About Me!

About Me!


It's simple.....EVERYTHING that matters to ME!
First and foremost....MY FAITH....but also how everything else in my life iS entwined and continually connected back to my faith...my love for God!
So I am sure you will see as you scroll through postings you will find information relating to our food (nutrition, health, recipes), fitness (how to move our bodies), family (the challenges and joys of raising children, a daughter for me!), finances (how I try to be frugal, thrifty, and mindful), fun....and so much more!
I share with any and all WHAT I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT IN LIFE!!! As well as what I am being moved or inspired about that day or week or month to share and spread....thus the reason why there may be some weeks there is a little of everything....and some weeks there will be LOTS of one topic. Because it is all about ME....LOL......no really this is about my journey through all of it.....my journey of life.....how I see the beautiful hand of GOD through ALL challenges....all moments of life....even in the little things of creating a new recipe to put a smile on my daughters face!
I hope you enjoy the nuggets I share here at FRICK WRITES.
You can also find me at FACEBOOK where I share links and resources to some of the amazing people I follow about all things....FACEBOOK LINK TO FRICK WRITES
I am also on PINTEREST....I love the visual filing cabinet it creates for me...lol...This is me at PINTEREST.

I share EVERYTHING about my life....filled with lots of love for all of you who read.....with the desire to fill your hearts with great joy and hope in that ALL things ARE possible!
I hope you subscribe to this blog by email or follow through many other media choices.  I would love to share joy and love with you each day through my journey. May my journey inspire you to love your journey!

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