...my thyroid support supplements.......etc...

Then I have lists of school books I need to start getting....ink cartridges to be replaced.....gardening things I need to have to do xyz....and this list and that list.....

MY BRAIN GOES ON TOO MUCH SPENDING OVERLOAD!!!  And spending hasn't even necessarily happened....but my brain just goes UGH!!!

Thus I realized my mind body soul connection to our budget needs to have a break.  We have plenty of stuff in the freezer, frig, pantry to easily miss a few weeks without going to the grocery store.

I realized school books and other "needs" CAN WAIT....

I want to just think about and appreciate ALL we do have RIGHT NOW.....and not think about WHAT I "SHOULD HAVE"...."NEED"....."WANT"......

Do you need to take a spending freeze for your MIND BODY SOUL connection!?

Have a SPENDING FREE SATURDAY full of beauty and SERENITY!!!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Friday, May 13, 2016


How many times do we start a conversation with how good something is BUT it could be better.

We say things like...

 "The event was good BUT it was missing xyz."

"Good job darling EXCEPT it is missing xyz."

I love the gift IF ONLY IT HAD  xyz."

My house would be better if it had xyz."

We start out thinking we are being positive or constructive YET we many times say a BUT, YET, EXCEPT, IF ONLY.....and so many more conjunctions that negate what we just said.  Or take a positive thought down to a negative.  Or at the very least expressing that things could be better rather finding peace, joy, contentment in the JUST IS! 

Thus I give each and everyone of us a challenge for a day...two...a week (but let's start with a day!)....to say each sentence without a BUT!

How much will your attitude toward life change!?
Do you think your JOY will become more heartfelt....more full....more peaceful!

The buts, yets, ifs, excepts.....hold us back from our full joy potential!!!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Life Matters.....

As I continue to raise my daughter with an awareness of her amazing sexuality.....who she truly is....how GOD designed her....AND WHY!  I have been really reflecting on the pro-life issues and movement and how much it has changed since I was very involved with many organizations years ago.  It is not that I am not still invovled....just on a smaller scale and more in the back ground.....and more on specific occastions and situations not a weekly involvement. 

Then I realized my daily prayer for life issues is no small token.  It is truly an important part of this fight.  My daily conversations with my daughter about life issues, sexuality, morality, chastity, modesty....it is all another way I am helping on the battlefield of life issues.

I use to have lots of great resources concerning LIFE NEWS.....things that are near and dear to me....the defending of the most innocent...vulnerable...those who are truly unable to defend themselves! 


Then recently I was looking up some information and came across this amazing website.  I love how it REALLY gives you lots of great info.  It is shocking to me how much stuff they are able to dig up about pro-life issues (those for and those against....or should I say those who have less of a respect for life).....

If this is a matter that is important to you....you may find this site worth subscribing to for updates (check it out here).

Thus I leave you with this thought on Thursday:

Are you fostering and nurturing a life attitude in your heart, your home, your life!?  Or are you skirting the topic because it's uncomfortable?  Are you spreading a ripple of TRUTH AND LIFE.....or lies and darkness!?

hugs and blessings dear readers...friends...family...
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Move It, Move it!



Life is full of great opportunities to move our body in ways that are needed for our individual needs, wants, goals, desires, and optimal health and happiness!

I firmly believe GOD desires for us to take care of our physical body in a non-vanity, not aesthetic focused way.  When we take care of our physical body based on our daily needs....the works HE has set out for us to accomplish then there is harmony and flow for us!  


Okay keeping it ultra short cause I've got a date with my REBOUNDER and Taylor Marshall podcast...or maybe the Catholic Bytes.....or Joyce Meyer....ugh so many choices!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sushi and Sea Veggies!

Today is Tuesday and I am totally in the mood to give some tasty recipes!

Besides I promised to give you some of the experiments I came up with using nori....it has been truly fun!

I wrapped a grass-fed uncured beef sausage with some spinach, fermented caraway sauerkraut, mustard....totally yum!

Wrapped uncured, no nitrate salami with spaghetti squash, steamed green beans, and kimchi.  That was very tasty.

Oh and I rolled up some anti-pasta...very yum!

The sweet and savory one I did was almond butter with coconut flakes, pumpkin spices, and some coconut oil.  Now I really liked this one.....BUT.....I do understand some may find this odd....but I am one who really likes mixing sweet and salty....hot and sweet.....so if you like that kind of thing you may like this.  I also tried it with just Almond butter and cinnamon.  The nori is not over powering at all so it is truly not a clash of flavors.

Why have I been interested in nori!?

As I have been reading and learning about sea veggies....I just knew I wanted to start incorporating these powerhouse veggies into my daily routine. I came across some great info I figured you all might like.  Check it out here!

I love tapping into all the amazing resources GOD gives us!  It amazes me when we just stop and think about the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and so much more that our body needs.  Then think about how GOD has made sure we are able to get these things in the plants and animals He has provided for us on this earth.

We humans can be so silly not realizing this and not taking the time to TRULY care for our PHYSICAL NEEDS so we can NOURISH our MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL NEEDS!

Would love to hear if any of you have been using any ocean veggies and how!?  Or how are you planning on incorporating ocean veggies into your diet!?

Have a TASTY TUESDAY!!! :)

Many blessings and hugs always dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly ;)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day...continued...

Mother's Day was filled with great joy for me!



Have a glorious prayer morning.....
An invigorating walk/run with hubby....
A heartfelt encounter with Jesus at Mass....
Lots and lots of texts from family and friends...
A fun family movie time....
Cleaned up my Pinterest boards....
Created some really fun "sushi" rolls...(I promise to share the recipes later this week)....
Called and visited with my mom...
Wrote some great inspiring ideas for this summer, fall, next year...
Studied a bit about a modesty/chastity program I am honored to help our Diocese Family Life office put into place...
Sat out in the beautiful evening fresh air....
Read through my newspaper while watching Elementary with hubby...
Had one more cup of tea as I read a bit right before sleep....

What more could I have asked for from such an amazing day!

This week is destined for greatness I just feel it!

God is beyond awesome!

Don't get me wrong...I am not ignorant nor am I naive enough to think life is all peachy and no struggles.  Yet I truly believe age brings you wisdom....it should anyways...and it brings you peace....if you start tapping into your inner "Mary" more than your inner "Martha".

I have learned to truly smile through my tears. 
I have learned to not live in regrets or what ifs.
I have learned to see the AMAZING woman God has created when I look in the mirror...inside and out!

And best of all I have learned to LOVE every challenge....mind body soul.....with great passion.  

How and why!?

The more I reflect on the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and pray for them....as well as the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT....I have found greater and greater love, peace, and mercy for self...but especially for ALL around me!

I have learned to live more and more in GODS WILL THAN MINE.....thus my Mother's Day might not have been how I set it out to be....but it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined because it was lived in GOD'S WILL.....and that is GLORIOUS!

blessings and hugs dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly :) 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Today I plan on enjoying three books I desire to finish reading!  And of course I plan on sharing all about them with everyone :)!

I plan on enjoying the fresh air and a walk.

I will celebrate with my amazing LORD at Mass!

And I will NOT think or do ANYTHING that is not honoring to myself!

I WILL smile at the warrior woman I see in the mirror!

I WILL laugh with my family as much as I can today!


I am a mom!

I am so unbelievably proud of that title!


My parents because they chose to become a mom and dad so I could be a mom!

My husband....because well I wouldn't have the best daughter if it weren't for his active role in my life :)......

My LORD.....I would have NONE of this if it weren't for HIM!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ME....and to ALL who have made it possible for me to be a MOM!

MOMS....be wonderful to yourself today.....love yourself....love those who have made it possible for you to be a mom.....and THANK the Lord for gifting you with this amazing role of motherhood!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers...family...and friends....
~Kelly :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016


My darling daughter receives her confirmation today!

I am beyond excited about her receiving the HOLY SPIRIT and taking on the responsibility of her faith.

Today is a day to celebrate....to cherish...to not let anything else distract me from the beauty of it...of being in the presence of the moment!

Thus I am going to say GOOD MORNING...I pray you all have a very blessed day!  Be in the moment today!  

When was the last time you were truly present in a moment.  Seize the day....RIGHT NOW...AND BE PRESENT....CELEBRATE ALL OF LIFE.....EXPERIENCES....CHANGES....LOVE!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers....friends....family...
~Kelly :)

Friday, May 6, 2016

What is Sushi!?

Oh my goodness gracious I have been having so much fun with nori!

I have always loved sushi....actually I really love the sushi that is called shashimi.

 Shashimi is the raw piece of meat....that's it.

 The sushi that most people are familiar with is the sushi rolls.  Now they are fun too...with many different combinations with veggies, seasonings....etc.  But all sushi rolls are with rice....and most have junk in the sauces. 

I have been reading about sea vegetation and how jam packed it is with amazing minerals and more.   In the BODY ECOLOGY book Donna Gates not only emphasizes about cultured foods but the importance of sea vegetation.   Well I never realized that the wrap within the sushi roll was actually a veggie....and I never thought about experimenting with it.  Now I am and have!!

It has been fun!

The rolls pictured here are with sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds blended and spread on the nori sheet.  Shredded carrots, cucumber.  Seasoned with salt.  I kept it simple to taste it and see how I liked it.

I can't wait to try some more ideas:

I'm thinking zucchini, avocado, onion, garlic.
Or even a sweet and savory one with coconut oil or butter or flakes with spaghetti squash or butternut squash and pumpkin spices.
Really I can keep it simple too with some sprouts, meat, carrots, what ever I would roll up in a lettuce wrap!

Who knows what all I'm going to make and the dips.....yum!

I can't wait to have more fun with all these amazing plants of the earth and the SEA and some sprouted seeds or some fish...maybe another meat but for me probably not.  BUT....ooh something with venison!  Now that might be good!

Okay it's experimenting time this weekend!


What food have discovered recently?  What are all the ways you have tried to prepare it?

Many hugs and blessings dear readers...family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Have you every thought about how EVERYTHING that is GMO and artificial is unhealthy for us!?  And why!?

Because it is not what was intended.  It is not how GOD designed it.  God is brilliant and beautiful and HE designed everything on this earth with life...to thrive...to have purpose.  Yet, we silly human's think we can or should tweak things to make things "better"..."bigger".....

Let's take a look at just some of the things we have tried to "improve" yet have created more havoc!


Sweetener.....designed to "cheat" with something sweet....yet the chemicals have created more health issues....

Refined sugar....wheat....processed....designed to make things quicker....easier...yet instead has increased gut issues...disease....cancer....

Birth control....other meds....designed to "cheat" to give into impulses whenever we want...yet BC has been linked to soooo many female issues....BC and other meds are linked to brain health issues....gut issues....and so much more.....

NOW....Let's take a look at if we kept LIFE ORGANIC....the way God designed us to live....

SWEETNESS.....fruit....herbs...all things that can actually help the gut...the body.....thrive with nature...

FOOD FROM THE EARTH.....harvested with hard work....full of amazing nutrients because it "fought" to live so we could thrive.....

OUR BODY'S NATURAL RHYTHM.....It  takes work yes to learn how your body works and functions to monitor your fertility....to pay attention to inflammations.....but man the rewards of living in harmony with your body's personal energy....to live with harmony with GOD....to KNOW you are living as HE DESIGNED US TO LIVE.....

SCIENCE.....is beautiful and helpful WHEN IT IS WITH GOD ALWAYS in mind......when it works with what GOD not against GOD!  It is sad when we humans get arrogant and try to start controlling life.....and "cheat" with ALL the artificial choices....thus leaving our true nature behind.....forgetting our life is to be ORGANIC.....


And oh how much sweeter and peaceful it is....

How can you make your life 100% organic!?

Hugs and blessings always my dear readers.....family....friends.....
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Organic or Bust!?

Wednesday's are my shopping day.  I have been wanting to post for a while about why going organic is important.  I just haven't had the chance....life....lol.

But today reminded me how much I have been wanting to share this important information.

I use to stick to the lists of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen.  And not worry.   I would make sure my produce were rinsed off well and figured it didn't really matter as long as I was doing things clean....paleo....etc....then....

Well my thyroid let me know even my best intentions were not good enough.  Now I am not saying not being 100% organic was the only factor....there were many many many factors with my thyroid health issues.....but going 100% organic HAS made a huge difference.

The common argument is that organic is too expensive.  BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!  So I plan on sharing this month to compare in the grocery stores every Wednesday the same list compared and help everyone see how going organic DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A BURDEN.

Until then let me share with you some really great articles to read to explain why it is so important!

The Organic Center gives the easiest read to understand why YOU SHOULD GO ORGANIC.....READ HERE!

This article found in the NEW YORK TIMES about a middle schooler's science project of a fruit fly is pretty interesting.

And this EXPERIMENT is probably the most profound.....you get to actually see and read about a family who went organic and the health benefits that took place!

I PROMISE I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ALL NEXT WEEK ABOUT ORGANIC VERSUS NON-ORGANIC SHOPPING.....I care too much about each of you and your health to not follow up for you to truly consider going organic.

Tomorrow I am going to share about how it is relate-able to faith issues....God...and nature....

Til then.....

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....friends....and family.... 
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


It is sooooo late.  I am hardly ever up this late.....and I HAVE ALWAYS already had a post out waaay before I intend to wind down for the night....buuut.....I just wasn't meant to write until RIGHT NOW!!!



I went to a meeting tonight to gather with other like minded individuals about sharing, learning, and spreading the beauty of how we are uniquely made...how our sexuality is a glorious gift to be respected...honored....understood.

I went to just hear and learn and to see where some of my thoughts....journal entries....my prayers fit into any of this.  I thought I was going to a meeting with a geared audience of college students and young adults.....and instead I am seeing a piece of the puzzle I KNEW was missing of what I want to teach....spread.....and share with many many many.....all who desire to hear.....to learn...to embrace.

A piece to the puzzle the intricately targets my daughters age...which I think is SOOOO very important!  

I WILL share more later.....but now I MUST GO TO SLEEP because I AM SO VERY TIRED!  LOL.....but I am also beyond excited for all GOD is doing in so many lives....and in mine!

What amazing thing has GOD done in your life that makes you want to shout it at the roof top!?

Hugs and blessings always my dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Thank you...

I woke up this morning with the anticipation of lots of things I needed to accomplish and desires for the day. Then...

I went to check email.....take care of computer needs...etc....and well all heck broke loose....

My computer starts yelling at me....this obnoxious noise....a big blue screen warning me to call Microsoft support because of craziness going on with my laptop.

Thus I call...a wonderful young lady, Stephanie, is extremely helpful.  She helps me understand ALL THE ISSUES that are going on with my computer.  She takes control of it.....and looks at all sorts of things.....discovered I didn't have enough security set up on my computer....6 hours later after a diagnosis, a clean sweep, and all sorts of other computer lingo it is discovered I had many very serious viruses.....and almost 1000 other non-virus issues but still issues that could create "breaches" within my system.  UGH.....it ended up explaining some of the issues I had been having recently.

THEN.....I discovered some issues with logging into Facebook....like before....discovered what browsers are best for me....which ones are not safe, secure.....and which ones are having issues thus creating issues for me.....

Finally, I discovered there are some amazing technicians who really can talk to us non-computer types and help us understand things and not feel like an idiot.  This technician was Antonio!

So I give a shout out to Antonio and all those technicians who are truly helpful and willing to continue to be helpful and not talk above us non-computer lingo persons nor talk to us as if we are inept.

Today, I ended up having to spend WAAY more money than I would have liked to have spent....having to use from my emergency fund because of true needs.....but heck that's what that fund is for.....and obviously I needed to add a security program that needed to ensure this didn't happen again.


What did I learn about this day?!


I was able to just step back and realize I can't control that my day was NOT going the way I intended with many things.....BUT I DID GET TO SPEND THE DAY WITH MY AMAZING DAUGHTER....LEARNING WITH HER.....HELPING HER...I GOT TO SEE THREE WONDERFUL FRIENDS...I AM ABLE TO NOW SIT AND LAUGH WITH MY WONDERFUL DAUGHTER AS WE ASSESS OUR DAY AND PLAN FOR TOMORROW!  And truly that is all that matters.....the ONE ON ONE CONTACT WITH LOVED ONES.....the actual conversation with someone I have never met, never will meet, but who treated me like a human being not a computer.

Thus I continue to learn detachment from technology....social media....distractions.  I continue to be convicted that I CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS COMPUTER BECAUSE IN THE BIG PICTURE IT DOESN'T MATTER AND I REFUSE TO LET IT ROB ME OF MY JOY!!!!

Joy is being with real human beings.
Joy is putting pen to paper.
Joy is going for a walk in the fresh air.
Joy is studying side by side with my daughter.
Joy is laughing with friends.
Joy is snuggling with my hubby.

A computer can't be or do any of that!

What is your true joy!?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers....family....friends.....
~Kelly ;) 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What is a Life Coach!?

There are coaches for many things....


I have pondered about which type of certification I would want to pursue next.  I have been feeling itchy for some formal education....especially with all the nutrition and health stuff I have been researching and been involved with for many years now.  It seems it would be the right time for a person to pursue a nutritional type of certification or education right now with health truly getting a proper place and awareness with our culture.

I am passionate about sharing the health, wellness, nutritional information with others. 

In the past when I was passionate about something, I pursued an education of some sort, either a certification or formal college education.

When I became passionate about weightlifting, wanting to understand what we can accomplish physically with less time....knowing there was more to than just being a treadmill rat.....I didn't just read every book and resource I could read...I pursued and completed a certification for personal training.

When I struggled with infertility I wanted to not only understand how to help my situation I wanted to know what my practitioner knew.....so.....I became a fertility practitioner through Creighton.  I took on clients to help them learn how beautifully designed our bodies are with the hormonal dance thus being able to actually watch the cycle of life take place on paper/a chart.

When I realized how much I loved writing I didn't want to just write and write and write.....I took a writing course with actual published writers to learn the in's and out's of writing to become published.

Going back to the very beginning of my educational pursuits after high school.....I entered college obsessed with wanting to understand the law and to possibly enter law school.  I decided on  a degree in criminology.   But when I took my psychology and sociology classed I realized my passion wasn't so much about being a lawyer and pursuing the law but about the research....the pursuit to find the evidence....the unweaving of the tangled web.   I realized I wanted to know all I could...read all I could in any area that was of interest to me....whether it was something I just wanted to know.....or something that someone else wanted to know.   I wanted to be (and would be if I could be) a forever student.

I wasn't sure how or why but I knew that shifting my degree pursuits was important.  Therefore, I graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology with a strong concentration in psychology and criminology.

There can be some confusion in sociology and social work, but there is a difference.....even though sociology can lend itself to social work but my true passion with my degree major was RESEARCH!!!

I have always come back to research...gathering knowledge....and where to go from there, it's purpose, use, etc....

I have held many different types of jobs over the years:  data analysis/processing....financial planner/administrator....at-risk supervisor.....newsletter writer/editor.....spiritual faith group leader....organization planner....and who knows what else.....

Back to present day...I'm feeling itchy....


I realized I don't really want to be boxed in with a specific title.  I really don't feel like pursuing a nutritional coaching certification is where God is leading me right now....maybe down the road....but not now.  What I do want to do with health and wellness for others is help them see what is in their frig or pantry and know how to make changes.....or I want to help someone see how removing clutter from closets can help make room for joy.....I want to provide thyroid health support groups...I desire to offer workshops for women and girls to love themselves.....I want to inspire others to learn about  Theology of the Body....

I realized I don't want another certification or degree that boxes me in....or to have it just to say I have another piece of paper I am qualified for xyz.

Then I realized really my MIND BODY SOUL desire is to mentor...guide others in so many areas...and it actually already has a title....a title many recognize:  LIFE COACH.

When I looked up the definition of life coaching it has a broad range...with some specializing in some area or another....truly no different than many other types of certifications....educations.

Then I looked up what types of degrees lend to life coaching...guess what came up!?  SOCIOLOGY!

GOD IS AMAZING!!!  He planted a seed long ago for me to be at the place I am at right now.  To be at the cross roads of deciding exactly where and which direction do I want to take all of this for Him.

I realized what the perfect "title" would be for what I desire to pursue for others....how to help others....

A MIND BODY SOUL Guide~Mentor~Coach! I am here to help others pursue LIFE full of LAUGHTER AND LOVE!

I don't have to start large....I don't believe that is where HE is leading me.  HE is asking me to start small, grassroots, for HIM SO HIS BIGNESS SHINES.

He is saying:
Provide a workshop a couple times a year on a specific topic.....a support group once a month for an area of interest....a one on one guidance when I can schedule it in, between being Wife, Mommy, Teacher first.....TO PURSUE THIS WITH PASSION, PRUDENCE, AND PERSEVERANCE.

I WILL ALSO remember I AM TO CONTINUE TO LEARN WITH MY DAUGHTER as we pursue her education because that is actually my current formal education and that is my current RESPONSIBILITY...and really it is A LOT OF FUN....I LOVE LEARNING SIDE BY SIDE WITH MY DAUGHTER.

This summer has many amazing things in store for me....I FEEL IT!!

I can't wait to really see all the pieces to this puzzle of being a MIND-BODY-SOUL CONSULTANT/GUIDE for others.  To help others find the answers they already know and have inside of them but just need someone to hear them as they line up all the pieces.  I look forward to seeing how it all falls into place.

I can't wait to help others pursue their full potential of a MIND, BODY, SOUL LIFE FULL OF LAUGHTER AND LOVE!!

Here is to another fabulous week ahead of me!  I love May it has so much potential.....so much to reflect on as the season continues to shift and give us warmth (well not today here in Amarillo....lol) but a warmth within!

Have a glorious evening and week ahead of you all my dear readers....family....and friends....
~Kelly :)