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Thursday, June 30, 2016


My most recent endeavor with the family is convincing them to finally NOT use the microwave for ANYTHING!

They have gone 3 weeks now with realizing we can truly figure out different ways to rewarm things:
~stove top
~toaster oven
~ a pot for liquids (ie: tea, coffee, etc.)
~ or just eat it cold!!!

WHY?! You may ask!?

I read a fabulous post over a year ago by the FOOD BABE....but my family thought it was kind of wonky.

Then.... TTAC (The Truth About Cancer) website and newsletter shared all the science behind it even more...it just convicted me to say ENOUGH....thus I have actually not used a micro myself for about 5 weeks now....AND I HAVE SURVIVED!!!  And I drink A LOT OF TEA!!!

My next garage sale this fall will have this thing in it.....but til then it will have the blue tape across it giving the warning:
Carcinogenic.....will deplete food of nutrients.....

Please take the time to follow the link for the TTAC and read what they have to say!

Are you willing to give up your microwave!?  Sit with it....write about it!  Why....because I believe the best way to understanding and even embracing change needs and must be taken to God.....so pray about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Essential Oils....

I have truly tried all brands of EO over the last 5 plus years.

I love them....I believe in them....they have amazing health benefits that are all about the WHOLE health....Mind Body and Soul!

Many of my friends and family know I am not a person who gets on board things very easily....but when something resonates with me and continues to resonate with me....then there is something to it....for me!

Thus I have fallen in love with this brand so much....and truly have experienced a difference in it that I have finally decided to share more about it.....to have classes....one on one....etc.

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life!

Want to learn more about Essential Oils?!

There are some really great resources:  Dr. Axe....Dr. Z.....Wellness Mama.....and more.

Here is the one I have fallen in love with! 

What do you know about Essential Oils!?  Have you tried them?  Do they resonate with you!?  Take a moment today to pray....sit....and write about any MIND BODY SOUL connections you've had with EO?!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers.....family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Too Many Emails...

Do you ever feel like you receive WAAAAAY too many emails!?  And you just don't know which ones to keep...which to delete.....thus you find yourself not wanting to subscribe to just one more informational site...blog....etc!?

That's how I feel lots of times! 

I will get in a research frenzy and I'll come across many blogs or sites that I feel I just MUST get their info or I am going to miss out.  AND THEN....I will have over 100 emails in my inbox by the end of the day.  Thus I take the tedious time of unsubscribing to a bunch of things.

I don't want ANYONE to ever feel like that toward my blog!

I started out this year with the goal of writing each day.  It was to be my accountability.  My place that I just shared all my thoughts...big or small.

It HAS been awesome but I realized what if because I post something everyday it stops someone from reading or even subscribing!?  I write for me......but I would be dishonest if I didn't say I would love to see thousands following my blog....because through my writing for me I am writing for the reader.  I don't write for pride or vanity...but knowledge that I am being able to be a light and spread great ripples.

Most bloggers put out something about once or twice a week....that is the average.  But this is the thing.....I am not wanting to conform to the "norm"....but I also don't want others to not catch something just because I give TOO much.....so maybe this is where discernment....discretion....prudence come into play.

So it has had me thinking how I love that DYNAMIC CATHOLIC sends me daily motivational sayings/scripture.  They are short but lovely.  I ALWAYS want to open those first thing in the morning....and I usually want to spread the message thus I instantly share it to Facebook on one of the many groups I manage or on my own timeline.

This had me thinking some more.....
What if I just did that most days of the week.....gave a quick reflection.....scripture.....or information tidbit....or even just a link to check out....!?
Then once maybe twice a week I would write on what's going on....something longer....more in-depth....!?

It's a work in progress.....but I feel it is the right way to go...the direction I should take....especially with all the little projects I am currently working on....because I am getting writing time everyday!  I have been able to hone in on that discipline.  So now I need to be true to what I posted yesterday and realize that maybe it's that time and season again to shift gears with this blog and other things in my life!

How about you!?  Let's all sit today....pray....reflect....and journal about what do we need to "weed" out of our lives to make sure our message is being heard and we are devoting our energy to the areas in life that create great ripples for ourselves and for others!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mid-Year Reflections...

Today I look around me and SEE and FEEL all the beauty around me and I find peace in knowing I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING that is NOT TRUE TO MY INNER WISDOM....my INNER SPIRIT...my INNER BEING!

When I truly am in-tuned to my WHOLE HEALTH: MIND, BODY, SOUL....I am then in-tuned with what THE HOLY SPIRIT....is whispering to me.

I can have freedom from my own pressures and personal goals.....I can have freedom in saying to self: hmm I said I was going to do xyz....but it just doesn't feel right any more....my inner being keeps feeling "abc" instead of the excitement and peace that comes even in the middle of  challenges.

Thus today as I look at my wonderful family and all we have accomplished and done this year so far....and all we desire to do and pursue for the rest of the year.....I smile with great joy, excitement, and freedom of knowing I don't have to do ANYTHING that doesn't create joy or ripples of life giving love.


Today.....sit with what brings you TRUE joy.....TRUE peace...TRUE INNER BEING!  Reflect, pray, write about it!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just Getting Old...

Brain fog....

Do you have well meaning family/friends who will say things like...."Oh you know what that's called?  It's getting old.  It happens to all of us." (When you have aches and pains, soreness, brain fog...)

These are my thoughts on those comments:

1.  NO!  Aging doesn't have to be....and shouldn't be painful.
2.  They are speaking without thinking.

My question is, if you know a person as a type of arthritis or any disease/condition that cause nerve pain, muscle pain, or any type of pain that is not "normal"  would you say "OH THAT'S JUST NORMAL".  NO you wouldn't.

Basically in the mind and to the ears of the person who is struggling with any health condition that causes inflammation/pain, it is interpreted, or can be interpreted as...."Deal with it"....or...."buck up....be tougher!"

I don't talk about my pain to many people because I don't want it to be a focus or others to "feel sorry".  BUT I should be able to talk to those I love most when I am experiencing more than usual pain.  They should be the ones I can safely "complain" or "whine" to from time to time....or even to just make an off handed remark like:
"....ugh I don't like how my soreness linger more than it use to..."  I should be able to let my hair down with out pacifying comments from those who are my inner circle of safety.

What's my point!?
If you are an inner circle loved one for someone who has a true health concern and/or autoimmune condition. PLEASE be loving and compassionate with your words.  Remember you don't walk in their shoes.

I know for me, I am not a complainer...I don't sit and dwell on my pains.  I don't allow my attitude to become negative or my situation to consume me.  SO if I feel comfortable enough to express a pain I am feeling then what I  am really needing is just an ear...some compassion and love...and NO PACIFYING or minimizing my feelings.


Do you have well meaning family and friends who hurt your feelings or create anger within you!?  Take a moment today to reflect on why it bothers you!?  What you can do about it?!  Should you say anything or let it go!?  Now sit with this....pray about it...write in your journal about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016


When I decided to see a friend as my nutrition coach well over a year ago, I had no idea I had so much more to learn about nutrition.

I had the "being perfect" part down about macro/micro nutrients...or so I thought.....but I had forgotten that we are not just a body....we are mind and soul as well.  My thyroid didn't fall apart because of my nutrition but because of my mind.....as well as my spirit.   I needed to heal...to truly love myself and love my food...not create rules...restrictions...punishment.

As a matter of fact as we were uncovering what was going on with my physical health....my nutrition coach actually recommended for me to not eat based on nutrition needs but to eat what felt good.  She explained that most clients she doesn't recommend this but she knew it was something my mind and spirit needed.   How I needed to break free from food bondage...to remember why I love healthy eating....and how wonderful I feel when I eat healthy.  She helped me remember that to be truly in-tuned with my body and its needs is that I must stay connected to my mind and spirit.

Now I feel so free from food...from restrictions...from journaling...from disease.

Let me explain...

Do I still food journal?  From time to time yes, it can be necessary with my health journey but I don't feel enslaved to it.

Do I still need to be conscientious of my food choices because of the Hashimoto's?  YES.....but I feel free now because my heart doesn't view it as a restriction but more as a freedom from pain...freedom from imbalances.  I also don't freak out if I some how get a cross contamination or eat something that is just not helpful for my thyroid.....because in my mind, my heart, there is no "bad" foods.  There are foods that are helpful.....and not so helpful.  Yet the not so helpful foods still provide a purpose.....a purpose to learn from....to even celebrate.   I don't badger myself for making "bad" choices.....because that is the key word: CHOICE.  I know some of my choices aren't always helpful.....or sometimes my choices are not within my control so I must do the best I can with the choices I do have in front of me.

Do I still have HASHIMOTO'S?  Yes, but it's not my focus.  I'm not obsessed with perfecting my "thriving" state because when I pursue perfection I'm not thriving....I'm not keeping my whole health connected: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Do you need to find true food freedom!?  Sit with that thought....pray about it.....reflect....journal!

And have a FABULOUS FOOD FREEDOM sort of day!

Many hugs and blessings always my dear readers...family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Friday, June 24, 2016


Our Thoughts...

What does ALL additions have in common!?


I recently posted some self love stuff on a Facebook Group: The Self Love Shine!

A wonderful woman who also strives to spread love to other women posted about a book.  It fascinated and interested me. I thought if anything I would read it to see what I can share with others about it.  The author talks about SELF LOVE through food addictions, how to learn to truly love self and to expect/ask God for a miracle to heal from self-destructive mind/heart thoughts.  To help you learn how to truly approach your health with a MIND, BODY, SOUL approach.

I love her message.  I think she compliments the message that MADDY MOON shares about with her journey of self love.  How to truly walk away from food obsessions. How to have food freedom!

This book is about more than food addictions and over-eating.....it is about TRULY LOVING YOURSELF ENOUGH TO HAVE A FABULOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD!!!

Tomorrow I'll share more about how a person can have food freedom even and especially if you have an autoimmune disease or food allergies.

But today.....I challenge you to really pause and reflect on your relationship with food.  Is it misplaced in anyway shape or form!?  If so how can you change it!?  Reflect on this.....journal about it....pray about it!!!

Have a fabulous day dear readers.....family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mothers and Daughters: Compassion or Competition

As I entered into my teens years there was this tug-of-war with my mom.  I feel it was a competition of some sort.

A competition for:

This may sound strange but I have reflected and watched other moms and daughters. Whether real life, television shows, movies, etc....and they all seem to portray this sort of "competition" in some way or another.  The mom trying to wear clothes her daughter would wear....to be "cool", to "fit in".....instead of just being herself.

but I believe the biggest competition I have witnessed is the physical.  I think a mom starts to see her mortality and her "flaws" as her daughter is coming into herself, her womanhood.  An older woman sees the legs of her daughter and wishes hers were firm and lean. She sees the perkiness of her daughters chest and compares the sagging, stretch marked breasts as flawed.  She sees her daughters face with no lines and becomes envious.

Thus the wedge is placed between them.


I am so grateful God purposed in my heart from the moment my daughter was in my womb to not only nurture the seed of self love but to nurture within myself to ALWAYS be myself with my darling daughter.



Therefore as I watch my beautiful daughter turn 13 this month and visually see the stunning beauty she has become physically, I truly see how beautiful her heart is as well.  I feel honor to be her mom.  I don't sit and compare  And with a dysmorphic brain it could become an easy thing to obsess about.  But I don't!  I truly smile and value, honor, the differences.  I see the unique beauty we each have and cherish how we compliment each other.  I cherish our moments together.  I cherish how she teaches me things as much as I teach her things.

I know the difference between our legs is years of strength training on my part.  I respect that when I have a day where my legs are retaining fluid, exhausted, feeling "heavy" because of the Hoshimoto's-Hypothyroidism, I am still proud of all my legs have been able to accomplish for me during that day!

Rather than looking at my daughters legs with resentment I look at them with hope and desire that she doesn't take them for granted.

I know the difference in my face and her face is years of laughter, sorrows, experiences, strength, and hopefully wisdom!

When I look at her face....I pray she too one day will have a face that expresses all
the love and laughter of life that I have experienced.

So....moms....honor your daughters budding body instead of comparing and creating a wedge.  There is enough hormonal gunk to try to wade through that we don't need to add our own mental clutter to the mess.  This time should be a marvelous time to grow and learn together.  These are the days to create bonds that will last for a lifetime.

We have a choice for our daughters future relationship with us.  One where they look forward to coming home whenever they can as an adult.....OR.....one where they feel obligation to come out of politeness but no desire.


Take a moment today to reflect on your relationship with your daughter.....with your mother....write about it....pray about it....see where the SPIRIT takes you with it!

Many blessings and hugs this amazing day dear readers....family....friends.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Love Your Legs...

Growing up I heard....

"...my German Chubby knees..."

To this day I have no idea what my mom said before or after that statement BUT what DID imprint in my mind and heart has her dislike...discomfort...of her knees, her legs.  Because of it, for years, I was never satisfied with my legs.  It didn't even matter when I had lost so much muscle tone with my thyroid burning me up, my legs were truly twigs with no tone, but I sure did have thigh gap.



I couldn't figure out why?

Then it dawned on me:
My NATURE is confident and KNOWS to LOVE myself.
I KNOW I am more than this physical body.
Instead, I realized, my NATURE was dueling with my NURTURING.

I was still healing from too many sorrowful losses in too short of time....my spirit....my soul....couldn't handle it.  but it was an awesome opportunity to heal because it helped me realized  even though I thought I was okay in my own skin I still had healing to do.  This healing opportunity has allowed me to sit here today looking at my legs...and TRULY LOVE THEM!!!!

I am able to look at them and not think:
I wish you were leaner.
I wish you were longer.
I wish you were lighter.

I am able to feel their strength....their power in just being MY LEGS!!!

I am able to see legs....not size....I am able to see beauty....not flaws....I am able to see past the physical and tap into all the amazing spiritual things they carry me to....I am able to see all the amazing mind opportunities they carry me through.....and....


What physical part of your body do you need to fall IN LOVE with so you can move past the PHYSICAL...and be connected to the MIND AND SPIRIT.....of that PHYSICAL PART!?

Take a moment to reflect....pray....and journal about it today!

Many hugs and blessings always my dear readers....family.....friends....
~Kelly :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cooking Classes!!!

Posting about recipes had me thinking how I want my darling daughter to enjoy cooking as much as I do!  I want her to learn that cooking doesn't have to be complicated.  It can be fun....it can be with real food and not from a box!  She actually does enjoy cooking from time to time....but I know she sees her mom cook and doesn't have the opportunity very often to learn from others that have the same nutritional goals as I do in mind!

THEN.....I realized a fabulous idea!!!!  I have a friend who offers HEALTHY COOKING CLASSES on a regular basis!  So why not sign her and I up for not only a wonderful cooking class for us both to continue to learn different recipe ideas but to have a wonderful daughter bonding opportunity!

If you're interested in taking this COOKING CLASS yourself....you really should check it out (here)!   Laura is fabulous.....I love learning so much from her!

Okay onto more fun stuff for the day!
But stay tuned....my weekend away for Father's Day had me journal and write some amazing thoughts that I am looking forward to sharing with you all this week!

Have a gloriously blessed day full of MIND, BODY, SOUL connections in all you do with your FAITH, FOOD, FITNESS, FAMILY, FINANCES, FUN....AND SO MUCH MORE!!

Hugs and blessings always dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly  :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Carrot Cake

Ok so maybe it's not really a carrot cake that you sink your teeth into.  And it doesn't have nuts.  And it doesn't have raisins. :-)

But it is super healthy and it sure did taste like I was enjoying a carrot cake on an autoimmune protocol diet!

Many of my friends have seen me use carrot peels for many different things over the last few years.  I just hate the thought of wasting a perfectly good part of the veggie.  I actually have tried to just scrub my carrots  and chop them that way but...I don't know...they just don't taste the same not being peeled.  And I didn't want all these great peels to just go to compost.  Especially since sweet hubby and I go back and forth on composting.  That is a conversation for another day for sure!!! Lol...

So back to carrot peels...

I have created fun fried carrot peels..roasted...etc...with lots of different seasoning ideas.  I have used them in soups...chopped them up finer and used them for slaws.   I have cooked them up and pureed them for muffins....or created an apple like sauces. 

But my most recent realization came about due to laziness! I didn't feel like cooking them up and getting anything dirty.  I was contemplating what I wanted to do with them as I was about to make a green shake and that's when I thought..."hmmm...a carrot cake shake!"

Oh it was absolutely wonderful!  I blended together:
 about a handful of peels (if not more)
 hand full of spinach (but you can leave the green out if so be)....
tbsp of cinnamon (I really like cinnamon).....
1 tsp ginger.....
1 tsp vanilla....
1/3 cup of full fat coconut milk.....
1/2 cup water.....
I think about 5-8 drops of stevia, it really just depends on how sweet you want it....
a scoop of collagen protein....
blend and YUM!!!

What a refreshing satisfying treat on a hot summer afternoon!

Have a fabulously delightful day!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers...family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coconut Flour Pancakes

1/2 cup coconut flour
1 tbs arrow root
1 tbs tapioca flour
2 tbs coconut oil or ghee butter
1 tbs vanilla
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp sea salt
4 eggs 
***1/4-1/2 cup of almond milk 

Whisk all together in a bowl.  Add as little or as much of the almond milk depending on thickness of batter.

I use a cast iron skillet and make about 3 silver dollar size pancakes per pan.  I use coconut oil for the pan as well.

***So I came across this recipe too!!!  Man I am in the mood to just see what I have put off to the side and forgotten about....lol....  But anyways....here is a recipe for those of you who don't want all the banana and nuts from yesterdays recipe.  Now I have tried just about EVERY paleo recipe for my two picky bread loving dears (aka: hubby and daughter).....and this is by far their favorite.  It is fluffy and light.....and meets all their needs as if it were regular gluten/refined kind of pancakes.

So you fathers out there....maybe this is more up your alley today!


Many hugs and blessings dear readers....family....friends....

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Banana Waffles...

3 banana
8 eggs
1/3 cup coconut flour
1/3 cup tapioca flour
2 tsp vanilla
1 tbs maple syrup 
1 cup chopped pecans
pinch of salt

makes 8 waffles

I brushed the waffle iron with coconut oil quite liberally everytime!

I created these waffles quite a while back and I was coming across some of my notes and saved drafts and realized....ugh I had not shared this recipe yet!  It's interesting because I wasn't sure if darling daughter would like them....but SHE LOVED THEM!!!  It's a texture thing.  She can be picky about what she likes to have a smooth taste and what she likes to have 'bumps"....lol.  She has never really liked her pancakes or waffles to be anything but plain....but these she really enjoyed! 

So maybe this can be a wonderful FATHER'S DAY breakfast treat! :)  I know my hubby would slather on a ton of almond butter and probably crumble up some bacon on top.  And more than likely eat about 6 of the 8....then complain about how full he is!  But what the heck FATHER'S DAY only comes around once a year right :).....?!

What special treat are you going to do for your FATHER on father's day!?  Don't think too long....it's one nights away! :)

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Generations of....

Lack of morals....

We can create labels for generations of past and present.....but is it fair!?

At a gathering this week it came up in conversation different things about the current generation not doing or being xyz.....and I realized I was probably one of the ones guilty of making a general statement about this generation.   I DON'T THINK this generation is all bad....or bad period.

I realized that my statement was probably interpreted wrong and/or I didn't think my wording out very well.  I am usually very mindful when I speak and make a statement but I fear my words were taken wrong.  (Remember my love language is words.....so I spin conversations over and over in my head too much sometimes!)

BUT....it did give me a moment to pause and realize.....regardless if my words were interpreted wrong or if I am just over analyzing the conversations (which is highly possible!).....WE (MY GENERATION).....as well as all generations need to take responsibility in how our actions impact the generations before and after us. 

We EACH need to take responsibility to create change in whatever it is we want to see better!

So if we don't want to see our youth consumed by technology then we need to be an example of not being consumed by technology.

If we want to see faith practices in our youth then we must be willing to learn them and understand them ourselves to again be that example.

We all know our actions speak louder than words!

Thus instead of saying "ugh this generation is xyz"....we need to say, "our human race is xyz" and then be that change!!!  

Don't complain about it.....live it...be it....model it....learn from it....grow from it....share it.....AND acknowledge any responsibility we may have in our judgment thoughts, statements.....FINALLY....ask for forgiveness from self and others if necessary for not being as compassionate and merciful toward a specific generation!

Have you intentionally or unintentionally made a judgement statement toward a generation!?  If so what can you do to correct it....learn from it....grow from it!?  Pray about it....write in your journal....then take action!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....family....friends,

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mind Body Soul of Fasting...

I had the privilege and experience a couple nights ago to share with a group of amazing individuals about fasting.  The history, types, gifts, and my personal journey relating to fasting.

It was exciting and invigorating.....AND therapeutic.  It allowed me the opportunity to reflect later in the quiet of my home over the next day and during my journal time how MUCH FASTING HAS IMPACTED MY LIFE.

I shared with this group how when we are fasting (whether an absolute, normal, partial....liquids only....Daniel....etc) there is ALWAYS going to be a mind, body, soul connection.  When we do things for our spiritual health....our physical and mental health will reap benefits.....and when we do things for physical or mental health.....it will impact our spiritual health....the question is will it be helpful to our spirit...to our mind....or will our physical pursuits create more havoc!?

Thus this pondering....this reflective post discussion....allowed me to see all the amazing moments of mind, body, soul connection with my fasting over the course of the last 6-7 years.  It has allowed me to realize how much fasting has helped me heal through sooooo many things....but especially my dysmorphia....how I TRULY LOVE MYSELF EXACTLY HOW I AM!

Here is how I see it....

My first fast was a Daniel fast for over 40 days.  I entered that fast with a very serious spiritual purpose.  In the course of that fast not only did God open and close doors for my husband and for me....but HE revealed some things about my health that were important.  I ended up losing over 30 pounds.  I maintained that weight for quite a bit of time....it was healthy.  So imagine me where I am at today carrying 30 more pounds....it wasn't healthy for my frame.  But what I didn't know at the time was I was probably already dealing with thyroid issues and didn't know it. Because I had put on that 30 pounds over the course of a year and it wasn't easily explained because I hadn't done anything different in my eating, exercise, life routine.

Over the course of the next 2 years my fasting for others also helped me heal from a miscarriage and from having to choose to have a hysterectomy for serious health reasons....as well as losing my grandmother.   Fasting sustained my faith in some of the darkest days of my life.

After my hysterectomy my weight dropped even more....20 more pounds. Family and friends started to associate my weight loss with my fasting. God then asked me to actually fast from fasting.  Thus for 1 year I took a break from fasting.  It broke my heart that God asked me to stop.  But I knew He had purpose and I trusted Him. 

What it revealed during that year was that my weight stayed the same.  It wasn't my fasting.  And it revealed other things about my health that weren't explainable.  I kept trusting.  Then over a course of 2 months I put on over 10 unexplained pounds.  That's when the health storm hit.  I started seeing my functional doc and discovered all I did and have about my thyroid. 

The amazing beautiful thing was during the first appointment he talked about the amazing health benefits to fasting and if I would be open to fasting.  I started to laugh because I knew it was God saying ok it's time to fast again.  My husband was a witness and was able to truly understand the amazing mind body soul connection to fasting.

Hindsight that period of time when I had dropped down below 100 pounds was my thyroid going into overdrive (hyperthyroid)....it was not my fasting....and it was not something sustainable. 

It comes back to the beginning statement of how my fasting has truly healed me with my dysmorphia and sooo much more.

Since my body....my physical body.....has changed radically over the course of over 7 years.....I have been able to reflect, pray and fast on the importance of mind body soul health.  I have been able to strengthen my love of self.  I have been able to heal from past wounds and hurts that created the dysmorphic mind in me at a young age.  I have been able to heal and see GOD'S HAND in ALL walks of my life.

I am able to FINALLY see the beautiful body I have been trusted to care for is more than just a body......that I AM NOT DEFINED BY THIS BODY...my SOUL is extremely important....and my mind must continually remember that I CANNOT SEPARATE THE SOUL AND THE BODY......God created us BODY AND SOUL.....BUT the TWO MUST be at peace and harmony with each other....only then will we truly thrive in our TOTAL HEALTH....and only then are we TRULY in COMMUNION with GOD!!

Do you have a disconnect in your mind, body, soul health!?  What aspect do you need to really work on to make sure you are in communion with God!?  Take a moment today to reflect....pray....write about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers.....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dear Pastors...

 Yesterday I shared about a letter I helped put together for a group of amazing people who want to help see change in our health...mind, body, soul.

Below is the letter I talked about.  Again I say.....read over the letter.....see what about it you can apply to your own letter to share with your own church....your own pastor....your own organization...business...life.....lets all work together in making our HEALTH A PRIORITY.....our WHOLE HEALTH: mind body soul!!!!

Dear Pastors,
Have you ever contemplated what your role is in leading your congregation with their health journey?  You might wonder what business is it of yours to get involved in your parishioners physical life, where it involves how they eat or exercise, but let me share some thoughts on why it is your business.

You guide them each week, each day with spiritual matters.  With how to develop a great relationship with Christ.  You guide them with the mind and soul aspects of their health, how to study God’s word so they can disciple to others, to evangelize.  You have probably guided them on financial matters, how to be stewards with their money.  You advise them on marital matters.   Why then wouldn’t and shouldn’t you help them understand the importance to care for their physical body in order for them to do all the above.  After all if we aren’t taking care of our physical health how can we possibly do and be all Christ has called us to be.

The healthier each of your parishioners are the more they can do for your parish and beyond!

The healthier they are for you the less you will have to worry about visiting them in the hospital or have other parishioners tend to their physical health needs, thus leaving more room for you to tend to even greater needs of their souls and other life matters.

You might be wondering how you can do this and what it may look like!?  Or you may even think “I don’t know enough about nutrition to guide my congregation in this matter!”  That is where the work is already done for you. 

There is a fabulous program on DVD with workbooks called THE DANIEL PLAN.  It was started by a well-known pastor I am sure you are familiar with: Rick Warren.  He put together this plan with some amazing functional doctors, nutritionists, and exercise experts, all with the dedicated purpose to get his congregation into shape: mind, body, and soul!  He realized the importance of taking care of his temple as well as leading his congregation into better health.

Now, I am sure your congregation has at least 1 if not more holistic health professionals who are current on the most pressing issues of health and nutrition.  Some may be nutrition coaches, wellness advocates, functional doctors, or just dedicated nutritional enthusiasts.  

What if you enlisted their assistance to facilitate this amazing 6 week study!?   This program is already put together and amazing.  All it needs is someone to facilitate/lead it for you!  Or what if you asked them to share information or put together their own sessions?!

These individuals are dedicated to help you to bring your congregation, all people, to a healthier way of living and eating.  They desire for others to understand and respect the abundance of plants and animals that God has provided for us in a healthy whole food way of eating and living.

Whether you use the DVD plan or one of these individuals’ plans I strongly encourage you to contact one of these professionals or enlist dedicated volunteers to help your congregation to truly understand how we can make a difference by making small changes, one at a time.  Changes that will hopefully one day replace the donut fellowship time with fruits, veggies, nuts and yogurt.

These individuals can help you understand that it doesn’t have to impact the budget but more important can help you lead your congregation to an abundant life: mind, body, and soul.  All for the GLORY OF GOD!  Life giving health gives us all the opportunity to be better Disciples of Christ, to evangelize more fully to the world!

By now you might be wondering who is this woman and what does she get out of this?  I am no one to the world but everything to my Lord! I gain nothing monetarily, yet I gain knowing I did what God asked me to do which is to help lead others to WHOLE HEALTH.  He has purposed me to be passionate about how we can ALL live the fullest, healthiest lives possible to do HIS WORK!  I am passionate to help connect individuals to others….to experience WHOLE HEALTH, the way GOD DESIGNED US!  

I leave you with this thought: the greatest commandment teaches us to love our GOD above all else.  We are a reflection of God.  Thus, if we are not loving ourselves enough to care for ourselves physically are we truly honoring the greatest commandment?

Thank you for your time.  I pray you are always blessed in your vocation of ministering to others. 

You have my greatest respect and continual prayers because I know your task of leading others to Christ is no easy feat.

I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!  YOU CAN LEAD YOUR CONGREGATION INTO A LIFE FULL OF GREAT HEALTH!  But if you want to just get some direction or thoughts please feel free to contact me.  Or contact any of the names I have included that are just as committed if not more so.  I know they, just like I, are ready to help you bring your congregation to the next level of health: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Many blessings and prayers always,
~Kelly Frick

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shepards Feed your Flock

I've been having this idea that what if all pastors and priests took on the same challenge that pastor Rick Warren made upon himself which was to realize that we must take care of the WHOLE body when we are living for Christ.  We can't just feed the soul...we must tend to our physical health so we can be the disciples Christ asks of us.  After all that is how the DANIEL PLAN was born by Pastor Rick Warren.

So I've been thinking what if many of us went to our pastors our priests and encouraged them to bring in the DANIEL PLAN for their parish to help their flock see and experience the wholeness of health: mind body and soul. What if they offered even occasional workshops by health coaches or functional doctors showing them the connection of eating how God designed us. 

What if these professionals, advocates, or someone willing to cheer for them to talk with the pastor or priest to explain how this is a fabulous way to build up His Kingdom!

What if it was as simple as a solicitation letter sent out to all parishes stating these individuals would be more than willing to help provide a 2 hour informational session on how to care for your health with God as your focus.   Or a 4 week series to get on the road of health.  Or even to help the parish committees to see how swapping the donuts with fruits veggies and ham is a much better choice for the Sunday fellowship and it doesn't have to cost much more. 

I am fortunate enough to be part of a group of LIKED MINDED individuals.  This amazing group actually comprises of professionals who have dedicated their lives in careers/fields that are about helping others with WHOLE health....I think most of them see it more as a calling...a gift....to help others rather than a career choice or path.

I was inspired to write a letter for our area to do exactly what I said above.  Tomorrow I will share with you the letter.....maybe it will inspire you to share it with your pastor.  Or workplace....or even family...friends.....etc.

Do with the letter whatever you wish to do with it!  Change it!!  Use it as a spring board to create change in ALL ASPECTS OF HEALTH: MIND, BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT!!!!!

Blessings and hugs dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sharing in GOD'S WILL!

Sometimes my head spins with ALL the info I want to look up....to learn about....to SHARE!!


What keeps me balanced? 


I may write tons of notes to myself...in multiple journals...notebooks....scraps of paper....BUT.....in the morning I give my day to GOD.  I reflect and pray about what I know I MUST DO THIS DAY....and all other things MUST be abandoned and not obsessed about.  AND.....ALL THINGS ARE IN HIS TIME....NOT MINE!!!

I have learned when I truly give HIM not only my WILL but my DAY.....I am able to remember it is HIS WILL AND HIS DAY  I want to live in.....thus I feel amazing PEACE, JOY AND LOVE....about all things in my life!

What do you feel obsessed about to "share" but KNOW it needs to not be a distraction so you can LIVE out GOD'S day and will with AMAZING PEACE!?!

Have a glorious day living in GOD'S WILL!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I love sharing with others!

Sharing to me means not holding back....not giving up....and not stopping til I have reached the goal of helping that I set out to do.

What does sharing mean to you!?

Sit with that today on this glorious SUNDAY....pray....reflect....journal about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....family...friends...

~Kelly :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Slow Burn....

I realized this week that I probably need to start from scratch with an AIP protocol because I have been having some inflammation that is just not going away.....and I KNOW I need to rule out some of the YUMMY GOOD FOR ME foods....to make sure they are not the cause.

This is the thing when a person has an autoimmune condition....foods that are good and healthy for a "normal" healthy body are great....but when you have a body trying to attack itself....well there are some foods that just increases the attack on itself....SOOOO square one......but that's okay because I LOVE VEGGIES!!!  And heck it's only for a short period of time to make sure and get the inflammation down.

I like to think of these attacks as signals for my soul....reminding me that MAYBE....just maybe.....I am not being balanced in something or some area of my life.  I need to step back and re-evaluate what I might be doing in my life that could be causing these flare ups.....and get back centered.  The best way for me to do that is to remember GODS WILL....not mine!

What is causing "inflammation" in your life that you need to eliminate....reduce...or evaluate?!  Take a moment to pray....reflect...journal about it today!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers...family....friends...
~Kelly ;)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Garage Sales and Peeling Onions....

Today we are having a garage sale.  I LOVE GETTING RID OF STUFF!

I love peeling away more layers of stuff to get to the depth of what is really important!

I view garage sales as something similar to peeling an onion.  Just like in psychology the visual of peeling an onion to unwrap layers of emotions, pain, hurt, etc....a garage sale can be that peeling of an onion for stuff.   And it can be....if you let it be....very therapeutic.  Rather than having a garage sale to make room for more STUFF.....instead think of it as a way to reveal the next layer of yourself.  To let go of STUFF and replace it with memories....love....laughter....life!

What layer of your onion are you needing to work on today!?  Pray....reflect....journal about it today!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Okay this is sooo random.....

I was remembering how a young lady I know at a store I frequent quite regularly was saying how she was a dork.  I can't remember the context of it....but we were laughing because she didn't mean it a negative sort of way.

Heck my daughter and I say we are weird all the time....and we are quite proud of this fact.  After all one of the definitions in the dictionary for weird is unique!  Well heck ya we are UNIQUE!

Well I was sharing with this young lady how I love making acronyms for words to remind us stuff.....like when I am needing to remember my JOY.....I remind myself that Jesus Overcomes Yuckiness!  IE: JOY!!!

So I told her I would come up with an acronym for DORK:

OF the

So now when she calls herself a DORK she can remember how very precious she is.....because after all she a daughter of the real king.....the one and only true king.....JESUS CHRIST!!

I must text her and tell her I came up with it weeks ago! 

What WORDS do you like to play with....or what words can you turn into an acronym that reminds you just how very special you are!?  Pray about it....think about it....journal about it...live it!

Hugs and blessings dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was thinking how this generational healing stuff is just another way of how LIFE IS ORGANIC! I am choosing to not use any "pesticides" to cover up or ignore feelings, emotions, healing that needs to take place.  I am choosing to dig deep and turn my "soil" to get to the real depth of me.

In order for a person to really peel away the layers of healing and figuring things out in their life....we must be willing to approach life ORGANIC.

What does that mean!?

It means to give all aspects of life a RENEWABLE resource....and a conservation of the soil (soul).  A desire to not be artificial in anything with your life.....to be willing to deal with tough "bugs" and seasons of life as you nurture a real way of life that flows naturally, holistically, spiritually. 

I DESIRE TO CONTINUE TO PURSUE BEING 100% ORGANIC IN ALL PARTS OF MY LIFE!!!  It is really and truly amazing......and so much fun....and SO FREE!

How organic are you!?  Are you in touch with nature in all aspects of life: mind, body, soul!?  Take a moment to reflect....pray....pause....journal about it.....

Blessings and hugs dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Whole 30

A dear friend of mine recently embarked on the WHOLE 30 with her family for many reasons.  She blogged about it...it was wonderful.....you can read about it HERE!

But it has had me thinking about how that was one of my VERY FIRST BOOKS I read about health and nutrition about 7 years ago when I first was learning about WHOLE FOOD (Paleo) living.  I loved it!  Yet I have allowed cooking hacks.  I have allowed complicated whole food eating to dominate sometimes.  And I know why!  BECAUSE my dear daughter and hubby still miss the cakes, bread, and some other processed junk.  My hubby not nearly as much as before....but my daughter for sure still "jones" for junk.

With all my hoshimoto/thyroid/adrenal stuff it can sometimes just feel UGH!!  BUT I have been realizing as I have been digging deep with the generational healing stuff that I LIKE MY FOOD SIMPLE AND BASIC!  I DON'T NEED IT COMPLICATED.  And if I model it to my family and just continue to shop only WHOLE FOOD and not make a fuss about it.....well then it will just become a way of life for them as well.  Thus whatever choices they make outside of the home is their responsibility but I can make the choices for in the home AND NOT FEEL GUILTY for not buying  "gluten free" treats and processed junk....because it is still JUNK, not WHOLE REAL FOOD!

I have decided I am not buying ANYMORE "junk".....I WILL make sure there is plenty of fabulous snacks and food always cut up and available and served with a smile.

I am sure they will come around eventually...lol....

What are your struggles with WHOLE FOOD eating!?  What resolutions can you make about your grocery shopping that turns your food into fabulous adventures rather than frustrations?!  Take a moment to think about it....pray about it....journal about it....then take action!

Hugs and blessings always my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sugar and Sin

Growing up sugar was not allowed in our house.....it was not considered good for us....BUT my parents didn't know the science of why it wasn't good for us.  Instead it was just a huge NO-NO to think of if...eat it...etc....SOOOO my brother and I would sneak it.

This created a bad relationship with sugar...food....on top of it I witnessed my mom often "sneak eating".  I thought of this when I read "MADE TO CRAVE" several years back. 

This has had me think even more about the GENERATIONAL HEALING.  I have purposed myself to make sure my daughter NEVER feels shamed or rewarded with food.  I don't like that she LOVES sugar.  Especially with all I know and try to share with her....BUT I desire for her to never ever feel like she has to "closet eat".  

I have come to realize that having grown up witnessing "sneaky" behavior.....and even feeling guilt for wanting something that was "forbidden".....has created a "guilt" or even a "sneaky" feeling when I even eat VEGGIES when it's not a "designated eating time!"......NOW THAT IS CRAZY!

I don't usually feel that way.....but it has truly explained some of my past feelings....and I feel empowered to really work on this and to continue to grow in realizing how my healing for my physical health is truly connected to my spiritual health.....it all AMAZES ME.....and it is ALL SO AWESOME!

Those are my thought for today!

What is your relationship with food!?  Is there some nurturing that is not part of your nature but still needs to be "exercised" out of your system!?  Think....pray....reflect....journal about it!

Hugs and prayers always dear readers....family...friends....
~Kelly :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Generational Healing...

What is generational wounds!?

My mom always had books about healing the family tree....or would talk about writing a book to heal the generations and for her children to be blessed....

I have always been exposed to the knowledge that generational stuff can be passed on.  Most of us think of it as temperaments, traits, character....even health.   BUT have you ever thought about spiritual stuff!?  Things like why do I have an anger within me that I have NO IDEA where it is coming from!?  WHY DO I FEEL xyz!?  And you have done digging, you've done healing, yet you just can't put your finger on it!?   THAT'S GENERATIONAL JUNK IN THE TRUNK!

Thus I have been realizing that there is some serious generational stuff I must help my soul figure out to come to rest for the sake of myself as well as my future generations.

There are many generational things I think that need to be worked on but the ones that really stand out are:

1.  I must heal from the generational scar of not feeling worthy.  My mom has never felt good enough and because of that I have a tendency to let that manifest.  And I struggle with it....even though I KNOW IT IS NOT MY NATURE.  I KNOW IT IS NOT TRUE.  

2.  Body....my mom has NEVER liked how she looked.  She has never been satisfied with her body.  This has created an unrest in my body's energy that was passed on to me from within the womb.  I was blessed enough to make sure that was not passed on to my daughter while I was pregnant with her.  I have always spoken loving thoughts about myself.....BUT my health stuff HAS brought some of this generational stuff to the forefront and I am needing to figure it all out.

Now understand....this is not to CALL my mom out....THIS IS TO BRING TO THE LIGHT WHAT NEEDS TO BE HEALED.......because when we keep things in the dark......it can't grow....it can't get stronger.....it can't HEAL!!!

This journey of life is amazing.....and if we are willing to speak out and do the hard stuff then life is SOO MUCH MORE AMAZING AND PEACEFUL!!!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....family....friends...
~Kelly :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Open my eyes part 2

As I was reflecting on what I wrote yesterday I realized one facet of why I find myself comparing at times...especially this last year is because of this last year!

There have been many blessings and revelations with learning my physical body has hoshimoto's/hypothyroidism.  But that's just it: it is my physical body that has a struggle I don't have to allow  it to disease my mind or my soul.  I don't have to let it infest my thoughts.

I MUST remember that so what if I can't physically do some stuff I could 2 or 3 years ago keeping inflammation down is more important.  

And again I MUST remember that my physical internal health is 10 fold more important than having rock hard abs and muscle striations down my legs. 

I have been pondering where all this unrest with my physical body has been coming from.  Because I truly thought I was healed from all this negative thinking.  But I have learned healing is a continual process.   Yes I was better I had done some good clean sweeps in my "house" over the years...getting deeper to the root but this last year has me recalling, digging deep and uncovering some major cobwebs I didn't realize was there still there.   

Thus I am realizing that what I must clean out of my basement is the generational wounds.   I will share more about that tomorrow!

Have a glorious day my dear readers....family....friends....
~Kelly :)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Open My Eyes Lord!

Last week I spent so much time reflecting on modesty it found me looking too much at what others wear.

I found myself wanting to judge...to think things like..."don't they understand the message they are sending?"...or...."I know she knows what she's wearing is drawing attention to her exterior!"...

And then the crappy feelings of....comparing!   

Terrible self condemning thoughts like...."ugh....if only I was 5 inches taller!"....or "why do I have to be so muscular, why can't I be waif like..."

And then God HIT me on the head and said..."you have more healing to do!  You have come soooo far but you need to dig deeper!!!!!" He also reminded me judgment is not for me but for Him.   I am to share His truth and then love those as His son loved us!!

I love HIM for that! Because HE is right I DO need to dig deeper.   

I KNOW I AM AMAZING so why do I allow the devil to needle me in little ways?!

I am not quite sure but I plan on really reflecting and breaking free from the bondage.   From the family legacy of not being kind enough to myself. 

I am going to really reflect and spend some serious prayer with a sermon I heard the other week on Thursday at a noon mass. 

This simple amazing priest shared how we as a society spend so much time worrying about our physical, outside appearance, that we forget that our body is not what goes to heaven!  

Our body stays here on earth...in the ground! 

We must remember perspective.  We need to remember purpose.   We need to strip away vanity and pride. 

Thus really why should we care if we are heavier than we would like.   Should we be prudent with caring for our physical body..YES! But it should not take focus...it should not become a vanity....because my soul is what is the most important.  My soul is what hopefully will go to heaven.  It is my soul that He  cares about thus I MUST not put more focus on my physical appearance than what is necessary.    And I most definitely must not judge.   BUT I CAN pray for forgiveness of not loving myself properly.  And I can pray for forgiveness for judging.  And I CAN PRAY that those who I might find myself judging to open their eyes to Gods beautiful plan for our human sexuality and how our modesty plays such an important role!   And then I can let it go and walk with love, grace, and mercy!

These are my humble, raw, real thoughts that I wrote in my journal ...many blessings my dear readers...friends....family...
~Kelly :-)