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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spiritual Warfare....

Some people don't believe in SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  An argument that it is in our heads....it is our own manifestation.....or it is our own humanity that creates the spiritual battles around us.



I have experienced it time and time again.  And each time I encounter such a battle I am able to recognize it quicker and proceed to pray and call upon my prayer warriors....aka: my powerful prayer friends!!

What does SPIRITUAL WARFARE look like!?  

Each of us are different so I can't speak for others but I can speak for myself.

Spiritual warfare for me is when I am doing something amazing for GOD.....I am truly living in HIS will.....fulfilling a request or task HE has asked of me....and then......I START HAVING SERIOUS SYMPTOMS TO MY HOSHIMOTOS-HYPOTHYROID....even though I have been eating well, sleeping good, and minimizing stress.  A really crazy attack on my spiritual life is when I start having old thoughts with BODY DYMORPHIA

When you combine symptoms of those two it can look something like a tired/wired, feeling sluggish, foggy, judging self, comparing, feeling less than worthy....don't want to get out and do things.

BUT....I don't find it discouraging!!!

I HAVE LEARNED TO RECOGNIZE.....OOOH....SATAN DOES NOT LIKE WHAT I AM WORKING ON FOR MY MASTER....MY MAKER....MY SAVIOR!!!  And it actually encourages me to keep strong, pray harder, and to NOT HIDE!!!!  Because the devil DOES NOT WANT GOD'S WORD AND MESSAGE TO HAVE VICTORY!!

So the next time you feel like the whole world is against you.....you have health issues kicking up.....mental battles....even brain fog....AND YOU KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF PHYSICALLY.....don't hesitate to enter into the possibility of SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

And the greatest solution is to tell Satan to go away in Jesus's name!!  HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO STAY WHERE HE IS NOT WELCOME!!!  Thus my solution is even if you are not sure.....do this anyways....it will solidify it for you....it will ensure that if that was the problem....it will go away!

I hope today's posting isn't too out there for any of you.....I know this is hard to digest for some.  But the more I walk closer to JESUS, with the HOLY SPIRIT, and in GOD'S WILL, the less I find all this spiritual warfare kooky.  I hope you will too!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers....friends...family....
~Kelly  :)

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